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Agents Of SHIELD: Left Out Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Jemma was being left out. It was sad, but sometimes it was inevitable that one of them would be left out. Especially considering their job involved being split up for missions, and given their different skills it was unreasonable to ask for special treatment just because the three of them were together. Honestly though they were just glad that because their team was so small two of them normally stayed together simply because the odds were in their favour. Of course sometimes they were completely separated, which was kind of a nightmare, if only because sleeping without anyone to cuddle was lonely, but luckily those occasions were extremely rare.

Cuddling wasn't on the minds of Bobbi and Skye right now. No, they had just successfully completed a mission, and that meant a lot of making out followed by Skye giving Bobbi exactly what she needed, that being a stern but loving Dom to beat and fuck her ass. As the latter was always more pleasurable for them both Skye almost went right to it. However she knew that Bobbi would be disappointed if they skip straight to the anal, and even though Skye prided herself on being top dog in her rather unique relationship with Bobbi and Jemma she always wanted to do her best to please them. Besides, there was definitely a thrill to spanking the mighty Mockingbird.

Daisy's favourite way of doing it was to bend Bobbi over her knee. Which both felt and looked ridiculous, Jemma not only giving them both a detailed description but one time even taking photos of the act, and God, did Bobbi look silly trying to balance herself while bent over the knee of the much smaller woman. And yet they both loved it. Because sure it was a little uncomfortable, but so worth it to intensify the feeling of dominance Skye always got bending Bobbi over her knee and roughly spanking her behind. Especially when she really got going, and that firm but well-rounded flesh jiggled under the force of each blow and slowly turn pink and then red from the constant onslaught.

Sometimes Skye would tell Bobbi just to pull down her pants and panties, or even just her pants, to make it more humiliating. Also she liked the visual of the stronger woman's pants around her knees or ankles while the physically weaker woman abused her butt. Mostly though Daisy like to keep Bobbi completely naked whenever she was in her presence, and this time they had barely got through the door when Skye had broken their latest kiss and ordered The Mockingbird to strip for her. Bobbi had of course smiled happily, did as she was told and then wait patiently on her knees while Daisy slowly stripped for her. Then Skye gave her what she wanted the most, a nice hard spanking.

Once she was naked Skye sat down on the bed, patted her lap and ordered, "Bend over and give me that sweet little ass of yours."

"It's yours. Always yours." Bobbi murmured submissively as she crawled into position.

Bobbi made sure to wiggle her butt while moving, and especially when it was over Skye's lap to entice her lover. From the smirk on her face it looked like this action please Skye. Although that could be more because she had Bobbi right where she wanted her. Also Skye had made it very clear how much she loved Bobbi's ass, so just having it presented to her could have done the trick. Not that it really mattered. The important thing was that Bobbi had pleased her Dom, which made her submissive heart flutter, and her slutty body practically quake in anticipation. Anticipation she was left to stew in as Skye simply admired her prize for a few long seconds, and then slid her hand over her ass to squeeze and grope it, treating it like a piece of meat.

During her career a few powerful and/or drunken men had tried that, and Bobbi had always punished them for it with a broken hand or arm, or worse, but Skye could do it whenever she wanted. Jemma too, but the sweet English girl rarely took advantage of the opportunity, and certainly never in public like Skye often did. Although this was no cheeky ass grab or smack to remind Bobbi who's bitch she was. Well, the message was still the same, but there was nothing playful or cheeky about it, or the spanking that followed. No, they were both long and passionate, designed to maximise the humiliation which Bobbi so adored, although only one gave her the pain which she craved.

That was why when Skye suddenly lifted her hand up and brought it back down again with a wonderfully hard smack Bobbi cried out in pretty much pure pleasure. There was definitely something to the following cries, but she welcomed it as it was exactly what she wanted. And best of all this time Skye didn't bother teasing her with gentle strikes. In fact the first blow was about as hard as she had ever given her, and the following spanks almost just as hard, and several came together after only a brief pause from Skye. That process was then repeated, Bobbi unsure whether Skye was just making sure she was okay with this or just savouring the moment. Although it was probably the latter as Bobbi like to think her girlfriend knew her better than that by now.

In between those first few series of strikes Skye continued pausing, although it became clear that was more for her benefit as she restarted the shameless groping of Bobbi's butt, which was a little disappointing as it let the pain fade, and even be caressed away by Skye's touches. It was the kind of thing she expected to receive from Jemma, or to see Skye giving Jemma as their English girlfriend wasn't as keen as Bobbi to get her butt brutally beaten, even if she did seem to enjoy the odd spanking on occasion. It didn't really matter though, as Bobbi had no doubt that it wouldn't be long before she would be getting exactly what she wanted.

Skye had every intention of giving Bobbi what she wanted, it was just she couldn't resist an opportunity to play with this amazing ass. Besides, it was a great way to tease them both for the butt beating, and inevitable sodomy, to come. And it was definitely doing the trick, as the wetness between her legs and on her thighs proved, the latter causing Skye to smirk and deliver a few extra hard spanks as a reward. Although she still went back to groping that ass, causing cute little whimpers of frustration to escape The Mockingbird's lips which again cause Skye to smirk and reward her girlfriend with a few extra hard strikes, Skye fully intending to drag this out as Jemma wasn't so keen on even watching her beat Bobbi's butt like this.

Whenever Jemma wasn't around Bobbi and Skye would normally take advantage by leaning into The Mockingbird's secret love of BDSM. Often that would involve tying Bobbi up and beating her butt, her boobs, and sometimes even her cunt. Sometimes they used toys, like paddles, riding crops and even literal whips. But this was Skye's favourite, and therefore the most frequent act, and to be fair they both loved it when the bigger and stronger girl was bent over the knee of the smaller and physically weaker girl, Bobbi's sexy little ass presented and completely exposed to Skye, completely hers to do with as she pleased. Something Skye always took full advantage of.

At first that meant plenty of groping in between mostly playful spanks, but inevitably Skye did give Bobbi what she wanted by slowly phasing out the breaks in between spanks and increasing the force and speed of the blows. Almost through all of it her pain slut of a girlfriend cried out in mostly pleasure, but by the time Skye finally worked herself up to her full strength and power Bobbi's screams became mostly pain, and even after all this time it made Skye feel a little guilty. The wetness from Bobbi's pussy against her thighs, and the fact that The Mockingbird didn't try and stop her, reminded Skye that Bobbi had begged her to keep going no matter how much she didn't look like she was enjoying it, but Skye was glad that part of her felt guilty, and she knew Jemma felt the same way, because it was a simple sign of humanity.

However that was only a small part of her, as mostly Skye was focused on Bobbi's big round butt jiggling for her with every blow, and slowly becoming discoloured from the force of the beating, first turning bright pink, then red, and then finally a dark and bruised colour which should have been off-putting, but it wasn't. At least not to Skye in her current mindset. No, she was too busy revelling in the power she felt at spanking a bigger and stronger woman, at least with infinitely more experience than her, and perhaps most importantly of all one of the women she loved. Yes, this woman was strong, deadly, and important to her, and Skye was reducing her to tears because they both got off on giving, and receiving, pain respectively, both becoming completely lost in this latest experience.

Bobbi's cries might have sounded pain filled, but the truth was that she was loving every single second of this. It was exactly the kind of pain she craved, and the kind that Jemma just wasn't willing to give her. But Skye was, and it felt wonderful. Exactly what she wanted, and arguably needed, and she never wanted it to stop. At the same time her cunt ached for attention, and even though when Skye really got into it Bobbi felt like if she rubbed herself a little more firmly against her girlfriend's thigh she could probably cum she couldn't help but want to be greedy and hold off until Skye inevitably fucked her with her strap-on. Hopefully up the butt. Oh yes, Bobbi wanted to get her big slutty butt spanked AND fucked, and she knew she could rely on Skye to do it.

Of course as much as Bobbi craved pleasure what she wanted right now more than anything was to give Skye pleasure. After all, Skye had done such a great job of giving her what she craved Bobbi desperately wanted to return the favour like the well-trained sub she was. Ideally with a nice long pussy licking, Skye laying back so Bobbi could slowly make her way to it and then worship it with her tongue until she got a mouthful of girl cum. Or better yet Skye could ride her face, grinding that yummy cunt down on top of her until all Bobbi could see, smell, taste and here was this Inhuman she adored so much. Although as always the decision was Skye's to make, and Bobbi had no doubt she would love that choice.

Sure enough Skye abruptly stopped, and after a few minutes of caressing Bobbi's will beaten butt asked, "Are you ready to please me?"

"God yes." Bobbi whimpered.

"Then get on your knees in front of me." Skye ordered, then when Bobbi did as she was told the Inhuman stood up and stepped forward so she could tower over the Mockingbird for once. Then Skye began gently playing with Bobbi's hair as she told her, "You know, I love seeing you like this. The mighty Mockingbird, kneeling before me. The tallest, and maybe the strongest, girl in SHIELD, knocked off her perch and left kneeling on her knees for a superior woman. And you love it too, don't you Bobbi?"

"Yes, I do. I love it." Bobbi smiled.

"Do you know what else we both love? That big fat ass of yours." Skye smiled back, "Specifically abusing it, and getting it abused. We can't get enough. But as a result Jemma gets left out. I mean, you know how often I bugger that cute little English arse of hers?"

Forcing herself not to smile at the bad English accent Skye put on, which always annoyed their English girlfriend, Bobbi shook her head and answered solemnly, "No."

"Not only enough. Her beautiful little butt deserves a lot more attention from us both, and so does mine." Skye said, slowly turning around so her ass was directly in Bobbi's face, "I've been so busy spanking you and fucking your greedy dyke ass that I barely touched Jemma's sweet little English bottom, and mine has gone completely untouched. That's so unfair, don't you think Bobbi? Isn't my ass sexy? Don't you want to just pucker up and kiss it to show how sorry you are for completely ignoring it and making it, and me, feel left out from all the bum fun we've been having lately?"

"Yes!" Bobbi replied quickly, "Yes, yes, YES! Please Skye, please can I kiss your ass? Can I please kiss your beautiful booty? Mmmmm, you've got such a nice butt Skye, please allow me to properly apologise for making it, and you, feel left out because I'm a greedy little anal whore who hogs all the bum fun."

"Well, I suppose since you asked so nicely." Skye smiled wickedly and wiggled her butt enough to make the well toned cheeks jiggle slightly, "You can kiss my ass. Oh yeah, that's it you greedy little bottom, kiss my bottom! Kiss my butt like the submissive little bitch you are! Oooooh, that feels real nice, now work the other cheek. I want you to do a thorough job of kissing my ass, ass kisser."

As soon as she got permission Bobbi lean forward and pressed her lips against Skye's right butt cheek for a long lingering kiss. She then delivered a few kisses around it, before moving to the other cheek as instructed. Bobbi then moved back and forth to repeated the process, moving back and forth in between each cheek and covering it with kisses just as Skye told her, and Natasha had trained her to do. Oh yes, Skye might only just be getting around to inflicting this wonderful humiliation upon her, but The Black Widow had forced her into it shortly after robbing Bobbi of her anal cherry, The Mockingbird soon developing a taste for the bizarre act, and while Skye's butt was a much smaller target Bobbi worshipped at more passionately than she ever had with the woman who turned her into such a perverted bottom.

"Yeahhhhh Bobbi, you're my little ass kisser now." Skye taunted with delight, "Oh yeah, you're my little ass kissing bitch! God that feels so good. Kiss it! Kiss my ass, ohhhhhhh yeah, mmmmmm, kiss it. Now lick it. Spread those cheeks and lick my fucking ass hole you bitch! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, just like that. Oh Bobbi, you're such a great bitch. I love you."

"I love you too." Bobbi murmured into Skye's butt, pulling back just an inch or two so her words were clear before she pressed her face forwards again.

Even though it was brief Natasha would have almost definitely punished her for pausing her duties, but Bobbi had no doubt that Skye would let her get away with it, at least for now. She might remember it later and use it as an excuse for further punishment, but sure enough she didn't rob Bobbi of the chance to continue her eager worship of Skye's ass, Bobbi gently pulling those cheeks apart and licking the other woman's most private hole as soon as she had permission too. That first lick was a slow as it possibly could be so Bobbi could savour the moment and drawing out the pleasure for them both before she settled into the kind of steady ass licking rhythm that her first owner had taught her.

Skye continued moaning happily as Bobbi began lapping away at her ass hole. On a few occasions Jemma had slipped a finger up there, perhaps to prove she wasn't quite the prude that Skye sometimes teased her of being, and a few of her previous lovers had done the same thing, but this was the first time a lover was solely focused on that part of her body, making it quite the intense experience. Skye was happy to find it was pleasurable, but that was hardly a surprise as if nothing else she would have The Mockingbird licking her shit hole like it was the tastiest of treats, and there was nothing that Skye liked more than the mental high of dominating the bigger, stronger woman.

However she actually got pleasure from the act itself, which fuelled a certain curiosity she had been fighting against lately. Skye loved being a top. There really were no words that could accurately describe how much she loved dominating Jemma and especially Bobbi. Spanking them, Queening them, and most of all butt fucking them was something she could never see herself getting enough of. And yet, on occasion, she wondered what it would be like to be in their place. To be the submissive one getting her ass spanked and fucked, two things that Skye had never done before but considering how much her girlfriends loved it, and how good it felt getting her ass eaten by Bobbi, she couldn't help but wonder what would be like to be the bottom for a change.

As a little taster of that Skye reached behind herself, grabbed Bobbi's head and shoved her deeper into her ass while moaning, "Deeper! Mmmmmm, get that tongue of yours deep in my ass. Come on Bobbi, rim me! Rim that little hole of mine. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, shove that tongue of yours right up my fucking ass, ooooooooh fuck! That's it deeper, deeper, come on, deeper! Get that pretty face of yours buried in my butt. Mmmmmm, you don't need to breathe. You don't need to breathe. No, you shouldn't be breathing bitch, you should be eating my ass! Yeahhhhhh, that's better, mmmmmm, good little bitch. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

Even though she clearly tried Bobbi just couldn't penetrate Skye's tight little virgin butt hole with her tongue. Which was hardly surprising, although it did cause Skye a little bit of disappointment. But just a little, because the lack of penetration helped her to forget all about her submissive thoughts in favour of literally smothering Bobbi with her butt. As that caused Bobbi to moan and whimper with delight into Skye's ass, and not to offer up any protest, Skye made it as brutal as possible, even depriving her girlfriend of air on more than one occasion while continuing to verbally abuse her. Of course while this a great turn on it couldn't make either of them cum, not like what Skye planned to do to Bobbi next.

So after a few more minutes of the really thorough rim job Skye pulled Bobbi's face out of her butt and ordered, "Get in your proper place my little anal loving bitch."

"Gladly." Bobbi cheeks, quickly jumping onto the bed and positioning herself on all fours in the centre of it.

For a few long seconds Skye simply admired that juicy bitch ass, then she slowly retrieved a nice big strap-on and some lube. She then walked around so she was standing in front of Bobbi so that the big bottom could watch as her top stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs, tightened it around her waist and then covered it with the anal lube. Which of course had Bobbi grinning happily in anticipation, Skye smirking at the slutty behaviour as she slowly moved behind her target and got into position. She then grabbed a firm hold of the butt-plug in Bobbi's ass and began playing with it, pulling it out slightly, and then pushing it back in again, Skye repeating the process for a few minutes just to tease her anal slut.

Which of course had Bobbi begging, "Please Skye, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard and deep like the slut I am! Mmmmm fuck, shove every single inch of that big dick of yours right up my fat ass and show me who's boss."

"Shut up and spread your cheeks bitch!" Skye interrupted, then smirked as Bobbi did as she was told immediately, "Oh yeah, that's it, show me that bitch hole you want fucked so bad. And keep that fat ass spread. You know I love getting the best possible view of my big dick sliding into your slutty little butt hole. Mmmmm yeah, that's so hot."

Bobbi knew fully well that Skye liked the best possible view of her dick disappearing into her slutty ass hole, but being reminded of it delighted her almost as much is being 'forced' to spread her cheeks, which was maybe Bobbi's favourite part of this. It was just such perfect icing on the cake of bending over for a butt fucking, making it crystal clear that she was offering up her most private hole to be used as a fuck hole, a moment of total and utter humiliation and submission which she was addicted too. Hell, it made even the relentless teasing bearable, Bobbi biting her lip and whimpering as Skye spent what felt like hours pulling the butt-plug almost completely out of her ass and then pushing it back in, making it hard for her to keep her mouth shut and not to beg for what she so desperately wanted again.

At least when Skye finally did pull the butt-plug out and she immediately replaced it with her strap-on, and thanks to the plug, and the fact that Bobbi was a shameless anal whore who had been getting her big ass pounded on a regular basis for years now, almost a third of that big dildo slid through her most private hole just from the first thrust. And of course, Bobbi moaned in pure pleasure. God, there was nothing quite like being anally penetrated. Spreading her cheeks might make this moment perfect, but it would be nothing without at least the threat of having something violate her bottom, and when it did it was pure heaven. Yes, forget what Bobbi thought before, this was her favourite part.

Then Bobbi had to rethink that thought as Skye began pumping her ass almost immediately, and for a few glorious seconds she concluded the best part of anal sex was the moment she officially began to be butt fucked. That thought didn't last long, as this didn't really count as the full length of Skye's cock wasn't buried in her butt yet, meaning this was nothing but another cruel attempt to tease her by giving her a cheap knockoff of anal sex. She wanted, no, Bobbi needed every single inch of that big cock up her fat ass, and Skye knew it. They both knew it, and yet Skye continued to relentlessly tease her until Bobbi just couldn't take it anymore.

"More!" Bobbi whimpered pathetically, "Give me more. Please Skye, give me more. Mmmmm, give me it all. I want every single inch of your big dick up my bitch ass! Please? I need it. Ohhhhhh, I need your cock in my ass. Oh fuck! I need every inch! Oh God Skye, stretch that fat ass out, oh fuck. Fuck me, oh fuck, please Skye, ooooooh, stuff my bitch hole full and fuck my butt hard."

Skye let Bobbi begged for a few minutes, then ordered, "I'll think about it, if you clean this for me."

While speaking these words Skye stopped completely, which Bobbi really didn't like, although it was thankfully brief and it was even kind of worth it for her reward. That of course was the butt-plug which had been so recently deep inside her ass, Skye leaning over her so she could gently push it into Bobbi's mouth, the Mockingbird eagerly parting her lips and then moaning as the taste of her own butt hit her taste-buds. Bobbi then closed her eyes to savour that flavour as Skye began gently pumping her butt again, this time adding an inch on every other thrust, meaning that she got closer and closer to giving Bobbi what she truly wanted, namely an ass full of her cock.

Skye was eager to give Bobbi an ass full of cock, but the only thing she loved more than giving one of her girlfriends what they wanted was to tease them. And there was no better way to tease Bobbi than to not stuff every inch of her dildo up her butt during the beginning of anal sex, which was why she did it so often. Of course sometimes they needed to have a quickie, or Skye was just in a particular mood, and it was necessary for Skye to stuff every inch of her strap-on up Bobbi's butt in one go, but mostly Skye did this. Especially when Jemma wasn't around, as while she approved of a little teasing it was nowhere near as much as Skye liked.

Thinking of their absent girlfriend made Skye a little sad, but at a time like this she could almost feel Jemma's presence with her, her gorgeous little English muffin giving her adorable little scowl as Skye continued teasing Bobbi. Just as Skye could practically see a happy smile from Jemma as Skye finally began stuffing the rest of her cock up Bobbi's ass. She still did it as slowly as possible, but the point was she gave them both what they really wanted, or all three of them what they wanted if she counted imaginary Jemma, although Skye felt she got the best part of the deal as thanks to Bobbi continuing to spread her cheeks Skye was the one who got the awesome view of her cock slowly disappearing into the most private hole of the mighty Mockingbird.

Shameless anal slut that she was Bobbi let out a happy little groan of pure pleasure when Skye's thighs finally came to rest against her cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dildo was finally all the way up her butt. Skye let Bobbi enjoy that feeling for a few moments, and okay, allow herself to enjoy the moment too, before she began pumping her hips back and forth, officially starting to fuck her girlfriend's butt with every inch of her cock. Which of course got a very positive reaction out of Bobbi, first in the form of moans, groans, whimpers, gasps and cries of pure pleasure, then a short time later flat out begging for more.

"Mmmmmm, harder! Harder" Fuck me harder! Oh Skye, please fuck me harder!" Bobbi moaned softly, after spitting out the butt-plug, "Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass harder! Please? Oh Skye, I love your dick in my ass. I love it. It feels soooooo good, mmmmmm, but I want more. Oooooooh I'm a greedy little anal whore who wants you to ram her butt wide open so you can pound my little ass hole hard and deep and remind me I'm your little anal whore. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, I'm your little anal whore, mmmmmm, pound fuck your little anal whore, ah fuck, please just destroy my little anal whore ass. Mmmmmm, I mean my big fat whore ass. Oh yes Skye, slam that fat ass and make those big cheeks jiggle for you."

There was no sound Skye loved more than the sound of one of her girlfriends begging for her, especially when it was for something so naughty like a harder ass fucking. Of course Jemma was normally too embarrassed to beg, Skye really having to work her cute little arse to get words out of her while Bobbi was only too happy to say whatever she had to get what she wanted. However she had the tendency to jump the gun a little. Sure, Skye had no doubt that if she quickly worked up to a hard brutal rectum wrecking right now Bobbi would still love it, but she just wasn't ready to give that to her. After all, she had only just started, and she wanted to enjoy this, especially as Bobbi was continuing to spread her cheeks for her, giving her the perfect view of her cock pumping in and out of The Mockingbird's butt hole.

Bobbi wasn't actually expecting to receive a harder butt fucking because of her begging. That's not what it was about. It was about pleasing Skye. Okay, it was mostly because she just couldn't resist, but also Natasha Romanoff had trained Bobbi to be the perfect anal slave, and Skye had quickly grown to love everything The Black Widow had loved about taking Bobbi's ass. Especially the begging for more, and continuing to obediently spread her cheeks so her top could see how she was violating her most private hole. And while it was a little awkward Bobbi could just about look back and see the intoxicating enjoyment on the face of the dominant woman, which made her submissive heart flutter.

Bobbi loved everything about anal sex. Of all the dirty little things she had become addicted to it was by far her favourite, mostly because nothing made her feel more submissive than being face down, ass up and spreading her cheeks. Naturally she loved being on her back and looking up at the face of her lover, and anally riding a dildo, but for her nothing beat bending over like a little bitch. And Skye knew that, which was why she kept her in this position for what felt like hours as Bobbi willingly degraded herself even further by saying the nastiest things she could think of, and by the time they actually got her what she had been begging for she was more than ready for it.

"Fuck me! Fucking destroy my slutty little butt hole!" Bobbi cried, becoming more and more desperate for what she wanted, "Please Skye, you know how badly I need you to wreck my ass. I'm a total anal whore who needs her ass constantly pounded deep and hard by a total butt buster. Mmmmmm, that's why we're perfect for each other. Mmmmmm, that's why days after we met I was face down and spreading my cheeks just like this so you could turn the fucking hole I shit from into your personal fuck hole. Mmmmm, the hole you now own. Oh God Skye, destroy the hole you own. Please? Gape me! Gape my ass so it's still open tomorrow. Gape it so wide that my ass is still open tomorrow during our mission. Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, I want to fight Hydra with a gaping ass hole, so when I'm kicking ass I feel the constant reminder that my ass belongs to you. Please? Just fucking destroy my little bitch hole and remind me I'm your little bitch. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, remind me my size doesn't mean shit, because you own my whore ass! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, remind me that the shit hole of The Mockingbird Bobbi Morse is your personal fuck hole, to use however and whenever you want. But also remind me that you're a merciful owner, who makes your bitch cum when she really needs it."

"You really need it, huh?" Skye teased.

"Yes!" Bobbi whimpered.

"Then you do it. Take your hands off your cheeks and fuck me back. Make yourself cum." Skye ordered while stopping her thrusting altogether. She then grinned wickedly as her bitch did as she was told, Skye lovingly encouraging her as she did so, "Mmmmmm, that's it, bounce that big booty. Bounce it hard and make those cheeks jiggle for me. Oh yeah, that's so sexy. Mmmmm Bobbi, you are one sexy bitch. Yeahhhhh, a sexy little bitch with a big fat butt I love to fuck. Fuck yeah, destroy that ass Bobbi! Destroy your little bitch hole. Ooooooh yeah, destroy the little bitch hole I own! I want my personal fuck hole, the one that used to belong to the big bad Black Widow, to be gaping wide open tomorrow too. Yeah Bobbi, wreck your big fat ass just like that! Fucking ruin that little hole I own! Mmmmm, fuck yeah!"

Quickly obeying Bobbi let go of her cheeks, grabbed onto the bed sheets, lifted herself up onto all fours and started thrusting herself back and forth. It took about a minute to really build up momentum, but once she really got going Bobbi felt her inevitable climax rushing towards her like a freight train, helped along by Skye smacking her ass and continuing to talk dirty. Then all of a sudden Skye was gripping her waist firmly and almost immediately beginning to pound her ass with every ounce of her strength, causing Bobbi's eyes to roll in the back of her head and a loud scream to start echoing throughout the room as she finally came.

It took longer than it should have for Bobbi to realise that scream was coming from her, or that her cum was literally squirting out of her cunt, but beau things were almost minor details to The Mockingbird right now. All that really mattered was slamming her fat butt back against Skye as hard as she could so she could fuck herself through this powerful climax that she was receiving and onto the next, her wonderful girlfriend helping her every step of the way through that wonderfully brutal anal pounding. As a result Bobbi became a completely mindless animal as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm, the type of which she could only receive through the kind of powerful butt fucking that Skye was now effortlessly giving her. Or while Bobbi was sandwiched between her girlfriend, that image of Jemma just making Bobbi cum harder.

Skye meanwhile was fighting the urge to cum, because as soon as she did it would be the beginning of the end. This was arguably the beginning of the end anyway, but Skye had seen Bobbi taking an incredible amount of climaxes during butt sex before, and knew they were only just getting started. Besides, while she enjoyed every single moment of sodomising Bobbi there was just something special about making her cum, and brutally pounding her butt, which Skye was totally addicted too and kept her at least a little close to satisfied on the nights that she was the one left out. Mostly because Bobbi was just so beautiful like this, and the site was just so erotic. Which made not cumming extremely difficult.

For a while Skye closed her eyes so she at least couldn't see Bobbi Morse bent over in front of her, her thighs jiggling against her girlfriend's big meaty cheeks and her cock slamming in and out of Bobbi's butt hole. Of course that just intensified Bobbi sounds of pleasure, the feeling of flesh smacking off flesh, and even the smell of sweaty anal sex. So ultimately Skye opened her eyes and let everything hit her at once, along with the vision of imaginary Jemma smiling with approval at her actions. It was perhaps that last thing more than anything else which was the straw that broke the camels back, and Skye went crashing over the edge of a powerful orgasm, the kind she could only receive when brutalising the ass hole of the infamous Mockingbird.


Those words, combined with the stimulator crashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of ass fucking another woman ensured that Skye was soon going over the edge of a second climax. Then a third, then a fourth, and so on. They weren't nearly as frequent as Bobbi's orgasms, or seemingly as powerful, but Skye couldn't imagine that they would be more satisfying than this. Not that she was in any hurry to find out. Skye would be lying to say she wasn't a little curious, especially given how hard Bobbi was cumming right now, but she loved being the one in charge and topping two beautiful women, especially at precious moments like this.

It took longer than with Bobbi but eventually Skye became a mindless animal pounding into her submissive mate. Well, mostly mindless. She was increasingly aware that her body was aching from exhaustion, and when Bobbi finally collapsed face down it was a wake-up call for Skye. She could continue for a little longer, and maybe squeeze a few orgasms out of them both, or she could stop now and maintain her air of dominance. She went for the middle option, pounding Bobbi until they received one more mutual climax, before yanking her strap-on out of her girlfriend's ass hole and then grinning sadistically as that poor little hole remain stretched open.

"Spread your cheeks!" Skye then ordered, "I want to send Jemma a picture of this so she has something to jack-off to later."

Bobbi was pretty sure that wasn't the right term, but she certainly didn't question it. She was too busy making sure that her ass stayed in the air and that she reached back to pull apart her butt cheeks and exposed her battered and stretched back hole. Neither of which was easy given how exhausted she was, but The Mockingbird was very used to sucking it up and finding reserve energy she didn't feel like she had left, and the truth was Bobbi relished the chance to further degrade herself, especially as she could imagine Jemma's blushing face when she received the text. Just as she could imagine Jemma blushing when Skye asked about it, and even better Bobbi could imagine Jemma actually touching herself to it, perhaps imagining her own butt hole being that stretched when ultimately Skye got her hands on it.

Skye grinned wickedly at Bobbi's obedience, took several shots of her handiwork and taking a long time to decide what one she liked best before sending it to Jemma, and then finally ordering, "Good girl. You now have my permission to suck my cock."

While Bobbi hadn't taken that long to spread her cheeks it had taken her a moment to convince her body to move. It was actually kind of embarrassing for her. She was The Mockingbird dammit, not some lazy sub who couldn't please her Dom. So it almost felt like redemption when upon that second command Bobbi immediately let go of her cheeks, turned around and dropped to her knees in front of Skye before taking the dildo which had just pummelled her butt into her mouth. She did this quickly for two reasons, firstly because she had been given a little time to recover from her wonderfully hard butt fucking, and secondly while she liked the additional humiliation of exposing her gaping ass hole Bobbi was addicted to the taste of her own butt and just couldn't get that dick in her mouth fast enough.

As if to prove that she moaned loudly the second that wonderful flavour hit her taste-buds, although it certainly wasn't staged. Bobbi just couldn't help being exposed for the ATM slut she was at this moment, the ATM slut that Agent Romanoff had turned her into, but luckily she had a loving and understanding girlfriend who allowed her to indulge in her twisted desires. First with a knowing smirk and with a hand on the back of her head, pushing her forward to remind her to take the dick deeper into her mouth and down her throat, and then stroking and patting her head as a reward when she did it. Then of course came the verbal encouragement which they both love so much.

"Mmmmm, that's it Bobbi, suck that cock. Suck that cock clean you greedy little ATM bitch." Skye practically purred as she stroked her lover's hair, "Oh yeah, suck your own butt off of my big cock you nasty little ass to mouth whore! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, clean my cock Bobbi. Clean it of every drop of your bitch ass! Oooooooh Bobbi, that's it, take it deep down your throat so you can get every drop of cream from your little bitch hole. Oh Bobbi, you make such a great bitch. I wish I was the one who made you like this. Who made you a submissive bitch, but I'm so lucky to have you now. And I know, no matter who had you before, you're mine now. Mine, and Jemma's, mmmmm, the two of us own you. You're our bitch, and you love it, don't you? Ohhhhhh yeah, just like us. Now suck me bitch! Suck my fucking cock!"

During that little speech Bobbi considered stopping to just once again remind Skye that yes, she was completely hers. Hers and Jemma's. That although she'd always be grateful to The Black Widow for turning her into the bottom she was always meant to be, Natasha was nothing to her, and she was nothing to Natasha. Even when they were regularly fucking Bobbi had just been a piece of ass to Natasha, and Natasha had just been the only woman who had ever given her what she truly wanted, and the only one Bobbi could go too. Now she had two wonderful girlfriends to give her what she needed, especially Skye, the more dominant of the two, the smile on Skye's face telling Bobbi that her girlfriend knew that and didn't need her to repeat it. So she concentrated on stuffing the last few inches of dildo down her throat so she could get the last of her bitch ass, the entire time thinking about how lucky she was. How loved. How even when she was without them both, she would never again truly be left out.


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