All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 11 (FF,petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Bianca's Suite.

Time: 8:27 PM

Bianca rushes to answer the door, dressed in a pair of striped boxers and
a large baseball jersey. Opening the door Bianca smiles as she see's her
friends, "Hey guys come in!" she greets them enthusiasticly.

"Hey Bianca." Maggie says smiling, walking inside followed by J.R and Tim.
"Where's your girl?" Maggie asks looking around.

"Olivia is in the kitchen, making some popcorn." Bianca replies, shaking her
head at the mention of Olivia as "her girl.* Glancing towards the kitchen
quickly, Bianca says quietly, "Look guys, I really need your help here.
Olivia is kinda depressed about what happened with mom-"

Holding up his hand Tim says jokingly, "Think nothin' of it. We'll cheer the
little lady up."

J.R. walks over to Bianca, "Where do you want our stuff at, Bianca?" J.R.
asks looking around.

"On the other side of the couch will be fine." Bianca replies as she walks
over to the television. Looking through the DVDs she rented from the Video
Connection across the street, she holds up two movies to her friends. "Shall
we watch either THIR13EN Ghosts or Valentine?" Bianca asks cheerfully as her
friends settle into their spots. J.R. and Tim sit on the floor in front of
the couch and Maggie sits on the left side of the couch.

As she's settling in under a blanket, Maggie calls out excitedly, "THIR13EN

Pushing the DVD into the machine Bianca runs to the couch and dives under her
own blanket and shouts loudly to the kitchen, "It's about to start!"

"I've got the popcorn!" Olivia yells running into the living room with a
large bowl brimming with popcorn. Quickly turning off the living room lights
she hands Bianca the popcorn and sits on her right, crawling under her own
blanket. As the movie credits begin Olivia looks over at Bianca and gives her
a grin that if she had seen it would have made her crawl onto Maggie's lap
and had Tim sit between the two. Leaning down Olivia whispers to Tim, handing
him her blanket, "Here you go. You look like you two could use this."

Hearing the exchange Bianca asks confused, "But what will use..." Bianca asks
trailing off as Olivia smirks and crawls under the covers, pressing into her
from the right.

Shaking his head Tim looks back to the movie, 'Somehow... I don't think
Olivia needs all that much cheering up.' Tim thinks with a mental chuckle.

Next to him J.R. is having much different thoughts, 'God, Bianca has had more
girlfriends then I have! It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't in the minority
but... Statistacly she has less chance to hook up with girls and yet she
still manages to get more girls then me.' J.R. thinks bewildered.

Feeling the laughter bubbling up inside her at the *deer in headlights* look
on Bianca's face, Maggie swiftly covers her mouth with her hand to stop the
laughter from spilling out. 'This is funnier then watching Leo and Greenlee
trying to do laundry!' Maggie thinks, finding the whole situation hilarious.

Poor Bianca doesn't think the situation is hilarious at all.. Oh no. From the
moment Olivia presses into Bianca her body starts to heat up as she remembers
a similiar dream she had of Olivia on top of her the first night they slept
in the same bed. 'Just stay calm Bianca.' she thinks to herself as she feels
Olivia's luscious curves pressed into her from the side.

With her left arm draped over Bianca's shoulders, Olivia has nestled herself
into Bianca quite nicely. Watching the movie for about fourty five minutes,
Olivia decides to have some fun with Bianca. 'You look a little cold Bianca.
Maybe I should warm you up!' Olivia thinks as she watches the Jackal grab
Kathy and tear at her clothes.

Bianca reaches into the popcorn bowl now positioned on Maggie's lap and
promply drops the handful back in when she feels Olivia's right hand on her
knee. Swallowing nervously Bianca considers what to do. 'It's just sitting
there. It's not doing anything! No need to panick.' Bianca thinks as she
looks over at Olivia and see's that she's watching the movie.

Waiting till she's sure that Bianca is used to her hand on her knee, Olivia
lifts her hand up and slowly runs just the tips of her fingers over the top
of Bianca's leg. Slowly moving it to the edge of her boxers then back.

Feeling sparks jump at Olivia's touch, Bianca chokes for a second on a
mouthful of popcorn earning a look from Maggie who shrugs and goes back to
watching the movie. Tim and J.R never notice as they are too engrossed in
the movie to care.

After moving her hand back and forth on Bianca's leg for a minute she lets
it rest right below the hem of Bianca's boxers. Doing her best to appear
to be watching the movie, Olivia feels her face becoming flush as her hand
feels the silky texture of Bianca's skin. 'Don't look over at her Olivia.'
she admonishes herself. 'If you do, you'll be acknowledging what your doing
and she might make you stop.' Smiling as the movie continues she silently
snickers, 'Lets make her sweat some more first!'

Feeling a blush starting to creep across her face and down her neck at the
feel of Olivia's hand on top of her leg, Bianca stares over at Olivia who is
apparently very intrested in the movie. 'Maybe she doesn't know where her
hand is.' Bianca thinks desperately. The voice that sounds so much like her
mother roars out, 'Of course she knows where her hand is you ninny! She's
doing it on purpose!'

Slowly Olivia squeezes and presses into the muscles of Bianca's thigh and
runs her thumb under the hem of Bianca's boxers as she pretends to watch the

Shuddering at the delicious feeling of Olivia's hand rubbing her thigh,
Bianca's breathing picks up slightly as she squirms slightly in her seat.
Flashing on the party, Bianca knows that Olivia is going to play this to
the hilt but knowing that she still can't quite bring herself to stop her...
yet. 'Oh God.... that feels so good..' Bianca thinks to herself feeling the
muscles in her thigh jump at Olivia's slightest touch.

Olivia smiles as she hears Bianca's breathing pick up. Knowing that if she
looked at Bianca, she'd see her blushing. Taking a shaky breath of her own,
Olivia moves her entire hand under the hem of her boxers and onto the inside
of her thigh.

Feeling her entire body freeze up, Bianca can barely breath as she feels
Olivia's hand move all the way up the inside of her thigh.

Turning her head to face Bianca, Olivia leans to Bianca's ear and whisper's,
"Your supposed to be watching the movie; not me." Moving her left hand off of
Bianca's shoulders. Olivia uses her left hand to turn Bianca's head, making
her face the television and caress the left side of her neck. Smiling at
Bianca's compliance, Olivia closes her eyes and starts to kiss and suck on
the right side of Bianca's neck.

Forgetting completely about her guests or where she is, Bianca tilts her head
to the side, moaning softly as Olivia begins to lightly bite at her neck.

Emboldend by Bianca's reaction to her, Olivia runs her thumb lightly over
the lining of Bianca's panties?! 'Hello! My girls actually wearing a thong.
Me likes!' Olivia thinks as she continues to run her thumb along the edge
of Bianca's thong.

Hearing a strange sound next to her, Maggie looks over and see's Olivia
making out with Bianca. Becoming completely absorbed in the scene in front
of her, Maggie stops watching the movie entirely as she watches Olivia
kiss, suck and bite at Bianca's neck ardently. Her own breath growing
heavy, Maggie can't stop watching as Olivia makes out with Bianca right in
front of her. Eyes widening Maggie realizes that though she can see Olivia's
left hand, she can't see the right. 'Oh, My, God! Where...' Maggie wonder's
till she see's a slight motion of the covers on Bianca's lap.

Opening her eyes, Olivia see's Maggie watching them.

Maggie forgets all about Olivia's right hand when she realizes Olivia has
caught her peeping.

Eyes narrowing in amusement, Olivia slowly licks and kisses up along Bianca's
jawline. 'So, she likes to watch huh? Well let her watch this.' Olivia thinks
with a silent laugh. Maintaining eye contact with Maggie, Olivia steps up her
assault on Bianca's neck. Kissing up to just behind her ear Olivia uses her
teeth to scrape the skin then sucks hard causing Bianca to moan loudly.

"What was that?" J.R. asks before turning around, almost catching Olivia
slowly torturing Bianca, before jerking away at the volume of Bianca's last

Giving Maggie one last smirk, Olivia turns to J.R and replies sweetly, "Just
some girl talk."

Turning her gaze from Olivia to Bianca, Maggie watches as Bianca slowly
regains control of herself. 'That was so hot! I can't believe Olivia did
that right in front of me. I never thought it could be like that with two
girls.' Maggie thinks wonderingly.

"Well.. what do we do now?" Tim asks turning to the girls, confused by the
sight of the three flustered girls.

With a wide smile, Olivia replies, "A very fun game." Getting up off the
couch she walks quickly to the kitchen.

Shrugging, not quite up to talking yet, Bianca follows after Olivia.

Looking to each other the three friends nod and follow after.

Walking in the kitchenette the four friends each take a seat after Olivia
gestures to the chairs around the table. With a raised eyebrow, Maggie asks
hesitantly, unable to look Olivia in the eyes yet, "What is this *very fun
game*, you mentioned?"

Olivia answers with her trademark naughty smirk, "Poker."

J.R looks confused and reponds so, "Poker? What's so fun about poker?"

Laughing softly Olivia leans forward conspiratorily, "Strip Poker!" Olivia


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