Alex Mack takes on the janitor !!!

(an erotic story by Dr. Dementia)

Alex was headed to the cafeteria when she heard someone call her name. It was George, the custodian. She had always thought
he was good-looking
in a rugged sort of way and had often noticed the bulge in his pants as he eyed all the young girls as they passed in their short
skirts or tight pants and
halter tops. She had also began to have strange feelings in her loins when she watched the boys playing basketball without
shirts. She was becoming a
woman and was beginning to feel just how powerful teenage hormones really were.

"Yes, George." she said as she turned towards the janitor.

" I could use some help in the storeroom if you have a minute." he said, with a naughty twinkle in his eye.

"I was going to eat lunch George, but if it won't take too long I'll be glad to help."

"No, it won't take very long at all, I need your help with something." the burly custodian said, as he motioned for Alex to go ahead.
"It's the storeroom
on the right, up ahead."

George watched as Alex' swayed back and forth as she walked. Her short skirt was at mid-thigh and rustled as she walked. She
had nice legs, he
decided, and what looked like a great least for a fourteen year old. He felt his prick start to harden as he watched the
sexy body of Alex Mack
as she walked ahead of him and he decided he had to taste that sweet little body, no matter what the conse- quences.

As they entered the storeroom he closed the door behind them and locked it. He reached forward and ran his hands up under
Alex' dress and onto her
panty-clad ass.

Alex yelped with surprise as she felt the big hands of the school janitor massaging her ass cheeks. She wanted to cry out but his
hands felt so good as
they kneaded her ass that she was torn between yelling for help and letting the feeling that those hands were causing in her
pussy, continue. She decided
to let him play with her some more.

The janitor was surprised that Alex was letting him continue his lewd caressing of her buttocks but he had seen the way she had
looked at him lately
and how she had begun to dress sexier and show a lot more skin, so he wasn't really all THAT surprised.

George squeezed Alex' ass and grew bolder with each second. He reached up and grasped the elastic band of her panties in
both hands and with one
motion, slid them down to her knees. Alex was shivering now with sexual anticipation but continued to remain still.

George kneeled down behind the young girl and lifted up her short dress to reveal the cutest little round ass he had seen in a
long while. It was hairless
and separated by an ass crack that was asking.... no, begging.... to be kissed. Alex was still standing as she felt him grab her ass
cheeks, one in each
hand, and pull them apart.

"GOD!!!!!! Your ass is fantastic. Just stay where you are. I want to taste your ass!!

Alex could feel George's hot breath on her asshole and could imagine him staring at her cute rear hole. The thought made her
weak in the knees and she
was hoping she wouldn't faint. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy this, a LOT!!!!

George stared at her little pink, crinked, asshole and knew he had to taste it. He brought his mouth down further towards her ass.
Before Alex knew
what was happening, George had lashed his tongue out and lapped across her trembling anus. She groaned with pleasure as
he started to lap up and
down her ass crack, stopping momentarily to lap at her rear hole. George was in heaven. He never thought this day would bring
such enjoyment. He
also never dreamed he would have Alex Mack's ass in his face or that she would let him kiss and lick her cute asshole.

Alex was squirming around uncontrollably now and was panting and moaning as the janitor kept up his oral assault on her hot
asshole. Suddenly
George stiffened his tongue and plunged the entire length up the startled teenagers ass. Alex was on fire with lust, now, and thrust
her ass back hard on
the custodians tongue, hoping to ram more amd more of his tongue up her ass. Her pussy was a swamp now, and she was
leaking all over her panties,
but she urged the janitor on.

"OH, YES!!!!! GOD, EAT MY ASS OUT WITH YOUR HOT TONGUE!!!!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!" Alex screamed out. She didn't
care who
heard her. She had never felt this turned on and she was going to enjoy it to the fullest. Then she felt George pull his tongue out of
her ass and bend
lower to lap at her streaming pussy. Just as his raspy tongue came in contact with her clitoris, she felt a warm feeling spreading
throughout her genital

"OH, GOD!!! I'm cumming." she said as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life. George was licking from her
clit to her asshole and
back again as she continued to have multiple orgasms. George continued lapping away at her two holes until she shivered
through her last orgasm. He
pulled his mouth away from her sweet ass and lapped over her pussy one more time before getting up.

"That was the most unbelievable feeling. God, I loved it." Alex said as she pulled up her panties and smoothed her dress. "I've
heard of people licking
asses, but I never realized how wonderful it felt, and when you licked my clit.....I just went through the roof."

"Now that I've got you off, you're gonna get me off." the janitor said the Alex.

"Sure, what do you want me to do?" she said.

"I want you to suck me off. I want you to lick and suck on my big cock till I cum, and then I want you to swallow it. Every drop!! Got
it?" he asked.

"Yes, I'll do it... but I've never sucked on a man's dick before. You will have to tell me what you want and how to do it." the
teenager said, as she
watched the older man get undressed.

"I'll tell you exactly what I want and how to do it. Kneel down and take my prick in your hands and jerk up and down on it.
Ahhhhhh!!! Yeah, like that.
Jerk my cock with one hand and play with my balls with the other. Yeah, OH, YEAH!!! Pull on my balls, roll them around in the sac
and play with
them. Yeah, that's good!! See that liquid oozing out of my piss slit? Lean over and clean my dick head with your tongue. Yeah, lap
up the pre-cum.
Clean up my dick."

Alex had never touched a man's prick before, much less licked it clean with her soft tongue, but it was not fact she
was starting to enjoy
it. The liquid that continued to seep out of his piss slit was salty to the taste, but just the mere thought of lapping up a man's
pre-cum and then
swallowing it, was a VERY sexy feeling. It made her genitals start to warm up again. She was again becoming turned on as she
licked at George's dick
head while she jerked on his rock hard pole with one hand and continued to play with his balls with her other hand.

"Reach under my balls and play with my asshole." the janitor instructed.

Alex let go of his heavy balls and let her fingers twist up into his sweaty ass crack. She ran her fingers up and down his ass slit,
rubbing back and forth
across his asshole each time. Suddenly she had the urge to ram her finger as far up his ass as it would go. She swiveled her
hand around and
corkscrewed her index finger far up into the janitor's bowels. She began to fingerfuck his anus as she jerked faster on his leaking

"I want you to lay down on that stack of newspapers and I'll straddle your head facing your feet. I want you to suck on my asshole
like I did your's,"
said the horny janitor. He had decided to have this sweet, young thing do every perverted thing he had ever wished a woman
had done to his body.

Alex quickly lay on her back and watched as the janitor crawled over her head. His heavy scrotum, filled with his huge balls,
dragged over her mouth
and nose as he got into position. Alex could see his hairy ass as he reached back to spread his ass cheeks apart. There was
his pink asshole, nestled in
the center of his wide spread ass cheeks. She stared at his hole. The only male asshole she had ever seen.

"Start licking." the janitor commanded.

Alex stuck out her tongue and touched it to his anus. He shivered as he felt her soft, warm, tongue make contact with his excited
rear hole. She began
to move her tongue up and down his ass slit, just as she remembered he had done to hers. She lapped wetly at his hole,
cleaning it of any residue. The
odor was not at all what she had thought it would be. His ass smelled, but it was a sexy smell. A smell that was not at all
unpleasant, but one that
excited her senses and made her pussy begin to leak again. She lashed at his anus, becoming more turned on with each
passing second. She couldn't
believe what was going on. If someone had told her she would have a man's ass in her face and that she would not only stick her
finger up his ass, but
would also become wildly turned on by licking and sucking on his asshole, she would have said they were looney, but yet here
she was, and loving
every second of this degrading, perverted, experience.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! OH, YEAH!!!! Oh! lick my asshole. Clean up my ass crack with your wet tongue." George said as he pushed his
ass further back
onto Alex' face.

Alex wet his hole thoroughly. She stiffened her tongue and probed at the tiny hole. His sphincter muscles were squeezed tightly
shut but as she lapped
back and forth across the sensitive hole, they began to loosen up. Alex pushed at the small rear opening and succeeded in
getting her tongue tip up
inside his ass. That was all she needed. Swiftly she rammed her entire tongue far up into his rectum.

"Unmph!!! OH, SWEET BABY!!!!!!!!! Jam it up in there. Damn , you're a hot little cunt. You like that don't you? Keep it up. Eat out my
asshole. Ram
your tongue in a LOT deeper. PUT IT ALL IN!!!!!!!!"

Alex was not one who needed such encouragement. She was wild with lust and had found a decadent sex act that was making
her hotter than she had
ever been in her life. She rammed her tongue in and out of the janitor's asshole as she felt his balls beginning to draw up in his
sac. He was moaning
loadly now.


George torn his ass away from the little girl's sexy tongue, sensing he was just moments away from shooting off. He stabbed his
hard cock at her
lips.....demanding entrance. Alex opened her lips and let him slide his cock into her mouth. He immediately started an up and
down motion that forced
his cock further and further into Alex' mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles and let him slide further and further until his cock head
was in her throat.
Just like practicing with a big cucumber. She had done a lot of that. Pre- paring for the day when she could suck on a real prick.
George was a little
bigger than any cucumber she had ever practiced on but she succeeded in letting him get his entire seven inches down her
clasping throat. He began to
rut her mouth, throat fucking the hell out of this hot teenager. Alex moaned around his huge rod that was invading her esophagus.
She could hardly
breath but didn't want to give up the fat prick that was leaking pre-cum down her throat as fast as she could swallow. The way
George was moaning
and shaking, she knew it wouldn't be much longer.

Without any warning, George rammed his big cock all the way in and began to squirt thick strings of cum down Alex' throat. It ran
over her tonsils and
drained into her stomach but she kept her lips tightly pressed around the prick that was hosing huge gobs of thick, white, cum
down her throat. She was
determined not to waste a drop.

George continued draining his balls into Alex' stomach as his prick slowly began to deflate. Alex nursed at his shriveling prick
until she was sure there
was no more, delicious cum juice to be had. George pulled his cock from Alex' mouth as she swallowed the last drops of his
immense orgasm. All
those weeks without an orgasm had payed off. He had fed this girl the biggest and steamiest load of sperm he had ever stored
up and by the satisfied
look on Alex' face, she thought it was worth it too.

"Shit, George. I can't believe what just happened. I knew I was ready to experience life, but I didn't know it would be this great.
When you touched my
ass before, I knew I wouldn't be able to tell you no. I want lot's more of this. Whenever you get horny and need someone to lick
your asshole and suck
you off, give me a call. I'll be right there." Alex said.

"Don't worry. There won't be a week that goes by that I won't have you in this storeroom with my cock down your sweet little throat.

THE END!!!!!!!!!! (for now)


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