Authors name: [email protected] (Yenoc)
Story title : Scully meets Alex Mack

MC T.V.: Scully Meets Alex Mack

The sun rose over the town of Paradise Valley and another day
started. Life went on as usual. Special agent Dana Scully walked
along the streets of Paradise Valley and got a look at the community.
She had arrived in town the previous day and had gotten a hotel room.
Scully was with the FBI, she worked on strange and unusual casesthat
seemed to defy logical explanation and reason. These cases were called
the X-Files.

Her partner, Fox Mulder, was taking a long overdue vacation so she
was working alone. Scully watched a group of kids on their way to
school. There was one young girl who was by herself. She had blonde
hair and wore jeans, a shirt, and a baseball cap. The girl looked
agitated and was antsy.

Scully went on her way. Alex Mack watched as the woman walked
down the block and breathed a sigh of relief. Alex was 15 years old
and was no ordinary teenager. She had been doused with a chemical
called GC-161 several years ago and the dousing had given her special
powers and abilities.

Alex had to be careful about her powers and keep them a secret.
She had spotted the red haired woman and alarms went off in her head.
The lady was wearing a dark brown blazer and skirt. Alex had noticed
the woman right off, she stood out from the crowd and had piercing
blue eyes. Alex figured the woman was working for Danielle Atron and
was looking for her.

Danielle had people everywhere looking for the GC-161 Kid. She
wanted to lock the child up and conduct tests on him or her. Her
sister, Annie Mack, was away at college so Alex was on her own. She
had to be careful not to get caught. When she'd seen the woman, Alex
had become jumpy.

Atron was planning to market GC-161 as various products for people
to consume. The chemical was dangerous to humans and had to be kept
off the shelves. Alex intended to break into the Paradise Valley
Chemical Plant and find out what Danielle was up to.


That night Scully went to the plant and looked for a way inside the
building. She had spoken to Ms. Atron earlier that day but she had
learned nothing from her visit. Atron had double talked her and been
polite but Dana had learned nothing of value. The visit to the plant
had been a waste of time.

Scully knew that Atron had lied to her. Something fishy was going
on in that plant. The FBI had been contacted by a plant employee. The
man had reported that experiments were being done on human beings with
dangerous chemicals. There was no hard evidence to arrest Atron but
the employee had passed along some memos about the happenings inside
the plant and that had gotten the FBI's attention.

Scully had read the memos about the company looking for a kid that
had super powers as a result of being bathed with a chemical called
GC-161. The company wanted to locate the kid and study him or her.
Scully didn't believe for a minute that there was some super kid
running loose in Paradise Valley. But if Atron was performing illegal
experiments on human subjects, then she had to be stopped. So Dana had
decided to break into the plant at night and look around for herself.

Scully found a hole in the fence and slipped through it unviewed.
She then searched an entry point to get into the building. Dana had
on black slacks, a tight black T-shirt, and sneakers and her gun was
within reach. She had not worn a bra and her nipples grew erect from
the cool night air.

Alex Mack morphed into a puddle and reformed on the plant property.
She was determined to stop Atron's evil scheme. Alex knew of an air
vent that was big enough to travel through, it would get her inside.
She lifted the screen and crawled inside. Scully had come across the
same vent. She was about to go in when she spotted the teenage girl.

The girl looked familiar and Scully realized that she was the same
youth she'd seen that morning. Why was the girl sneaking into the
plant? Dana meant to get the answers to her questions. She lifted
the vent screen and entered quietly.

The other end of the vent opened into a supply closet. Scully
slowly opened the closet door and looked around the corridor, no one
was in sight. She went into the hall and quietly crept along the
hallway. She went to Atron's office and saw the girl looking through
the file cabinet. Dana drew her gun and went into the office.
"Freeze!" she ordered.

Alex jumped in surprise and spun around. It was the woman from
earlier. She had a gun pointed directly at Alex. Her eyes widened
with fear as she realized that she'd been caught. Scully flashed her
badge and Alex was amazed to learn she was an agent.

Scully demanded to know what Alex was doing in the office. Alex
had no choice but to tell Scully about Atron's plans. She left out the
part about her powers though. Scully seemed to believe most of Alex's
story and examined the files for herself. Dana was appalled at what
she read in the files. GC-161 had the potential to be a biological
disaster, millions could die.

Alex was nervous, they'd been in the office for too long and
someone might discover them. At least this Agent Scully believed her
tale and could now be her ally. Now Atron would be stopped for good.
The phone on the desk suddenly rang, startling Scully and Alex. The
girl jumped in surprise and knocked a metal canister off the desk.

The canister hit the floor and broke open. A blue mist escaped
the container and quickly engulfed the room. Alex and Scully both
inhaled the strange gas. They retched and coughed as the gas filled
their lungs. The ceiling exhaust fans kicked on and drew the mist out
of the room and let in fresh air. The girls soon breathed easier.

Scully dashed over to the empty canister and picked it up. The
label on the can read GC-128. Dana was very worried. What had they
inhaled? Alex recovered as well and was that Scully was concerned.

"What did me breathe in?" Alex asked. Dana showed her the
canister label. "What is this the hell is this stuff?" Alex gasped.

Scully found a list of the previous GC chemical studies and found 128
on the list. Scully read about the chemical and moaned in despair.
She looked up with her large blue eyes and groaned.

Alex took the file from Scully and read it. Dana had a look
of horror on her face. GC-128 had been tested on animals and it acted
like an aphrodisiac on them. The chemical was a sexual aphrodisiac!!

"Oh no!!" Scully croaked, "Not again!!"


Scully's head grew foggy and she couldn't think clearly. She
glanced at Alex who was also feeling the affects of the gas. Alex's
eyes were glazed over and she looked dazed and confused. She swayed
back and forth where she stood.

Scully's nipples were hard and scratched against her shirt. Her
vagina became moist and she felt very horny. The gas worked well
indeed. Alex swooned as she became aroused. Her nipples grew erect
and her virgin cunt was wet. She looked at Scully and suddenly found
herself attracted to the FBI agent. How could she want another female?
This was insane.

Dana swayed also as she was overcome by the gas. She was getting
horny and she wanted to have sex. She ogled Alex Mack and lusted for
the girl. The two females tried to fight their arousal and mutual
attraction for each other. But the gas had affected their minds and
released their primal animal urges. They wanted one another and their
needs would not be denied.

Scully and Alex came together and embraced fondly. Dana brushed
the hair from Alex's face and kissed the girl. Their mouths opened and
their tongues intertwined. Scully's hands rubbed at Alex's nubile
breasts. She slipped the coverall straps from her shoulders. Alex had
her hair tied back in a ponytail. She squeezed and massaged Scully's
boobs tenderly.

Scully pulled off Alex's shirt and unclasped her white bra.
Dana's mouth fastened on the girl's swollen nipple and sucked the small
nubbin. Alex moaned softly as her breasts were licked and sucked.
She threw back her head and moaned as Scully mouthed her hard nipples.

The agent released Alex and took off her own shirt. Her
naked tits bounced free from the garment. Scully had amazing tits.
Her globes were soft with white skin. They were firm but pliable.
Her pink nipples were hard and tender.

Alex fastened on to Scully's nipple and sucked it gently.
Dana groaned as the 15 yr. old girl suckled her breasts. Scully
pressed Alex's head to her bosom and stroked the girl's hair. Alex
had small breasts that were still developing. Her nipples were light
brown and very hard. Alex mouthed Scully's tits as Dana fondled her
teen mounds.

Scully pressed her chest against Alex's and their breasts
made contact. Alex and Scully held each other and ground their bodies.
They slowly and erotically rubbed their breasts together. Hard sets of
nipples scraped against each other as the girls moaned with passion.

Dana swiped her arm over Atron's desk and knocked the
contents to the floor. Alex and Scully quickly stripped naked. Alex
was lean and wiry, just getting her girlish curves. She had a nest
of light blonde hair between her legs. Scully had wide hips and a
nice round ass. She had an hourglass figure and was voluptuous. She
had a thick red bush of hair on her pubic mound.

Their minds were clouded by the gas and they could not
control their lust for one another. Scully tried to resist but she
had to have the girl. Alex panted as she got felt up by the federal
agent. They moved toward the oak desk, Scully had her arm around
Alex's waist as she guided the girl to the desk. She whispered in
the girl's ear and told her to climb on top of the desk. Alex shud-
dered as she thought of what was to come.


Alex's legs were weak but she managed to climb up on the
desk. She laid on her back on the desktop and spread her legs. Scully
licked her lips as she approached the teenage girl. She saw the girl's
glistening vaginal slit. Dana relished the idea of accosting Alex

Scully slowly eased her jiggling body onto the desk until she
was kneeling between Alex's legs. Her eyes fixated on Alex's virginal
cleft. Scully flicked out her tongue and stabbed at the folds of cunt
flesh. Alex moaned as she felt the agent's tongue probe her wet hole.
Her body jerked as Scully lapped at her quivering pussy. Alex tried to
resist but she was overwhelmed by her desire. Her hands clenched into
fists at her sides.

Scully ran her tongue up and down the exposed crevice as her
hands gripped the girl's hips. Her own aroused body responded lewdly
as she ingested the sweet pussy juice. Alex squirmed on the desk as
another female are her pussy. Scully's own cunt became warm and wet as
it pulsed with excitement. She increased her oral manipulating as the
aroma of Alex's pussy hit her nose.

Dana found the young girl's clitoris and began to massage the
bud with her lips and tongue as she drove Alex mad with arousal. Scully
sucked hungrily on the love button as her hands roamed upward and
cupped the girl's heaving breasts. She squeezed and stroked the soft

Alex found that her body was reacting obscenely as Scully ate
her drenched pussy. Her clit throbbed with passion as Scully nipped
the button with her teeth. Her tits got more stimulated as the red
head kneaded the delicate mounds. Her nipples hardened as Scully
pinched them sharply. Pleasure ran through Alex's body as she was
molested by the FBI agent.

Scully reveled in her debasement of the girl. Her cunt was
soaked and her own nipples were fully distended. Alex's newly awakened
body was anxious to respond to the guidance of Scully's talented
tongue. Her loins churned with pleasure as she surrendered to Dana
Scully's will.

Scully's mouth sucked at her clit a sent blasts of wantonness
through the teen's pulsating vaginal interior. Scully got wetter as
she licked the girl. Alex didn't want to respond but she had no
choice. Her body betrayed her as it demanded satisfaction. She found
herself wanting to return Scully's attentions.

"Oh God! It's so good!" she groaned as she quivered from a
minor climax. "Yes! Dana, please eat my cunt!" Alex mewed as she
sunk into the depths of depravity. The two girls wriggled about on
the desk as they copulated. Scully suddenly darted tongue between
Alex's nether lips. "OOOOH! Don't stop!" the girl cried out as she
experienced, for the first time, an orgasm brought on by a woman's

Scully licked into her depths and tongue fucked Alex's burning
pussy flesh. Alex's body writhed as Dana's tongue drove her insane.
Alex couldn't hold back any longer. She finally gave in to her savage
lust. She gave herself freely to Scully. Alex opened her legs wide
and pulled her knees up so Dana had complete access to her genitals.

The torrent of desire that ripped through her was very strong as
her body arched and heaved out of control as she came over and over.
The only thing that mattered to her now was losing herself to the
sensuality that encompassed her. Alex ground her hips wildly in
circles as she humped Scully's face. The agent's face was covered
with pussy nectar.

Scully stuck her tongue deeper into Alex's cunt and rammed it in
and out of her channel. Alex rotated her pelvis upward into Scully's
face and shouted in joy. "MMMMMMnnnn!" Scully mumbled as she munched
Mack's pussy. She vigorously fingered her own cunt as her body
shivered with excitement.

Dana suddenly withdrew from Alex and quickly swung around. She
positioned her hot cunt over Alex's mouth as she knelt above the girl.
She wanted Alex to sate her needs. Supported on her elbows, Dana again
licked at the succulent slit of Alex Mack.

Alex was shocked when she realized Scully wanted her to do. The
agent wanted her to eat her pussy! Alex didn't know how to react. She
had never thought about sex with another girl before tonight. Alex
stared at the dripping slit that hovered above her. Alex tingled with
lust and wanted to please Scully in return.

She opened her mouth and timidly pushed out her hesitant tongue
as Scully lowered her cunt on to Alex's face. Alex got her first taste
of feminine love juice and her mind reeled. She liked the taste of
Scully's pussy and drank her nectar deeply.

Her tongue probed the enflamed folds of the older female's
vagina. Alex was again aroused by Scully and she eagerly lapped
at Dana's shimmering pussy. Alex explored Scully's insides and
familiarized herself with her companion's furrow. She found Dana's
clit and greedily sucked on the button. Scully trembled as the girl
nibbled her sensitive protrusion.

"NNNGHHH!" Scully gasped as the inexperienced girl licked her
cunt. Alex plunged her tongue in and out of the red head's burning
pit. Alex broke through the last threads of resistance and acted like
a true whore. She rammed her tongue into Dan's cunt. The two girls
writhed on the desk like two bitches in heat.

The girls gyrated against each other as they lapped at one
another's cunts. They both moaned in delight. Alex swirled her
tongue inside Scully's heated tunnel. She had never known anyone
this intimately before.

Scully groaned in ecstasy as her cunt expanded and contracted
around Alex's tongue. Jolts of pleasure flashed through her twisting
body. Scully was nearing climax and stepped up her oral ministrations
on Alex. She lunged her tongue and fingers into Alex's clasping pussy.
"OH my GOD!! Eat mee! PLeeasseee!!!! Scully....UUnnnghhhh!!!!" Alex
yelled as she erupted into a mind blowing orgasm. She frantically
undulated her body on the desk.

Alex was cumming and she didn't want the climaxes to end. Alex
grabbed her tits and tweaked the nipples as she bucked under Scully.
They both came over and over as they enjoyed their lesbian encounter.
Scully heaved up and down as waves of orgasms swept over her convulsing

"I'm cummmmminnnggg!!! Fuck me you little slut!!" Scully
ordered as she came countless times. Alex shouted as she climaxed
too. The girls were a mass of trembling flesh as they orgasmed

The crescendo gradually passed and Scully pulled away from
Alex and sat back on her haunches. "Oh god," she sighed, "that was
fantastic!!" "It sure was!" Alex readily agreed. She was still in
the aftermath of her orgasms. Alex sat up and kissed Scully


Afterward, they dressed and straightened up the office. Scully
took the evidence and brought it to the local branch of the FBI. She
claimed the files had been given to her by an unknown informant.
Within hours, the Feds swooped down on the plant and tore the place
apart. More evidence was found and Danielle Atron was arrested.

Scully and Alex had managed to stop Atron's operation. They
spoke outside the plant as the raid continued. Alex said "I'm glad
it's over." "Me too," Scully replied. Alex then proceeded to tell
Dana everything about her. Scully listened in awed silence as Alex
demonstrated her powers. So Alex was the GC-161 kid Dana thought to

Scully became concerned for Alex. She had grown very attached
to the girl and cared for her very much. Dana wanted Alex to be
examined but she refused. Scully learned that Annie Mack had been
studying Alex and so far she was okay. Scully relaxed and promised
Alex that she would keep her secret safe.

Alex looked at the ground and was antsy. She sheepishly
looked at Scully and asked, "Will I ever see you again?" "Yes you
will darling. What happened to us is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm
sorry about how it happened but I'm glad it did. I care about you a
lot Alex and I will come back to see you, I promise." Scully said.

Scully lifted Alex's chin with her hand and kissed the girl
deeply. They were lovers and that wouldn't change. Then Scully
answered Alex's unspoken question. "Yes, we will have some more fun
when I return." Alex smiled at her lustily.

Alex headed home and dreamed of the agent. Scully got into
her car and left Paradise Valley. It had been Sunnydale all over again
but Scully had no regrets. She had a report to prepare, minus some
information of course. This had definitely been another strange case
for the X-Files.

Scully's adventures will continue someday....

[email protected] (Yenoc)


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