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According To Jim: Lust Or Morale Part 2 - Caught In The Act (FF,F-mast,inc,veg)
by CanisLupus

Cheryl was in a good mood when she entered the kitchen. It was Saturday, so there where no chores for her to do (she had taken care of those during the week). Jim had to work and Andy had offered to take the children to the zoo. So she had the whole day for herself and decided to enjoy it. She had started the day with a long hot bath, as soon as Jim and the kids had left. Now she entered the kitchen, wearing nothing but her bath robe. There had been a time, not so long ago, when she would have felt awkward, almost naughty, without underwear.

But the incident with Gunther and Fritz, a couple of month back, hat changed her somewhat. She never had told anyone, not even Dana, what had happened that night. When those dogs had raped her, it had been the most shameful moment of her life. She knew that the experience should have made her even more careful about wearing clothes all the time than she had been before. But actually quite the opposite was the case. The truth was, that she just couldn't bring herself to think back on that night with shame and anger (well - maybe a little shame). Instead, every time she thought back at that day, it was kind of a turn on. She still considered bestiality a sin and had no intention whatsoever to do it again. But another truth was, that it had been the most intense fuck she had ever received in her life. She also vividly remembered the arousal she had felt earlier that night, when she had entered the kitchen completely naked. The thought of being caught like that had been more stimulating than she would ever have expected. Since that day she had often wondered, what she might have done, if the dogs hadn't woken up. Her intention had been to please herself in the bedroom. But when she thought back, she wasn't so sure that she would have made it that far. Then again, she had been more up tight before the dog rape. Today, however, she was more intent to enjoy her sexuality. With that thought, she went to the fridge and had a look inside. After short consideration she took a cucumber from the vegetable cooler and put it on the table. Then she took a bowl from the cabinet, filled it with tepid water and put the cucumber in it, so it wouldn't take long to get to room temperature.

While she waited, she turned to the window and stood three feet short of the sink. With a wicked smile on her face, she opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. She just stood there for a minute, her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips. With closed eyes, she imagined one of her neighbors (or maybe an adolescent son) looking at her. She could almost feel those imaginary eyes, wandering from her blonde hair to her still firm breasts, with their pale aureoles and the by now fully erect nipples, down over her flat stomach to the patch of fair hair over her moistening pussy. She then lifted her hands to her breasts and began to massage them and fondle the nipples. When a first moan of lust escaped her lips, she lowered her hands to her crotch. She slowly stroked her pussy lips, before she gently pulled them apart. Still thinking of her imaginary viewer, she just stood like that for a short while, before she moved her middle finger to her swollen clit.
"Mmmmmh", she moaned, when her own touch caused a wave of pure pleasure. She began to slowly rub her finger up and down her clitoris, until almost involuntarily her hips began undulating in rhythm with her hand. Her movement became faster as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Her moans got louder and louder as she kept increasing the speed of her finger.

Her legs started to shake and her hips jerked wildly, when she came close to orgasm. By now she had a clear vision of her watcher stroking his young virgin cock as he watched her cum.

"Ooooh... oooooh... yes... yes... YES... OH, GAWD, YES!", with the picture of that young cock in mind she finally came with a loud scream and collapsed over the sink.

When she had recovered, she straightened up again, with a happy smile on her face. *Damn, that was fun* she mused and looked at the bowl. *And now for part 2* she thought, as she took the cucumber from the water. Satisfied with the temperature, she dried it up and took it to the living room.
She sat down on the sofa and put both her feet on the coffee table, as far apart as she could.
She took the cucumber and without ceremony put it between her still wet pussy lips. Closing her eyes, she leaned back and began - accompanied by soft moans - to slowly push the fruit into her hole, inch by inch, until she could feel it touching her cervix. She couldn't help but remember back when Fritz's cock had even pushed beyond that point and entered her womb. Since then she had always secretly wished to get stuffed like that again, so secretly in fact, that she had hardly admitted it even to herself at all. But in her fear that it was not only the feeling of being so utterly filled that she lusted after, but the dog himself, she had never allowed herself to go for it - until now. She couldn't deny that she had cum often (and hard) when she been raped by those German shepherds, so she was afraid that she might find herself to be a deeply sick and depraved woman. But now she was determined to find out if the size of the thing inside her cunt was all it had been about...

She tightened her grip on the cucumber and with a deep moan pushed it further inside, until it passed her cervix. She kept pushing until she was barely able to keep her grip on the fruit. Then she began to slowly pull it out again, until the tip was close to the entrance to her womb again. There she stopped and began pushing again. She kept the slow rhythm, enjoying the feeling of the hard, uneven cucumber skin moving along her channel, scraping past the tip of her clit, the inner walls of her pussy and over her g-spot. Electric charges rushed through her body and she moaned louder and harder with every push and pull.

"Oh... Oh... Oh...", she was almost screaming as she moved her hands faster and faster. The world seized to exist to her. All that was, was the fruit deep within her cunt, moving with frantic speed. Cheryl began to rock her hips as she got close to another climax. Then she screamed her head off, when it finally hit her. Her muscles where jerking uncontrollable and she felt her cum shooting out of her pussy and past the cucumber, showering her hands, legs and the coffee table...

With her eyes closed and the happiest smile on her face, she kept the fruit deep in her pussy. She enjoyed the feeling of being stuffed so deeply, while she patiently waited for her racing heart to calm down again.

Instead, Cheryl almost got a heart attack when she suddenly heart the all to familiar voice of her younger sister Dana.

"So, are you going to wash that thing off when you're done or is 'this' the secret ingredient to your famous cucumber salad...?"

Shocked to her very core, Cheryl's eyes flew open and she saw Dana standing right in front of her, on the other side of the table. Shocked and even more embarrassed, the blonde wanted to hide her shame, but Dana was quicker. The brunette leaned over the table, grabbed her sister's legs and kept them where thy were.

Ignoring Cheryl's protests, Dana shamelessly had a good close look at her sister's pussy and the cucumber still buried within. When Cheryl wanted to pull it out, Dana said "Don't! Not yet, anyway..."

Cheryl's face got a deep crimson color. "Dana, please! This is so embarrassing. Please let go of me..."

"Hmm", Dana answered, "do you think it couldn't get any more embarrassing than it is?"

"No", Cheryl whispered close to tears.

"OK", Dana said, finally looking into her sister's eyes. "I will let go. But I have one condition."

Cheryl eyed her sister suspiciously, without saying a word.

"I will let go", Dana repeated, "if you promise to stay exactly as you are."

"What?" Cheryl yelled.

"Oh come on. If it can't get any more embarrassing anyway, that shouldn't be that much of a problem..."

Reluctantly, Cheryl finally nodded in agreement. "All right", she whispered, "I promise"

Dana waited another second before she actually let go of her sister's knees. Cheryl wanted nothing more than to put her knees together and her feet back on the floor. But for once she had never been one to break a promise easily, even if it was forced on her. Also she was curious about what Dana, who had always been the kinkiest of the siblings, had in mind. So she stayed as she was - her feet on the table, knees spread apart and a cucumber buried deep within her cunt.

She just watched as Dana made a step back and began to undress herself. Wide-eyed she looked at her sister's juicy breasts, slightly larger than her own, at her slim waist, her shapely legs and her neatly shaved pussy, whose swollen lips were glistening moistly.

The brunette put her hands on her hips, smiled and said: "You know sis, that was quite a fascinating show you just gave there." After that she walked around the table and bent down. Confused and a little concerned Cheryl watched her sister reach out between her legs and grab the tip of the cucumber that was sticking out of her pussy. Slowly Dana began to pull the fruit out and with the steady friction on her inner walls Cheryl couldn't help but moan. The sound brought a mischievous grin on Dana's face while she kept pulling ever so slowly. Cheryl was more than glad when the cucumber finally came out with a squishy sound before she had to go through the embarrassment of having another orgasm in front of her baby sister.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, as she watched Dana take a step back and sit down in Jim's armchair.

*Oh God* Cheryl thought *if Jim ever hears about Dana sitting butt naked in his beloved chair, he'd so freak out...*

Dana settled her naked body deep into the cushions, rubbing her ass from side to side until she finally seemed to be satisfied. Now she lifted her legs and put them over the armrests, opening her own sweet pussy even wider than Cheryl's was.

She took the cucumber, which was still covered all over with the blonde's juices, with both hands and put one end at her opening. Fascinated and still a little shocked, Cheryl watched her sister pushing the cucumber into her own cunt - just as slowly and pleasurably as she had pulled it out of Cheryl's. More and more of the fruit disapeared within Dana's body - who began to tremble with excitement - inevitably mixing both sister's love juices on it's way. When half of it was pushed in, Cheryl saw Danba close her eyes and heard her uttering a first soft moan.

"Gawwwd" Dana let out under her breath, as more and more cucumber vanished. "I would never have thought that you could take this much..."

Cheryl didn't answer. Her mouth was dry and with wide opened eyes she watched mesmerized. She vividly remembered what it had felt like to have this huge thing slide deeper and deeper into her body and by the time the cucumber was completely buried in Dana's pussy, Cheryl's hand was stroking her own without her even realizing it.

With the whole fruit still in her hole, Dana opened her eyes and looked a her elder sister. "Wow Cheryl, this feels really amazing" she said huskily. "Now wonder you came so fucking hard..."
She began to pull the cucumber out again, only to shove it back in. Just like Cheryl before, Dana fucked herself with the fruit slowly at first and then with ever increasing speed. Soon enough she began to groan with lust and rock her hips against her hands.

Cheryl knew she should have been more disgusted than anything else. Not enough that she was sitting there with her legs spread wide while she watched her sister fuck herself. She was even enjoying it and couldn't help but admit that the situation turned her on like crazy. Her eyes were transfixed on her masturbating sister, wandering up and down her luscious body. Like in trance, Cheryl moved one hand to her breasts to stroke and knead them while her other hand kept rubbing her clit. Soon her own moans began to mix with Dana's. Both women got louder and louder, their hands moving as fast as they could. Then, as if on clue, Both their bodies began to tremor and each let out a scream of pure lust as they climaxed at the same time.

Breathing heavily, both siblings just looked at each other for a while. Seeing her sister's fruit impaled pussy, Cheryl wondered what Jim might have to say if he came through the door right now, seeing his wife and sister-in-law in the living room, naked and covered in sweat. *Well, it doesn't matter anyway* she thought. Looking at Dana, who had closed her eyes (but not her legs) and showed a blissful smile, Cheryl realized that she wanted more. She wanted to kiss that smile, she wanted to suck on those wonderful erect nipples while feeling up her sister's crotch. She knew of course that it was wrong, that she had let this go too far already. But as much as she wanted to, she just couldn't fight the desire, she just couldn't...

Like hypnotized, Cheryl stood up, her legs shaking, partially from being in the same position for too long, but mostly for what she was about to do. She walked up to Dana, her naked feet making no noise on the carpet. Slowly she bent down and softly kissed her sister's lips. Without much hesitation Dana kissed her back and before long their tongues where invading each other's mouths. Cheryl was surprised by both, her sister's passion as well as her own. Nevertheless she put her hand on Dana's knee. She let it glide softly over her sweaty thigh, until she reached the shaven crotch. While she began to let her hand wander over Dana's lower lips and the cucumber between them, she put her other hand behind Dana's head to increase the pressure of their kiss. She could feel her sister doing the same with one hand, while the other reached for her breasts.

Cheryl kept stroking her sister's pussy, until she could feel her moan into her mouth. By then Dana's fondling had made her nipples hard as a rock and now she began to gently twist and pinch making Cheryl moan just as much.

With one swift motion, Cheryl took hold of the cucumber and pulled it out. She could feel Dana flinch at the sudden sensation and the hand on her nipple pinched harder than ever. Moaning in response, the blonde let the cucumber fall and replaced it with her fingers. Having felt it's effects herself, she didn't bother with widening her sister's hole. She pushed four fingers in with one thrust and immediately began to fingerbang her sister. She used her thumb to play with Dana's clit and soon she was rewarded with more and more moans being blown into her mouth. Cheryl could feel the familiar signs of an oncoming climax she knew so well from her own cunt. She instantly let go of the clit to hammer her fingers into Dana's pussy as fast as she could. This finally made her sister break the kiss. She threw her head back and began groaning and screaming from the top of her lungs.

"Oh... Ooohh... FUCK IT... YES... OH YES... FUCK... AAAAAAAHHH!"

After a short while, Dana let herself slide out of the armchair, pulling her sister with her. Nothing was said as Cheryl felt herself being pushed to the ground. She still knew that what they where doing was utterly wrong, but she didn't care anymore. Just as with Gunther and Fritz she had passed the point of no return and all that counted was that wonderful, glistening pussy that came hovering in front of her when Dana straddled her face. She inhaled her sister's aromatic and intoxicating scent. She lifted her arms to grab her baby sister's ass and pulled her down. She put out her tongue and greedily licked up the juices oozing out of Dana's pussy. She let out a deep moan when she felt Dana pushing apart her thighs to return the favor. Soon both sisters where moaning and groaning louder than ever, eating each other's pussies like hungry wolves. And just like wolves, their sounds had no words, just messages of lust and passion. Deeper and deeper their tongues invaded each other's holes, while they began rubbing their clits with their fingers.

Eagerly Cheryl sucked up as much of her sister's juices as she could, but she could feel that her face was nevertheless covered with it. She didn't care. She pushed her tongue as deep into Dana's cunt as she could, while feeling her doing the same. Wave after wave of bliss rushed from her pussy through the rest of her body. She could feel from the contractions around her tongue that Dana was close to another orgasm. Then her own climax washed over her, causing her body to twist and jerk. Dana was hit by her only climax only seconds later, causing her to heavily squirt all over Cheryl's face.

For a while they both just lay there, on top of each other as they were, trying to catch their breath. Cheryl wondered why her throat was so sore, not realizing just how loud she had screamed out her pleasure.

Finally, Cheryl felt her sister roll off of her and turn around, so that they lay right next to each other. She felt her gently stroking her breast, more as a caress than stimulation. In a hoarse voice Dana said: " Wow, I would never have believed that you have that in you..."

Cheryl couldn't help but giggle softly. "Yeah, me neither." Then she suddenly felt tears welling up.

"Oh God, what kind of a pervert am I? First the dogs and now my own sister..."

"Oh come on", Dana said soothingly, "it's not that... what did you say? What dogs...?"

Mad at herself now, Cheryl wanted to bite off her tongue. How could she have let that slip out? But it was out now and there was no taking it back. So she let out a deep sigh and, ashamed of herself, reluctantly told her sister all about that one night in the kitchen...

To be concluded...


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