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The Adventures Of Sindbad: Nature (F-zoo)
by CanisLupus

Silently but determined, Maeve made her way through the dense Macedonian forest. Her last encounter with Rumina had once more ended in a draw. Admittedly she and her comrades had survived, but Rumina had escaped again. Grudgingly she had realized that this hassle could only bring suffering to countless people if Rumina wasn't neutralized. More was at stake than her own need for justice or even the salvation of Dermott. For the sake of every decent human being she had to find a way to defeat that evil witch once and for all. She had spent weeks, studying each tome and note Master Dim-Dim had left behind. There had been references to many other users of white magic, but most of those were either dead or had vanished. Then she had finally found a new name. Master Dim-Dim mentioned Borgor, a friend from his youth, who apparently wielded a lot of power, the power to command the forces of nature themselves.

She had had a talk with Sinbad and convinced him that they had to find this man. It had taken close to two months to learn his whereabouts and another three weeks to get her to Macedonia. Loyal as always, Sinbad had insisted on escorting her further, but she had finally managed to convince him that she had to travel the rest of her journey alone. Masters of the art like Borgor usually preferred solitude and it was unlikely that he would be willing to help them if they showed up as a group - if they even were able to find him at all. Besides, learning from Borgor would take time and it would be unreasonable to expect of her friends to just sit around and wait.

So she was walking alone under the forest's thick canopy for two days now. She was beginning to feel tired and a bit frustrated, since she had so far not seen a single sign of any human being ever being here before her. She leaned her back against a large tree and closed her eyes. Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm her mind and maybe pick up a hint of that certain feeling she usually got when she was near magic.

And suddenly there it was. Her eyes flew open when she felt not only a hint, but more of a surge of powerful magic flowing all around her. The rustling of the leaves began to change and started to sound like silent whispers. More and more it changed, until she finally thought she could make out single words."

"Who are you?" the trees seemed to ask and "What do you want?" Over and over those questions were repeated, like a strange canon of ghost voices.

Maeve began to turn on the spot, looking at the canopy in search of the origin of the voice. "I am Maeve," she called out, "Student of Dim-Dim. I came here to find Borgor, who once was called a friend of my master. I came to learn from him..."

The sound of the whispers changed, became more severe and dismissive. "The power of Borgor is the power of nature itself. It cannot be allowed to just anyone. Only he will choose..."

"Please", Maeve shouted, "my home, my friends, my people are threatened by an evil witch. Her name is Rumina. My master was lost to me before he could finish my training. Borgor is my last and only hope of ever defeating her."

The whispers fell silent for a minute, as if to ponder her words. When they came back, they had a softer, more patient quality - reminding Maeve of Dim-Dim's voice, when he had first started teaching her. "To gain access to the force of nature one has to become one with nature..."

"I'm ready", Maeve yelled, "tell me how!"

"To gain access to the force of nature", the whispers repeated, falling back into their canon rhythm of before, "one has to become one with nature..."

"I understand", Maeve yelled with a renewed sense of frustration. "But HOW am I supposed to do that?"

"To gain access..." the whispers continued undeterred, repeating the message on and on.

"Of course", Maeve finally whispered angrily at herself. "I have to come up with the answer myself." She closed her eyes, only half listening to the never ending whispers of the leaves and murmured, "come on Maeve, think! What does he want...?

With sudden insight, Maeve unbuckled her sword and laid it down on the ground. Expectantly she looked up, but the sound of the whispers didn't change. Frowning, because she didn't like to leave some of them behind, she removed every part of jewelry and placed it beside her weapon. Still the whispers stayed the same and Maeve silently cursed. *What* she thought *in the name of everything that is good and pure could he possibly want? I've put down everything man made, except for...* Maeve's eyes flew open with sudden insight. The thought made her nervous and she looked intensely at the surrounding underbrush. When she found nothing that didn't belong, she took a deep breath and made her decision. She took off her boots and placed her jewelry in one of them. Then she stood up and decisively removed the rest of her clothes, until she was completely naked, just as nature had made her.

She looked up at the canopy and spread her arms, showing that there was indeed nothing left that wasn't born to her. A fresh breeze made her shiver as she slowly turned around.

"Happy now?" she asked.

There was a pause in the whispering just as if the forest itself was regaling at the sight. It was almost as if the trees were favorably looking at her firm, ample breasts with their dark aureoles and large nipples, at her firm behind, shaped by endless hours of exercise in swordplay and horseback riding and at the dark bushy triangle of pubic hair that adorned her crotch. As she stood there, with her seamlessly tanned body, she looked almost like one of those spirits that caused clueless men to follow them deeper and deeper into an enchanted forest, until they finally met their demise.

"Follow the path", the whispers finally returned.

Maeve looked around and indeed saw a path through the underbrush that hadn't been there before. She carefully packed her possessions together and covered them as much as she could with branches and rocks, so they wouldn't be carried away by animals.

Following the path as instructed, Maeve could feel a soft breeze on her naked skin. She felt exposed and yet secure in a way she couldn't explain. She just knew that nothing bad would befall her, but she could also feel eyes on her exposed body. But she did neither doubt nor waver in her path since she also began to understand that this feeling of raw sexuality was also a very basic part of nature. Besides, she had simply come too far to turn back now.

She came to a small clearing that was covered with moss. A piece of a broken tree trunk was lying next to a small pond, the water of which was as clear as any she had ever seen.

"Free yourself", the whispers said, "of the lingering remnants of your past."

Maeve looked down at her body. Since she was already naked, there was only one interpretation of the stated request left. Slowly, but without hesitation, the young sorceress walked into the water until it reached up to her ample bosom. She just stood there in the well tempered water for a while, enjoying the relaxing effect of her surroundings. She then let herself fall forward and dove into the pond. After a few strokes a weird feeling came over her. The water was emanating an energy - warm and somewhat electrifying - that penetrated her. She felt more than just the dirt of her voyage here was washed away. All the conditioning and reservations of her upbringing were washed away as well. She began to sense the forces of nature around her, getting closer (or maybe it was her who came closer to them). She could actually feel the breath of the animals within the forest, their heartbeat, their... heat.

She swam back to the shore, walked out of the pond - every bit as unhurried as she had gone in - and spread her arms wide. A warm wind began to blow, flowing around her body and drying it off.

Then there was silence and in that silence, Maeve could feel a presence - quiet, lurking - getting closer from behind. She calmly turned around. Then understanding hit her and with a smile she said: "Hello, my lover..."

Carefully, step by step, the big black wolf got closer, while the young woman waited patiently. Slowly the wolf began to walk in circles around her. Completely relaxed and in total acceptance of what was bound to happen, she just followed him with her eyes and waited. And while the wolf was circling the sorceress, the whispers came back.

"The power of Borgor lies within the nature of oneself. To surrender to one's own urges and instincts provides much power..."

Without taking her eyes of the large wolf, Maeve patiently listened.

"The power of Borgor is the power of nature itself. To use the power of nature..."

" have to become one with nature", Maeve completed whispering.

"To become one with nature..."

" have to open yourself to your own nature."

"...your own instincts..."

"...your own desires!"

Maeve knew what she had to do. There was no hesitation, she would have done anything to reach her goal. Slowly she got down on her hands and knees. She began to follow the wolf in his circles, presenting herself. And suddenly the beast was right behind her. Then his weight was on her back. The wolf was heavy, so she had to lower herself to her elbows to keep her balance. She could feel his panting breath on her neck as he began poking around. The first attempts ended either between her thighs or the cheeks of her ass, but she waited patiently, for she knew he would find his mark sooner or later. Then, in the twinkling of an eye, it happened. The tip of his cock was pushed between her pussy lips. The beast scratched her sides with his claws as he jumped forward until his head was above Maeve's. She grunted and closed her eyes as the beast penetrated her with one powerful thrust. At once the black wolf began to fuck her with a speed and power that Maeve would never have thought possible. And his member was huge! She could feel her pussy being stretched to its limits as the thing filled her up almost to the opening of her womb.

"Aah... aah... aah... aah... aah... aah... aah...", she began to scream with lust. Never in her life had she been hammered like this. Blocking out everything else, the sorceress engrossed herself in the act. Everything around her seemed to vanish and she felt like her whole purpose in life was to be fucked by this marvelous beast. She lived to be mounted. Her huge breasts brushed over the ground, causing her large nipples to get just as hard as the wolf's cock hammering into her cunt.

"Ah... Ah... AAH... AAAH... AAAH... AAAHH..."

Her moans got louder and louder. She rested her head on her forearm and began to knead her breasts with the other hand, pulling and pinching her nipples in between.

Then she felt a swelling on the wolf's cock that kept growing while the beast tenaciously tried to push it into her pussy. Following her instincts, Maeve pushed her hips back to help him.


Finally the knot passed through and Maeve screamed with pain and lust alike. The wolf wasn't bothered by her pain and kept fucking her, albeit slower than before, due to the increased friction caused by the still swelling knot. Maeve completely lost all sense of time. All that was, was the growing knot sliding again and again over her passion-spot. The pressure became more and more, until the knot was finally too big to allow any further movement. With the seal perfectly in place, the black wolf began to shoot his cum into her belly.


Feeling the searing hot jizm shoot into her womb pushed Maeve over the edge and she came like never before in her life. And with every new shot of sperm, the sorceress had another orgasm. And with every climax came a new insight into the magic of nature. She could feel the raw power of nature like never before and suddenly realized just how endless and overwhelming it was.

When the wolf finally jumped off of her, Maeve collapsed, totally exhausted. Tired as she was, she noticed movements in the underbrush at the edge of the clearing and intuitively knew that her training had just begun...

The End


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