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Agents Of SHIELD: Left Out Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Bobbi was being left out. It was sad, but sometimes it was inevitable that one of them would be left out. Especially considering their job involved being split up for missions, and given their different skills it was unreasonable to ask for special treatment just because the three of them were together. Honestly though they were just glad that because their team was so small two of them normally stayed together simply because the odds were in their favour. Of course sometimes they were completely separated, which was kind of a nightmare, if only because sleeping without anyone to cuddle was lonely, but luckily those occasions were extremely rare.

Of course sleep was the last thing on Skye's mind. In fact Skye barely got through the planned romantic meal with her beloved Jemma Simmons before she blew out the candles and smiled wickedly at her lover. Jemma smiled back and lent forward, Skye doing the same so they could enjoy a gentle kiss over the table. Without breaking the kiss Skye moved round the table so she could take Jemma into her arms, and then of course feel her up while pushing her tongue into her girlfriend's mouth.

When Skye squeezed her arse Jemma gasped, broke the kiss and then giggled, "Skye! Your insatiable."

"You love it." Skye grinned.

With that they kissed again, both making sure that kiss stayed soft and sweet for several minutes before they both began feeling each other up, this time Skye going right for Jemma's butt while Jemma took the scenic route to her girlfriend's boobs. Of course inevitably Skye started gently guiding them to the bed, which thankfully was only a few feet away given they had opted to have a romantic meal in the privacy of their quarters, partly because of the convenience of it all, and partly because it reminded them of their absent girlfriend who wouldn't be back for at least a few more days.

Once they reached the bed they quickly started removing each other's clothes. Unfortunately that included breaking the kiss on more than one occasion, but having done this countless times since they got together, and Jemma knowing how to remove Skye's custom-made uniform, meant that for the most part they could keep kissing each other. They were certainly kissing frantically when they literally fell into bed together, the two women briefly breaking it and giggling softly after Skye accidentally knocked the wind out of Jemma when they landed. Then they smiled softly to each other, Skye gently stroking Jemma's cheek before taking a firm grip of it and pulling her girl in for another kiss.

Jemma hated being left out, but sometimes she liked it when either Bobbi or Skye were left out. Especially Bobbi. Which was a horrible thing to think, and she certainly had no intention of ever admitting it, but there were some drawbacks to being in love with two people. The main reason of course being that you could never concentrate on one person, or at least not for two long, or else the other person was left feeling left out. But when there was just two of them they could have a long uninterrupted make out sessions like this one, and Jemma really loved these long make out sessions.

The last reason on Jemma's list was that it was kind of nice to have it be just the two of them again. Which was the most horrible thing of all, but they had been happy together before Bobbi came into their lives and awoke something inside of Jemma she hadn't known was there. And don't get her wrong, Bobbi completed them in ways Jemma could have never imagined, but moments like this reminded her just how happy Skye alone could make her. And far more importantly, Jemma loved being selfish and having one of her lovers all to herself.

With that in mind Jemma rolled Skye onto her back, broke the kiss and shot her head downwards to start sucking on one of Skye's nipples. Unsurprisingly this caused Skye to cry out, her hand shooting upwards and burying itself in Jemma's hair. Skye then started stroking her like some sort of pet, or Bobbi, while cooing encouraging words to her. Which to be fair Skye had done before, but ever since adding Bobbi to the relationship Skye had become more dominant and controlling, even when it was just the two of them. Which honestly Jemma didn't mind for the most part, although this felt a little insulting.

Not as much as some of Skye's words though, "Mmmmmmm, that's it Jem. Suck my titties with that pretty little mouth of yours. Oooooooooh, you're such a good girl. My good little Jemma, who I've corrupted with my bad girl shenanigans. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I turned you into a nasty little girl who knows just how to fuck me."

Actually that wasn't so bad, and much like with the general bossing her around Skye had talked a lot during sex before, it was just more frequent and vulgar now. However Skye was right about that last part, Jemma did know just how to fuck her. More importantly she knew just how to shut Skye up, which in this case involved rapidly increasing the force of her suction and then gently biting down on Skye's nipple, which caused her girlfriend to cry out and then moan happily. Jemma then quickly move to Skye's other nipple and repeated the process, going back and forth as Skye let out more sounds of enjoyment.

Skye loved foreplay as much as the next girl, but even after being thoroughly trained by Melinda May patients was something she still struggled with. At times like this she could hold off for a while because she knew how much Jemma loved it, and for a while she loved it too. Especially when Jemma added her hands into the mix, using one to push a nipple into her mouth and the other to make sure whichever boob wasn't really getting some attention from her mouth wasn't completely abandoned. But there was only so much she could take, and inevitably her nipples became painfully hard and another part of her body desperately wanted that kind of attention.

Of course Skye was not above asking for it, "Lower! Mmmmmmmm, please Jemma, lower. Ooooooooooh fuck Jem, I need more. I need your mouth on my cunt. Ohhhhhhhh God, please Jemma, lick my pussy. Lick it you beautiful little pussy licker. Mmmmmmmm, go on, we both know you want too. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, we both know how much you want to make me feel good. Oooooooooooh, and yes, you are, but I need more than this. I need you to lick me lower. I need you to lick my cunt until I cum. Oh please, mmmmmmmm, oh please Jemma, mmmmmmm, I ooooooohhhhhhhh yes, that's it, lower! Yes, yes, yes, yes oh yes! Oh Jemma! Please, I, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It took a while, Jemma cruelly choosing to tease her longer than necessary, but once she finally started moving downwards she got into the position that Skye wanted her fairly quickly, only pressing a few kisses along Skye's flat stomach before she reached her pussy. There was then a brief pause in which Skye thought she was going to have to step up her game, she had done a lot in the past, but before she could really start begging again Jemma stuck out her tongue, pressed it to the bottom of the Inhuman's pussy and then slowly slid it all the way up to the top. She even lingered a little on Skye's clit, which was very much appreciated.

Choosing to make that appreciation clear Skye through her head back and let out a powerful cry. Actually it wasn't so much of a choice as it was a natural action, one that Skye didn't even think about stopping as Jemma repeated the process and thus started slowly but steadily licking her pussy. Luckily for them both their quarters were soundproof. Although if they weren't Skye wasn't sure she could stop herself from crying out so loudly. Especially not when the three of them where together, that thought causing Skye to be momentarily distracted by thoughts of their missing girlfriend Bobbi.

As if sensing that Skye's mind was elsewhere Jemma stopped on the other brunette's clit and concentrated on it for nearly a full minute. That succeeded in making Skye forget about Bobbi, at least for now, and concentrate on the girlfriend that was here. The girlfriend who was making her feel oh so good, Skye first encouraging her with her moans, gasps, whimpers and cries, and then with a hand gently going back to stroking her hair and then finally, when the desire for more once again became overwhelming, Skye started begging for what she really wanted from this girl she so adored.

"More." Skye moaned long and hard, "Mmmmmmmm, please baby, just a little more. Ooooooooooh, what you're doing feel so good, but it's not enough. I need more. Ohhhhhhhhh shit, I'm sorry, but I can't help it. You've spoilt me with that talented little tongue of yours. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, there's only so much I can take. Please Jem, just a little more. Please?"

Jemma rolled her eyes as she continued licking Skye's pussy. She knew that Skye was capable of being more patient than this, so she continued with the slow licking for quite a while, both to punish her lover and just because selfishly Jemma wanted to savour this moment. Savour the moment of having Skye all to herself, just like before Bobbi joined them. Just like she did with Bobbi when she got the chance. So she shouldn't feel guilty about that, or this, Jemma thought to herself unconvincingly. Then of course Skye had to mention their MIA lover's name, which really annoyed the scientist.

"I'm spoilt, ah, I know I'm spoilt, ooooooooh but I really can't help it Jem. Mmmmmmm, I need more." Skye whimpered, "I don't need to cum, at least not just yet, but I just want more. Please? I'm... I'm so used to having Bobbi here caressing me as you're licking me or vice versa, that this gentle licking just isn't as satisfying any more. Ohhhhhhhhhh, especially not when the whole time I'm thinking about Bobbi kissing my neck, sucking on my nipples and whispering filthy little things into my ear. Please Jemma, I, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, YES! Just like that! No, don't stop, I..."

To make absolutely sure she had Skye's attention Jemma suddenly started concentrating on the other girl's clit with licks which rapidly increased in speed and power. Then just as suddenly she stopped completely, lifted her head up and glared at her girlfriend. This had the desired reaction, namely to make Skye become incoherent for a few long seconds before whimpering, and then looking down when Jemma stopped. Skye then had the decency to look sheepish when she saw how annoyed Jemma was at her impatience, and even looked like she was actually going to say sorry.

Before she could Jemma offered, "Stay quiet for five minutes and let me enjoy your pussy. Then I'll let you ride my face."

Skye beamed happily, "Deal."

Jemma then tried to get back to what she'd been doing before, but she kept getting distracted by these pathetic and yet adorable whimpers Skye was letting out. Which means technically she had broken the agreement already, but Jemma had just meant if Skye didn't say anything for five minutes, and they both knew it. Besides, Jemma's girl was loud in bed. They both were. Hell, they all were, once the right buttons were pressed. So Jemma couldn't punish Skye on a technicality, or more accurately she didn't have the heart to, but that whimpering convinced her to give Skye a reward for her efforts.

Technically that world was more teasing, but from the moans quickly slipping from Skye's mouth it was clear that she really had just wanted more action. And Jemma finally gave it to her in the form of gently pressing her tongue against Skye's entrance and lingering her tongue against the other girl's clit. As that five minutes began to running out Jemma further rewarded Skye by pressing more firmly and lingering for longer. Which she also did for her own benefit, as that caused more pussy cream to leak out of Skye's fuck hole which she eagerly swallowed down. And of course she also did this just because she loved Skye and wanted to make her feel good.

Skye constantly looked over at the bedside clock for that very long five minutes. Okay, she may have stopped towards the end as Jemma turned up the heat a little, but as she had just told her lover she was spoilt. Greedy. Ungrateful. Well, not that last one, but she was definitely self-centred, so much so that when she opened her eyes she grinned in blissful happiness as she saw the time was about to run out. With her eyes glued to that clock Skye opened her mouth to start begging. Of course she should have known that Jemma would be slowly counting the seconds in her head and the only thing which ended up coming out of Skye's mouth was a loud cry of pleasure Jemma slowly but steadily pushed her tongue inside her.

When Jemma's tongue was all the way inside her pussy the wonderful sounds left it there for a few long seconds so she could enjoy the feeling of Skye's pussy quivering around her tongue, and Skye could enjoy having her girlfriend's tongue so deep inside her. Then Jemma started slowly but surely tongue fucking her, making sure that Skye remained incoherent. It also made sure that Skye completely forgot about Jemma's part of the deal, although when she finally did she realised Jemma hadn't promised immediately right way, so she could keep things like this on a technicality if she wanted too.

Luckily instead of that cruel fate Jemma gripped firmly onto her thighs, rolled them both over and then grabbed Skye's butt so she could forcefully push her down onto her face, causing Skye to first gasp with surprise and then cry out in pleasure. She continued doing the latter as suddenly Skye began bouncing up and down in time with the thrusts of her girlfriend's tongue, Skye and Jemma working together to make sure the tongue fucking was as hard as possible.

It wasn't long after that Skye came hard in Jemma's mouth, her sweet little scientist doing her best to swallow at least the majority of her cum before reinserting her tongue inside her, so she could fuck her to another climax. This process was repeated for a while, Jemma getting less and less of Skye's cum down her throat although the hacker thought it was adorable that she was continuing to try. Which made Skye smiled dreamily, but they both knew it was a losing effort, especially as there was only so long Skye could hold back from 'really' riding Jemma's face, and it really didn't take that long for her to lose control completely.

Jemma whimpered as she failed to swallow more and more cum. Which was a shame, because she always loved the taste, especially of Skye's and Bobbi's, but particularly because she loved the intimacy of the act. That she was showing how much desire she had for the other person. Perhaps even how much she loved them. Which wasn't quite the same in this position, as for a while it felt like she was swallowing girl cum not because she loved it, or Skye, but because she was just trying to avoid being drowned. So in a way it was a relief when Skye started rubbing herself against her face, gently at first but quickly building up steam.

That made Jemma feel like she was being suffocated. Suddenly it became hard to breathe, and the only thing she could see, or smell or taste for that matter, was Skye's pussy. Oh yes, Jemma's whole world became Skye's pussy and the sweet liquid squirting from it. Well, it kind of had before, but now she could literally concentrate on nothing else. Not even Skye's cries of pleasure, which were loud and frequent. Although when Jemma did hear them it made her smile, because it was just more proof that she was making her girlfriend feel good, which was what Jemma lived for.

There was another reason that Jemma enjoyed being face fucked. Namely she loved having her face covered in cum. Sure, there was a lot more of it right now then she would like, but that just meant there was more for her to scoop up and eat later. Perhaps more importantly, in a primal way this was Skye marking her territory. The other girl marking Jemma as hers. And she was. She was hers and Bobbi's, and this served as a delightful remindered of that. Sure, Jemma would traded in the heart beat for the ability to finger her girlfriend, but this was good too. Especially as she wasn't sure what made Skye cum harder, Jemma's fingers inside her or the ability to rub her pussy in her face.

Of course as much as there were parts of this that Jemma enjoyed she was greatly relieved when Skye got off of her and dropped back down beside her, Jemma happily letting her go and grateful for the break as the Inhuman just caressed her body with a fingertip for a few long seconds. Then the two brunettes exchanged a smile, then saliva, Skye slowly leaning down and pressing her lips to Jemma's who happily, if tiredly, kissed back. They then stayed locked in that kiss for quite a while, with the only subtle change coming halfway through when Skye gently rolled herself to be more on top of Jemma and press her thigh into her needy center.

Eventually though Skye broke the kiss and grin, "Up for some strap-on fun."

Jemma smiled back shyly, "Oh yes."

Grinning wickedly, and rubbing her thigh against Jemma's pussy, Skye asked, "How do you want me to fuck you?"

Blushing furiously Jemma replied, "Position, or..."

"Both." Skye grinned wickedly.

"Oh." Jemma murmured, blushing again as she added, "Just, just like this. Oh God Skye, I want you to take me just like this."

With another wicked grin and grind Skye pushed, "In your cunt... or ass?"

Jemma gasped as Skye grabbed her bottom to emphasise her last word, then quickly replied, "My pussy. At least at first."

Feeling like her grin was glued to her face Skye pretended to think about it for a second and then said, "Deal."

Skye then practically jumped off the bed, still grinning as Jemma whimpered with disappointment as she moved away. The scientist then whimpered with lust, and maybe some embarrassment, as Skye turned back to her and then used one finger to scoop up some of the Jemma juice which had escaped onto her thigh and then popped that finger into her mouth and sucked it clean of the cream that Skye would always crave. She meant to do it slowly and sensually, but once that flavour hit her taste-buds Skye just couldn't help herself and she sucked loudly and greedily until there wasn't a drop of pussy juice left.

Briefly Skye considered repeating the process until her thigh was clean, and then bury her face in the tasty treat in between Jemma's legs and not stop licking and sucking until her girlfriend was unconscious. But Skye had already committed to the idea of fucking Jemma with her strap-on, and nothing made her feel more dominant than that. And she was in the mood to feel dominant. So she reluctantly turned her back on her girl, retrieved a strap-on from a nearby draw which was a nice 10 inches long, enough to stretch and fill Jemma without giving her more than she could take, then turned back to the beautiful scientist.

As she slowly slipped into the harness and then pulled it up her thighs Skye considered whether or not to ask Jemma to give her a blow job or not. Bobbi loved to do that as she saw it as an act of submission, which they kind of all did, but while Jemma didn't mind being submissive she didn't love it as much as Bobbi did, and thought the act a little silly unless there was some liquid to clean. So ultimately Skye just tightened the device around her waist, spat onto her hand and then rubbed that saliva into the cock as if it was real. Which gave Jemma all the preparations she needed, given how wet she already was, and had the bonus of making the English girl blush, which in turn caused Skye to grin yet again.

Then Skye slowly returned to the bed and got into position in between Jemma's legs. Even though they had done this like a thousand times Jemma took a deep breath and nervously forced herself to relax, making Skye second guess herself. Maybe she should have gone for that BJ after all, because while she claims she found it silly sucking strap-on always made Jemma extra wet. Although there was something else which worked even better, namely sliding a finger or two into Jemma's pussy and pump it for a few long minutes, which was exactly what Skye chose to do, along with a few gentle kisses to Jemma's chest and neck.

Naturally this caused Jemma to gasp and moan, and Skye to smile, before the superpowered brunette asked the smarter brunette, "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes." Jemma gasped.

"Then beg for it." Skye pushed, "Mmmmmmm, beg for my cock! Tell me how badly you want it inside you."

"Daisy, please..." Jemma whined, and then after a long staring match with her girlfriend added, "Please fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Ooooooooh, please Skye, I want to have it inside me so bad. Oh God, I want you inside me Skye. Please just, oh yes, oh my... oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Skye !"

Jemma let out a long moan as Skye pretty much slipped the entire length of the strap-on cock into her pussy in one thrust. It was long and slow, but Jemma still felt more than a little slutty. Although she probably shouldn't. After all, why should she feel ashamed for liking sex, and having it so often that a 10 inch dildo fit her like a glove? Well, it made her feel stretched to her limit, especially at the end, but it still felt good. And that was because she was getting fucked so often by THIS strap-on. By HER GIRLFRIEND! She wasn't sleeping around, she was just having a lot of really good sex with her girlfriend, so why would she feel slutty?

Maybe it was because Skye delighted in making her feel that way, Jemma opening her eyes after having closed than during the penetration only to blush furiously as she found herself face to face with a grinning Skye. If possible that grin got even wider when Skye buried the last inch of her strap-on inside of Jemma and then just rested there for a few long seconds, allowing both women to enjoy the moment. Skye even took a second to give Jemma a soft and gentle kiss. Then she smiled wickedly and began pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning to fuck Jemma's very willing pussy.

Then time seemed to lose all meaning as Jemma pretty much slipped into heaven. Jemma certainly couldn't imagine any form of afterlife or other existence which would be better. Well, maybe of Bobbi was here too, but this was one of the few times Jemma didn't miss her too badly as she was too busy staring up lovingly at Skye or passionately kissing her. At first it was thankfully the latter for the most part, Skye making gentle love to her for what felt like hours. But inevitably Skye started spending more time staring into Jemma's eyes after she began nervously picking up the pace, more than a few wicked smiles crossing her face as Jemma joyfully cried out at the increase in pleasure.

Although they had nothing on the wicked smile that was Skye's face on she sliding her hand down to Jemma's arse and gently squeezed. Knowing what was like to come next Jemma braced herself and forced her body to relax. Or at least as much as she could with a large dildo pumping in and out of her cunt and her girlfriend moving her hand further downwards with a wicked intent clearly in mind. Sure enough, Skye collected a little of the escaped pussy juice on her index finger and then slowly pushed that finger into Jemma's bum hole, causing the English girl to gasp and then moan softly from the added stimulation.

Skye was actually disappointed by this reaction. It was a good reaction, but if this was Bobbi she would almost definitely cum because of it. Then again, thanks to The Black Widow, Bobbi was a self-proclaimed massive anal slut. Not that Jemma didn't enjoy butt sex. Skye wouldn't be prepping her butt hole if she didn't know she could make her English girlfriend cum nice and hard from anal, but she just didn't love it as much as Bobbi did, and Skye sometimes forgot that. The comparison was more fun when she was ass fucking The Mockingbird, but there was something to be said for sodomising the more modest of her two girlfriends. Especially in this position.

With Bobbi the position Skye liked her most was on her hands and knees. There was just something about that position which emphasised that she was in control, and the bigger and stronger SHIELD Agent was her bitch. But with Jemma she liked to put her on her back so she could enjoy all the little emotions that crossed Jemma's beautiful face as she took one of her fuck holes. As Bobbi preferred anal sex Skye then normally didn't bother with her pussy when it was just the two of them, but she always made sure to make love to Jemma's pussy for a good long while before moving on to her personal favourite fuck hole.

She also made sure that Jemma's ass hole was relaxed as possible, twirling and curling her finger around inside her girlfriend's ass as well as simply pumping in and out of it. She also always added a second finger when she thought Jemma was ready for it, and in this case a third. Maybe she would even try talking Jemma into letting her try to fist her ass, as she something did with Bobbi's slutty little ass hole. But for now Skye was very much concentrating on relaxing her lover, and getting her ready for a little 'bum fun' as the sweet little English girl liked to call it, Skye only just about able to resist using her 'terrible' English accent when she asked Jemma if she could 'arse' fuck her.

"Jemma?" Skye began softly.

Before Skye could say another word Jemma moaned, "Just do it, you perverted little tramp."

Grinning wickedly Skye pushed, "Do what?"

"Fuck my arse." Jemma blushed, then when realising that Skye wouldn't let her get away with just saying that whimpered, "Just fuck my bloody arse already! I know you want too, oooooooooh fuck, at this point even I want you too. Please Skye, bum me! Mmmmmmmm, bum fuck me like you do Bobbi. Ohhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me up my arse like you do to The Mockingbird, you twisted little slut! Oh God Skye, I was such a good girl before I met you, and now look at me. Begging to be fucked up the arse like a total slut. Mmmmmmm, like Bobbi. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, the mighty Mockingbird was aching for a Mistress. Oooooooooh, another top tough enough to put her in her place, and you did it. You made The Mockingbird your bitch. You made me your bitch. Both of us are your little arse sluts! Our bum holes are yours to fuck. Oh Skye yes, please fuck me. Fuck my arse. Oh Skye, I... yes, owww fuck, ah fuck!"

Part of Skye wanted to listen to Jemma beg for her all day, but a bigger part wanted to butt fuck her girlfriend. So ultimately she slowly pulled her fingers out of Jemma's ass and sucked them clean in the way she knew would make her formally prudish lover blush. Impressively Jemma continued begging, even when Skye pushed her legs upwards to give her more access and pressed the strap-on cock out of her cunt and then press it against her slightly loosened ass hole. Then Jemma finally, and understandably, trailed off as Skye started pushing the dildo into her bottom.

Jemma gasped as she felt her arse hole slowly been stretching open for Skye's strap-on. It was times like this that she considered both a blessing and a curse that she wasn't Bobbi, because she knew regardless of how much preparation she received Skye would never just forcefully violate her arse like she had with Bobbi's slutty bottom sometimes. However unlike Bobbi she didn't enjoy the feeling of being anally penetrated and stretched. Being bummed actually wasn't too bad, and felt amazing when she relax properly, but Bobbi was such butt slut that she even enjoyed this part of the experience. Which Jemma would never understand.

Bobbi said part of it was the humiliation, but that was Jemma's least favourite part of it. True, the physical pain wasn't fun, but Skye always did a job of minimising that. What Skye could never minimise was the emotional torment forcing Jemma's most private hole to become a fuck hole. In fact for the most part Skye couldn't resist maximising the shame and humiliation that Jemma felt through a wicked smile or look, especially during the anal penetration itself. And this time was no different, a wicked smile crossing Skye's face as Jemma let out the little cry which signified that the Inhuman's cock had stretched the human's anal ring wide enough to slip through and into Jemma's rectum.

At least Skye had the decency to wipe that smile off her face quickly, lean down and whisper sweet things into Jemma's, even if it was things like 'you can do this' and 'relax', which was so obvious it was a little insulting. Luckily the phrase 'I love you' was just as frequent, which filled Jemma with happiness and helped her to relax. If she closed her eyes she could even picture Bobbi behind her, her boobs pressing into her back while her arms wrapped around her and she was whispering sweet nothings into her ear along with Skye. Or maybe Bobbi would be lying beside Jemma, obviously to encourage her but just as obviously hoping to get her slutty arse fucked after Jemma was forced to suffer the indignity.

Normally Jemma did her best to block out thoughts of Bobbi or Skye when one of them was absent from her bed, but she couldn't help think of Bobbi, while indulging in her taller girlfriend's favourite pastime, namely taking it up the arse. Skye knew this for a fact and often brought Bobbi up during anal sex. Although a lot of times it was just to be cheeky, or remind her that, despite what some people might guess, out of the three of them Skye was very much the top while the brainy Jemma Simmons and the big tough Bobbi Moore were very much the bottoms, at least, the former very much clear as Skye slowly and carefully pushed inch after inch of dildo into Jemma's bum hole.

Skye loved talking dirty during sex, although in this case she wasn't doing it for her own enjoyment, or for the absent Bobbi. No, Skye was doing her best to keep Jemma's mind off of the pain of having her ass stretched. As was normally the case this worked probably better than Jemma wanted to admit, which only added to the smile that felt like it was constantly on Skye's face as she slowly stuffed her girlfriend's butt full of her strap-on dick. That smile only got wider when her thighs came to rest against Jemma's butt cheeks, announcing that Jemma had taken every inch of that big dildo up her ass like a good little bottom, something of course Skye had to verbalise.

"Oh fuck yeah, every inch! You just took every single inch of my big dick up your tight little English arse!" Skye said gleefully, unable to resist slipping into that fake English accent which always cause Jemma to groan from annoyance, this time being no different. Before Jemma could complain though Skye quickly added, "Mmmmmm yeah, you took it like a good little slut. Like Bobbi. Yeahhhhhh, my English girlfriend just took every inch of my dick up her arse almost as easy as my American girlfriend, proving that both of you are my little anal sluts! Ohhhhhh Gooooddddd, take it Jemma! Oh baby, let me fuck that cute little English butt."

Perhaps it would have been better if Skye had let Jemma rest a little longer. Scratch that, it would have definitely been better if Skye let Jemma get used to the feeling of her cock in her ass given the way that the scientist cried out sharply in pain during the first thrust. Although it didn't help that Skye was maybe a little too quick with that first thrust, all that time fucking Bobbi's big slutty butt causing her to momentarily forget that she needed to be more gentle with her more prudish girlfriend. And to be fair she did hesitate a few extra seconds after that, racked with guilt, and a quick word of apology escaped her lips.

In return Jemma smiled softly at her and relaxed, seemingly resigned to her fate. Accepting that her most private hole was now Skye's fuck hole, hers to use to satisfy her most trusted desires, that thought making it impossible for Skye not to continue the sodomy. She was definitely more gentle with it though, slowly pulling about half of her dick out of Jemma's butt hole before pushing it back in and repeating the process. This time Jemma gasped and whimpered in mostly pleasure as Skye so seemingly violated her, the Inhuman studying the other girl's face carefully to make sure she didn't make the same mistake she did at the start.

Thankfully not only were the looks on Jemma's face, and in her eyes, increasingly positive but after maybe about a minute she was able to squeeze a moan from her. It was soft but Skye definitely heard it given the way that Jemma blushed adorably right after it, Skye smiling wickedly as she knew she had her girl right where she wanted her now. And sure enough it wasn't long before Skye had Jemma moaning in pure pleasure like that anal whore Bobbi Morse. Thinking of their absent girlfriend Skye decided to reference her in the dirty talk that she had been keeping up throughout the ass fucking, but kicked into high gear when it became clear Jemma was really enjoying it.

"Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, take it. Take it like a good girl, oh that's it, mmmmmm, that's so hot! Yes moan for me! Oh fuck yeah, moan for me like a slut!" Skye encouraged eagerly, her grin becoming wicked, "Moan for me like Bobbi does when I fuck her up the ass. Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, gonna make you like Bobbi. Oh yeah Jem, I'm going to make you a nasty little ass whore, just like the mighty Mockingbird. Yeahhhhhh, I've been neglecting this tight little English arse of yours, but I swear I'm going to spend more time inside it, loosening it up and turning you into a dirty little anal loving dyke just like Bobbi. Oh yeah, you might like it up the butt now Jem, but just you wait. Because I'm going to make you love it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, I'm going to make my sweet little English muffin a total anal whore!"

Jemma of course blushed furiously at those words, but to her eternal embarrassment they only added to the pleasure she was feeling. More importantly it caused whatever discomfort she was still feeling to quickly fade away. Well, the dirty talk, and the incredibly skilled thrusts which threatened to turn Jemma into almost as big an anal whore as her beloved Bobbi. Their beloved Bobbi. Oh yes, Skye had turned her into almost as big an anal whore Bobbi Morse, the third member of their little relationship who Jemma almost felt like she could see in her current state, leaning over her and smiling. And perhaps offering up some more encouragement, it Skye would let her get a word in edgeways.

Skye's rambling certainly made it difficult for her to beg for more, which at first was good because while she was almost as big an anal whore as her tallest girlfriend, Jemma took pride in the fact that she wasn't quite there. Although the truth was she was also glad it was difficult for her to get a word in because she just wanted the slow and gentle butt fucking Skye was giving her to continue, as Jemma was loving every second of it right now. Especially the beautiful look on Skye's face as she continued to sodomise her. But of course inevitably it all became too much and Jemma just couldn't help but speak up, and extra loudly so she interrupted her rambling girlfriend.

"FUCK ME! FUCK MY BLOODY ARSE!" Jemma screamed at the top of her lungs, "Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd yessssssss, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me like Bobbi, right up the bum. Bum me Skye! Bum me hard and deep and make me cum like Bobbi! Make me like Bobbi. Make me a total anal whore just like the fucking Mockingbird! Ooooooooh fuck yeah, wreck my arse! Gape my ass hole, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, fucking destroy my dyke butt! JUST FUCK ME! FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS, MAKE ME CUM SKYE! OH SKYE! SKYE! GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH SKYEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Initially Skye was taken off-guard when she started to beg, but predictably that look of surprise quickly changed to an evil grin of lust as Skye clearly enjoyed Jemma begging for her. Unfortunately that meant it was quite a while before Skye began to increase her pace, but as always it was worth the wait and Jemma was soon on the edge of orgasm. She tried to keep up her begging during this, but when Skye lifted her legs onto her shoulders and really started pounding her arse hole with everything she had Jemma was forced to stop. Or more accurately the next few words out of her mouth were completely incoherent as she was finally sent over the edge of the orgasm which has eluded her for a while now.

It was the kind of climax which made it easy for Jemma to understand how Bobbi could be so shameless with her anal lust, especially as it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. As always thinking of Bobbi definitely helped, although unlike before she couldn't imagine seeing her right now. All she could do was feel her presence, because otherwise her whole world became Skye as the inhuman practically bent her in half, in the process bringing their faces so close it was a miracle they weren't banging together. As result Jemma found herself becoming lost in Skye's eyes as she was arse fucked through climax after climax.

Skye was staring into Jemma's eyes during sex. It was why she had chosen to butt fucked her in this position. But right now it wasn't just the love and devotion she always saw that she was concentrating on, it was the pure submissive joy Jemma was feeling. Submission to Skye. God yes, right now Jemma was completely submissive to Skye, and Skye couldn't get enough confirmation of that. Which was ironic, considering she was currently enjoying the greatest act of dominance over another woman possible by fucking her in the ass, turning her most private orifice into an eager little fuck hole for their mutual pleasure, because it was what Skye wanted.

Even though Jemma was really only giving up her butt hole it really did feel like Skye was forcing her into this, if only because Jemma wasn't quite the shameless ass slut Bobbi was. But then again, was anyone as big a shameless ass slut as her beloved Bobbi Morse? Their beloved Bobbi. Oh yes, Skye could practically hear Bobbi cheering her on right now. Telling her to pound Jemma's sweet little English ass harder. To make her cum like a little bitch. And most of all, save some of that energy so she could bang Bobbi's butt, Bobbi probably on all fours next to her wiggling her ass in her direction to tempt her away from Jemma's ass hole.

However even if Bobbi had been there Skye would ignored her and continued concentrating on Jemma, and even as she became delusional with lust she knew right now there was only this woman in front of her, and she deserved every ounce of her attention. Attention she thoroughly enjoyed giving her. Arguably too much, because while normally Skye could hold off her own orgasms for quite a while it wasn't that long this time before she went crashing over the edge, the combination of the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of taking her sweet Jemma in this way making Skye cum over and over again until ultimately she was forced to stop.

It still took quite a while, because even though the intensity of everything caused her to cum sooner than she would have liked it also helped push her onwards. Besides, by now Skye had plenty of experience pushing through her own pleasure just so she could continue making her girlfriends cum. Unfortunately her inhuman power wasn't infinite stamina, and ultimately she did collapse down onto Jemma, although even then Skye continued to lazily pump the other girl's ass hole, slowly bringing them both down from their highs. She also gently kissed Jemma's neck, and all over her face, and then finally, and best of all, her soft lips.

After a few minutes of gentle kissing Skye pulled back slightly and whispered, "God, I love you."

Which of course caused Jemma to smile, "I love you too."

"Enough to be just like Bobbi?" Skye teased with a wicked grin.

Knowing what this meant Jemma forced herself not to smile, and even managed to sigh as she replied, "I suppose."

"Prove it." Skye challenged, pulling her cock out of Jemma's butt hole and laying down beside her, which of course made Jemma roll her eyes, but she was quick to lower her mouth to the toy and start sucking it clean, which in turn made Skye stroke her hair and grin wickedly, "Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, just like Bobbi."


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