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TV Show/Movies/Characters in this story: Elena, Stefan, and Damon from "Vampire Diaries." Harley Diaz from "Stuck in the Middle." Paige Olvera from "Bizzardvark." Anna and Paul from "After.Life." Abby from "Let Me In." Andy from "Cult of Chucky."

Written: July 29th, 2018

Codes: MF, mf, mfF, cons, necro?, viol, supernatural

After.Life/Bizzardvark/Cult Of Chucky/Let Me In/Stuck In The Middle/Vampire Diaries: Cherry Town Part 4: November Nights
by Dragon333

Ryker whipped Stefan Salvador with a whip. The whip had traces of vervain in it, so it hurt Stefan badly. Stefan was shirtless while tied up to Ryker's basement. Elena was also tied up in Ryker's basement.

"Why are you doing this?" Elena cried.

"Because... Stefan Salvador is a fucking asshole and must pay for his actions for once!"

"Stefan is a good guy! He's one of the nicest persons I've ever met!" Elena pleaded.

"Vampire, Elena. He's a vampire, not a person." Ryker told Elena. "And he tortured a woman and then compelled her husband to drink her blood. I'd say he's FAR from a good guy, Elena!" Ryker said and then took a handful of vervain and smashed it against Stefan's chest.

"Uuuuughhh!" Stefan groaned in pain.

"Did you think you could just torture any and everyone you wanted to, laugh about it, and just get away with it for all eternity, Stefan?" Ryker asked.

"That's my past, kid." Stefan told him.

"It's Ryker!" Ryker whipped Stefan again and Stefan again groaned in pain. "I just thought of the perfect punishment for you, Stefan. Since you tortured a guy's wife and then forced him to drink his very own wife's blood while they were completely helpless, why don't I just do that to you! I take it you two aren't married, but I know Elena's your girlfriend. Let's see how you like the taste of her blood!" Ryker stuck a nurse's type needle into Elena's leg and squeezed in a good amount of Elena's blood. "Drink your girlfriend's blood, dickface!" Ryker said after he put Elena's blood into a cup and pushed it to Stefan's face. Stefan moved his face away from the blood, but got some on his lips.

"I-I can't... the blood. It turns me into a monster." Stefan said.

"You are already the second biggest monster I know, Stefan! You are a horrible person! NOW DRINK!" Ryker said as he held Stefan's head from the back and forced his girlfriend's blood right down his throat. Stefan choked a bit before he swallowed it all down.

"I'm sorry, Elena." Stefan said. Ryker watched as the human blood made Stefan's body heal of all the whipping he dished out to his body.

"You know the great thing about torturing a vampire is, Stefan?" Ryker said with an evil looking grin. "Vampires heal quickly, so they can hardly die of torture. So the fun never ends!" Ryker whipped Stefan again. The vervain on the whip caused pain in Stefan's body. Ryker then took a small dagger and stabbed Elena in her leg; the leg that wasn't drained of blood.

"Oohhh! It hurts!!!" Elena cried out.

"Noooo!" Stefan said. "Just let Elena go, Ryker! You can torture me all you want, but please just let Elena go! You can even kill me, but just please let Elena go!" Stefan pleaded.

"Stefan! No! I'm not leaving without you!" Elena told Stefan.

"I'm not gonna kill you, Stefan. Just gonna put you through hell like you put hell on Earth back in the 1800's!" Ryker said and then whipped Stefan again with the vervained whip. Ryker's phone just started to ring in his pocket with a song ringtone.

"Hello?" Ryker said as he answered his phone. "Really? You actually know where he is? Can we get him out of there?" Ryker asked whoever was on the phone. "OK sounds good." Ryker said as he hung up. "Well, Elena, looks like it's your lucky day. You're free to go." Ryker said as he untied Elena. Elena couldn't run since her legs were very low on blood. Ryker carried her up the stairs of the basement and blind folded her and pushed her on a wagon miles and miles from Ryker's house.

"Promise me that Elena is safe." Stefan told Ryker.

"Elena is safe. But I would say that Cherry Town isn't so safe with The Ripper being in it. But with Christmas coming up, I'm in a more forgiving mood, and I tortured you and made you get a taste of what you did to someone else. So, my Christmas gift to you ... is a second chance. I'm gonna set you free, but if I ever see you or hear about you doing horrible things to people just for the fun of it, I'm not gonna just torture you like I did this time, but I am going to KILL YOU! And I'm going to do it slowly and painfully! Do we have a deal?" Ryker explained.

"If you promise me Elena is safe, then we have a deal." Stefan said.

"Deal." Ryker said. Ryker cut off one of the ropes that were tying Stefan together. "I undid just one of the ropes. Once the vervain wears off on you and in your system, I'm sure you can use your vampire strength to get out of that." Ryker then left and met up with his group.

* * *

"Glad you could make it, Ryker." Harley told him smiling at him with those gorgeous dimples.

"Thanks, Harley. You too. Hey, Abby. Where's Paige?"

"She went to look for Frankie." Abby told him.

"So what do you guys know so far?" Ryker asked.

"He's stuck in a room with all the doors locked. In that situation he may be low on air." Harley said.

"And all the nurses and the rest of the staff are killed, so they obviously can't let him out." Abby added. "And he's been there for about three days."

"In that case, he must be starving. We need to make sure we get him some food and water. Abby can you break down the walls while me and Harley go to a convenient store and buy a snack and water for him?"

"Consider it done, Ryker." Abby said.

Abby punched through the wall of the hospital. She found a man laying on the floor.

"Thank goodness! Some fresh air!" the man said. Once some good oxygen went to his brain he realized how the fresh air came. "What the fuck? Who are you? And what did you do?"

"I'm Abby. And you should thank me. We're busting you out of here, Andy!"

"We?" Andy asked.

"Yes. We." Ryker said. Then Harley tossed some chips and a bottled water at Andy. "We thought you might be hungry, so we got you some snacks."

"I was starving." Andy said munching the chips down and gulping down the water. "Wait a minute." Andy said as he suddenly got suspicious. "Why save me? Why would you even care if I starved to death in a locked up abandoned hospital?"

"I was hoping we could make a deal with you." Ryker said.

"What kind of deal?"

"You keep us updated on anyone named Gary, especially if he resembles anything vampire-like. And in return, we'll keep you updated on Chucky." Ryker said making a clear deal getting right to the point.

"You believe me about Chucky?" Andy said surprised as his whole life he was doubted and remembered the horrible days he spent in the military. Right then and there with Ryker's deal his whole life flashed before his eyes. A tear shed from his eye as he remembered Chucky killing his adoptive father making it look like Andy did it and his adoptive mother, who actually liked him and believed he was a good kid, instantly thought he was a murderer and hated him. But Andy felt relief as he looked at Ryker, someone who finally believed him.

"So what's the next step, Ryker?" Harley asked.

"We have to live our lives too. We can't ONLY be focusing on taking evil beings down. So let's go to the shopping center and look for Christmas presents. Christmas is coming up." Ryker replied. "Come on, Abby." Ryker encouraged since he saw Abby not going towards him and Harley.

"Um. you guys go ahead. I'll keep Andy company. He must be lonely from being locked up by himself for three days." Abby told them.

"OK" Ryker said.

* * *

"This is my home. It's not much, but at least no one bugs me here." Andy told Abby right when they got about two steps in front of Andy's house. Andy walked in through the door. Abby looked at the door, then at Andy, then at the door, then at Andy again.

"Something wrong?" Andy asked.

"I have to be invited in."

"Come on in." Andy told her. Abby then walked through the door.

"Do you have a wife?" Abby asked.


"Why not?"

"Well, Abby, I tried, but when you have a past like mine, you're not exactly the prize girls are looking for. Not everyone believes in voodoo and killer dolls. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I was crushing on Ryker." Abby admitted.

"Was? Past tense?" Andy asked.

"Well, he's in love with this girl named Paige."

"It's his loss. If I was a lot younger, I'd love to have you as my girlfriend."

"If you were younger? Why not now?" Abby asked confused.

"Because I'm not a pedo."

"Pedo? I'm 200 years old." Abby told him. "If we were worried about that, I'd be the pedo because I'm the adult who is over 100 years old crushing on a 13 year old like Ryker."

"Two hundred years old?" Andy asked shocked.

"Yes. I'm.. I'm a ... I'm a vampire." Abby admitted to him.

"Well, I had a killer doll try to kill me my whole child life, so that's not too unbelievable. But if you were a vampire, couldn't you turn into a bat?" Andy said, of course, needing proof to really believe.

"No, but I can do this." Abby said as she floated in mid air for 25 seconds gracefully before floating back down.

"I was wondering something about vampires." Andy told Abby.

"What's that?"

"Do they still get horny?" Andy asked her. Abby laughed.

"Why don't you stick your finger in me and find out." Abby said as she lifted up her dress revealing white cotton panties. Andy then removed Abby's panties and stuck two of his fingers inside her cunt. He was happy to find out that Abby was soaking wet with pussy juice. He felt his penis bulge through his pants. After their clothes came off, Andy got a mouthful of Abby's small boob in his mouth. He was able to fit her whole boob in his mouth while he sucked Abby's funbag. Abby breathed louder as she enjoyed Andy's mouth sucking on her tits and continued to suck. "Now suck my other one; she's feeling lonely." Abby told him softly. He did as he was told and sucked her other tit. Andy took some lotion and rubbed it on his dick and then rubbed some lotion on the outer layer and on the inside of Abby's pussy. Abby then got on top of Andy and rode him slowly. Abby felt like when Andy's dick was going in her she was filling an emptiness that needed to be filled.

Andy heard a sound and it made him turn his head.

"What was that?" Andy asked.

"Shhhh." said Abby. "Don't let it ruin this moment." she said as she placed two fingers on his lips. Then she continued to ride his dick.

"Seriously, Abby, it sounds like it's hitting my house."


"The place I live! Whatever!"

"I told you, relax, and let me take care of you." Abby told him. Andy laid back down and tried not to think about the sound. It kept hitting and hitting. Abby then knew she had to amp it up and finish faster than she was trying to make it last, so she used her vampire speed to ride his dick.

"WHOA!" Andy exclaimed. "I can't believe you made me cum so fast!" Andy had felt a huge gush or orgasms go inside Abby's beautiful cunt. "I really got to see what's out there now. It's driving me crazy." They both put their clothes on and went outside.

* * *

"Hey Harley, do you think Paige will like this for Christmas? It would go good with her music videos right?" Ryker asked.

"Ryker.. I..." Harley started to say.


"I, uh..."

"Spit it out, Harley!" Ryker told her.

"I have to tell you something." Harley said looking down at the ground biting her lower lip to build up the nerve to tell Ryker the bad news.

"What is it?"

"Paige has a boyfriend." Harley said and then exhaled deeply. It was hard for her to say it, but she felt that Ryker needed to know.

"WHAT?" Ryker exclaimed. "How do you know?"

"She posted a pic of them together drinking boba. She posted it on CENSOR CENSOR." Then Harley froze time and looked to the side.

"C'mon, readers! You know I can't say the actual name! So Ryker heard that, but you guys just heard censor censor." Harley says. Then she returned to her own time in her own world.

"So the guy's name is Reese. Well, at least he looks like a good person for her to pair up with. Well if she's happy, then I'm happy for her." Ryker said holding back a tear.

"You don't look happy." Harley said.

"I am." Ryker lied. Suddenly they heard a faint scream. Everyone looked in the direction of the scream, but immediately went on with their day. "What was that?"

"It sounded like a scream, but a quiet one." Harley said

"It sounded muffled too." Ryker ran in the direction of the scream.

"Wait, Ryker, where are you going?" Harley asked running and chasing after him.

"It sounds like someone might be in trouble." They both stopped once they got to where they thought the scream was. "What is this place?"

"It looks like a cemetery." Harley said right before she heard another faint muffled scream. "It sounds like it's coming from that tombstone."

"Luckily, who ever was here last left a shovel behind." Ryker said as he started digging in front of the tombstone where the body would be buried. Harley took a shovel that was also there and helped. After Harley and Ryker dug up the coffin they opened it. "No way. Her body hasn't decomposed a bit!" Ryker then pressed the body's cheek with his finger. "Her body isn't even hard yet." He then put his hand in front of her mouth to see if she was breathing, but he soon found out she wasn't. "She must not be alive." Ryker said. "I just really want to know and no one but us is around." Ryker then slowly moved the body's tank top to the side revealing the body's whole breast. "Holy shit nice fucking tits!" Ryker exclaimed. "They're just as big as Paige's!"

"I'm so sick of hearing about Paige." Harley muttered.

"What?" Ryker asked.

"I said.... if her tits are that nice, then... well, why don't you suck on them?" Harley suggested. 'That should get his mind off of Paige,' Harley thought.

"I don't think she'd like that without me asking her first." Ryker said.

"She's dead, Ryker. She won't feel it or live through it, so I don't think she'd mind."

"So if I saw you dead and I fucked you, you wouldn't mind?" Ryker asked almost sarcasticly.

"If I was already dead you could do whatever you want to me. After all, I wouldn't be able to feel anything and I wouldn't have to live through any pain or embarrassment."


"Yes, really! If it makes you feel any better, I'll suck her tits with you!" Harley said. 'Ryker is gonna love me for this!' Harley thought. 'I'm gonna be that cool chick that he loves to be with!'

"We gotta wash her body off first then. I don't want to be sucking on dirt." Ryker told Harley.

"Yeah, me either." Harley said as she took one side of the body and Ryker took the other side. They told the hotel worker the body was their aunt and their aunt had a little too much to drink and they had to lay her down. The hotel worker then didn't ask any questions after hearing their story and let them rent a room. Ryker checked her pockets and found a women's wallet. Inside was a wallet that had the ID "Anna Taylor." Ryker told Harley her name was Anna Taylor. Ryker and Harley removed Anna's clothes and put her on the bed. "Well, what are you waiting for, Ryker? Go ahead and stick it to her!" Harley egged him on.

"Well, this is kind of embarrassing to say, Harley, but given the circumstances, I think I'm gonna have to." Ryker told him.

"OK so spill!" Harley said.

"It kind of takes me a while to get hard enough to fuck a girl." Ryker admitted. Ryker expected her to laugh, but instead he saw Harley smile. It wasn't a smile like she was trying to hold a laugh, but a genuine smile complete with Harley's signature amazing dimples. He even noticed her eyes light up.

"Don't worry! I have JUST the thing for that!" Harley told him as she started digging through her invention bag.

"What you got some viagara for me in there or something?" Ryker asked. "I'm really worried about it permanently damaging my penis if it makes it harder for more than 4 hours and I'm afraid that has a big chance of happening."

"Better!" Harley said with a big champion like smile. She presented something from the bag she brought.

"What is that?"

"I call it, The Rubber Fucky!" Harley said proudly.

"Sounds like you love puns." Ryker said.

"Anyways, I made this thing out of old rubber duckies and balloons."


"Don't worry! I cleaned all the parts before I started using them as my project to make the Rubber Fucky." Harley explained. Ryker then let out a sigh of relief. "You push this button and it starts stroking your dick as if it were a girl's hand. And you'll be hard in no time!"

Ryker listened to Harley's instruction and stuck his dick into the invention Harley made. It started stroking his dick. Harley had a big cheesy smile on her face watching her invention make Ryker's penis grow. She then looked up to see Ryker have a big smile on his face, but was disappointed he was actually frowning.

"What's wrong? From what I can tell my invention is working! It got your dick hard!" Harley said.

"There's no spiritual connection, Harley. Even though it physically feels like a real hand; it's STILL just a piece of plastic. I know you girls are satisfied with pieces of plastic 'cuz you girls ALL have dildos and sex toys, but if you noticed, almost no guy has a sex toy. That's because guys don't care about sex for the orgasm. Guys care about sex for the spiritual connection they get with another human being. Guys don't really care about the orgasm that much at all." Ryker explained.

"Oh, I never thought about it like that." Harley said as her cheesy smile dropped and quickly turned into a frown. Harley turned to the side as time stopped.

"Wow. I guess it's true what they say. You learn something new everyday! Ryker DID say my device feels like it's physically real, so that means my invention is spot on and I in fact DID make a great invention! But I guess no matter how good my invention is, it can never replace the touch a real life human." Harley looked up to think for a bit. "Maybe I can offer Ryker something a little more ... personal." Harley returned back to time.

"Well, we can save my invention for another day then. How about now, I give you a blowjob! My real life human lips, mouth, and tongue on your big hard dick!"

"Well, I'd be a fool to say no to that, huh?" Ryker said. "I accept your blowjob, Harley!"

Harley then got on her knees and licked the bottom of Ryker's shaft. She then spit on Ryker's dick and used it for lube. She rubbed her spit all over Ryker's dick and then started stroking his dick. When it got to a semi hard position, Harley put his penis in her mouth and she started to stroke it with her mouth. She gave it gentle sucks as she kept going.

"It feels soooo good, Harley!" Ryker told her. Harley smiled up at Ryker and then continued to suck his dick. It actually seemed to be a soothing act for Harley. The longer she'd suck Ryker's dick, the more soothing and peaceful she felt, so she kept going and going. Once she felt some of her saliva drool down the floor she had to stop.

"OK, that's enough for now. We gotta remember why we're here. There's a dead girl's body we got and we have to fuck her before her whole body starts to get hard!"

"What should we do first, Harley?"

"I'll suck this tit and you suck her other one." Harley said as she got a handful of Anna's tit in her hand and she was on Anna's side on the bed. Ryker then took a mouthful of Anna's tit in his mouth and sucked. Harley took a mouthful of Anna's other tit in her mouth and sucked. They both really loved sucking Anna's beautiful adult tits. They couldn't believe they were sucking on a dead girl's tits. But what they couldn't believe even more was how much fun they were having doing it. They continued to suck Anna's tits. They both sucked harder and harder, savoring more and more of the feeling of her tits in their mouth. Then after they were finished with sucking Anna's tits, Harley got some mini lotion from the motel bathroom. She then put it on her hands and rubbed the lotion on Anna's love hole. She made sure the outside and some of the inside of her cunt was moistened with lotion. "She's ready, Ryker! Fuck her!" Harley said almost demandingly. Ryker took his hard dick and shoved it inside Anna's dead pussy. Harley had removed her clothes and started fingering her own cunt and playing with her own beautiful little boobs that were growing each year and still growing.

"It feels so good feeling on my tits while I watch you fuck another girl." Ryker just thrusted and thrusted into Anna's cunt. He felt there was no point in actually satisfying her anyways since she was already dead. "Yeah, Ryker! Keep fucking her! She's already dead, so she's basically your sex object!" Harley found herself moaning while playing with herself. "Uuughh uuuhh uuughh, oh it feels so good! It feels so good fingering my fourteen year old pussy while watching you fuck her pussy! You're gonna make my 14 year old pussy cum!" Ryker started to slow down. "HEY! I didn't say stop!" Harley yelled out. Then Ryker continued to fuck Anna again.

"I got an idea, Harley. How about you get on top and sit on Anna's face and play with your pussy there."

"Sounds good as long as you keep fucking her."

"Of course!" Ryker said. Harley sat on Anna's lifeless face and started rubbing her pussy again and made sure her pussy lips would touch Anna's lips as much as she could make it. Ryker continued humping Anna's corpse.

"Oh yeah, FUCK HER GOOD!"

"I think I'm gonna cum!" Ryker said

"Go ahead! Cum inside of her. Cum DEEP inside of her. Cum as deep inside her as you want. She can't get pregnant anyways since she's already dead." Ryker then squeezed Harley's tit while still fucking Anna, so he could make a true threesome. Then he squeezed Harley's other tit as Harley totally let him.

"Take my cum inside your pussy, you slut!" Ryker said as he exploded deep inside Anna's twat.

"OH WOW!" Harley exclaimed with a big dimpled smile on her face still rubbing her pussy on Anna's face. "That was so awesome! It really made me even more horny watching you cum inside that sex toy! It really made my OOOOHHH UUUGHHH OOOH YEEEESSSS! I just had an orgasm WOW! As I was saying, it really made my pussy wet. Ahhhh." Harley said.

"Her cunt was awesome! It was really warm and wet!" Ryker said with a big smile. But the smile quickly faded.

"What's wrong, Ryker?" Harley asked.

"Her cunt was warm when I was fucking her."

"You mean..." Harley started to say worried.

"Yes, she's not a sex object...she's..." Ryker said before he cut off by Harley.

"A PERSON! A LIVING person! Oh no! I gotta check again and see if she's alive. I'll check the pulse and heart this time." Harley took her invention bag and checked her heart rate. At first she got nothing, but then it started to very slowly beat. Ryker then checked her pulse with his fingers.

"I'm getting a pulse!"

"And I'm suddenly getting a heartbeat!"

"Wait how is this even possible?" Ryker asked.

"There are drugs out there that can temporarily stop a heartbeat cold. It seems this woman got that drug multiple times. I study science since it helps with my inventions and some drugs came up in my research." Harley said. "I always wanted to be the first woman on Mars, but I don't want it to be because I HAD to leave the planet!"

"You won't have to leave the planet. Anna was basically in a coma the whole time; according to her: NOTHING HAPPENED!"

"Should we just LEAVE her here?" Harley asked.

"No, I can put her in my basement." Ryker said. "I just don't know exactly how to recover her from the drugs she was injected with."

"I do." Harley said. "I'm a scientist! Well, almost, but I already have the skills to BECOME a scientist!" Harley said proudly.

"Should we take her to your house then?"

"No way! I live with a family of 9! There's no way we can not get caught with a lifeless body with us there." Harley said. "BUT we do need to stop by there to get some stuff."

* * *

"Well, well, well... what do we have here? Someone staying late passed her curfew?" Harley's little sister said in a sarcastic and threatening tone.

"Oh come on, Daphne! I'm in a hurry! I need to do something important! Trust me, it's for a good cause!" Harley said.

"Do me and Deathnee look like we care about good causes?" Daphne asked. "I believe the fee for coming home late passed your curfew is twenty dollars. Hand it over." Daphne said.

"Shouldn't your mom or dad be making the rules and not your little sister?" Ryker asked Harley.

"She means if I don't pay up she'll snitch on me." Harley explained.

"And with a boy! That's an extra ten dollars." Daphne said.

"Come on, Daphne! I already gave you twenty dollars AND my leather jacket for not telling anyone it was my birthday on my 13th birthday!"

"That was then. This is now. Now pay the price."

"I have a better idea." said Ryker. He snatched Daphne's doll from her and stood back beside Harley. "Let me and Harley walk free and I won't snapped Deathnee's head off."

"What are you doing?" Harley asked shocked as if she was telling him 'she's just a little girl, we can't threaten her.'

"Harley she took twenty dollars from you and your leather jacket ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. I don't consider her to have the soul of a little girl. I consider her to be a monster in a little girl's body."

"Don't give me the money and I'll scream and get Harley in trouble." Daphne threatened.

"A tie is better than a loss." Ryker said as he slowly began to turn the doll's head. Ryker then turned to Harley. "If she doesn't get discipline soon, she'll be a spoiled entitled bitch forever."

Daphne took a deep breath and Ryker could tell she was ready to scream to get her big sister in trouble. Ryker quickly went behind her and covered her mouth with his head.

"How did you get there so fast before she actually screamed?" asked Harley.

"When you deal with vampires as long as I have, you get used to being quick." Ryker then took a knife out of his pocket. "Give me one reason a greedy self entitled spoiled bitch like you should live, Daphne!" Ryker said.

"Ryker! No!" Harley said. "I know she's a pain, but she's my little sister. I don't want anything to happen to her."

"OK fine." Ryker said putting the knife away. "But I'm taking Harley's leather jacket and twenty dollars back that you took on HER birthday. Whoever gave her the twenty bucks for her birthday gave it to her for HER to enjoy and not YOU." Ryker then tied Daphne to a chair and gagged her mouth shut.

"What are you doing?" Harley asked.

"Don't worry, Harley. I tied her up using just sheets and gum. She should be able to get herself out of that in less than 2 hours. That should give us enough time to get your leather jacket, twenty bucks, your equipment and everything we need."

Minutes later they were in Ryker's basement.

"What?" Harley asked Ryker as he was staring at her.

"You look really cool in that leather jacket." Ryker said. Harley smiled big at his compliment. Harley used her stuff from her invention bag on Anna's body.

"She should be feeling better in about an hour." Harley told Ryker. "So what do you want to do until then?"

"Well, let's see what time it is." Ryker said as he took his cell phone out to look at the time. "Uh oh."


"I've got 32 missed calls from Andy! I must have accidently put my cell phone to vibrate or silent! If he called this many times it must be important. We gotta get there!"

They ran out of Ryker's house only to be stopped by a short shadow in front of them.

"Is that a toddler? Hey little guy are you lost?" Ryker asked.

"I lost my body! Can I have yours? I prefer .... sliced into little pieces." the little guy said right before he laughed hysterically.

"This guy's fucking nuts!" Ryker said. The guy went out of the shadow and Ryker and Harley got a better view of him.

"It's a doll! CHUCKY!." Ryker said.

"And he's got a knife just as big as he is!" Harley exclaimed.

"And it's going in Ryker's stomach! Muahahha!" The doll said as he ran after Ryker with a knife. Ryker ran away, but stopped once he found a log on the ground. The doll thought it was his chance to strike at Ryker, so the doll striked at Ryker with its knife, but Ryker rolled out of the way. Then Ryker hit the doll with the log he found. This caused Chucky to land flat on his face covering it with mud. The doll got up angrily.

"How DARE you dirty the face of the great Chucky!" the doll said as he ran after Ryker once again. Right before Chucky took a slice out of Ryker, Harley kicked him on his side from behind. She kicked him so hard he flew 4 feet and his big knife flew out of his hand.

"WOW! Thanks, Harley!" Ryker said. Then Ryker ran up to the knife and and put it in his own hand. "This is for ruining Andy's life you psychopath!!! DIE CHUCKY!!!" Ryker said right before he sliced Chucky's head off.

"I'm glad that's over!" Harley said. "That was scary."

"Yeah. It's over now though." Ryker said. "We gotta find Andy and Abby!"

"Hold it right there!" said a man in all black with black hair and light eyes.

"Damon Salvator!" Ryker said recognizing him instantly. "The biggest monster I know! The vampire with the perfect life because he can control people's minds and uses it to fuck any girl he wants and even kills them right after. Albert Fish must have got his ideas and behavior from you!"

"Ah my reputation continues its legacy!" Damon said proudly. "Let's have some fun though, shall we?" Damon said right before flying up to Ryker and looking into his eyes. "Stab yourself in the leg all night long." Damon said with his eye pupils growing for a short time. STAB! Ryker stabbed Damon in the stomach right after Damon's attempt at compelling him. Damon tumbled over in pain.

"In case you're wondering why that's hurting you so much, I dipped it in vervain early in the night." Ryker then walked up to him. Ryker brought Damon inside of a well. He tied Damon up to a gate in the well and tied him up to the gate. "This is for killing Mason when he tried to be so nice to you!" Ryker then whipped Damon. Damon screamed in agonizing pain of the vervain drenched whip Ryker whipped him with. "Mason was just going through the same naive thought you went through and instead of understanding he was just going through the same thing you were and trying to help him understand, you fucking KILLED HIM!!!" Ryker then whipped Damon diagonally from Damon's left sid to his right side. Then he whipped him diagonally the opposite side.

"Here's how this is gonna work, Ryker. You're not gonna kill me and I'm gonna get out of here." Damon said.

"Why should I kill you, Damon? I think you'll suffer more if I torture you alive!"

"Ryker, I think he suffered enough." Harley said feeling bad for Damon because she has a good heart.

"Harley, you don't know even half of the things this guy has done!" Ryker told her. "Damon, THIS is for killing your brother's best friend!" Ryker said as he whipped Damon's face this time. Damon screamed out in pain. Ryker hit Damon once again. Ryker then took scissors and cut Damon's sleeves off of his sweater. "Now you can REALLY feel the fun, Damon!" Ryker said as he glared at Damon. "This is for all the times you used your mind controlling powers to have a bunch of girls fuck you and take away their free will!" Ryker whipped Damon's arm, then other arm, and he kept repeating that pattern for 50 strikes. Damon screamed incredibly loudly this time.

"OK OK, I'm sorry." Damon said finally feeling bad for some of the horrible things he's done.

"You're not done paying your debt yet, dickhead!" Ryker said. "This is for all the times you hurt and bullied Jeremy!" Ryker then took a small piece of cloth and rubbed vervain on it. He pressed it onto Damon's eyeball very hard as he enjoyed Damon screaming because of the pain. "So easy to bully a human teenager when you are a vampire with super human strength and super speed, huh Damon?" Ryker then whipped Damon's face once again. "And this is for using Caroline as your little mind control puppet and forcing her to be your henchman!" Ryker pressed the vervain drenched cloth on Damon's shoulder. "And this is for every horrible thing you have done combined that I didn't mention yet!" Ryker then stabbed Damon's eyeball with a sharp pencil.

"Ahhh ahhhhh nooooo!" Damon screamed out in terrifying pain. Ryker could see smoke heat up from Damon's body.

"A pencil worked? That didn't have vervain on it!" Harley noticed.

"It's wood, Harley. Vampire's are vulnerable to wood." Ryker explained. "Damon, I think it's time for the final blow!" Ryker said right before he heard his cell phone ring. It was Abby. "Looks like you lucked out this time, Damon. We gotta go save our friends. That's more important to me than making you pay for what you've done." Ryker and Harley climbed up the rope to get out of the well. Ryker didn't bother to untie Damon.

(half an hour later)

"Oh no! Andy!" Ryker exclaimed as he saw Andy tied up.

"He looks weak." Harley said.

"What have you done to him, Gary?"

"Simple, Ryker! I need blood to live and Andy has blood. I'm using him as my, let's call it insurance, to live." Gary said. "And I knew at my average state I couldn't defeat you, so I drank a lot of your friend's blood to make sure I would be strong enough and fast enough to beat YOU!"

"Why is beating me so important?"

"BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE TO LOSE!" Gary said as he tried to rip Ryker's head off, but Ryker dodged and he tried to stab him instead, but then Gary flew back to where he was.

"Damn he's much faster than he was before." Ryker whispered.

"Your fun ends here, Ryker!" Gary said right before shooting a gun at Ryker's head. Ryker gasped right before Abby flew and tackled Gary right before the shot, so that Gary would miss his target. "Slave Puppet! Snap Ryker's neck!" Suddenly a big muscle guy showed up in front of Ryker and he lifted Ryker up in the air.

"Taste vervain, you slime!" Ryker said as he took out a water gun from his pocket and shot it into the muscle guy's mouth. The guy just spit it out.

"Haha you fool! He's not a vampire! He's a human I compelled to do my dirty work! I knew you'd be prepared for a vampire, so I used a human instead! Now break Ryker's neck!" Gary explained.

"Harley," Ryker started to say as he felt sad. "Before I die, I just wanted you to know that I would have loved it if you were my girlfriend." Ryker said. Harley nodded her head also crying because she knew her crush was about to get his neck snapped. The muscle man got his hands ready to snap Ryker's neck. STAB! Ryker was a tad confused as the muscle man was on the ground in pain with a knife in his back and Harley was away, Andy was tied up, and Abby was next to Gary. "What the? Who the hell saved me?"

"Hey Ryker, you OK?" someone asked. The tears in Ryker's eyes made it hard to make out who was asking him. Abby then took a wooden stake she brought and stabbed Gary in the heart with it. Gary screamed in pain right before he fell to his knees and turned grey.

"Good thing Gary was easily distracted." Abby said. Ryker wiped his eyes off and looked up.

"Stefan????" Ryker asked surprised to see it was Stefan asking him if he was alright. He also figured Stefan was also the one who saved him. "What are you doing here?"

"Making use of the gift you gave me." Stefan told him. Then Stefan broke off the locks that Gary had put on Andy.

"Thanks, Stefan." Ryker told him. "After we all settle in, anyone up for the carnival coming up next month?"

"I'd love to go to the carnival!" said Will.

"Geeze, pal, do you ALWAYS show up uninvited?" Ryker asked him.

"Where'd he come from?" Stefan asked.

"He always shows up to places uninvited and even when you tell him to go away he still stays. He even splashed someone with water to see if they were a mermaid and then when she ran away he followed her into the ocean."

"Damn! What a stalker!" Stefan said.

"Yes I do, Ryker it's kind of my thing!" Will said answering Ryker's question.

"Anyone ready to bug out?" said an ugly boy with curly hair. "Check me out! I said bug out around Fleas Diaz!" he said.

"Aidan, what are you doing here?" Harley asked.

"To annoy you, Harley. I know you're not gonna do anything about, so I get off on knowing I can get away with it!"

"Is that guy always this annoying, Harley?" Ryker asked.

"YES! He kept making noise and I told him to stop and then he kept doing it over and over again not caring how I felt about it. Then had the nerve to demand special treatment. Then he fucking ruined my awesome announcement to get people to be in suspense until I made an awesome announcement on who won something. Then he had the fucking nerve to play mind reader and tell me that EVERYONE wanted it his way as if he EVERYONE IN THE WORLD caters to HIM!"

"Damn! What an asshole!" Ryker said. "You know what, Harley? I'll take care of him for you."

"NO!" Harley said. I'll do it." Harley said as she took Ryker's knife stabbed Aidan with it and then cut his head off. "Good riddance!" Harley said as Aidan's head rolled off his body.

"I bet since your brain hasn't taken any damage and humans can live without air for a few minutes, I bet you can still feel pain even with your head cut off, Aidan. You deserve more pain than having your head cut off." Ryker then kicked Aidan's head like a soccer ball and watched it hit a wall. Then Ryker kicked his head again. Then he took a knife and cut Aidan's tongue off. "Now I'll let you suffocate, you son of a bitch!" Ryker said.

"So when we going to this carnival?" Will said.

"Uughhh! For the last time, Will! NO ONE invited you!" Ryker said.

"No one ever did before and it didn't stop me! And now I got to fuck a hot mermaid with nice tits AND I fucked another mermaid while she was still dating Zane! ALL THE WHILE I was still dating the hot mermaid with nice tits! And the mermaid with nice tits still kept me as her boyfriend!"

"Is there any other reason you like this mermaid, with the nice tits as you call it?" Abby asked.

"She's a mermaid! That's awesome! I love the fact that I'm dating a mermaid! I always wanted to date a mermaid!" Will said.

"And if she wasn't a mermaid?" Stefan asked.

"Then no way I'd get near her. That's the reason I avoided her at first. I only started liking her when I suspected she'd be a mermaid! And thanks to my stalker skills, I was right!" Will said. "So when are we going to-?" Will started to ask but was stopped by a gun shot to his heart. He then started throwing up blood.

"Sorry, Jack! Chucky's back!" Chucky said holding a gun.

"What the fuck? I thought I killed you?" Ryker said.

"There's multiples of him, Ryker. It has something to do with VooDoo. VooDoo is how he got into a doll's body in the first place." Andy explained.

"Andy! We got a score to settle!" Chucky said and then shot Andy in the heart.

"Noooo!" Ryker screamed out. Stefan ripped Chucky's head off and took the gun. Ryker was relieved to remember Stefan was there. "Stefan, I'm gonna need to cut your arm."

"OK," Stefan said as he lifted up his shirt sleeve for Ryker. Ryker slowly cut a small cut in Stefan's arm.

"Andy, I'm gonna need you to drink Stefan's blood."

"What the fuck? Why? I'm gonna fucking die!"

"Just trust me! And you won't die!" Andy said as he shoved Stefan's arm into Andy's mouth. Andy then drank some of the blood from Stefan. Abby then used her vampire strength to squash Chucky's head with her bare feet.

(The next morning)

"Thanks for letting us into your house, Stefan." Ryker said. "Abby, why aren't you in here with us?"

"Abby, I invite you into my house." Stefan said as he smiled. Abby then walked in.

"Oh yeah I forgot." Ryker said.

"Andy, you're alive because Ryker's quick thinking had you drink my blood and when a human drinks vampire's blood, they heal. Just don't die within the next 24 hours, so you don't become a vampire."

Andy then explained in more detail about the voodoo and how there's multiple Chucky's and the "real" one is at his house.

"I've been dealing with Chucky since I was a little kid, but I still can't seem to stop Chucky." Andy said. "Anyone got any ideas?"

"I've got one." Stefan said. "I have a friend named Bonnie. She can conjure up a spell to destroy all the duplicated Chucky's. Then only the real one will be alive."

Then they went to Bonnie's house and Bonnie was able to do a spell to kill off the duplicated Chucky's. Bonnie then went with them to Andy's house.

"Andy! You're back!" his adoptive sister Kyle said.

"Yeah, thanks, Kyle. Thanks for helping me out and watching this Chucky for me." Andy said.

"Let me just torture him a little more." Kyle said as she used a blowtorch she had in her hand to burn Chucky's already burnt head. The real Chucky groaned in pain from the fire. He was just a burnt head because before he duplicated himself, Andy shot him in the head and burnt him.

"I'm a witch, Chucky! I just destroyed every duplicate of you that ever existed! Now with the combined power of this branch from a white oak tree and the power of magic, it's time to say good bye to Chucky ONCE AND FOR ALL!" Bonnie said as she lifted the dagger made out of oak tree that she magically blessed.

"No, no! This isn't fair!" Chucky pleaded.

"You killed me and Kyle's adoptive parents and made me out to look like a murderer and you ruined my life!" Andy yelled out. "It's MORE than fair!!!" Bonnie then stabbed Chucky right in between his eyes and pushed the dagger further in.

"Nooooooo!" Chucky said. Bonnie then did an ancient chant. POOF! Chucky's head had exploded into tiny little pieces. Bonnie did another chant and the tiny pieces disappeared.

"I'm glad it's FINALLY over!" Andy said.

"I'm glad I could help you out with moving on with your life, Andy. But there's still a few more things I have to do. So enjoy your life, Andy. I'll see you around."

"No. You helped me out so much, Ryker. I'll help you with what you need to do." Andy offered.

"Well in that case...." Ryker said. Ryker explained to Andy about Anna at his basement, how she was still alive, and how she had to recover. "What's wrong, Abby?" Harley asked as she saw Abby looking down a bit.

"I want to help too, but the sun is out now. So I can't even leave the house. Sorry, Stefan, I guess you're stuck with me. I didn't know we'd be here this long."Abby said.

"I have something for you, Abby." Stefan said as he took the ring off that was on his finger. "You can wear this, Abby. With this ring, you can walk in sunlight freely."

"Wow. Thank you." Abby said. "I'll bring it back to you tonight."

They went to Ryker's basement and Harley checked her vitals. She was fine. They asked her some questions and then explained to her that she wasn't really dead. Ryker gathered the information Anna gave her and knew what to do.

"Ryker, what are you planning?" Andy asked.

"We're gonna go save Anna's boyfriend! But since there's an innocent little kid involved who got in the mix, I'm gonna need your guys' help to get him to safety first. Then after that, we can save Paul."

Abby knocked on the door of the funeral parlor run by Eliot Deacon. Eliot answered the door.

"Hey little girl, are you lost?" he asked her.

"I don't think so. My uncle Paul Coleman died and I was told his body would be here. Can I see him?" Abby said.

"I'm busy at the moment. Can You come back in an hour?" Eliot said.

"I can't wait that long. I walked all the way from school and then I also have a lot of homework."Abby said while holding the backpack s straps of the backpack she had on. The backpack had a puppy cartoon on it. She was also wearing a Hello Kitty shirt. Ryker knew Eliot would want to stall for time, so Ryker had a counter story for Abby to say when he stalled for time.

"I can only let family of the deceased see them before the funeral." Eliot told her.

"Sir, I'm his niece!" Abby said.

"Alright, fine. Come on in." Eliot said waving his hand gesturing her to come in. Since Abby was invited in, she stepped foot inside the house. Eliot showed Abby to the basement. "This is my volunteer. He's earning community service for his school. His name is Jack."

"Nice to meet you, Jack." Abby said. "Where's my uncle Paul?" she asked Eliot.

"Right here." Eliot removed a sheet to reveal the body of a young adult man. Abby looked up and down the body getting a good look at it. She memorized everything about his looks to get a good look. Abby then used her vampire speed to bring Jack with her outside of the parlor and to the group.

"Harley, Andy, phase 2!" Ryker said. Harley then gave Andy a cloth with chlorofoam on it. Ryker explained to the kid that Eliot was taking advantage of him having a kid mind and a good heart. He explained to Jack that Jack didn't really have a special gift to see the dead and neither did Eliot. He explained to Jack that Eliot told him he had a special gift to save his own self.

Andy and Harley came back out with Eliot's body passed out. Ryker had them put Eliot's body in a shed and locked the shed with a cheap lock. They then got Paul Coleman's body. Then they brought him to Ryker's basement and Harley made him drink a tablet of Tylenol while he was sleeping to ease his pain. When Paul Coleman awoke Ryker explained the whole thing. He explained how Eliot used air conditioning to make the bodies cold, so they'd feel like they're dead. He explained how Eliot used drugs to put the bodies asleep and not breathing for when people came to see the bodies, so they'd appear dead.

"Anna, is it really you?" Paul asked as he looked up to see Anna.

"Yes, Paul." Anna said crying tears of happiness.

"You came back for me, Anna."

"Of course, Paul. You came back for me." Anna reminded him. "I had a lot of help, but I was able to get you back."

"I love you, Anna." Paul told her.

"I love you too, Paul. I'm sorry I've been such a bitch. I've been pushing you away and started arguments with you because I didn't want to love. I didn't want to love because when I was little girl I learned that loving someone meant getting hurt and I didn't want to get hurt. So I decided not to love anyone anymore, so I'd never get hurt again. But when Eliot kidnapped me and made me think I was dead, I realized I was hurting myself. And not only me, but I was hurting you too. Even though I turned into such a bitch to you, you still stood by my side, so I really know you love me. I love you and I'll be a better girlfriend for you, Paul." Anna told him.

"I'm glad you two were able to get a second chance," said Harley. Ryker gave Paul a small pint of vampire blood to Paul.

"Drink this, Paul. Cheers to requited love!" After Paul drank the drink Ryker gave him he felt better and his wounds healed.

Abby then went to Stefan's house when it became night time. "Thanks for letting me borrow this, Stefan." she said as she took the ring off of her finger and handed it to Stefan.

* * *

"Here you go, Ethan. It's the comic book Aidan took without your permission." Ryker told Ethan.

"Um thanks. And you are?" Ethan asked a bit confused.

"Ethan, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Ryker!" Harley said and then kissed Ryker on the cheek and held him closer to her.



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