Author's note: My idea for the rooms in the Northern Water Tribe are a
melding of igloos and ice hotels. I don't know how doors would work for
non-benders so I made each room in the building their staying in (hotel,
palace, etc.) have an outer hallway shaped like one from an igloo. The
rest of the room is separated with a curtain of ice crystals which look
like those bead curtains.

Avatar - The Last Airbender: Northern Nights (mf, first)
by Lord Naughtius ([email protected])

Katara, Sokka and Aang stared in awe at the majesty of the Northern Water
Tribe's fortress. The shimmering jewel in the vast Arctic Ocean was a sight
for sore eyes after their long journey from the South Pole. After a slight
misunderstanding with their water benders, the trio was welcomed with open
arms. Katara marveled at the skill of the water benders as they easily raised
and lowered the section of water they were in through a series of locks.

That night a grand celebration was thrown in honour of Aang's arrival, but
more importantly, Princess Yue's sixteenth birthday. Lots of delicious food
was set before the revelers without an end in sight. This proved to be more
than a match for the seemingly bottomless stomachs of Sokka and Aang. The
evening culminated in a fireworks display along with a demonstration of the
pride of the Water Nation. A group of the most skilled Water Benders raised
all the water from a nearby lock and manipulated it into the shape of a giant
dragon. They passed it between themselves to perform the traditional Dragon
Dance to the beat of a drum orchestra. The show ended with the dragon
'diving' back into the lock. Everyone rose in thunderous applause at their
skill in their martial art.

The trio followed the king and his entourage to the castle; where they were
invited to stay during their time in the North. Bidding her brother and Aang
goodnight, Katara entered her room and sat down in front of the mirror to
ready herself for bed. Reaching into her bangs she untied the thin wrappings
that held her hair loopies in place with practiced ease. After combing out
the tangles that had accumulated through the day she jumped into bed. After
a few minutes she got a sudden feeling urging her to check on Aang. She tried
to ignore it but she couldn't get to sleep. Sighing, she grabbed her robe and
walked next door.

She walked through the archway, stopping at the curtain of ice crystals that
separated the hall from the rooms beyond.

"Aang?" she called. "It's me, Katara. I was just wondering if you were
settling in alright."

As she walked through the curtain, she heard an odd sound just barley
audible over the clinking of ice; which seemed much louder in the empty room.
Approaching the bedroom, she stifled a laugh. There, sprawled out on the bed
was Aang, laying spread eagle on his back and his teeth chattering from the
cold. He had gone to bed like he usually did, which was in his loincloth, but
in his haste he had forgotten the differences between his sleeping bag and
Water Tribe beds. As a result the minute he laid down his skin stuck to the

"H-h-hey, K-k-k-katara..." Aang stammered, "C-can't sleep?"

Katara smiled. Aang usually joked in tense or embarrassing situations. Using
her Water bending skills she melted a thin layer of ice underneath Aang,
freeing him from his icy prison.

"Ahhhh." he sighed, the relatively warmth soothing his chapped skin.

"Get out of bed before I freeze you back in." Katara said, annoyed that he
was making light of his predicament.

Aang quickly jumped out, grinning uneasily and hoping Katara wouldn't
reconsider. Katara refroze the surface and laid the animal pelts on top;
covering those with heavy blankets.

"This is how it's done in the Water Tribe." she said, pulling back the
covers. "Get in. How does it feel?"

"Much better than before," Aang replied, "but it must take half the night to
get warm on a block of ice."

A ponderous look crossed Katara's face. 'Should I?' she thought. Making up
her mind, Katara removed her robe, revealing her nearly sheer nightgown.
Aang could see the outline of her body by the moonlight coming in through
the window. From his angle he could see her nipples poking through. She got
under the covers and snuggled close to him. Aang blushed at having the girl
of his dreams so close to him; and in his bed, no less. He was too flustered
to say anything at first, and when rational thought made its way back into
his head, he recalled the incident in The Cave of Two Lovers and thought it
best not to say anything at all.

"Aang?" Katara said softly, pressing her hand against his chest gently, "I
know how you feel about me. You've probably been hoping that I feel the same
way, right?" Aang just nodded dumbly. "Well, what does this tell you?" she
replied. Katara put her hand on his chest and moved it slowly down over his
stomach until she reached the waistband of his loincloth. Aang couldn't
speak, but he would have done anything if it meant keeping her right where
she was.

Aang could feel Katara's nipples against his body. The sensation began to
make a part of himself stiffen as well; a part that he'd been fighting to
control all night. Now that Katara wanted this as much as he did, he
transferred control of his body to his other head.

Katara reached into Aang's loincloth and stroked his partially erect penis.
She blushed slightly as she felt it grow in her hand. Taking the last of his
clothing off, she straddled him.

Aang's arms moved seemingly of their own volition, as they raised the hem of
Katara's nightgown. His hands gently caressed her ass, squeezing her cheeks
and then moved upward along her body, removing her nightgown as they went.
Katara took over when he reached her stomach, pulling the garment over head
and threw it towards the foot of the bed. Aang stared at her bare breasts as
he moved his hands over her thighs, marveling at how soft they were given the
amount of training she had gone through to in her Water bending throughout
their travels.

Aang's gaze moved between her legs, transfixed at the fleshy folds of her
pussy. They were a slightly darker hue than the rest of her body, with a
little pink peeking out as they wrapped around his shaft. Aang put his hands
on her hips and pulled her toward himself, encouraging her to get closer.
Katara laid down on him, pressing her body against his.

Aang gasped as Katara's warm, wet pussy shifted towards the head of his
penis. He involuntarily thrust against her, causing her to gasp as well as
his shaft moved across her clit. She smiled at him, caressing his cheek in
her right hand. She leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. He kissed
her back, wrapping his arms around her in a loving embrace.

Katara thrust against him, sliding her pussy up and down the length of his
dick, coating it with her juices.

"Mmm." , Aang moaned. "Ohh, yes, that feels so good."

Katara moved higher and began licking his ear. Aang's raised his eyebrows at
this new sensation. Whatever Katara was doing probably seemed fine for her,
but it reminded him of Appa licking his face. That was definitely not an
image he wanted in his head right now. He kissed Katara's neck, reciprocating
what she had done to him earlier. Slowly, he began to shift the position of
their bodies on the bed. Katara caught on and moved underneath him. Aang laid
on top of her, feeling her spread her legs apart, giving him access. He
kissed her neck again and thrust against her.

Katara moaned and gasped as tingles shot through her body. She could see
fireworks in her head. She wrapped her arms around him and slid her hands
over his back. She began thrusting against Aang, wanting him as much as he
wanted her. Her hands made their way to his ass, feeling his muscles contract
as he thrust.

The two were in a frenzied state of pleasure. Suddenly Aang felt his cock
slip a little lower and felt something wrap around his cock. He moaned out
loud; the feeling of it engulfing his dick was a million times better than
what he had been doing up until now. He thrust forward instinctively,
feeling something impede him. He heard Katara cry out and immediately

"What's wrong?" he asked, a look of concern on his face.

"Nothing." she replied, shaking her head. "It's nothing."

He looked down at the junction of their hips and saw his penis partly inside

"Waugh!" , he cried out, freaked out by what he had done. "I'm sorry Katara,
I didn't mean to hurt you! I didn't know my own strength; maybe I went into
the Avatar state and I couldn't control myself!"

Katara laughed at his innocence. She took his arm and pulled him close,
embracing him. "It's okay Aang. It's supposed to work like this. My Gram-gram
taught me all about this. I guess you never learned about this at the Air
Temple, huh?"

"No." Aang replied sheepishly. "We were supposed to be taught about this when
we turned sixteen."

Katara laid back down, and took hold of Aang's dick. "Watch closely." she
said with a smile, and pulled him into her. She couldn't have asked for a
better pupil. Aang watched, transfixed as his penis disappeared inside her.
He felt the barrier again and was hesitant to go any further.

"It's alright," Katara encouraged him, "it's supposed be like this the first

Reassured, Aang pushed into her slowly and felt the resistance slowly give.
Katara smiled tightly with the pain so as not to frighten Aang. Soon, it went
away and he was thrusting into her like before. She put her hands on his ass
and pulled him into her, helping him go deeper.

"Oh, yes! Harder! Faster!" she cried. She was so close to an orgasm she could
almost touch it.

Through the haze of pleasure, Aang could barely comprehend Katara'a words. It
was a good thing he grew up as a monk because it was only through sheer will
that he managed not to blow his load. He began pumping faster into her, using
a bit of his Air Bending to speed himself up.

"Ahh!" Katara gasped, arching her back. "Yeah, that's it. Don't stop! I'm
cumming! Ah! Yes!"

Aang had no intention of stopping; but he also knew he couldn't last any
longer. He thrust into her one last time and unloaded his balls deep into her
pussy. "Ooooh, yeah." he moaned. His body stiffened and then relaxed, falling
limply on top of her.

Seeing him fall, she shifted slightly to her left and Aang fell flat on his
face onto the pillow. Any cries of discomfort were muffled and he shifted
into a more comfortable position on his side. Katara pulled the fur skins
over the both of them and snuggled in closer. She chuckled lightly when Aang
immediately, or instinctively, nuzzled his face against her breasts. She
wrapped an arm around him lovingly and the two of them lay there in each
other's arms sleeping peacefully until morning.


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