Authors name: Yenoc
Story Title : The Secret World of Alex Mack

Alex Mack - Annie Again

Annie knelt before Trent, she was completely
naked. She was showing her body off to a man for the
first time in her life. She unbuckled his belt and
unfastened his trousers. Trent lifted up so she could
remove his pants. Her eyes widened in surprise as she
saw his cock for the first time. Annie's mouth watered
as she stared at his huge member.

Trent had the biggest cock she had ever seen,
granted she had not seen that many before. She couldn't
wait to get her hands on it. Trent saw the need in
her eyes. She wanted him badly. She brought her hand
up and placed it around his cock. The thing was alive
in her hand. She wrapped her fingers around his pole
and started stroking it up and down its shaft. His
cock was warm and hard in her fist. The cock was ten
inches long and wide. The head was soft and spongy.
Annie watched as precum seeped from the piss slit. Her
hand barely fit around his penis. It pulsed and
throbbed as she jacked him off. She was about to put
the cock into her mouth when Trent stopped her. He
took her hand off his rod and Annie looked at him

"Please let me have it sir," she begged. "I need

"You'll get it soon enough," he told her. "I
want you to play with your tits first."

Annie was beside herself. She wanted more than
anything to suck his cock but the master's wishes had
to be obeyed. She was burning with need and she
couldn't contain her passion. She wanted to fuck him
but she must please him first. So Annie sat back on her
heals with her back straight. She gave Trent an in-
tense stare as she watched him pump his cock in front
of her.

Annie's tits were swollen and tender. Her
nipples were like pebbles. Her hands came up and cup-
ped her aching breasts. She shuddered as she squeezed
the delicate orbs. Her pink nipples were long and hard.
They felt like rubber as she rolled and tweaked the
soft nubs with her fingers. She then lifted her tits up
toward her mouth. Annie lowered her head and opened her
mouth. Her tongue darted out and flicked at her nip-
ples. It took some effort but she toted her mummeries
up to her mouth. She licked one nipple and then the
other. Son both sweet tips were glistening with her

Her tongue stretched out and wildly licked and
swirled around her nipples. Trent stroked his cock and
watched the bookworm girl lick her tits for him. "Lick
them," he said and she gratefully did. Then Annie
brought her right tit up to her mouth and greedily
sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her thin lips closed
around the nubbin and drew on it obscenely. She
repeated the procedure with her left tit. Trent was
awed by Annie being able to suck on her own nipples.
She was indeed amazing. Annie sucked and tweaked her
nipples for several minutes.

She got more and more excited as she handled her
tits. Her pussy was secreting juice and her clit buzzed
with fire. She was arousing Trent as well. He was pump-
ing his cock faster. His huge prick stood at attention
like a flag pole. He waved his cock in the girl's face
and she moaned. She was fixated on his cock. It was all
that mattered to her. Her hand shot to her sweltering
pussy and she sunk two fingers between her pussy lips.
Her hymen prevented any further entry. Her virginity
must remain intact, it was for her master to take.
Her fingers slid up and down her wet slit. Annie
gasped as she rubbed her elongated clit.

She trembled slightly as she vigorously massaged
her love button. She cupped her pussy with her hand as
she finger fucked her hole. Annie sawed her digits in
and out of her cunt. She groaned and squirmed as she
rapidly thrust her fingers into her pussy. She leaked
out pussy cream and it covered her fingers. Her legs
parted so that Trent could see her drenched virgin
passage. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and
shoved them into her mouth. She hungrily sucked her own
pussy juice. It was delicious.

"Enough." Trent finally said. "Get over here and
suck my cock slut."

"God Yes!" Annie moaned.

She eagerly knelt before him and lowered her
head into his lap. She cupped his heavy balls and
gently squeezed them. She grabbed his cock with her
free hand and fisted it. Annie pressed her legs to-
gether flexed her cunt muscles. As more pre-cum drip-
ped from the cock head she moved in and lapped the
liquid up. It was thick and salty. The flavor of his
prick assaulted her taste buds. She licked around the
head and tickled the underside with her tongue. She
parted her lips and put her mouth on his cock.

Annie slowly lowered her head and took the
throbbing member into her oral cavity. Half the
length of his cock went in her mouth. She licked along
the sides and bobbed her head up and down his cock.
Annie was a natural cocksucker Trent thought to him-
self. She was awkward at first but she soon developed
a steady routine and technique. She did her best to
pleasure him. Trent put his hands on her head and
forced more of her mouth onto his cock.

Annie's cheeks caved-in as she sucked him. Her
lips formed an airtight vacuum around his staff. Annie
bobbed her head on his cock, she sucked the head and
licked along the shaft. She moved her head up and down
rapidly as she sought to please him. She wanted to suck
his cock for the rest of her life. This was what she
had been born for. She loved cocksucking and she was
good at it. All the years she had wasted with her head
buried in a book when her head should've of been buried
in a guy's lap as she sucked him. She should have been
sucking and fucking boys all these years. It had taken
Trent to show her the error of her ways.

He had awakened a sexual fiend within her and
she had a new outlook on things. She was going to screw
every chance she got from now on. Her most basic primal
urges had surfaced and she'd never be the same again.
The suction of her mouth was incredible. Trent's balls
churned and clenched as the cum built up in them. Annie
pushed more of his cock into her salivating mouth. His
cock entered her then and went down her gullet. She
was deep-throating him now. He was astonished by this

He usually prodded the girls into deep-throating
but Annie had done it of her own accord. She was a
talented girl. Annie gagged as wheezed as she swal-
lowed his cock. His prick stretched her mouth and
throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and that let his
cock slip in more easily. She went down on him all the
way to his balls. She had his entire cock in her
throat and mouth now. She gulped his pre-cum like wine.
She wanted him to fuck her. She released his cock and
climbed up to his lap. Annie faced him and his cock
popped up between her butt cheeks. She put her arms
around his neck and held on. Trent grabbed her tit
flesh and mashed the sensitive glands together.

He kneaded her tits like dough. His mouth
clamped down on her nipple and nursed on it. He licked
and sucked both nipples. His teeth bit and chewed her
swollen nibs. Annie squealed with delight. She shook
above him as a small orgasm swept over her.

She twisted and gyrated her hips as she squirmed
in his lap. Trent's cock twitched as she ground
against it. "Please fuck me." she begged him. "I want
you inside of me." "I'm going to pop your cherry you
little whore," he told her. "Do it! Please." she
pleaded. "Fuck me now. Make me your slut. I don't want
to be a virgin any longer." she panted. Annie took his
cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her
cunt. Her thighs were slick with pussy lube and it
coated his cock. Her virgin hole was sopping by this
time. Annie moaned as her cunt lips separated and his
cock slipped into her waiting tunnel.

It hurt at first but she got used to it. His
cock brushed against her maidenhead and she quaked in
anticipation. Suddenly, Annie lunged down and impaled
herself on his monster staff. His cock ripped through
her hymen and she was a virgin no more. She screamed
as he thrust into her. She could feel blood drip from
her cunt as she got fucked. She quickly got used to
having a cock in her hole and she loved the feeling of
the invading serpent. She slid down the rest of the way
onto his lap. She now had all his cock inside of her.
She relished every second of it.

Trent grabbed her hips and bounced her in his
lap. Annie soon took control and humped him back. She
twisted and undulated her hips as she fucked him. She
clung to him for dear life. She crushed his head to
her chest. Trent feasted on her tits as he let her
fuck him. She was finally getting fucked. Annie
almost couldn't believe it. But her wish was now
reality. Why had she waited so long? She would never
be able to go without cock from this point on. She
bounced and flopped on his penis like a maniac. Her
head flew back and her eyes rolled up into her head.
Then her orgasm hit.

Annie screamed as wave after wave of intense
pleasure shot over her stimulated form. She spasmed
and shook as the most powerful orgasm of her life
overcame her. Her pussy was tight and squeezed his
cock with incredible pressure. Her cunt was like a
vice on his cock. She yelled and squealed as she
climaxed over and over. "Fuck meee!" she screamed at
him. "Fuck me RAW! I need it so much. AARggggh! Fuck
meee!" Her hips undulated as she rammed herself on his
cock. She countered each of his plunges with her own.

Annie came over and over. She was losing her
sanity. She was nothing but a bitch in heat.

"You're a whore." Trent told her.

Annie agreed. "I AM a whore! I'm YOUR whore.
Now FUCK ME!" Sweat poured down her face as humped up
and down his cock.

Trent pounded her like a jackhammer. He was
about to cum. Her head rolled side to side and her
eyes were hazy. She had lost the ability to think. Her
black hair was matted to her head. Her cunt was an
oven and there was no friction as they fucked. "Get
ready bitch," Trent groaned. "I'm going to cum."

"Yes! CUM in ME master, please! Give me your
sperm. I want to feel it squirt into me. Please!"

That was enough for Trent. He arched up his
cock exploded inside Annie Mack's cunt. Gallons of
jism rushed out and flooded her channel. Wad after
wad shot into her. Thick creamy-white cum was deposited
in her starving pussy. Annie came again as he emptied
his seed into her receptacle. Her cunt milked his cock
for every drop of cum.

"OHHH God! Give me all your cummm! It's sooo
good! I want all of it!" she shouted at him like a gut-
ter tramp. "Cumm In Me master! I have to have your cum!

And Trent gave it to her. He finally shot his
full load into Annie and filled her sluttish belly. He
fucked her three more times after that. The last time
he shoved his cock up her rectum and ass fucked her.
Annie learned to love anal sex quickly. She screamed
like a banshee as he reamed her ass. She groveled and
begged him to sodomize her. Trent came in her ass and
then made her swallow his cum. Annie got to taste her
own shit as she cleaned his cock.

Afterward, they laid next to each other on the
couch. They were both spent and exhausted. Trent turned
to her and said, "Tell me about your sister Alex....."

Next part: Alex gets it next.


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