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Dick in length. That, at least, I think I've accomplished as this comes in at
around 10 pages. If you can imagine this story has even less plot than any of
my others.

A very sincere thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and
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And now the story -

According To Jim: Breaking The Rules (FF, inc, oral, cons)
by TSSA's Newest Perv ([email protected])

Dana walked into Cheryl's kitchen through the back door as she usually did.
Not finding her sister there she continued into the living room where she saw
Cheryl sitting in Jim's chair reading a magazine.


"Oh, hi Dana. Say, aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Yeah. It was boring, so I ditched. Aren't you supposed to sit on the couch?"

"Yeah, but Jim's not here, so fuck him."

"Cool. Where're the kids?"

"Oh, they're around somewhere. They'll show up when they're needed. They
always do."

"I hear ya. So, shouldn't you be cleaning something, or getting dinner

"Silly girl! I never have to clean this place up! Look at it, it's spotless!
Even with 3 kids in the house. I just let Jim think I spend the day cleaning.
This way I don't have to get a job."

"Ooh! You sneaky little bitch. I shoulda thought of that!"

"Dana, you're not married."

"Right, right. I keep forgetting that. Why aren't I married?"

"Dana! We've been over this! You're not married because secretly you're a
lesbian. You're just afraid to admit it. Even to your own sister whom you
idolize because she's so perfect and you're not!"

"Right, right. Yeah, I think I'm over that."

"But, but... I'm perfect. You have to idolize me!"

"Not that!..."

"Whew! Had me going there for a second!"

"... Over the whole afraid to admit I'm a lesbian thing. I'm ready to commit,
I think. I still get to fuck guys, right?"

"Well of course you do silly. Just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you
don't desire a big stiff cock every now and then."

"Alright then. I'm ready. Here goes. Cheryl, I'm a lesbian."

"Congratulations sweetie! I knew you could do it!"

Dana stood silently for a couple of minutes, swinging her hands back and
forth and rocking on her heels a little. Cheryl remained seated, unsure of
what to do in light of Dana's revelation. The silence continued, growing
increasingly uncomfortable until Dana broke it.

"So you wanna make out?"

Cheryl's eyes grew wide. This was an unexpected development. Her own sister
was asking her if she wanted to make out.

"Yeah, alright."

Cheryl got up from the chair and moved into Dana's arms. The sisters let
their hands roam each other's body as their lips met. Maintaining their
contact the two women began to ease over to the couch, falling into a
sitting position without missing a beat. Tongues battling, Cheryl's hand
moved onto Dana's left thigh and began to inch up under her sister's
conveniently short skirt. Not bothering to be subtle Cheryl continued to
move her hand until her fingers encountered Dana's bald pussy lips.

Breaking their kiss for the first time Cheryl commented on her sister's lack
of underwear, "You're not wearing any panties!"

"No, of course not. I never do. They just end up getting in the way when I'm
ready to fuck."

"Never? Why Dana, you slut!"

A little annoyed at her sister's remark Dana reached over and yanked the
zipper down on Cheryl's sweatshirt, exposing her perfectly formed, and
completely braless, tits, "You're one to talk! When was the last time you
wore a bra? What's the matter, Jim steal them all for himself? You know,
I bet you're not wearing panties either!"

"That's not the point. I'm wearing pants. Besides, you know how much I
hate a visible panty line."

Dana had lost interest in the argument for the moment. Cheryl's fingers had
never moved away from her pussy and her sister's impressively large boobs
were still waving in the air, beckoning her hand. In spite of the awkwardness
of their positions on the couch Cheryl began to stroke Dana's vulva while the
dark haired girl cupped her left breast.

Things continued in this manner for some time, Dana's cunt lips becoming
slicker and hotter with every touch of Cheryl's fingers. Sensing that her
sister was ready for more, Cheryl slid two fingers between Dana's labia and
started to rub the younger girl's clit with her thumb.

Cheryl continued to fingerfuck her sister, enjoying the sounds of Dana's
moans and the squishing of the fluids in the brunette's twat as her fingers
sawed in and out. Cheryl's thumb was making only intermittent contact with
Dana's clit, and the younger woman was bouncing in place on the couch as she
attempted to remedy the condition, but their positions on the sofa were
simply not conducive to the situation.

Determined to correct the problem Cheryl removed her hand from Dana's
overheated snatch. Predictably, Dana did not approve of the change, but
Cheryl forestalled her sister's protest by pressing a finger to the
brunette's lips before she could speak.

"Shush! I just want to change positions and then we can move on to something
I know you'll like even better. I'm talking some serious lesbian loving."

Cheryl got down on her knees in front of the couch and motioned Dana to
scoot forward, bringing the dark haired girl's ass to the edge of the sofa.

Looking up into her sister's blue eyes Cheryl stated, "I'm going to eat your
pussy like its never been eaten before!"

The older sibling pushed Dana's skirt up over her hips and approached the
brunette's twat.

Halfway there she was suddenly stopped by a hand on her head, blocking her
from completing her trip, "What's wrong? Why did you stop me?"

"Something's wrong. It feels like something is missing."

"Do you mean the angst we're supposed to be feeling because you and I are
sisters and that makes what we're doing incest so we should be wrestling
with our emotions while trying to come to terms with the mutual attraction
we feel for each other, because after all, we are a couple of really hot
chicks, but instead we concoct some impractical and contrived excuse that
allows us to indulge our desires repeatedly and incessantly even as it
enables us to sublimate the shame we feel due to our Catholic upbringing
about all sex, let alone incestuous lesbian sex, not specifically intended
to result in procreation? Is that it? Is that what's missing?"

"No, that's not it. Where's the monster dildo? Don't all lesbians enjoy a
really monster sized dildo?"

"Oh, my young apprentice. You have so much to learn. The monster dildos don't
come out until the second round. Otherwise it all seems much too staged. It's
got to at least appear to be spontaneous."

Dana nodded her head in agreement, accepting her sister's explanation without
comment. Thinking that she was cleared to proceed Cheryl again approached her
sister's bald pussy, only to feel a hand once again impede her progress.

"Now what?"

"Are you really going to eat my pussy like its never been eaten before?"

"Anyone ever eat you out before?"

"Well, sure. Many, many times. I am a slut you know."

Cheryl gave her sister an apologetic look, "Then no, not really."

Dana was crushed, "No?"

"Well, technically yes, since you've never had a woman go down on you before,
but actually... no. It's not that much different whether a guy or a girl does
it to you. All that stuff about how only a woman really knows how to please
another woman..."


"...It's all bullshit. Propaganda we feed to the guys to keep them guessing.

Dana tried to keep her disappointment from showing, "That's alright. I'm
sure it will still be great."

"So can I begin?"

"By all means. You may eat my pussy like its always been eaten before!"

Cheryl once again resumed her journey down to Dana's beaver. The glistening
lips were already partially open in excitement and Cheryl could see her
sister's clitoris beginning to peek out from under its hood. Deciding that
that was as good a place as any to start the blonde moved her mouth into
position above Dana's clit. Extending her tongue she gave the engorged nub
the tiniest of licks.


Swiftly standing up Cheryl started to remove her sweatpants, "My turn!"

As quickly as it had arrived Dana's orgasm receded, leaving her less than
satisfied. And the younger girl didn't appreciate Cheryl's eagerness to
move on to her own gratification. After all, Dana was the lesbian of the
pair. Cheryl could get it from Jim any time she wanted, Dana could only
get it from another woman, and her sister was the only woman currently
available. Unless she went out and fucked some random guy.

"Hey! No fair! I'm not done!"

"But you just came!"

"Yeah, but it sucked! I want more, and I want it to be better!"

Cheryl tried whining, it always worked on Jim, "Dana! Do you have any idea
how long that's going to take! It's going to be like, minutes!"

"I don't care. I'm the new secret lesbian here and I want a better orgasm
and I want you to do it!"

Sulking like a little girl, Cheryl reluctantly agreed, "Oh alright! I'll
do it. But when it's my turn I'm going to sit on your face and when I cum
you're going to swallow every drop young lady!"

If there was one thing at which Dana was more than a match for her sister,
it was acting childish, "Ooh. I'm so scared."

Cheryl settled back between her sister's legs. Dana was in essentially the
same position as she had been earlier, feet on the edge of the couch and
her ass pulled all the way forward with her skirt hiked up above her hips.
She moved her feet wider apart, making it easier for Cheryl to get her face
tightly up against the brunette's bald twat.

Thinking that she might be able to recreate her earlier success, Cheryl
took a quick swipe of Dana's clit with her entire tongue.


Dana stuck her tongue out at her older sibling but Cheryl ignored it. She
was on a mission now and she had no time to waste for juvenile antics.
Dana wanted a better orgasm, then Dana was going to get a better orgasm.
In fact, Dana was going to get the best orgasm of her life. And this time
Cheryl meant it.

Figuring the best way to start was with the basics Cheryl moved a little
lower and stuck her tongue into her sister's vaginal opening. She wriggled
the pink muscle around a bit, getting a feel, so to speak, of her sister's
pussy, and sucking down some of the creamy white juices she found there.
Working her tongue in an up and down motion the blonde explored much of
Dana's cunt before moving back up to the younger woman's clit. She circled
the swollen bud with her tongue several times, avoiding direct contact,
then moved down to her sibling's lips. Cheryl slid her tongue along first
one of the outer labia, then the other. She could feel the heat emanating
from them as blood rushed to Dana's groin in response to her growing

Cheryl continued licking her sister's outer labia for a while then moved on
to the inner lips. These she would suck into her mouth and pull away from
Dana's muff, extending the fleshy parts as far as they could go before
releasing them so they could spring back into place curled against the
brown haired girl's body. Sometimes Cheryl would take one lip into her
mouth, sometimes both. Either way Dana seemed to enjoy it immensely.
Periodically Cheryl would return her tongue to Dana's opening and collect
any newly produced juices, then return her attentions to her sister's clit
or lips.

When the production of Dana's pussy cream went into high gear Cheryl knew
it was time for her to really go to work on the younger woman's clit.
Having experienced it for herself many times, Cheryl used an old classic to
urge Dana towards her climax. She began drawing the alphabet on her
sister's clit. At first it was just a simple A, B, C, etc. but she quickly
moved on to whole words, testing to see what got the biggest positive
response from the dark haired girl. To Cheryl's surprise, and immense
delight, Dana reacted best when the blonde spelled out their names. From
that point forward the light haired girl used her tongue to repeatedly
spell out CHERYLDANA, the diagonal slash of the 'N' across Dana's clit
getting a particularly energetic reaction.

For minutes Cheryl sustained the repetitive motions of her tongue while Dana
slid inexorably toward her climax. Her hands were now wrapped in Cheryl's
hair, pressing the blonde's face firmly into her snatch, and she was grunting
and moaning continuously. When Dana could no longer even manage a moan Cheryl
reduced her range of letters to just one.

Dana's body reacted strongest whenever Cheryl would draw out the 'N' on her
clit, the direct stimulation provided by the downward slash sending jolts
of pleasure through the sexy brunette. But it was the letter 'C' that drew
out the loudest moans of pleasure from Cheryl's kid sister. The nearly
circular motion, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, fueled Dana's
arousal like oxygen fuels a fire. It was the back and forth swipes of
Cheryl's tongue along the bottom of Dana's clit that eventually sent her
over the edge. Even without the accompanying verbal announcement Cheryl
would have known her sister was cumming by the death grip the younger woman
had on her blonde tresses.


This time as Dana rode the wave of her climax Cheryl did her part to prolong
it by continuing to lick around her sister's clit. As the orgasm crested and
started to fade Cheryl moved away from Dana's clitoris, bringing her tongue
down to her sister's box. Some of Dana's girl cum had already leaked away
and was dripping onto the seat cushion but Cheryl was unconcerned. There was
always more where that came from. Proving her point she drilled her tongue
into Dana's vagina and began to swallow the still abundant cream that was
waiting there.

However plentiful Dana's cream might have been, eventually it did run out
and Cheryl was left with nothing to consume. The blonde backed away from
her sister's twat and moved up beside the tired girl, taking a seat next to
her on the couch. Dana let her head roll to her right so she could meet
her sister's eyes.

Dana's obviously worn out state brought a huge smile to Cheryl's face and
even though she already knew the answer, she just had to ask "So, did you
like that? I'll bet that was better!"

"That was fucking incredible! You know, I think that you did eat my pussy
like its never been eaten before. Come here and kiss me."

Happy that she had succeeded so remarkably well, Cheryl did as requested
and leaned over to kiss Dana. As they kissed Dana used her tongue to clean
her own juices from Cheryl's still glistening lips and cheeks. When she
had completely cleaned the residue of her orgasm from her older sibling's
skin she broke the kiss, a puzzled look settling on her face.

Cheryl noticed the look and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure. I just don't remember my stuff tasting like that before."

"Yeah I noticed that it was a little on the salty side. What's up with


"Yeah, kinda like... Hey! Did you have sex today?"

"Oh yeah. I let the mailroom guy fuck me this morning and he came in me."

"The mailroom guy? You let him fuck you? Dana!"

"Well yeah. He came into the copy room and saw me bending over the copier
tray and I guess since my skirt is so short he saw my pussy and he asked if
he could fuck me."

"And you said yes?"

"No! Not at first. But then he told me how I was making a big mistake.
How if I ever wanted to advance in the company then he was the guy who
could make it happen. So I figured, I don't want to be an account
executive all my life, so I did him."

"You really are a dumb slut, you know that?"

"Well Duh!"

Cheryl shook her head in disbelief, thinking to herself, 'How is it
possible that Dana and Andy are related to me? I suppose it could be that
Dana has relied so heavily on her looks to get by since high school that
she has forgotten how to think for herself. Possible, but it seems more
likely that Dana is just dim. And Andy? Andy literally defies description,
he's so obtuse. So how can we all be related? Why am I the only perfect
one? I guess this is one of those quirks of fate. Oh well. Sucks to be

Shaking her head once again Cheryl ended her thoughts out loud, "Enough of

Dana, thinking the comment was in reference to her session with the mailroom
clerk, quickly agreed, "Yeah! Enough of that. Besides, it's your turn isn't

"That's right. It is my turn!"

"How are we gonna do this? You want me to get on my knees like you?"

"No, no! I said I was going to sit on your face and I'm going to sit on
your face! Sit up and lean your head against the back of the couch."

Dana did as instructed and Cheryl got off the couch to stand in front of
her. She removed her sweatshirt, which had somehow managed to stay on her
in spite of Dana's best efforts to get rid of it. Now fully nude, Cheryl
stepped up onto the couch and straddled Dana's body. Moving forward until
her cunt was lined up with Dana's mouth Cheryl bent her knees until they
were resting on the back of the couch, helping to support her weight.

"Ready?" she asked of her younger sibling.

"Ready." Dana responded.

Cheryl slowly spread her knees further apart, effectively lowering her
already sodden snatch towards Dana's pretty face, stopping when she was
only an inch or two away, "Now lick!"

Without any hesitation at all Dana extended her tongue and slid it between
Cheryl's lips and started lapping at her pussy. She kept the swipes of her
tongue slow and long, traveling the entire length of the blonde's slit and
gliding over Cheryl's clit every time. Most times she would start again
from the bottom, but other times she would simply reverse direction and use
the underside of her tongue to stimulate her sister.

Dana quickly found that one of the biggest benefits of munching carpet this
way was that Cheryl's juice basically fell into her open mouth. She didn't
really have to make any effort to collect the blonde's cream. This left her
free to concentrate on the sensation of her tongue as it slipped through her
sister's folds. To Dana her tongue felt like it was huge. Like it had grown
to 5 times its normal size. She could feel every bump and ridge of Cheryl's
snatch as her tongue passed over them and she could practically taste the
heat radiating from the pink flesh. She encountered so many textures on her
tongue's journey that she barely had time to process one before she was
feeling another. From the slick, wet flesh at the bottom of Cheryl's slit,
over the bumpy ridges at the opening to her vaginal canal, on up to the
polished smoothness of her sister's clit and over the comparative roughness
of the hood, Dana drank in every sensation, and more than a little fresh
pussy juice.

Of course the brunette wasn't the only one who was thoroughly enjoying the
feeling of her tongue as it toured Cheryl's cunt. Being on the receiving
end was even more pleasurable for Cheryl, in spite of the fact that Dana
was so new at muff diving. Without any coaching from her older sibling Dana
seemed to know exactly how to use her tongue to stoke Cheryl's arousal. Not
that it ever took the blonde a long time to get worked up, but today it
seemed especially easy for her. Might be because of the whole lesbian incest
thing. Whatever the actual reason, Cheryl was rapidly building towards a
very satisfying climax, courtesy of Dana's apparently natural talent.

Dana was in a zone while eating her sister out. Her tongue took on a life
of its own, seemingly moving of its own accord through the blonde's beaver.
Her simple back and forth strokes began to transform over time, sometimes
she would fold her tongue in half and send it probing as deeply into
Cheryl's twat as she could reach. Other times as her tongue crossed her
sibling's clit she would send it swirling around the swollen nub, getting
loud gasps from the figure astride her face. And still other times she
would latch onto Cheryl's labia and suck them hard into her mouth, pulling
all available juices along with them. And just to keep things interesting
there were times when she would resume her simple back and forth swipes,
without any embellishments.

Cheryl tried to stall her climax as long as she could, the path leading up
to it had just been so delightful she wanted to prolong it to the maximum
extent possible. However she finally reached a point where the desire to
cum had built up so much that she could no longer deny it. Here she did
have to instruct her sister as to what came next, as Dana had given no
indication that she had seen the changes in Cheryl's state of arousal and
was ready to alter her style as a result.

While Dana had shown great natural ability her first time going down on
another woman, she appeared to be missing the gene that told her when to
move from a style designed to build arousal up on to one designed to get
the job done. Fortunately she was not in this by herself and she could
rely on Cheryl to help her along.

So Cheryl began to direct the action between her legs, "Unh, yeah... baby,
that's it... yeah, Dana, lick my clit... lick my clit... right there!...
yeah, right there... oh baby, do that again!... oh baby, that's it!... Oh
God!... Oh God!... Oh God!... OH GODDDD!!!!"

Dana may not have known enough to turn her focus to Cheryl's clit in order
to get the blonde off, but she certainly knew enough to move her mouth into
position underneath her sister's cunt when the light haired girl's climax
finally struck. She remembered Cheryl's warning about licking up every drop,
and while she had acted as if she wasn't intimidated at the time, in reality
she was not ready to test her sibling's resolve in this matter. Not that she
really needed any encouragement to get her to swallow everything that was
flowing from Cheryl's delectable snatch. If the blonde's regular stream of
pussy cream was merely delicious then by comparison the girl cum produced
during her orgasm was the nectar of the gods. Even as she consumed every
delicious drop, Dana couldn't help but be a little miffed.

'Figures. I'm 'salty', just because I let that guy fuck me this morning.
But her? Even her pussy juice is perfect! Shoulda just let that guy fuck
me in the ass like he wanted...'

Her orgasm finally winding down Cheryl remained in place for a few moments
more to let Dana search for any missed cream. When the brunette pulled her
tongue away Cheryl swung her leg over Dana's body and slumped down to the
couch beside the moody girl.

Not knowing why Dana was looking pissed, but knowing an easy way to snap
her out of it she exclaimed, "God Damn! That was fucking hot!"

Dana looked doubtful, "It was?"

"Damn straight it was. Dana, that was fucking amazing! No one has ever licked
me that good before!"

"You're just saying that."

"Am not! It's the truth! And you know I'd never lie, I'm perfect!"

"You lie all the time! You lie to Jim about cleaning the house. You lie to
Andy whenever you don't want him around. You lie to Mom..."

"But I never lie to you." Cheryl actually batted her eyes when delivering
this load of bull.

Dana, however, was Dana, and therefore not particularly bright and she
bought the entire load, "You don't?"

"No sweetie, never!"

"So I really was good? Better than anyone ever before?"

"You really were. Looks like we both really were. Isn't that perfect?"

"Oh Cheryl!"

"Oh Dana!"

The girls fell into each others arms and started to kiss. Cheryl removed
the glaze caused by the overflow of her juices from Dana's lips and cheeks
with her tongue, relishing the flavor of her cum. She opened her mouth to
speak but quickly shut it, leaving her next thought unexpressed.

'Damn! I do taste good! Perfect, in fact... Oh boy, good thing I didn't
say that out loud. Don't want to go there again.'

They spent some more time kissing until Dana broke away to ask, "So does
this mean you're a lesbian too?"

"No sweetie, I'm married. I can't be a lesbian. I have to be bi."

"That makes sense. Are all women lesbians or bisexuals?"

"Well all the hot chicks anyway. Secretly of course."

"Of course the hot ones are, secretly. That's what I meant, are all the
hot women secretly lesbians or bisexuals. I didn't mean the ugly ones.
That would just be gross."

"I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to imply that you thought the ugly women
might be lesbians too. So yes, all the really hot women are secretly
lesbians or bisexuals."

"Cool. Hey Cheryl?"

"Yes honey?"

"If it's all bullshit, you know that stuff about only a woman knows how to
please a woman...


"... well if it's all bull, why are all women either lesbians or bisexuals?

"I don't know. They just are. I don't know why."

"Maybe it's just the rules."

"You know, you may be right. I bet that's it, it's the rules!"

"Okay! Well we wouldn't want to break the rules. You wanna like, do it

"Of course! What else are two hot chicks going to do when they're all alone

"Maybe this time we should do it out in the backyard where we can risk being
caught by the neighbors?"

"Now you're thinking like a lesbian!"

"You should get the monster dildo."

* * *

Jim walked into the kitchen after a long day at work. He took a deep breath
to try to see if he could identify his dinner just by the aroma.


Another, deeper breath. Still nothing.


Not receiving an answer he moved into the darkened living room.

'That's odd.'


A soft moan came from the direction of the couch. Finding his way in the dark
Jim turned on the lamp on the table. There on the couch, still intertwined
after their afternoon of lovemaking, were the nude bodies of his wife and


Jim's yell woke the sleeping women with a start, "Jim! You scared us!"

"Cheryl! What's the meaning of this?"

Still a little spooked from being awakened so suddenly Cheryl began to
haltingly explain why she and Dana had been lying on the couch, completely

"Well you see Jim, Dana came over this afternoon..."

"Yeah, I cut work..."

"... and we were talking... and then boom!... Out she came..."

"... yeah, boom! After Cheryl told me I could still fuck guys..."

"... and then she was all like 'So do you want to make out?'..."

Jim was holding up his hands and shaking his head trying to stem the flow
of words pouring out of Cheryl and Dana, "Hold it, hold it, hold it", but
there was no stopping them now.

"... and Cheryl was like 'Yeah, okay'..."

"... and then we... cause you know, all hot chicks are either bi or

"... yeah, bi or lesbians..."

"... and obviously we're a couple of hot chicks..."

"... that's right, we're hot!..."

" we had to... and then you came in."

When they finally ran out of steam Jim jumped into the breach before they
could get started again, "Yeah yeah yeah. I know all that. Cheryl, I know
all this. Look who you're talking to here. Of course I know that all hot
chicks are lesbians or bi. Even Andy knows that much. It's in the handbook
for chrissakes. What I want to know is, where's my dinner?"

"There's a handbook?"

"Your dinner! Oh Jim, I'm sorry! We fell asleep on the couch and then you
came home before... I'll get it started right away."

"Ummm, I'm gonna get my clothes and get outta here. Bye." Heading out the
front door Dana mumbled to herself, "I wonder if I can pick up a copy of
the handbook at Borders?"

Cheryl turned to say goodbye to her sister, "Bye Dana! Remember, only the
hot ones!"

With her sister gone Cheryl turned back to face her husband, "I'll go get
dinner started. But first, aren't you going to kiss me?"

Jim leaned towards his wife and sniffed the air, responding in a slightly
embarrassed tone, "Ummm, maybe later, after you, ya know, brush your
teeth. You've got pussy breath."

"Jim! That's it! I'm going to start dinner!"

"Hey honey. Where are the kids?"

Cheryl through up her hands in exasperation as she left the living room,
"Why is everyone bugging me about the damn kids? They'll show up eventually!"

* * *

Okay, I didn't really plan to write this, it just sort of happened. I've
never been a big fan of the show, but I am a fan of Courtney Thorne Smith
and a really big fan of Kimberly Williams. I mean, just look at them.

So now it's on to my originally planned work - Part 2 of my Gilmore Girls
series. I think. Assuming I don't get sidetracked by something else. Again.
Well whatever is next I'll make it back to the GG series without too big a
delay. Until next time.



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