Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

The idea hit me all of a sudden, so I hope it'll satisfy you. All comments
and suggestions/scenarios welcomed.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch/Secret World Of Alex Mack: Hypno TV (Mff,mc)
by MAW

Power corrupted and absolute power corrupted absolutely. So it really should
have been no surprise at the way Harkon turned out. He was eight hundred
years old and, thanks to a few nifty spells as well as a penchant for keeping
a low profile, the witch's council had little to no idea he even existed. He
was a warlock, possibly the most powerful one in the world. He had built an
empire of wealth and power that gave him influence over the most important
people in the world. Bill Gates was a piker compared to him. What he wanted,
he took. And right now, he was looking at two things he wanted very much.

He sat in the private den of his secluded mansion. Before him, the fireplace
glowed an eerie green as two faces appeared in small windows made of fire.
Two young girls, young woman really, in their teens, both attractive, both
eye-catching, both more than they seemed.

Sabrina had long blond hair, a nicely developing body and was a witch. Her
powers had just come to her and she was still getting used to them. She was
barely ranked on a scale, she was so new. Harkon knew there was no way she
could resist him, even using all her powers. But she did have enough power
for a certain end he had in mind.

Alex Mack would probably attract more attention if she wore something more
than a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and a baseball cap over her long
brown hair. Like Sabrina, she was also developing a good body. An accident
involving an experimental chemical had changed her body chemistry. She could
levitate things, make her skin glow, electrify items and even change her
body into a pool of metamorphic--goo, for lack of a better word. Harkon
wasn't really interested in her powers, it was her body that fascinated him.

He stood up. He was a tall man, who appeared to be in his mid-forties. His
face was hard, accented by a dark beard with gray streaks at the temples. He
was dressed in black from head to toe. He gripped the diamond-headed cane and
muttered underneath his breath. Time to give these young ladies a thrill they
would be grateful for.

* * *

Sabrina sighed as she kicked a can lying on the sidewalk in front of her.
Another day of school had ended and she couldn't be happier. Her attempt to
magically speed up her cooking assignment had ended with the destruction of
the entire kitchen. Although no one could trace the blame to her, she knew
her aunts were going to be mad. That was the last time she took advice from
her uncle. After all, how smart could the man be if he was stuck in the form
of a cat?

She straightened the black band in her blond hair. She wore a red blouse with
a white skirt that showed off a nice pair of legs, good for her age. She
shifted the pack on her back and was almost at her street block when a shadow
fell on her. She looked back, startled at seeing Harkon standing before her.
He was a menacing figure, leaning on his cane, his eyes bearing down at her.
Sabrina felt as if he was cutting through and seeing into her soul. "You are
the lovely young one, aren't you?" he said in a voice that matched his

"Um, look, I think you've got the wrong neighborhood. The castles are just
outside of town. How's about you try looking over there?"

"What I want is right here," Harkon said.

"Hey, I don't want any trouble," Sabrina said, backing up.

"That's good to know." Harkon lifted up his cane, centering the diamond top
in Sabrina's eyesight. Her eyes were instinctively drawn to the diamond head.
Harkon concentrated and the diamond began to glow green. Sabrina's eyes were
drawn to it as it glowed, the green light shimmering inside the diamond. It
threw off light from the facets, bouncing it into Sabrina's eyes. Her eyes
widened as the light invaded her mind, carrying with it Harkon's spell. She
was briefly aware of what was happening before the spell overtook her. Her
eyes glazed over and flashed green, her body relaxing as she fell into a
trance. Her eyes flashed green, telling Harkon that she was under his

He let the spell go, lowering the cane. Sabrina swayed in place, her eyes
wide open and unseeing. "Sabrina, who is your master?" Harkon asked.

"You are my master, Lord Harkon," Sabrina replied in a monotone.

"Excellent. And what is it you want to do?"

"I will do anything you want me to, Lord Harkon. Your will is my will. I
exist to serve your every wish."

"Good, good." Harkon took a quick glance around. There were several homes
nearby, but a spell of invisibility made sure there would be no witnesses.
It also gave him a small thrill, to unbutton Sabrina's blouse right in
broad daylight. He opened up the lower half and reached in, unsnapping the
bra. He pulled out the white top and looked at her breasts. They were large
for her age, and he briefly wondered if she had been using a little magic
on herself. He took the milky mounds in his hands and squeezed them. She
gasped slightly as she felt him feel at her, his hands running up and down
her chest.

Harkon changed the spell slightly. Now, not only could he and Sabrina not
be seen, they could not be heard. He pushed Sabrina against a tree near the
sidewalk. He unsnapped the side of her skirt and pulled it down. He pushed
off the white panties and took a moment to look at her exposed cunt. He
unsnapped his fly and let his cock spring out, hard and ready. He pushed
himself into Sabrina, loving the gasp she gave as his cock entered her. He
kissed her full on the lips. She responded with a passion, her mind only
caring about pleasing her master.

He began to pump her, his cock smoothly sliding in and out of her pussy. He
kissed her again, wrapping his tongue around hers, his hands kneading her
breasts together. She moaned at the feelings going through her. She had
never gone this far with any boy beforehand the pleasure she was feeling was
indescribable. She threw her arms around Harkon's neck, pressing herself
closer to him. She buckled as she felt him come into her, setting off a
massive orgasm. She moaned in joy as her limp body slid against the tree.

Harkon smiled as he brought his cock out. He had more fun for his little
witch bitch yet. A lot more.

* * *

Paradise Valley definitely lived up to its name. It was a nice, comfortable
spot to live in. The people were friendly, the crime rate was low and the
weather was always almost perfect. In fact, there was only one person who
really felt like she had overwhelming problems in this town.

In the shade of a tree in a quiet, secluded spot in a small park, a strange
pool of liquid raced at amazing speed down the sidewalks. It looked like
water combined with silly putty, a mixture that seemed to have a purpose as
to where it was going. It slid underneath the tree and began to grow. It
reshaped and reformed into the body of Alex Mack. She wore jeans and a
long-sleeved red shirt. A baseball cap lay on her long brown hair.

Alex shook her head. Despite everything that had happened, she was still not
used to the effects of her powers. She was still debating whether getting
drowned in a barrel of the gunk was the best or worst day of her life. On the
plus side, without her powers, she couldn't have gotten to the park this
early and would have been behind on her science project.

She was about to get started when she saw a young girl about her age staring
at her. Alex was worried she might have seen the transformation, but
dismissed the notion. The girl didn't at all look shocked. In fact, her
pretty face didn't show much expression at all. Her clothes seemed somewhat
rumpled and she was staring at Alex with a strange expression.

"Hi, how are you?" Alex asked. There was no response. "So, are you new in
town? I haven't seen you in school." Still nothing. "Let me guess. You're
studying at mime school?"

The girl walked forward and looked Alex up and down. "Are you Alex Mack?"

Alex was instantly wary. "Yes." Unfortunetly, she wasn't wary enough.

Sabrina nodded and locked eyes with Alex. Instantly, a crackling beam of
green energy shot from Sabrina's eyes into Alex's. Alex was instantly
transfixed, too stunned to resist the hypnotic spell being placed over her.
She felt as if she was falling into a long, dark pit. Her bag slipped out
of her hands as she went limp, her eyes flashing green.

"Who do you serve?" Sabrina asked.

"I serve Lord Harkon," Alex said in the same monotone as Sabrina.

"What will you do?"

"Anything my Lord Harkon asks me to."

"I'm glad to hear it," Harkon said as he stepped out from behind the tree.
He'd taken a slight chance using Sabrina, but it had worked. Of course, she'd
had the advantage of his powers boosting her own. It gave him a kick to see
his mesmerized slave entrance another girl. He looked at the two hypnotized
teens and quickly erected another invisibility/muting spell around them.
"Girls, undress."

"Yes, Lord Harkon," the two said, as they disrobed. Harkon had already seen
Sabrina nude but Alex was a surprise. Her pert breasts were developing well
and her pussy was already wet, the more erotic aspects of Harkon's spell
coming to fore. Harkon disrobed himself and lay down on the grass. He took
a moment to admire the two nude girls before him, then spoke. "Girls, what
will you do for me?"

"Anything, Lord Harkon," the two said in unison.

"Good, good. So, if I asked you to sit on my cock, Alex, you would?"

"Yes, Lord Harkon."

"Good. Do so. Sabrina, while Alex fucks me, I want you to lay on the grass
and finger yourself. Play with yourself as much as you want to, but you
cannot cum. You will not be able to come until you feel Alex's tongue on
your clit."

"Yes, Lord Harkon." Sabrina lay back on the grass, moving one hand to her
pussy. As she began to slide her fingers in and out, Alex sat herself down
on Harkon's erect cock and began to gently rock herself on it. Harkon moved
his hands up her body, up and down her smooth hips. He worked them around
to her ass and loved the intake of breath as his fingers hit the asshole. He
began to pump his cock up and down to match her rocking motions, his hands
moving up to her breasts. He squeezed them, his fingers pinching the tight
nipples. Alex could feel herself grow in pleasure and rocked even harder and
her master's cock, trying to set herself free.

Sabrina didn't even notice Alex's gasp as she orgasmed. Her hands were
furiously working at her pussy. She was in total agony, unable to let herself
loose because of her master's order. "Alex, go relieve Sabrina," Harkon said.
Without a word, Alex slipped herself off of Harkon and crawled over to Alex.
Harkon couldn't help smiling as he saw Alex torture the girl a little by
burying her head in between Sabrina's breasts. Sabrina moaned as she felt
Alex's lips against her tits. She was almost unconscious from her efforts
when she felt Alex's face enter her lips. She clamped her thighs around
Alex's head and held her as the sweet juices exploded onto Alex's face. She
didn't let go until she was sure Alex had licked and swallowed all of
Sabrina's cum.

Alex lifted her soaked face away and lay down. Sabrina moved on top of her
and kissed the younger girl. They lay together, kissing gently before Sabrina
moved down Alex's body. She kissed the flat stomach before coming to the dark
patch in between Alex's legs. The hair was already glistening from juices and
Sabrina could taste them as she began to lick at the area. Her tongue moved
in and out with quick strokes as she began to push the other girl to
pleasure. Sabrina moved onto her knees, her ass in the air as she kept at it.

Harkon couldn't pass up an excellent opportunity. He moved forward and
inserted his cock into Sabrina's ass. She was startled at first, but calmed
as she realized it was her master, wishing to pleasure himself more. He began
to pump her, his cock moving in and out as his hands massaged at Sabrina's
smooth ass. Sabrina's body moved forward and back as Harkon fucked her and
her tongue would dive in deeper with each move forward, eliciting gasps from
Alex. They all came at once, Harkon shooting his load into Sabrina, which
caused her to orgasm just as Alex's juices were emptied onto Sabrina's
waiting mouth.

Harkon knelt and held up his dripping cock. "Ladies, my cock needs cleaning."
The two got to their knees and obediently began sucking at Harkon's cock.
They took turns. Sabrina would take it deep in her throat while Alex would
tickle it with her tongue. They licked at it together, often breaking to kiss
each other, loving the taste of their master's cum on the other's lips.
Harkon grunted as she sprayed a load onto their faces, semen spilling over
their content features.

Harkon took a deep breath. "Girls, this was very enjoyable. Now, sleep."

* * *

Alex blinked open her eyes. For a moment, she felt dizzy, but she shrugged it
off. Probably another side effect of her little accident. Who knew? By the
end of the week, she might be able to fly.

* * *

Sabrina sighed as she walked into the house. "Sorry, I'm late," she called.
"Got tied up on the way home." She didn't even wait for her aunts to
comments, but headed straight for her room. She walked in and collapsed on
the bed. For some reason, she felt overwhelmingly tired.

* * *

Harkon smiled as he sat back in his chair. A good day, he thought. Two more
ladies inducted into his little club. They'd have no memory, of course, and
no physical evidence of what had happened to them. He smiled as he thought
of what the new day would bring. That was one of the benefits of immortality.
You got to meet the most wonderful women.


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