Aladdin: Abu Takes A Peek (f-mast,f-best,voy)
by Anonymous

Abu, now a monkey once more, had the run of the palace. He scampered from
room to room, making use of large holes in the walls, up high, presumably
used to vent air. Eventually, he came to a dark room, which was very cool,
though also very humid. Peering around, he noticed that there was a door
here leading outside to what appeared to be a swimming pool. He could not
remember ever seeing a pool in the palace. The walls surrounding the pool
were very high, and there was even a roof of sorts, though it had rectangular
holes in it to allow light to pass through. Abu was wondering why the Sultan
had never showed this room to them, when their were suddenly footsteps to his
right. Realizing that this was probably a private room, Abu receded into his
hole in the wall until he was relatively well hidden by the shadows. Jasmine
finally entered the room. She walked over to the wall directly in front of
Abu, and opened a wooden panel in the wall, about as tall and as wide as
herself. Before Abu realized what was happening, she had removed her top.

Abu stared wide eyed, dismayed that he was viewing her from the rear. She
quickly stuffed the top into the panel in the wall, then bent down to remove
her shoes. Abu quickly decided that viewing her from behind wasn't really so
bad after all. She threw her shoes into the hole in the wall. Then she stood
up and removed her pants, throwing these as well into the locker. She then
shut the panel, and Abu got a glimpse of her breasts as she ran stark naked
out the door to the pool. Abu waited until he was sure she was gone, then
followed her, peering cautiously outwards from the door.

The sight that greeted his eyes seemed more precious to him then all the
riches he had ever seen. Jasmine lay floating in the pool, completely naked,
with her eyes closed, humming to herself. Abu stared in wonder at her
perfectly formed breasts, and gasped softly as she opened her legs, revealing
her puss to him. She continued humming to herself, oblivious to the fact that
she was being watched. Abu allowed himself to get a good look at her. Every
last bit of her. Slowly, she pulled her arms out of the water, and to Abu's
pleasure, with her eyes still closed, she began to run them over her breasts.
Abu now felt he had a good idea as to why this room remained a secret even
to Aladdin. Jasmine was now running her hands over her darkly tanned breasts,
stopping every now and then to twist one of her large nipples. She began to
moan softly. Quickly she shifted one of her hands so that it was between her
legs. As Abu looked on in wonder, she inserted her forefinger into her puss,
ran it around the inside of her vagina once, and then pulled it out again.
She repeated this process again and again, at first still using one hand to
massage her breasts, but then shifting both hands to her crotch, moving her
hands ever faster around her pussy. She began to breathe quickly, moaning
softly. Abu wanted to scream, and was absolutely amazed that she had not
noticed him yet. Suddenly, she let out a wonderful yell of pleasure, thrust
both hands deep into her crotch, and lay still. Abu was excited to notice
that as she removed her hands from her vagina, they were wet with something
thicker than the water in the pool.

Abu considered leaving, but decided against it. Jasmine resumed humming to
herself for a few minutes, presumably allowing herself to get calmed down.
Abu was thinking to himself, replaying the events of the past few minutes.
He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he did not notice when Jasmine sat
up and opened her eyes. Suddenly she caught sight of him.

"Abu!" she shouted suddenly.

Abu, petrified of what she might think, went into his "stupid monkey" act,
and began chattering softly, and walking over to the pool, dragging his hands
beside him.

"You don't fool me one bit, Abu." she said. "I know you saw me. Did you like
what you saw?"

Abu nodded his head up and down quickly.

"Good. I didn't know I was putting on a show, but just the same, I hope you
enjoyed it." She sank beneath the water, up to her neck, before continuing.

Abu disheartened that he could no longer catch a glimpse of her beautiful
body, hardly noticed what she was saying.

"I do hope you don't mind me asking this," she said softly. "but have you
ever made love to another monkey?"

Abu jumped, then stopped, calmed himself, and nodded.

"That's what I thought. I haven't made love to anyone yet. Aladdin thinks we
are still to young. Maybe someday I'll change his mind."

Abu decided that Aladdin must be insane to try and resist this temptress, who
had a body like a godess.

"Anyway," she continued "I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

Abu looked at her in puzzlement. He realized what he hoped she meant, but he
doubted that they were thinking along the same lines.

"Could you... um, Abu, could you fuck me?"

Abu nearly jumped for joy. Then realizing they were alone, he did. He
chattered at her, nodding his head up and down.

She smiled coyly and said. "Okay, good. But it would have to be right here,
right now."

Abu smiled his biggest grin at her. As if understanding his gesture, Jasmine
pulled herself out of the pool, then stood on all fours, displaying her
posterior for him. Abu pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.
Then, his eyes wild, he jumped up onto her back. This was going to be more
difficult than he had hoped. Jasmine turned her head to him.

"I guess that won't work quite like we planned, huh?" she said disapointedly.

Abu shook his head sadly. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he dissapeared
around the corner.

"I wonder what that was all about." Jasmine wondered aloud.

Suddenly Abu reappeared, carrying her pants. To her utter surprise, he ran
up to her, and stuffed them in her mouth. Not everything mind you. He just
shoved the crotch of her pants into her mouth and disappeared. Knowing better
than to question the little genius, Jasmine sat still while Abu hopped onto
her back. He grabbed the pants legs in each hand, then jumped off her rear.
He swung around and, his face slammed into her behind. She cried out softly
once. Abu clung tightly to the pant legs, then put his feet up on her buttox
to brace himself.

Slowly, he began to lower his now erect monkey cock into Jasmine's ass.
She gasped with pleasure as his not so tiny monkey dick slid between her
buttocks. Abu began to pump his legs, moving himself in and out of her. She
began to pant, oblivious to the pant legs which were in her mouth, braced
tightly against her jaw. Abu was a lot lighter than he looked, and she
wasn't really in any pain. She was, instead, in intense pleasure. Abu began
to ram himself deeper and deeper into her rear end. She began to moan, and
Abu began to chatter madly. She screamed once. He pushed harder and farther.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!! AABUUUUUUUU!!!" she screamed. She was going wild, as he
brought her nearer and nearer to climax. She desperately wanted to have an
orgasm. She felt one welling up from deep inside her, but it was coming so

Abu worked with ever increasing intensity. His legs became a blur as he
thrust himself deep into her very being. Suddenly, Jasmine could stand it
no longer. She grabbed Abu from off her rear, flipped over, lay down on the
ground, and roughly shoved him onto her crotch. Her aim and timing were
perfect, she shoved his cock directly between her legs just as his penis
exploded in a torrent of hot simian cum. She began to scream, not caring who
heard her. Her puss became wet with cum which ran down her legs onto the
ground, as she let out cry after cry of pleasurable joy.

"OH YES!! OH ABU, YES!! YES, YES, YYYEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" her cries
eventually subsided, and she fell asleep.

She awoke again later. She was lying alone beside the pool, and it was now
about noon. She stood up slowly, wondering if she had dreamt the whole thing.
She had just about decided that it must have been a dream when she noticed
something by the pool. Hanging at the edge of the pool, one leg in and one
out, were her pants. She smiled.

She dove back into the pool, for though she knew she had royal duties to
attend to, she decided to simply give herself a day off. To her utter
surprise, when she reached the other end of the pool, she found Abu lying
asleep, snoring softly. She decided not to wake him yet and continued
swimming in the darkness.

An hour or so later, Jasmine realized that Abu was now awake. She swam over
to him, and saw his eyes light up. Realizing that they both had similair
thoughts, Jasmine pulled herself out of the pool again. Abu smiled as she
lay back, then scampered over to her. She spread her legs wide, proudly
displaying her clit for him. Abu smiled, then bent over and put his face to
her crotch. Jasmine frowned slightly, wondering why she wasn't disgusted by
having made love to a monkey. Suddenly, as Abu's lips brushed her vagina,
she decided that her minor disgust was well worth the rewards. Abu began to
lick and suck at her pussy hard, massaging her hips with his hands, and
chattering away happily, enjoying this all immensely.

Jasmine leaned back, moaning softly. She was enjoying it as well. She began
to run her hands over her breasts. Abu's tongue was suddenly working much
harder, however. She felt the tinglings of a strong orgasm building deep
within her, and with each movement of Abu's tongue, her nipples burned with
pleasure. She lay back, her legs spread wide, her hands pulling and massaging
her breasts. Abu's warm lips and moist tongue were probing deeply into her,
and she began to pant. She began pumping her hips slightly, moaning. She
started moaning more loudly as Abu began using both his hands and his tongue
to probe deeply into her vagina. She was moaning in pleasure happily.

Suddenly, there was an intense shock to her body as the orgasm which was
contained deep within her womanhood exploded to the surface. She began to
scream loudly as Abu happily licked up as much of the cum as he could, but
there was so much of it that it was running down her legs, around her crotch,
and all over Abu's face and cheeks. She began to really scream now, as the
torrent of hot cum continued unabated.

OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! YEAH, OH, AAAAAA!!!" she continued to scream for several

When her intense pleasure finally abated, she sat up to find her legs and
crotch dripping wet and sticky, and Abu grinning very broadly at her, a dab
of cum sticking to his chin. She suddenly founding herself wondering what
semen tasted like. Smiling coyly at Abu, she realized she wouldn't have to
wait to find out. She picked him up in her arms. He smiled up at her, sighing
in content. She slowly wrapped her delicate hands around his penis. It was
smaller than a man's, but nonetheless a large cock especially to her young
eyes. She began to rub his cock with her hands, slowly and softly at first,
but then harder, and with more determination. She licked the head of his cock
several times, now pulling at the cock fairly hard, and forcing her hand up
and down its sides. She lay him softly on the ground, kneeling, her hands
never once leaving his cock. She began to really suck it now, massaging his
testicles with her free hands. She sucked him up and down, accepting his
whole penis into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it. Abu was
chittering in sexual pleasure now, kicking his legs in the air.

She suddenly gave out one long suck as he began to cum into her mouth. Her
eyes lit up as she began to swish the hot monkey semen in her mouth. She took
a tentative swallow, then began to swallow more, sucking up all the cum, and
demanding more. She really enjoyed the taste of the sweet hot cum. They went
on like that, pleasuring each other for the rest of the day. Jasmine seemed
especially bright and happy to everyone around her the next morning, but only
she and Abu knew why.


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