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Avatar - The Last Airbender:
The Unrated And Untold Stories Part 9 - The Tales Of Ba Sing Se
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Tale Of Toph And Katara

Katara, Aang and Sokka were up early in the morning, cleaning themselves up
for the upcoming day. Toph was the only one still sleeping; sprawled out on
her bedroom floor, completely naked with bushy wild hair covering her entire
face. She was obviously having a good dream, because her fingers were
working furiously at massaging her tight bald pussy.

"Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm!" moaned Toph loudly, alerting a curious Katara,
who had finished fixing her hair loops.

Katara came to Toph's door and listened through the thin paper doors, trying
to discover what had Toph so worked up. It couldn't have been Aang or Sokka,
as they were still getting ready.

"Ooooh!" whispered Katara, after sliding open the paper door and finding Toph
jamming three fingers into her now wet pussy. Katara considered joining her
little earthbending friend or at least helping her out with her itch, but
decided instead to wake her from her enjoyable dream. Katara had planned an
eventful day; they'd be going to the local upper ring day spa in order to
rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

"Wake up sleepy-head!" shouted Katara, moving over to Toph and pinching her

"Hun!" groaned a tired Toph, removing her fingers from her pussy in the

"Let's go... we need to hurry or we'll be late" cried Katara.

"Fine!" Toph said, obviously dreading the upcoming spa day. She stood up,
shook off any accumulated dust on her nude body and fixed her hair in
seconds. In a matter of minutes, Katara and Toph were dressed and ready to

"See ya later" Katara said to Aang and Sokka as she and Toph opened the door
and made their way outside.

Neither Katara nor Toph had ever been to a spa, as Katara had lived all her
life at the dilapidated Southern Water Tribe and Toph had been too young to
ever visit a spa. They really had no idea what to expect upon entering the
glamorous spa. A woman at the King's party had recommended the spa, even
giving the two girls a couple of free passes in order to enjoy themselves.
She told them to do one thing however; she made them promise to ask for Sol
and Taru; two up and coming talents who specialize in young attractive women.
Katara accepted graciously, thanking the woman, not even considering what the
woman had mentioned about the two employees of the spa.

"How can I help you?" asked an employee of the spa after Katara and Toph
entered into the dimly lit, but luxurious establishment.

"Oh... we have free coupons" responded Katara, who was fascinated by the
lavishness of the spa.

"These look valid... do you have any preference on who will serve you today?"
asked the employee, after looking at the free coupons.

"Sol and Taru?" replied Katara, not sure if she remembered the names right.

"Oh yes... they come highly recommended, especially from young attractive
girls like you two" said the employee, winking at them as she led them
towards the back rooms.

Sol and Taru were waiting in one of the rooms, apparently on break and ready
to take on the next customer. They were tall, tanned, muscular and handsome,
making both Katara and Toph blush at the sight of them.

After some hurried introductions and some bumbling on the part of Katara and
Toph; they split up, with Katara going with Sol and Toph following Taru to
separate rooms.

"Here we go Katara" said Sol, opening a door with the words `Massage Parlor'
written on a sign. Sol led Katara into the room saying, "I think we should
start with a full body massage" Sol said as he led her to a small table in
the middle of the room.

Katara looked around; the room was small, private, but very cozy. There were
two large mirrors on two sides of the room, spanning the entire wall. Katara
found this strange, but took little notice of the odd room design. Little
did Katara know, the mirrors on the wall were in fact two-way, allowing
anybody on the other side to watch what was happening in the room.

"You get undressed and I'll be back in a couple of minutes with some lotion"
said Sol, as he left the room, leaving Katara to take her clothes off.

Katara was excited at the prospect of having the attractive Sol rub her
entire body down with his strong hands. She got wet just thinking about it;
knowing that it would feel amazing to have every inch of her body massaged by
the handsome and clearly talented Sol. Katara disrobed in seconds; pulling
off her cum-stained and slightly torn waterbending dress. She continued to
get ready by lying face down on the small table in the middle of the room.
Sol entered moments later, carrying an armful of lotions and oils. He too
had changed; now wearing a long white robe, held together by only a belt.

"Relax and enjoy yourself" said Sol, placing his hand on Katara's naked
shoulder. Sol squirted some lotion onto hands and began rubbing it up and
down Katara's back, working it into all her muscles.

The feeling of Sol's strong hands on her shoulders was turning Katara on
quickly. Secretly, she was praying for his hands to move down lower, towards
her round tight ass. She got her wish moments later, as Sol's hands found
their way to her lower back and eventually to her tight tanned ass. Sol took
hold of her firm ass cheeks and rubbed in some more of his soothing lotion.

"Mmmmmm..." moaned Katara absentmindedly, not realizing that Sol could hear

Taking the initiative, Sol moved his hands to Katara's inner thigh, eliciting
even louder moans from Katara. His hands roamed all over her body, lathering
the lotion onto every nook and cranny of her back side.

"Turn over please" said Sol, now done with her back and ready to move onto
her gorgeous front. Katara obliged receptively, wanting to feel his warm
hands massage her breasts and pussy.

Katara looked up at Sol, who was now squirting some oil onto his hands. She
was a little shocked to see a large tent in his white robes, but quickly
realized how enticing her tight tanned body would be to any man. She felt
his hands rub the oil over her shoulders before making their way down to her
firm and perfect tits, massaging a large amount of oil into them. Katara
moaned, as she felt his hands squeeze her breasts ever so slightly, before
moving down towards her tight stomach and doing the same to it. Katara was
so turned on by this point, that she was ready and willing to let him fuck
her brains out at any moment. It was the sensation of Sol's hands down
towards her trimmed pussy that pushed her over the edge. As his fingers
began massaging her tight trimmed pussy, Katara noticed Sol's bulging cock
prod her arm as he began to lean over her body and work his fingers into her
sopping wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm" moaned a horny Katara, right before lifting her arm and taking grasp
of Sol's cock through his robe.

"It's about time!" exclaimed Sol, untying his belt and letting his robe fall
to the ground, revealing a massive nine inch rod. Katara's face lit up at
the sight of the monster cock. Sol moved a little closer to Katara and began
to massage her trimmed pussy as she took hold of his cock again and began
rubbing his shaft. "They're usually all over me after I finish their back"
Sol finished as he dug two fingers into Katara's sopping wet pussy.

Katara was looking right up at Sol's face, as she worked her hand back and
forth over his shaft.

As Katara's hand began to pump Sol's shaft faster and faster, Sol began to
move his hands down her thigh's massaging her calves and ankles briefly
before returning his full attention back to her gorgeous pussy.

"Unghhhhhh" groaned Katara, as she felt four of Sol's fingers penetrate her
pussy deeply, causing her pussy to spasm and go through an orgasm. A small
trickle of her juices ran through her pussy and onto Sol's fingers, which
were still pumping in and out of her. Katara orgasm lasted an entire minute
before she came down and Sol pulled his fingers out, licking and sucking the
juices off of them. Not wanting to disappoint the hard working Sol, Katara
got off the table slowly, got onto her knees and prepared herself to have a
taste of Sol's nine inch member. Katara engulfed the head of Sol's cock in
only seconds, sucking on the tip for a few minutes before moving her tongue
up and down his shaft. Sol just stood there, enjoying the sensation of
having Katara lick his shaft up and down before she began to engulf more and
more of his cock in her hot slick mouth. It took only a few seconds before
the experienced Katara was deep-throating his extremely hard cock.

Not wanting to cum before the good part, Sol pulled his cock back after five
minutes before he blew his load down Katara's throat. Ready to get fucked,
Katara stood up and turned around, bending over the massage table, preparing
herself to be fucked by Sol. Sol watched as Katara raised her tanned ass up
a little, presenting her pussy to him before looking back at him and winking
at him. Sol used one hand to take hold of Katara's waist and the other to
guide his cock into her wet pussy. With one hard push, Sol slammed half of
his nine inches into Katara's not-so-tight pussy. She had gotten fucked so
often in the last few weeks; her pussy wasn't as tight as it once was.

"Ahhhhh!" grunted both Katara and Sol, as his cock made its way into her
pussy. Sol placed his other hand on Katara's waist, getting as much leverage
as he could before slamming another two inches into Katara. Seconds later,
Sol was balls deep in Katara, with both of them moaning and grunting as loud
as they could. After finally getting his entire cock into Katara, he started
slapping her ass with his right hand, as hard as he could, still pumping his
cock into her.

"Owwww!" screamed Katara, both turned on by Sol's slapping and in a little
pain from the force of them. It took only five minutes before Sol was
driving his cock into Katara's wet pussy as hard and fast as he could. The
sensation of having both Sol's cock penetrating her so deep and fast, and him
slapping her ass every few seconds, finally pushed her over the edge for the
second time that morning.

"Ungggghhhh" grunted Katara, with her pussy spasming again, this time coating
Sol's cock in her warm juices.

Feeling that Katara's orgasm was a perfect opportunity to change their
positions, Sol flipped Katara over with his cock still in her spasming pussy.
Katara, taken off guard by Sol's quick movement, enjoyed the sensation of
having his cock remain in her pussy as she felt herself being flipped over
and placed on the massage table on her back. Katara rapped her legs around
Sol's body as he began to thrust into her again at full speed.

Sol moved his hands up to her breasts, massaging them and twisting her
nipples before leaning over Katara and kissing her on her lips. Katara
kissed back at Sol before moving her own hands to Sol's ass and pulling him

The sudden sensation of having Katara pull him deeper into her caused Sol to
go through his own orgasm.

"Unghhhhhhhh!" grunted Sol, as his cock began to spasm and swell before
spewing out a ridiculously large amount of his potent seed directly into
Katara's receptive womb. Sol took hold of Katara's tits, pulling himself as
deep into her as possible, as he continued to ejaculate his hot cum into her
wet pussy.

Katara moaned out in pleasure as she felt her womb and pussy fill with Sol's
warm semen. She hadn't felt someone fill her pussy up for a few weeks, and
the sensation of Sol shooting his hot cum into nearly got her off for a third
time. After thirty seconds of Sol ejaculating into her, he finally finished,
collapsing onto her chest and breathing hard.

Katara's legs fell limp, letting Sol remove his limp cock from her cum-filled
pussy. As his cock came out of her with a plop, a copious amount of his cum
flowed out of her pussy and onto the ground with a splash. Katara just lay
there, enjoying the sensation of having Sol's cum pour out of her pussy
before she used her waterbending to remove his cum from her pussy and allow
it to fall to the ground. Sol pulled on his robes before he waved at one of
the mirrors on the wall and went to another door and going through it.

* * *


As Katara entered into a separate room with Sol, Toph had made her way into a
room named `Facials', which was situated right beside the room Katara had
entered. Toph assumed that she would be getting an intensive facial
cleansing followed by the application of cream or lotion to rejuvenate her
skin. What Toph didn't know was that the path to her getting her facial
would be a little more intensive and a little more fun than she had
originally believed. There was a large comfy chair in the center of the
room, perfect for Toph to relax in. Toph looked around, noticed that two of
the walls had large wide mirrors spanning two of the walls. Toph paid no
attention to them though, as she felt Taru's strong hands grasp her waist and
lead her into the room.

Taru led Toph to the chair and made her sit down in it. Taru gave Toph a
white bath robe while he made his way to a door opposite to the one they had
entered from.

"You go ahead and get changed and relax while I get ready" said Taru, as he
opened the door and disappeared behind it. In seconds, an aromatic and
fragrant scent began to flow through the room. Toph was very relaxed as the
flowery scent flowed through the room and she began to pull off her own dress
and put on the white robe she had been given.

Just as Toph slipped on the soft white robe and tied the belt, Taru opened
the door and entered wearing a white robe of his own. Toph settled into her
cozy chair as Taru walked over to her. Her feet were off the ground at this
point and the vision she usually had through her feet was largely diminished.
She therefore had no idea that Taru was removing his robe right in front of
her, sporting a hardening six inch cock.

"Time for your facial Toph... open up" said Taru as he took hold of his cock
and aimed it at Toph's mouth, which was opening at his command.

Toph just figured that this was part of the pampering process, and decided to
follow Taru's instructions by opening her mouth. You can imagine her shock
when she felt something long and hard force its way into her tiny mouth and
lodge itself in the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm... mmmmm... mmmmm" mumbled Toph, taken off guard from the sudden
intrusion. She wasn't against giving Taru a good blowjob, she was just
shocked by his forwardness and her inability to feel or see anything because
of her current situation.

Taru gave Toph no time to adjust to her throat-fucking; he continued to ram
his cock into the back of her throat as hard as he could. Taru could feel
Toph's small cold hands take hold of his buttocks to help him fuck her face.

Toph was gagging hard as Taru's cock continued to hit the back of her throat.
Toph could here Taru begin to pant loudly after five minutes of him slamming
his cock into her.

"Fuck... I'm gonna blow!" screamed Taru, sweating and breathing profusely.

This is what Toph had been waiting for; she loved the taste of a man's warm
cum in her mouth, and she knew she'd be swallowing every drop.

Taru had different plans however, and instead of keeping his cock buried in
Toph's small throat, he removed it completely and began to stroke it at the
sight of her pretty face.

After Taru had removed his shaft from her mouth, she had no idea what was
happening; her vision was again blurred as she waited for Taru to spray his
sticky load on her face.

"Ungghhhh!" shouted Taru, as he began to spray a voluminous amount of his hot
sticky cum all over Toph's surprised face. Toph tried to catch as much of
Taru's tasty seed as possible, but because she had no idea where it was going
to hit next, she had no chance of catching most of it. Taru finally finished
after firing his last stream into Toph's very receptive mouth.

"Darn... I wanted more!" said Toph, after swallowing the hot load in her

"Don't worry Toph... you'll be getting much, much more of what I just gave
you" responded Taru, motioning at someone behind one of the mirrors to come

Toph, not knowing what Taru was doing, got off the chair she was sitting on
and got onto solid ground, where she could see better.

"What the fuck... Katara... who are these people?" Toph said, finally seeing
everyone in the room. Katara, Sol, Taru and five other men were now all in
the small room.

Toph, who still had a good deal of cum covering her face, quickly caught on
to what these other men were eagerly waiting for. This was the facial room
after all, thought Toph, and she could definitely use another soothing

"What do you think we are... a couple of hookers?" asked Katara, clearly a
little more disturbed by the situation she and Toph were now in.

"I'm glad you asked" said a mysterious woman, who had just entered the room.

Katara recognized the woman immediately; she was the woman who had given her
and Toph the two free tickets to the spa.

"But...?" started Katara, obviously confused.

"Yes... it was I who gave you the tickets... but it wasn't a gesture of
kindness, I assure you" said the mysterious woman deviously. "This little
spa I have here is so popular, not because of the great service and the
relaxing atmosphere, but because of the male customers who pay a considerable
amount of money to both watch and join in with the more attractive young
girls I trick into a free spa coupon" finished the woman.

Katara was outraged at how she had been used, but as she watched Toph get on
her knees and crawl over to the seven men, Katara too started to get horny
again. Two wills were at war within Katara; one which was pissed off at how
she was tricked and violated, and the other, which wanted one of those cocks
as deep down her throat as possible.

The mysterious woman had chosen correctly in believing the two girls she had
given the free tickets wouldn't disappoint her paying male customers, as she
watched Katara consider her current circumstances.

"Fuck it!" moaned a horny Katara, getting on her knees and crawling over to
the group being sucked off by a willing Toph. Katara took hold of the first
cock she could find, not caring whose it was. Katara and Toph worked as hard
as possible to make sure everybody in the group was satisfied, including Sol
and Taru, who had both already had some fun with the girls. It took ten
minutes before the first man was about to pop.

"Ungghhhhh... Unghhh... Unghhhh... Unghhhh" cried four of the seven men in
the group, as one after another started spilling their equally large loads
onto Katara and Toph's faces. It took no time at all for both of the girls
to be covered in their hot cum.

"Unghhh... Unghhhh... Unghhhh" screamed the last three men, firing off their
loads onto the already covered Katara and Toph, who had begun to lick each
other clean.

"Great!" exulted the mysterious spa owner obviously pleased with the end
results. "Your welcome back anytime" continued the lady, before she began to
shoo the cum covered Katara and Toph out of the room.

"Maybe we will come back" mumbled Katara to Toph, as they shuffled out of the
spa, still half naked and covered in sticky cum.

* * *

The Tale Of Sokka

Sokka's day of relaxation started off quite normal, without any excitement,
or any pussy. He had walked the upper ring streets of Ba Sing Se, searching
his hardest for a little excitement during the day, but it wasn't until late
at night that Sokka would be rewarded for what he had been looking for all
day. Sokka was walking through the streets, when he heard a beautiful voice
reciting a poem in Haiku form. He was instantly attracted to the lyrical
voice as he walked over towards the source of the voice, looking through an
open window.

"Holy fuck!" whispered Sokka to himself, seeing a room full of young and
attractive women, dressed in tight fitting dresses, all listening to an
incredibly gorgeous woman recite her poem. Sokka, out of sight of any of the
girls, watched, transfixed by how beautiful the woman on stage was, dreaming
about what he would do to her. Just as his daydreaming started to take over
his conscious mind, Sokka slipped on the window sill and fell forward into
the crowded room.

"Ahhhhh!" screamed the shocked girls, as Sokka fell into the room, right onto
the stage.

"I am so sorry,
Something struck me in the rear,
I just wound"

All the girls below the stage, who were shocked at his intrusion, clapped and
cheered at Sokka's unintended Haiku.

The woman on stage however, was not impressed, even though secretly, she was
strangely attracted to the young man.

"Brutish bumbling fool,
Spying on our meeting,
Hoping for pussy"

"Ha ha ha ha ha" laughed the girls below, clapping at their fellow poet's

"How can you blame me,
A room full of hot pussy,
I'm only a man"

"Ohhhhhhh....." purred the girls, now enticed by the handsome Sokka, who by
this point was making his move.

"Horny little boy,
These girls will not give it up,
They are not your whores"

By this point in the Haiku battle, most of the girls were now rooting solely
for Sokka, even the woman on stage was getting hot, as Sokka began to flex
his muscles and strut his stuff.

"Just get on your knees,
You know you want Sokka's cock,
Your eyes do not lie"

The woman on stage swallowed hard, realizing that Sokka had seen right
through her tough exterior. Sokka started to remove his clothes in
anticipation of getting his cock fondled and sucked by the entire class.

"I just can't help it,
I need your cock so badly,
Slam it down my throat"

Sokka, not wanting to disappoint the horny poet, ripped off the rest of his
clothes and made his way over to her.

The poet had gotten on her knees and was ready to suck off Sokka. Just as
Sokka was about to guide his hard eleven inch cock down her throat, the eight
other female girls tackled him backwards. He was on his back, naked, with
nine attractive girls licking and stroking his huge member.

"I am in heaven,
Suck it hard my sexy sluts,
You know you want to"

The girls were turned on even further as Sokka continued speak in Haikus.
After a few minutes of hard sucking and stroking, a couple of girls moved
overtop of Sokka, with one sitting on his stomach and the other getting naked
and sitting on Sokka's face.

"Mmmmmm... mmmmm... mmmmm" mumbled Sokka, obviously trying to recite a new
Haiku that had come to him, but as his face was smothered by the horny girl,
he gave up and stuck his tongue as deep into her pussy as possible. As he
ate out the girl on his face, the girl on his chest ripped off her own tight
fitting dress and leaned over Sokka, grabbing hold of his juiced up eleven
inches, deep-throating with ease. As the girl continued to suck off Sokka,
the seven other girls, who were still fully dressed, removed their clothes
and returned to their original positions around Sokka's cock.

Ten minutes of nine girls sharing Sokka's cock and constantly switching
positions to get their pussy licked by Sokka's long tongue nearly brought
Sokka to orgasm. But just before Sokka blew his hot load onto the nine
beautiful teens, they stopped sucking and licking, deciding it would be
better to let him cool down before taking it to the next step.

Sokka tried to murmur in protest as his urge to cum diminished, but he was
cut off by the amazing sensation of one of the girls taking hold of his cock
and guiding into her tight pussy.

"Ahhhhhh!" screamed the young girl; taking Sokka's massive tool deep into
her. None of the girls were experienced with such a huge cock, and as each
of them took a turn in riding Sokka's massive eleven inch cock. They passed
Sokka around for another ten minutes, with one riding his cock, one riding
his face, and the other seven licking and fondling his balls and shaft. Just
as the woman who had been on the stage took her turn, Sokka began to pant and
was preparing to blow his load deep inside the beautiful poet. Just before
he was about to blow, he lifted the girl riding his face off of him in order
to string out one more Haiku.

"Fuck I'm gonna blow,
You're about to be a mother,
Take all my hot cum"

Obviously afraid at the prospect of being impregnated by some random boy
without her permission, the woman decided to object using one of her own

"There's no fucking way,
You're gonna pull out Sokka,
Nobody cums in me---"

The woman was just finishing as she felt Sokka's hands take hold of her waist
and felt Sokka slam his entire cock into her, holding her still as his eleven
inch cock began to spasm.

Sokka gave no further warning, as he grunted and held her waist tight,
pumping her pussy full of his hot potent seed, impregnating her unprotected
womb. Sokka wasn't worried about the possibility of impregnating another
woman; he knew that he wouldn't be around for long and probably would never
see her again.

"Fucking slutty whore,
Take all of my sticky seed,
Young lady I rocked you---"

As Sokka emptied the last of his semen deep into the young poet, everybody
looked at Sokka and stopped pleasuring him. His Haiku had finished with six
syllables and therefore was a slap in the face to the entire group of girls.
The woman Sokka had just impregnated pulled Sokka's hands off her waist,
furiously getting off of his cock and spreading her legs to see if Sokka had
in fact ejaculated in her pussy. As the woman inspected her cum-filled
pussy, the rest of the girls had thrown Sokka back out the window along with
his clothes.

Sokka cared little about being thrown out; the damage had been done and Sokka
was happy to make his exit, especially after impregnating his fellow
competition and getting away with it. Sokka dressed and made his way back
home with smile on his face, knowing a pissed off stranger's pussy was full
of his hot cum and would definitely be a future bearer of a little Sokka.

"That's four little Sokka's on the way" said Sokka to himself, as he made his
way down the streets of Ba Sing Se.

* * *

The Tale Of Zuko

Zuko had been working hard with his uncle at his new job as the bus boy in a
small tea shop. His uncle Iroh had been made the head tea maker for a rustic
tea shop in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. Zuko was angry at the fact that he
had been relegated to being a simple commoner, when he was the crowned prince
of the Fire Nation and the former heir to the throne.

Zuko had become suspicious of a girl who had been drinking a lot of tea at
the shop and spending most of her time staring at him. Zuko had been extra
cautious ever since the insinuation of Jet, that Zuko and his uncle were Fire
Nation spies.

"One of the customers is onto us" Zuko said to his uncle suspiciously.
"Don't look now, but there's a girl at the corner table... She knows were
Fire Nation... Didn't I say don't look" finished Zuko, taking hold of his
uncle and guiding him into a corner.

"You're right Zuko, I've seen that girl in here a lot... It seems she has
quite a little crush on you" responded Iroh, with a smile on his face.

"WHAT!" replied an astonished Zuko. Zuko was self-conscious about his large
scar, and because the only pussy he ever got was either a consort given by
his father, or taken forcefully, he was weary of his uncle insinuation.

"Thank you for the tea!" said the strange girl, paying Zuko. "What's your

"My name's Lee... my uncle and I just moved here from somewhere else in the
Earth Kingdom" replied Zuko sheepishly.

"Hi Lee... my name's Jen... and well... I was wondering if you would like to
go out on a date sometime" said the strange girl.

"He'd love to!" replied Iroh, before Zuko could get a word in.

After the details were set, Jen left the shop, thrilled at the prospect of a
date with the young and fairly attractive Zuko.

Zuko was furious at his uncle; not because he was averse to having a shot at
the sweet young girl, but because he still thought that she may know their

Nevertheless, Zuko got ready that night to go out with the young Jen, and
after his hair was combed and his clothes cleaned, he left his small
apartment to meet his date.

After meeting Jen in an alleyway, he was shocked to see the quirky young girl
dressed in a tight fitting and extremely short green dress. Her hair wasn't
as big of a mess as it had been earlier, and her overall appearance made Zuko
happy that his uncle had forced him to go on the date.

Zuko and Jen walked a short distance to the nearest restaurant, where they
ordered a late-night meal to enjoy under the moonlight. Zuko couldn't stop
looking at Jen's breasts; her dress was low cut and because it was so tight
fitting, he could clearly make out what her tits would look like without the
dress covering them. They were fairly big, and as Zuko stuck one of his
hands down his pants, he could tell that Jen was appreciating his staring at
her body. Zuko's hand found his hardening cock, rubbing his shaft as Jen
slipped out of one of her shoes and lifted her foot towards Zuko's bulging
cock. Zuko was shocked as he felt Jen's foot come into contact with his hand
and his hard seven inches. Zuko let go of his cock as he felt Jen rub his
cock up and down with her foot, using her toes to further stimulate Zuko.

"Mmmmmmm" grunted Zuko, as the waiter returned with their food and left them
without noticing what Jen was doing with her foot. Both of them ate their
food without stopping what they were doing under the table. Zuko had only
one thing on his mind as he choked down his food and stared right at his date
with lust in his eyes. The sensation of her foot running up and down his
cock wasn't enough to make him cum, but the constant stimulation was

"You wanna go for a walk" said Jen, removing her foot from Zuko's bulge and
putting it back into her shoe.

"Sure..." replied Zuko, disappointed that his foot job had ended, but excited
at the prospect of maybe taking it a step further.

Jen took Zuko to her favorite spot in Ba Sing Se; a place with a fire light
fountain, which reflects off the pool of water beautifully. To her
disappointment however, the fountain was dark with no candles lighting its

"Ahhhhh... the candles are usually lit" groaned a dejected Jen.

Seeing his opportunity to score some points with Jen, Zuko decided to
surprise her by lighting the candles.

"Close your eyes" said Zuko, not wanting Jen to find out that he was a

Jen closed her eyes for only a few seconds and after Zuko lit the candles
using his firebending, he made her open her eyes and behold the beautiful

"Ohhh... Wow!" said Jen, after opening her eyes and seeing all the candles
lit with Zuko standing in front of her with a smirk on his face.

Overwhelmed at how sweet Zuko was for somehow lighting he candles, Jen
decided to reward his sweetness with a little of her own.

"Close your eyes Zuko" said Jen sexily, as she approached him.

Zuko did as he was told, closing his eyes, hoping for a little kiss of
gratitude. To both his surprise and excitement however, Jen had not given
him a kiss, she had gotten on her knees and had taken hold of the waist band
on his pants.

"Huh?" questioned Zuko, as he felt his pants drop around his ankles and his
underwear follow them seconds later. Jen took hold of his soft cock, and
rubbed it between her fingers until she was able to get Zuko hard again.

"Ohh fuck... keep going!" yelled Zuko, as he opened his eyes to watch Jen at
work. Zuko looked around to see a small crowd gathering around the pair,
interested to see what was happening at the fire light fountain. Zuko became
a little embarrassed at being in seen in such a situation, with his pants
around his ankles and a girl stroking his cock.

Jen didn't seem phased at all as she looked around before opening her mouth
and engulfing Zuko's seven inches in her hot wet mouth, eliciting even more
moans from Zuko, who by now couldn't care less about the growing crowd. The
sensation of having his cock sucked by the gorgeous and horny slut in front
of him was more than enough to take his mind off the murmuring and whispers
coming from the crowd.

"What a slut... who's she sucking off?" said one of the onlookers. Not
wanting to disappoint his onlookers, Zuko tore off Jen's dress without her
even stopping. She didn't even make a sound as her naked body was in full
view of almost a hundred gawking perverts.

Jen continued to suck Zuko off for a further five minutes until she felt she
was ready to have Zuko fuck her. Jen stood up and gave Zuko his first full
view of her perfect and athletic body. Her tits were big, but firm and her
pussy was trimmed in a little strip, just inviting Zuko to guide his seven
inches into her wet pussy. Jen gave Zuko a quick smile and a wink before
turning around, bending over and touching her toes. Zuko nearly fainted at
Jen's clear invitation. Instead of fainting however, Zuko took hold of his
cock and positioned it at Jen's pussy. He rubbed his cock up and down her
slit before slamming three inches into Jen's tight pussy.

"Ahh!" screamed Jen, as Zuko started moving his shaft in and out of her
pussy. Jen continued to moan like a whore as Zuko moved more and more of his
cock into her pussy. Zuko was soon shocked to find out that Jen was, in
fact, a virgin, as he felt her hymen barrier stretch and then break.

"Owwwww!" screamed Jen, as she felt her hymen break and a trickle of blood
roll out of her pussy.

"Look at that... she was a virgin" shouted one of the onlookers, after seeing
her blood trickle out of her pussy.

Moments later, Jen moaned again, this time as she went through her first
orgasm. She shuttered as her pussy quivered and she felt a trickle of her
warm juices explode out of her pussy onto Zuko's cock.

All the people watching and pointing at Jen and Zuko only turned Zuko on even
more as he finally bottomed out inside of Jen. All the onlookers only made
Zuko want to perform his best and not embarrass himself. In any other
situation he probably would have already cum, but because he wanted his
current situation to last as long as possible, he had found some supernatural
strength to hold on as long as possible. Zuko continued to pound her from
behind, smacking her ass with his hand as his pace picked up.

Wanting to change positions and show the crowd what moves he had; Zuko pulled
out of Jen and took hold of her before flipping her around and laying her on
her back. Zuko took hold hips and lifted her up so she was resting on her
shoulders. He positioned his cock at her pussy again before jamming his
entire cock into her pussy. Zuko stayed in this position for the next ten
minutes, pile driving Jen to two additional orgasms before he neared his own.

By this point, there were over two hundred excited onlookers, all impressed
by Zuko's stamina and creativity. They could see the strain on his face, as
some of the seedier members of the crowd were already taking bets on where he
was going to deposit his load.

Zuko could see the crowd staring and pointing at him, but because he was so
focused on his task at hand; he couldn't care less what they were saying. He
knew where he was about to deposit his load, and there wasn't anyone or
anything that could stop him.

Jen, inexperienced and largely at the mercy of Zuko, had no idea what Zuko
was doing and where he would be doing it.

"Ungghhhhhhh" grunted Zuko, as he shot several of his thick steams of seed,
deep into Jen's unprotected womb. Zuko continued to grunt and fire in
several more hot strings of cum into Jen's pussy as most of the crowd cheered
at Zuko's orgasm. Most of them had bet that he'd be filling the young
teenage whore full of his hot seed, and they had bet right.

"Ohhh Zuko, I can feel it shooting inside me!" moaned Jen as she felt her
pussy fill with his warm semen and leak out as he continued to move his cock
in and out of her.

After twenty seconds of vigorous cumming, Zuko finally pulled out of Jen,
letting her fall to the ground. Zuko's cum rolled out of her pussy, as she
remained lying there, enjoying the sensation of having his warm seed drip
from her wet and satisfied pussy.

"Thanks Jen... hope you have a healthy baby" Zuko said before running off
through the crowd with both his and Jen's clothes.

Jen hadn't heard a word Zuko had said as the crowd roared with excitement.
She was left lying there at the mercy of the horny crowd, naked and without
any clothes to cover her attractive body. Little did she know however, Zuko
had left her something to remember him by; a surprise that wouldn't
materialize for another nine months.

Jen would never see Zuko again after that fateful night because both he and
his uncle Iroh would move to the upper ring by the end of the week, leaving
Jen alone, pregnant and never knowing that her future child would be the
rightful heir to the Fire Nation throne.


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