Aladdin: Jafar's Revenge (mf,ff,f-best,oral,ncon,magic)
by Pencildragon

The Cave of Wonders can be a lonely place, unless one has an obnoxious and
far too noisy parrot crammed into one's lamp. Iago's insufferable yapping was
driving Genie Jafar mad. Fortunately, being an all-powerful Genie had its
advantages too. After a short period of introspection, Jafar purged Iago from
his lamp.

"It's about time, Oh Evil One. I was beginning to think I would never get out of
that stupid lamp. Do you have any idea how bad you body odor is?"

"Silence, Iago." shouted Jafar from within the lamp. "I have a plan."

"And why should I listen to you, He Who Rots in a Lamp?"

"Because you can't get out of the Cave of Wonders without me."

" know, I really hate it when your right."

"Listen carefully, and I'll explain my plan...."

Love is grand, but being the husband and consort to Agrabah's new queen could
be a real pain in the ass. This was what Al was thinking instead of paying
attention to his reading tutor. That was his big problem. With the genie
gone, he had to rely on more than his good looks and street-wise skills.
Queen Jasmine expected him to learn everything about court life, which meant
spending most of his day studying reading, writing, protocol, diplomacy...
everything a Queen's Consort had to learn to survive in the palace. It was
boring. Just at that moment, Jasmine entered seeking passion, rescuing him
from his tutor.

Jasmine led him to their chamber and laid him on their bed as she started to
strip seductively out of her clothing. Aladdin had always loved her visage,
but she was even lovelier nude. Her breasts were pert and youthful; her hips
round, yet muscular; she captured him with her eyes, which suddenly had a
mischievous almost malicious glint.

"I have a new game for us to play." she smiled. "Close your eyes."

Al complied. How could her refuse her anything? He felt silk wrap around his
wrist, then stretch out and away from his body. "What are you doing?"

"Shh. Just be patient and keep you eyes closed."

Soon he arms and legs were spread to the four winds.

"You can open your eyes now."

He was spread out between four pillars as Jasmine stood above him, still
naked, with a small decorative dagger. Before he could catch his breath, she
cut his clothes off him. He shook uncontrollably as Jasmine's hair seemed to
come to life, braid itself into several braids, then wrap her up into a neat
little hogtie. She then shook her head and seem to come to her senses.

"Aladdin, what happened?"

"I'm not sure. Let me see if I can get free."

"Why don't ask me, my little desert flower?" snarled Jafar as he appeared in
a puff of smoke.

"Jafar, you jackal, I thought you were in the Cave of Wonders!" shouted Al
definantly, as he yanking his bonds.

"You little fool! Did you think the Cave of Wonders could hold me, the
most powerful being in the World? Now, you two will suffer for your

He raised his arms and produced exact duplicates of Aladdin and Jasmine,
which got dressed and left the chamber. Jafar explained "Those Homonculi will
rule in your stead so as not to arouse the superstitions of that blue lummox
of a Genie. You are now mine to play with."

"You will pay for this, Jafar!" spat Jasmine with a voice laced with venom,
trying to free herself without ripping her hair out. It was no use. Jafar's
magic was too strong.

"No, you will, my dear. I have learned from my error. I know now that I can
not kill you directly, or make you love me, but I can use your love for this
street rat against you."

The fear in her eyes was just what Jafar wanted to see. With a wave of his
hand, Jasmine slid across the polished marble floor, face first, straight in
between Aladdin's legs. "Now girl, I want you to pleasure this boy until you
taste his seed."

"And if I refuse..?"

"Refuse, and I will remove his member; or change him into an elephant and
have him kill you as he pleasures you by bursting your insides; or change him
into a snake and make him pleasure you that way. My dear, the possibilities
are truly endless. Do it, and you both stay human, for now."


"Be quiet Aladdin, I'm saving your life." Jasmine interrupted, then began to
lick his manhood.

It was difficult going, being bound, but she had to save her husband. Aladdin
struggled against his silken bonds to no avail. Her attentions were exciting
him, despite their perilous positions. Once he was fully erect, she squirmed
higher until she was in a position to take his penis in her mouth. She raised
her head, remembering a sword swallower she had seen, and inserted his shaft
into her mouth, swallowing it until her lips brushed against his public hair.
She almost choked at first, but found that relaxing her tongue helped. She
drew her head back and forth, slowly at first as she was uncertain of her
balance, then faster. Aladdin voiced his protests, but Jafar silenced him by
spelling away his mouth. Despite his protests, Aladdin could not stand it any
longer, ejaculating strongly into Jasmine's mouth. For her part, Jasmine,
being without the use of her hands, was faced with the choice of swallowing
his seed or allowing it to spurt in her face. She chose the former, not
allowing Jafar to gloat with any further humiliation.

"That was marvelous, my dear. But let us depart before someone else happens
by." With that, their bed chamber faded away, and Jafar's secret chamber
faded in.

The silks that held Al were now bound to the bars of a large cage.

"Now, my dear, I have a special treat for you". Her tresses released her as
Jafar's holding spell took over, and pushed her into a matching cage, which
held Raja. She landed unceremoniously, bruising her rear on the cage floor.
Raja gave out a full throated roar in protest of Jafar's treatment of his
best friend.

"Silence, Raja! You will do as I say, or your mistress and this worthless boy
will suffer dearly."

Raja scowled, wishing Jafar would come close enough for him to sink his teeth
into him; then, seeing the mad look in Jafar's eyes, lowered his head in
submission. He would not let his friends be hurt by his actions.

"I see we understand each other. Now, Princess, we will prepare you."

She felt the magic wash over her. Two of the steel bars from the cage became
alive, wrapped around her wrists and pulled her harshly against the rest of
the bars, holding her wrists to the side at shoulder height. She gasped from
the force of the assault. Raja snarled again.

"Ah, ah, ah," mused Jafar "I haven't hurt her, yet, so stop your feeble
posturing. You will use your tongue to pleasure your mistress, between her
legs. Do you understand? And as for your part, my dear child, one utterance
of protest from you or this miserable wretch and I'll turn your pet into a
Rhinoceros, which will certainly crush you to death." Aladdin's mouth
conveniently reappeared as Jafar ranted.

Raja's tongue was warm and wet, but rough. Jasmine whimpered quietly, but
opened her legs wider to better allow Raja's head to fit. Her clitoris was
well lubricated, but the surrounding skin chaffed from the big cat's
attentions. She bucked and clenched her teeth against a scream as the first
wave of pleasure passed through her. Jafar did not allow Raja to stop until
Jasmine was senseless from pleasure and exhaustion. Raja then used his paws
to close her legs and laid his massive head in her lap.

"Well, isn't that touching, your Rottenness?" Iago's harsh voice woke Jasmine
with a start. She banged her head against the bars behind her. Her arms were
still held tightly.

"Oo, I bet that hurt. I bet that hurt more than a knee to the groin, eh,

"Calm yourself, Iago. We have plenty of time for humiliation."

"That's "Master Iago" to you, Genie!" Iago piped.

"Yes, Master." snarled Jafar though clenched teeth.

"My next wish is.." Iago paused, smiling maliciously "to have Aladdin turned
into a woman for the continuation of the first wish."

"As you wish, Master." Jafar smiled. Iago was enjoying his mastery too much,
and with petty wishes like this, he would soon be powerless to control him.

Al turned into a woman before Jasmine's eyes. He was very pretty that way,
with narrow hips, breasts larger than her own, hair nearly as long as hers,
and those same beautiful eyes. She still loved him/her. Jafar pointed his
finger, and Al and she were pressed tightly together, bound at the waist
and below the knees by wide bands of iron. They lost their balance and began
to fall, but chains appeared on the waist band, which suspended them off the
floor. Jafar then placed a double-ended phallus between and within them. It
only took one magical shove on their hips to show them what was expected of

Jasmine was glad that Jafar had left their hands free. Aladdin was still
learning to deal with his femaleness, so she would have to take charge. She
hugged, caressed and kissed him/her, exploring the newness of his/her altered
form. Though she had never touched a woman this way, she told herself that
this was Al, and that she would love him/her no matter what his form was.
Aladdin's body was reacting for him/her, rather than by force of will. After
much fumbling, they developed a rhythm and pleasured each other to orgasm.

"That was wonderful, I really enjoyed that. I wish I could watch this all
day." spouted Iago, whose voice was intrusive after their intense intimacy.

"You wish is my command, Oh foolish Master." Jafar chortled, casting the last

Against their wills, Jasmine and Aladdin began making love again, until
sunset came.

Sunset was a beautiful thing. As bad as all this abuse had been on her body,
Jasmine did not want to think how Aladdin's novice form was holding up. They
were both hanging, bathed in their own sweat, panting in unison. Iago was
still ranting at the black ornate lamp, kicking and throwing it about the
chamber. Jafar was equally surprised to find out that he could not come out
of the lamp after the last wish had been completed. On one bad bounce, it
dropped into Jasmine's hands. Jasmine smiled as she rubbed the lamp.

Jafar appeared out of the lamp, "What are you doing with my lamp?" he ranted.

"I am you master now. Listen to me carefully, for I know you'll do everything
in your power to pervert my wishes."

"Yes, Master." he said, again with clenched teeth.

"I wish things to be put to rights, so that all things will be as if Iago had
not been your Master, with the exception that I will retain ownership of the

"Yes, Master."

In the blink of an eye, Jasmine, Aladdin (male again), Raja, Jafar, and Iago
were in her bed chamber. Aladdin passed out out from all that he had endured.

Jasmine thought on their experiences and wished again.

"Jafar, I wish for you to produce for me a ring that will alter Aladdin's
form to that female form you gave him when he wears it, and returns him to
his normal form when I take it off him."

"And I thought I was the twisted one." Jafar jabbed. "I'm glad to see that
some of my wickedness has rubbed off on you."

"Just do it, and spare me the commentary." she snapped. A ring appeared in
her hand. She placed it on Al's finger, then took it off, grinning with
delight as she confirmed its power. "Very good, Genie. Now my third wish."

"Take your time, Master. I'm just beginning to enjoy you."

"I want as little to do with you as possible. I wish that you, this lamp,
and that annoying bird back into the Cave of Wonders." Iago's insufferable
complaining was suddenly absent from the chamber.

Aladdin awoke at first light. Jasmine sat next to him, nude, stoking his hair
and looking lovingly into his eyes.

"Feeling better?" she asked.

"I guess. What happened to Jafar and Iago?"

"Oh, I wished them back to the Cave of Wonders. Now, if you're well rested
enough, I have a new game for us to play." She smiled, with a hint a mischief
in her eyes, and drew a piece of silk though her hand.



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