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A Team/Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 1 - A Call From Hazzard
by Spyder

Many people have often wondered what the attraction for writer Amy Allen is
to ride with the "A" team. Ever since they were branded war criminals she
went on the quest to see why they would help people who are in trouble when
they should be clearing themselves from the charges brought forth by the
army. Equally as puzzling is what happens in that heavily secretive van that
the huge B.A. drives for the group and also is any sex occurs on the road.
Once the story leaked out that the public wonders if she gets some while
riding around, Amy has decided to write an essay for the newspapers to print
if they wish.

One fine summer day, Face, Hannibal and Murdoch are out having some sun,
leaving Amy and B.A. alone in the van. Amy has often wondered how huge the
muscular mechanic of the group under his overalls. On this day she decides
to take the time to find out. Slowly she walks her fingers to the crotch and
toys with the bugle already showing and is swatted away by the big black man.

"Damn woman, what the fuck are you trying to do?" asks B.A.

"Just relax and let Amy relieve some inner tension." Amy says as her smile
lights up the van.

Continuing to tease B.A.'s crotch, Amy unzips the bottom half of the overalls
and reaches inside to grab some of his cock. B.A slides down and allows Amy
to pull out his cock. She is not surprised that such a burly man is so huge
in his pants as she licks his rod gently.

"Damn, woman, you should have told me that you are more than a great writer."
B.A. says with such conviction.

Amy purrs in response, "You will find out more as the time goes on."

Amy sucks his balls as she strokes the head of his dick and he continues to
growl his approval to what she is doing. B.A. looks down as Amy has taken his
cock all the way in her mouth and is astonished that she gives great head.
Feeling his cum well up inside his massive 19-inch gun, B.A. wants to see
what she is all about.

"Fuck, woman, it is now your turn to be pleasured, let ole B.A. give some of
my moves to your body." B.A. tells the reporter as she swallows his load.

"Okay B.A., give me some attitude as you do what it takes to make me climax."
Amy giggles out as she undoes the belt to her jeans.

The massive mechanic slowly strips Amy out of her jeans and panties revealing
an unshaven pussy. He rubs the thick black patch while stroking her pink

"I pity the fool, who doesn't like the looks of your hot cunt." Snarls the
huge man of the "A" Team.

B.A kisses her inner thighs allowing Amy to wiggle further down on the back
soft bench of the van. Dipping one and then two fingers inside, he fingers
her pussy as he licks her stomach. She laughs as his tiny beard tickles her
navel, finally moans as B.A begins to lick her bush and then her clit.
Growling as he eats her out, B.A wants to unveil her breast, as the men have
seen her in a bikini top a few times, so Amy removes her sweater and uncovers
a braless set of jugs. While he eats, B.A. squeezes her mid sized tits,
feeling her nipples become erect, where he kisses up her body to suck her
boobs. An orgasm overwhelms the traveling reporter as her lover enters her
twat with his massive dick.

"Ooooooh, that hurts a little." Screams Amy as she feels her virginity end.

"Holy fuck are you tight, seems to me you have never fucked before." B.A.
says as he plunges deeper into the lovely lady.

"Fuck, B.A. that is right, I have not had a man fuck me yet, so take it a
little easy. Until your cock is widening my cunt." Amy cries as she feels
B.A. move in and out until she is not so hard to enter.

B.A. takes hold of her tits while he drives forward harder with each minute
of sex. Amy widens her thighs as B.A plunges deeper in her pussy, finally
backing out to unload on her stomach. Turning her over, the massive man
re-enters her box, as he fingers her ass, which seems to have had a cock in
it before.

Amy softly says; "Hey big boy if you want to fuck my ass, go ahead as I have
been ass-fucked more than I can count. After all how do you think I got this

B.A. removes his dick from her pussy and drives his cock in her ass. She
backs into him as he butt fucks her hard and as the cum shoots inside her
ass, the radio interrupts the proceedings.

"B.A., this is Hannibal, drive to the pier, we have to meet some folks from
a place called Hazzard." Hannibal says.

Answering as Amy licks his cock one more time B.A. replies, "Okay, Hannibal,
Amy and I will be there in five minutes.

The lovers get dressed; B.A. pulls into traffic and drives to the meeting
place. Upon arrival he sees Hannibal, Face and Murdoch conversing with three

"Okay Hannibal, we are here." B.A says and then asks, "What is the deal?"

"These folks are from a town called Hazzard County in Georgia, they need our
help to eradicate the menace that a town leader called Boss Hogg brought in
and is sorry he did so." States Hannibal. As he then introduces Bo, Luke and
Jesse Duke to B.A. and Amy.

"What sort of men are these who have taken over your town?" B.A. asks.

Luke responds as he looks over the sexy Amy Allen, "J.D. Hogg needed help
with new money in town as he had let the funds run out. He drove to Atlanta
and asked for help from the mob boss named Sharkey and well to cut to the
chase, Boss Hogg can't get out of the contract."

"Now, J.D. is not squeaky clean himself, but he knows that the longer the mob
stays, it will be extremely hard to see them leave." Jesse adds in.

Bo finishes by saying, "J.D. is willing to pay the fee to have you help us
send them packing. Our sheriff is not very swift and is in Bosses back
pocket, so we decided to try and help by seeking out the "A" Team."

Hannibal leads the group away to talk it over and once they return he says,
"Gentlemen you have hired The "A" Team."

With that the Dukes leave ahead of the team and wait for them to arrive in
Hazzard once they arrive home.

To be continued...


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