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Aladdin: Chaos Game Part 1 - Jasmine
by Tricksterson

Chaos was bored. This usually boded ill for the multiverse at large.
Currently he had the form of a fuzzy green liquid floating in the void
between universes. Mentally he was thumbing through his Rolodex looking for
something or someone to relieve his ennui. Form following thought, as it
usually did for him, a hand and Rolodex formed out of the green ooze.

Then he had an idea. A wonderful idea. Of course Chaos *always* thought his
ideas were wonderful. There were other opinions on the matter but he rarely
cared about them.

What he needed was a harem. A group of smart, pretty, sexy females to amuse,
converse, and oh yes, fuck with him from time to time. Eventually he'd
probably expand to include males, animals, maybe a few inanimate objects but
for now he'd stick to humanoid females.

"But who should I start with?" he said to himself. Of course, to do that he
had to grow lips. This inspired him to take on one of his favorite forms,
that of the Cheshire Cat, although one with two heads so he could have a
proper conversation. Becoming a cat reminded him of that amusing Princess
Jasmine. He had been a blue cat with wings at the time and became one now.

Yes, he'd punished her for trying to order him but at the same time he had
admired the chutzpah it had taken to do so. he focused his mind on how to
make her the first member of his harem. He couldn't just kidnap her. The
only Rule he followed consistantly in all the multiverse was the Law of
Free Will. He might trick, test, seduce and confuse mortals into doing what
he wanted but he never, ever *forced* them.

He stretched his mind out towards the world that contained the kingdom and
city of Agrabah.

* * *

Where, coincidentally, perfectly timed for his observation, the Princess
Jasmine was preparing to bathe.

She pulled her silken blue top over her head then shook her head back and
forth sending a wave through her thick, mane of black hair, then pulled off
her pantaloons and the underclothes beneath. She looked at her tall lean form
in the mirror next to the sunken marble tub that was more like a small pool
in size and depth. Her eyes roamed down her body and her hands followed. Down
her long slender neck to her small but perfectly formed breasts, pausing to
rub her richly dark nipples, then further down the went across her ribs and
her tight hard abs, so much different from the soft, plump bellies of most
girls of her class and culture. But then she'd done and seen so many things
other daughters of the pampered upper classes would never have dreamed of.

Her hands paused before going between her long lean legs to the thick bush
of dark hair there. She decided to save that for the bath. She had already
cleaned herself with the pure white sand reserved for the upper classes. The
bath was to wash away the gritty residue. It was also one of the wonders of
Agrabah. Some other homes, though only the wealthiest, had internal plumbing
but only the royal palace had, through a complex system of pipes, funaces
and hypocausts, hot running water.

Jasmine grunted with pleasure as she stepped, then sat down into the warm
water, sinking down to just below her shoulders. She submerged her head,
letting the heat and moisture soak into her scalp. Coming up, she sighed
and finally let her hand drift into the valley between her slender but
strong thighs.

"Oh," she said softly as her fingers played with her labia before entering.
She bit down on her lip to keep from louder cries that would summon her
guards. Only two nights ago she had almost gotten herself and Alladin into
trouble that way.

He had, at her urging, climbed into her bedroom that night. She had gotten
tired of chaste kisses and hand holding, she wanted *more*. For the first
time lips had opened and tongues mingled. She had taken off his vest and run
her hands and lips over his muscular chest. While their tongues slid in and
out of each other's moths his hand had gone under her bodice. Her hand had
slipped into his pants and pulled out his manhood. She'd looked in wonder at
it's long, hard length. Then Alladins hand had gone into her pantaloons and
between her legs. That was all it had taken for a loud moan to escape her
lips and bring her guards running. Aladdin had barely escaped unnoticed. She
had concocted a story about dreams that had made her cry out. The two guards
had exchanged a look that said what they thought about what kind of dreams
she must have been having but of course, said nothing.

Since then, the two young lovers hadn't dared risk any trysts. Jasmine's
father was a kind man and seemed to genuinely like the young rogue but if
they'd been caught Aladdin would have been castrated and beheaded and, if
she'd been lucky, Jasmine would have spent the rest of her life locked in
some tower.

Concentrating on the pleasurable aspects of the memory and trying to ignore
the possible consequences Jasmine slipped first one, then two fingers into
her virgin slit, pumping them furiously in and out then switching to rubbing
her clit until it popped out of it's hood, whereupon she started pinching it,
squeezing tighter and tighter. She was close, sooo close!

"Enjoying yourself?" came a fruity voice from right next to her ear. She
literally leapt out of the water with an earpiercing scream, coming down on
the opposite side of the pool with a resounding SPLASH!, sending a wave of
water towards the feline figure now crouched across from her on the lip of
the pool.

But before it reached the figure the wave had turned to flowers and slices of
citrus fruit.

"Chaos," whispered the dusky princess. "What do you want?"

"Well, not to get wet, for one thing," he repied amiably. "Cats hate water
you know." Currently he was in the form she had met him in before, a blue
winged cat.

Jasmine knew she had to play things carefully. Of all the foes Alladin and
she had faced, Al Muddi, Mozenrath, even the demon-goddess Mirage, none were
as dangerous as Chaos. Unlike the others, he wasn't actually evil but his
power was as close to infinite as made no difference and was directed soley
by whimsy. He was equally capable of reducing Agrabah to a smoking hole in
the desert or turning the entire palace into chocolate pudding, which ever
he happened to think was more amusing at the moment.

And where were her guards? Not that they could have done anything but they
should have broken through the door by now.

"Waiting for your guards?"

"Please don't read my mind." Her first impulse had been to use a much less
polite tone but she remembered what had happened the one time she had ordered
him and shuddered. He had shrunk her down so small she'd almost been eaten by
an insect.

"Oh I wouldn't do that, it would be rude. But most humans are so predictable
I don't *have* to read their minds."

"Why aren't my guards here?"

"Why don't you go look?"

As she turned and went to the door, still naked, she felt Chaos' eyes roaming
over her body. She told herself that was silly, Chaos wasn't even humanoid,
much less human, why would he find her attractive? Just in case, she picked
up a towel and wrapped it around herself while being aware of how flimsy an
attempt at modesty that was. In fact she could feel the towel molding itself
to her breasts, crotch and ass to an extent where she might as well have been
naked. She spun around angrily to confont Chaos and stopped in astonishment
at what she saw.

Evidently Chaos *could* be humanoid if he wanted to. He was lounging in the
bathing pool, the water coming to halfway up his ribcage, apparently naked
with only a blue-black fuzz, not quite thick enough to be called fur covering
his skin, with a slim, wiry build and a narrow chinned, pale grey skinned,
high cheek boned face that managed to look both catlike and humanoid with
oval pupiled, golden eyes and long pointed ears ending in furred tufts.

"Not *all* cats hate water," he said grinning, then stood up. He was indeed
naked. Unlike humans his hair thinned around the pubic zone revealing a
semi-erect and rather large penis.

"What...what do you want?" Jasmine asked. In answer both grin and erection
grew larger. Guards temporarily forgotten, she couldn't pull her eyes away
from his nakedness. He strode through the water, now covered with a layer
of fruit and flowers and came out, water glistening on his body. He moved
towards her seductively.

Frightened, less of Chaos than of the feelings stirring inside her, Jasmine
turned, opened the door and...stopped dead at what she saw.

"There's nothing out there but stars." She turned accusingly to Chaos, now
only a few inches from her. "What did you do to Agrabah?"

"Chaos chuckled. 'Silly mortals.' he thought. "Nothing. It's still where
it's always been. Even this room is still there. I just copied it while you

"While I was...oh," she said, realizing what "occupation" he was referring
to. Then she found herself further distracted when he leaned in and licked
her neck with a long rough tongue that both tickled and stimulated her.

"Stop that." The statement was diluted by her giggling. She started to push
him off but as soon as her hands touched his muscular chest they seemed to
acquire a will of their own, roaming playfully all over it. It took all her
will to keep them north of his taut waistline.

" you...want with me?" she asked in a voice gone husky and ending
in a gasp as his sherp teeth closed down on an earlobe.

"What do you think?" His hand, ending in fingers that were almost, but not
quite, claws pinned her wrists to the door, his long hard memberpressed
against her belly.

Her mind searched deperately for reasons not to give in to what her groin was
telling her to do. "They'll...miss me."

"No they won't," he answered with a seductive smile. " Time and space are my
playthings. You could spend days, weeks, years with me, years in which you'd
never age, and come back mere minutes after you left.

At this the perfunctory struggle she'd been putting up stopped. She still
had doubts, especially in regard to betraying Aladdin, but he wasn't here and
this strange handsome catman version of Chaos was and anyway, Aladdin would
never know. And she was feeling sooo aroused. She let the flimsy protection
of the towel slide down around her feet.

He didn't exactly kiss. His fangs ade that awkward at best. Istead he
bestowed small nips to her lips, neck, shoulders and breasts that were
somehow even more erotic than kisses would have been because of the
implied danger. His nail-claws traced patterns over her skin. When he
knelt down and started licking the inside of her thighs with his tongue,
which felt like soft sand paper she melted down onto the carpet covered

"Aoough!" With a tongue longer than any human's Chaos pierced into Jasmine's
royal vagina. Her hands pressed his dark head deeper into the cleft between
her thighs even as those thighs clamped around it.

"Oh! Oh FUCK!"Chaos raised a head dripping with her juices and smiled.

"Such language. you wish."

As he moved up between her legs his hands and mouth preceeded him, tickling,
scratching and kissing their way up her belly and chest so that if she had
any last reservations about what they were about to do she was too busy to
voice them. As he pushed into her she gaved out a gasp and arched her back
until only her hips and shoulders touched the floor. Her hymen dissolved
painlessly as Chaos' cock hit it. unlike a cat's it wasn't covered with spiky
hairs but with a velvety growth that wasmore like moss than fur, feeling like
a silk covering over his iron hard rod.

"OH! Oh Allah yes! Yes, oh fuck yes! SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!" the princess screamed
as her feline lover hoisted her legs to rest on his shoulders, punding away
at her the entire time.

"Moremoremore! Harder! Oh, Allah, fuck me!" She had never felt this way
before. She had never thought it *possible* to feel this way before. She
knew that whatever Chaos wanted, she would give him, so long as it didn't
harm, Agrabah, her father or Aladdin.

As she lay, still gasping and shaking, he withdrew, his member slick with her
fluids and sticky with his. She pushed up on her elbows as he moved forward,
straddling her narrow ribcage. She knew what he wanted without being asked
and was happy to give it to him. Her tongue came out and slowly licked down
one side of his cock, then up the other back and forth until it was clean,
then bent down to his scrotum to do the same. She licked from the base of his
rod down to where his sack almost reached where his asshole would have been
if he had one. Giving the blank space a puzzled look, she took each of his
testicles between her lips and sucked on them in turn, then moved up and took
his cap into her mouth. She sucked on it, gently at first, then harder. She
felt her strange lover's clawe fingers in her long, thick hair, pushing her
gently but firmly downward. Soon she was bobbing up and down his length. She
could feel the pressure building and backed up to let his cum flow into her
mouth and throat. It had an odd, minty taste that she suspected wasn't

As he licked his sperm from her lips Chaos looked a question at her.

"Yes," was her answer.


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