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According To Jim: Lust Or Morale, Part 3 - Listening To Dana (Acts 3&4)
by CanisLupus

Act 3

Nearing the suburban house that looked not all that different from her own, Cheryl felt tense. So far she had committed adultery with dogs (not intentionally, but she *did* orgasm back then, so she counted it anyway), some stranger at a bar (and in front of other strangers to boot) and two women (one of them her own sister). And now here she was, about to add yet on more perversion to the list. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she thought once more about backing out. But she had promised to go along with anything her sister had planned and she had to admit that she needed to find out just how deep her perversion ran. Besides, she also had to admit that the sheer thought of what she was about to do got her all excited...

The boy who opened the door was actually kind of cute. Cheryl already knew that his name was Gary and that he had just turned fourteen. He was on the small side for his age, slim and had short brown hair and hazel eyes. His glasses and the way he moved just screamed nerd. Dana had 'found' him in the park and had had little trouble convincing him to go along with this. He had told Dana that the only time he had seen the body of a naked woman before had been in a magazine he had found behind his father's nightstand.

Being the fourteen year old boy he was, he had been more than willing to play his part in Dana's plan. Still, he seemed rather shy when he let them into the house, although Cheryl could clearly see him pitching a tent.

The boy led the two sisters into the living room, when Cheryl asked where his parents were.

"At work", he answered shyly, "they won't be back 'till tonight. I don't have any brothers or sisters, so we're all alone." He seemed to almost choke on the last part.

"Then let's go for it", Dana said resolutely. She made Gary sit down on the sofa and took completely charge of the situation. She turned Cheryl around, so that her back was to the boy.

"Now take 'em off", Dana ordered and Cheryl complied. The blonde felt a shiver running down her spine, as she began to unbutton her blouse. The thought of becoming this adolescent boy's 'Mrs. Robinson' was a tremendous turn on. She took her time to open her blouse, wanting her strip to take a while, despite her having no underwear on her. When she finally let her blouse fall to the ground, she heard a rustling behind her and assumed that Gary was getting anxious. Bending slightly over, she began to push down her short skirt. When it was past her firm ass, she heard the boy gasp. *So, you like that?* she thought. *Wait 'till I turn around.*

When her skirt was down around her ankles, she took a slow step back to get clear and began to leisurely move her hips. She heard another gasp and then Dana's voice: "Now let him see you in all your glory!"

Obediently, Cheryl turned around, her hands at her hips and her legs slightly apart. She thought back to that day, when she had been standing naked in front of the kitchen window, masturbating to the imagination of being watched by an adolescent boy just like this one. Looking straight ahead, she noticed that Dana had moved behind Gary. Apparently she wanted all his attention to be on Cheryl. The blonde saw the boy's eyes move over all her body, lingering especially long on her breasts and her moist snatch. She saw him swallow hard and noticed that his cock was seriously testing the strength of the fabric of his pants.

Without waiting for Dana's command, Cheryl slowly walked up to Gary, knelt down, opened his pants and pulled them down. She looked straight into the boy's face, when she took his young cock into her hand. His expression showed astonishment, panic and horniness at the same time. She just smiled reassuringly, bent down and took his member into her mouth.

Considering his age, his lack of experience and his excitement, Cheryl wasn't surprised when Gary almost immediately blew his load. But she just swallowed everything and kept on sucking his dick, until it got nice and hard once more. When she got up, Cheryl saw that her sister, still standing behind Gary, had one hand in her blouse and the other down her panties. Grinning at that, the blonde straddled the boy, who seemed to be in quite a happy trance. While she calmly lowered her crotch towards it, Cheryl took the young hard cock and guided it to her pussy. She gently pushed down her hip, until all of it was buried deep within her. Then she gently started to ride the boy, until he finally came back to life. He obviously couldn't resist the sight. Greedily, he grabbed her tits and began to knead them with the impatient roughness of an inexperienced youth. But Cheryl didn't mind, it only reminded her of the fact that she was his first and that he would never forget her for his whole life. The thought alone made her moan and she bent a little forward. Gary got the hint and immediately began sucking on the blonde's erect nipples. Again, Cheryl moaned and she noticed that Dana's breathing began to get heavy as well.

Cheryl began to increase the speed of her movements, while she kept her eyes on her masturbating sister. Soon all three of them were moaning with lust. Faster and faster Cheryl rode, until she could feel that Gary was about to blow his second load.

"Yess", she moaned, "oh, yess... I can feel it... come on, Gary... aahhh... aaahhh... yes... yes... cum inside me... yes... yess... oh... oooh... YESSSS...!"

With a loud scream Cheryl came the very moment she could feel the teenagers cum shoot up her pussy. Her screams and Gary's soft moans obviously doing the trick for Dana as well, because seconds later the brunette came every bit as hard as her sister.

They all took some time to settle down again. Then Cheryl gave Gary a gentle kiss on the lips, before she got dressed again and left with Dana in tow. All the time, the boy didn't say a word, but the bliss on his face said everything she ever wanted to know...

Act 4

Shivers of anticipation were running down Cheryl's spine, as they drove onto the parking lot. Dana hadn't said anything about what to expect, but there was really just one thing left on the list...

It was getting late and the animal shelter was already closed.

"It took me a while to find this place", Dana said, as they left the car. She led Cheryl to the back door and knocked three times. When the door opened, Cheryl was surprised to see that the blonde in the entrance was butt naked. She seemed to be in her late 30s or early 40s, with a slim body, average sized breasts and an untamed bush. She greeted Dana with a friendly smile. "Dana, I'm glad you came. And you must be Cheryl, nice to meet you. My name is Shannon. Please come in..."

Shannon led the sisters to a room that had only a wardrobe, an old sofa and a likewise armchair in it. The floor was covered with a thick soft brown carpet.

"You can put your clothes up there", Shannon said. "I'll be right back."

Cheryl could hear the sounds of various animals, when the blonde left the room through another door. Dana wasted no time and began to undress, while Cheryl was still pondering what to say. But then she just took a deep breath and followed her sister's example. Every instinct in her body was fighting against the thought about what was about to happen. This was the biggest perversion of all and although she had done it before, it had been rape back then. But now she would do it willingly. Then again, her day had been pretty wild anyway and full of reasons for Jim to leave her and get the sole custody of the kids. *Well*, she thought, *in for a penny...*

At that moment, Shannon returned with three 'companions'. She introduced them as 'Scooby', a Great Dane, 'Comet', a Rottweiler, and 'Baxter', a light brown Labrador. The three dogs immediately began sniffing around the women's crotches with an occasional lick here and there. But otherwise they held back and proved to be well trained. Shannon said as much and asked Cheryl: "Which one of them do you want to fuck you?"

Cheryl swallowed hard and suddenly had the feeling of an ice block in her stomach. She almost backed down, but in the end she couldn't ignore the heat in her loins. With a hoarse voice she just said "Baxter".

"Then I'll take Scooby", Dana stated with more enthusiasm than Cheryl would have expected. Apparently her sister was way kinkier than she already seemed.

"Well", Shannon said with a smile, "that leaves Comet for me. Here's what we'll do..."

The blonde told Cheryl to go down to her knees and lean her chest on the armchair. She then advised Dana to keep standing, since Scooby was huge and just lean over the back of the sofa. Both sisters did as they were asked and Cheryl heard Shannon whispering commands to the dogs. Looking over her shoulder, Cheryl could see Baxter coming up and sit behind her, while the Dane walked towards Dana. The older sister's heart was beating fast, as she watched Shannon go down on her knees and elbows in the middle of the room.

As soon as she was in position, Shannon gave a command and the next thing Cheryl knew was that the lab was licking her cunt. Shivers went up and down her spine as she felt the already familiar feeling of a dog's tongue. All too well she remembered how hard she had cum, when those German shepherds had raped her - despite her own fear and disgust at the time. But soon enough all memories and other thoughts got licked away by Baxter's tongue.

"Mmmmh", Cheryl softly moaned as the lab's tongue moved over her outer labia. She could hear similar sounds from the other women, making it clear, that they got the same 'treatment'. Willingly this time, Cheryl spread her legs a little to allow the dog access to her inner realm. She moaned noticeably louder, when she felt Baxter lick over her inner lips and her clitoris now. Her breathing became heavier and heavier, as the dog kept tirelessly moving his tongue over her clit, into her hole and up to her ass.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." she heard Dana moan and soon Shannon's voice joined in, "Mmmmh... oh... yes... good boy... good boy...".

The moaning of the other women turned Cheryl further on. She could feel the heat rising within her and wave after wave of pleasure emanating from her crotch.

"Yes... oh yes..." she began to moan, while the dog kept doing his thing. "Oh, Gawd, Yes... this is good... oh yes... lick me... lick me... oh... oh... oh... oh... ooooh... YES... YES... YES... AAAAAAAHHHHH?!" Cheryl finally came screaming, only to be joined by first Shannon and then Dana. Her orgasm was multiplied by the sheer knowledge that the other two were experiencing the exact same pleasure right beside her and that from her experience with Gunther and Fritz this was only the beginning.

Without giving the sisters any time to catch their breaths, Shannon gave another command. Suddenly Cheryl felt Baxter's weight on her back and was thankful for the solid support of the chair. The Labrador turned out to be excellently trained. He hit the mark with only to stabs. Once the tip of his member had entered Cheryl's pussy, he quickly repositioned himself before he rammed his full length into her with one swift, powerful motion. Cheryl grunted with animalistic lust. She hadn't seen the dog's cock, but it must have been at least nine inches. She could feel him getting close to her cervix with that first thrust and her cunt felt marvelously stuffed. Moaning, she put one hand under her head and began to fondle her breasts with the other.

While Baxter began fucking her with the merciless speed and force of his species, the blonde could hear her sister beginning to scream. "Oh yes, fuck me Scooby... Fuck me... ram that giant cock up my ass?!"

She could also hear Shannon whimper silently, but without pause. And all the time the big Labrador kept fucking her with a vengeance.

"Ah... Ah... Ah...", she began to moan loudly as she felt the dog's large cock move within her. She couldn't deny that it felt wonderful to be taken like that by an animal. Now that she wasn't stricken with fear, she could really enjoy the sensation and when she felt Baxter's knot swelling, she carefully pushed back, without allowing him to shove it in just yet.

With each thrust the knot was shoved against her clit, sending flashes of sexual ecstasy through her body.

"Ah... Ah... AAHH...", her moans got louder and louder as she got close to her next climax. "AAAH... AAA... AAAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAAAAH?!" She finally came, screaming like the bitch she was. Like a tidal wave her orgasm flooded through her system.

She wasn't even aware anymore of the moans and screams of the other women, who came every bit as hard as herself. The only thing she was aware of was Baxter's hard cock that was still hammering into her pussy. Driven by pure lust, she decisively reached back, pulled it out of her cunt and guided it to her back door.

"AAAAAHHH", she screamed as the Labrador hammered his huge cock into her ass without mercy. Cheryl felt like her ass was being torn apart, but already the pain was mixing with a lust that came from the very core of her being. Groaning, she reached back with both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. Baxter seemed to take this for a signal, for he increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Again and again, Cheryl felt the dog's knot hit her asshole, forcing it to open more and more. Then, finally, Cheryl screamed from the top of her lungs when the big knot was pushed past her sphincter. The pain was incredible when her rectum was stretched like Cheryl would never have imagined. Still, the guttural sounds she uttered were filled with more passion than pain. For a moment the dog seemed to be truly stuck within the tightness of her darkest place. But then his ongoing thrusts had an effect and the knot began to move.

Cheryl kept on screaming without pause, while Baxter kept fucking her ass. His thrusts where not as fast as before, but all the more powerful. The blonde pressed her face deep into the padding of the chair, while the dog's cock was forced again and again deep into her gut. And with every thrust she could feel the knot push through the separating flesh against her g-spot.

While she heard screams of orgasmic bliss all around her, Cheryl wondered how long this could go on. Already she had lost all sense of time.

"Oooohh... ooohh... ooohh... ooohh...", she kept moaning, her own sounds of lust mixing with those of the others.

Then she felt the hammering stop and soon after, Baxter began to shoot what seemed like galleons of jizz up her ass.

"AAAA... YES... YES... FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM... OH... OH... AAAAAAHH..." The feeling of the hot doggy cum shooting into her body pushed her over the edge and she came with unchecked passion...

...while she waited with heavy breathing for the knot to shrink enough for the dog to get free (and for the pain in her ass to stop), Cheryl realized that Dana had been right. She had had to fathom the depths of her perversion - no - her passion. She now knew that this was a part of her and that she would never go without it again. Even if it meant lying to Jim and leading a double life...

The End


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