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WARNING : The following story contains descriptions of sexual activities
graphic language. This is meant for people over the age of 18.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Chapter 1 : Annie & Alex
by the Night Rider

Alex Mack came home from another day at school and went upstairs to
her room. She went in and dropped off her books and looked around. Her
sister, Annie, wasn't home yet, so she had her room to herself for now.
Alex ran a hand through her light brown hair and then took off her flannel
and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She shucked her jeans and headed for
the bathroom, clad in only bra and panties.
Alex went into the bathroom and headed towards the bath tub. She
turned the water onto a warm temperature and let it run for a bit. When it
was filled enough, she dropped her panties and bra and hopped in. Alex
always preferred baths to showers, since she could spend more time
relaxing. With the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant always looking for her,
it was hard to have enough time to relax during the day. Ever since she
had been sprayed with GC-161 and had developed super powers letting her
morph to a puddle of water or zap bolts of electricity into things. But
now in the bathtub, she could forget most of her troubles and just relax.
Alex took the bar of soap and ran it up and down her body, over her
pert breasts, almost finished maturing. She slowly rubbed her nipples,
bringing them fully erect, like little button knobs. Alex ran the bar of
soap down to the ends of her legs and then between them, down to her
beautiful pussy. Alex ran her fingers through the soft pubic hair covering
her sweet snatch, feeling the lower part of her body tingle. Alex had just
begun to explore the wonders of what she could do with that part of her
body. She had only found out about it a few weeks before when she caught a
glance of her Annie masturbating in the shower. Annie hadn't seen her, but
Alex saw enough of what Annie was doing, and later tried it out and
discovered she loved the feeling.
Alex stuck one of her fingers up into her pussy and rubbed it in and
out, between her pussy lips. She soon found herself feeling waves of small
pleasure. She closed her eyes and continued finger fucking herself. The
pleasure she was feeling was enough to make her tune out the entire
outside world. She then stuck another finger in her pussy and now had two
going in and out of her.
By this time, Annie had gotten home. Annie, now coming close to
graduating from high school, was often described by her parents as a
science freak and had been keeping track of her sisters new powers, ever
since she had been sprayed with GC-161. Annie didn't have much time for
going out with boyfriends, although she had the body to do it. Her
shoulder length black hair, and ever growing C cup got stares from some of
the other science nerds. She climbed up the stairs to her and Alex's room
and saw Alex's books and looked around for her younger sister. She didn't
see her anywhere around, but did see the light on in their bathroom. She
walked over to the door and tapped lightly on it to see if her sister was
inside. When she got no response, she peeked inside. As she did, she saw
her sister in the tub, her fingers moving slowly in and out of her pussy
Alex, not aware that her sister was watching at the door, continued
finger fucking herself, increasing the tempo, continuing to ream her
pussy. Alex then hit an upswing, and moved her fingers in faster and
faster, pushing herself close to orgasm. But as she got closer and closer,
she began to glow. Alex saw her arm begin to glow and thought 'That must
be be GC-161 kicking in'. Soon, the continuous finger fucking brought her
what she had been waiting for - a crashing orgasm. Wave after wave after
wave of pleasure. Her juices streamed out of her pussy and Alex brought a
finger up to her mouth and sucked on her own juices.
Annie, having seen this, was immediately turned on and started
rubbing her own crotch. She was even more excited when she saw Alex begin
to glow. She though 'That's an area I didn't expect GC-161 to affect. I'll
have to test this further'. She went ahead and made a bold decision and
slipped into the bathroom. Annie came up beside Alex and laid a hand on
her sister's shoulder.
"Annie!" Alex said. "Oh my gosh, I didn't hear you come in. I'm . . .
I'm . ."
"It's ok Alex." Annie said. "I do it all the time too. You look like
you have gotten pretty good at it. Maybe we should team up. I now a little
bit about sucking pussy and I could teach you."
"Gosh Annie, that sounds like fun" Alex said. "Count me in. What do
you want me to do?"
"Well first, let's get you dried off and we can go back into the
bedroom" Annie said
Alex got out of the bath tub and Annie then went and pulled a large
towel off a towel rack. Annie took the towel a dried off her sister,
paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. She then pulled her
sister close and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. Alex returned it and
stuck her tongue into Annie's mouth. Annie stuck her tongue out to meet
hers and they wrestled for dominancy of each others mouth. Annie gradually
broke the kiss and pulled her sister towards their bedroom. Alex giggled
and eagerly followed. When they reached Alex's bed, Alex began to undo her
sister's blouse buttons and soon revealed her sisters bra. Alex gasped at
the size of her sisters breasts. They were at least twice the size of her
own. Alex then moved down to her sisters cut off shorts and unbuttoned
them and pulled them off and threw them to the other side of the room.
Alex moved back to Annie's waist and slowly pulled down her sisters
panties. Alex threw those over with Annie's shirt and shorts. Alex moved
back to her sisters midsection and ran her tongue over the top of her
sisters clit. Annie reached back to her back and undid the clasp of her
bra. Alex then removed her sisters bra and threw it away as well. Annie
then began to focus on her sisters breasts. She ran her tongue around and
around her sisters areolas. Alex began to softly moan at the pleasure
Annie was providing.
"That's great Annie" Alex said between breaths "I wish we had done
this sooner."
"So do I" Annie said, still focusing on her sisters breasts.
Annie softly pushed her sister down onto her bed and moved on down to
her sisters pussy. She shoved her head between her sisters legs and stuck
her tongue out, running it up and down the outside of her sisters pussy.
More moans of pleasure escaped Alex's mouth, but they were growing louder.
Annie slowly moved on to her sister's clit. She began flicking out her
tongue at her sister's clit, sending waves of pleasure through her
sister's body. Annie then stuck her tongue up inside her sister's pussy,
and ran it around inside of her. Alex grabbed at her sisters head, running
her hands through Annie's black hair, and slowly started shoving her
sisters head closer to her pussy. Annie continued to swirl her tongue
around inside her sisters sweet sex. Soon Alex began bucking her hips and
started groaning. Alex felt a crashing orgasm coming on and shoved Annie's
head harder against her pussy. As the orgasm came on again, so did the
glowing. Annie was thrilled. 'Let's see how much she can glow' Annie
thought. Annie then brought her hand up and began playing with her
sister's clit and that sent her younger sister off. Alex's juices began
running down Annie's face, but Annie tried to slurp up all of it that she
could. Alex moved up and kissed her sister, hard on the lips.
"Wow, I made a mess of your face" Alex said. "I guess I'll have to
clean it up." She smiled.
"Feel free to clean away" Annie said.
Alex started licking all over Annie's face, cleaning her salty/sweet
cum off her sister's face. Alex finished cleaning and then moved down to
her sister's large, heaving breasts. Alex licked at her sister's nipples,
and soon they became fully erect. Alex began to move down to her sister's
snatch, but didn't know how to proceed.
"What do you want me to do Annie?" Alex asked.
"Just stick your tongue up my cunt lips and swirl it around a little"
Annie said. "Then take your hand and play with my clit."
Alex complied, and stuck her head down between her sisters legs and
began running her tongue inside and out. She then took her hand started
playing with her older sister's clit, eliciting small gasps of pleasure
from Annie.
"That's great Alex" Annie said between gasps. "Now take your one of
your fingers and stick it up my ass"
"You want me to fuck your asshole?" Alex asked in surprise.
"It'll feel great. Don't worry about it" Annie replied.
Alex complied and moved her tongue up her sister's ass. Alex moved
her hand up to her sister's pussy and finger fucked her. Annie soon
started moaning under her sister's dual fucking on ass and pussy. Alex
continued licking her sister's asshole, sometimes pausing to lick around
her sister's beautiful ass. Annie started groaning now, her sister's
advances bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Soon, Alex's efforts
made all the difference as Annie started to cum under her assault. Alex
was careful to try and catch most all of it, savoring the salty/sweet
Alex moved up towards her sisters face and Annie gave her a smile.
Annie leaned up and gave Alex a soft kiss. "Thanks" said Annie "That was
the best I have had in a long time".
"Glad you liked it" Alex giggled, leaning down and kissing Annie
The girls hopped of the bed and got back into their clothes. They
finished just as they heard someone from downstairs call up "Girls! I'm
"Mom's back" Annie said.
"Looks like we finished just in time" Alex laughed.


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