All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 9 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Adam Chandler's Mansion. Erica is standing in front of Bianca and
Olivia, claiming Olivia is really Livvie Locke.

Time: 6:27 PM

Olivia slowly disengages from Bianca's arms, she turns toward Erica a mildly
curious look on her face. "What the Hell are you talking about?" she asks
exasperation evident in her tone.

"Oh, don't try the innocent act with me girl I've got proof!" Erica declares,
brandishing the piece of paper like a knife.

Staring with trepidation at the girl beside her Bianca asks warily, "Olivia?
Is this true have you been lying to me?"

Swinging her gaze to Bianca, Olivia sees David out of the corner of her eye.
Noting with some astonishment, the confusion on his face she shakes her head
ruefuly. 'Well, it seems David didn't sick the bitch on me after all...
That'll teach me to assume the worst.' Olivia thinks sarcasticly. 'Worrying
so much about David that Erica snuck up on me. Good One, Olivia!'

"Bianca... I haven't lied to you. Not once." Olivia says beseechingly.
Searching her eyes for some sign that Bianca believes in her, Olivia sees
only doubt. Closing her eyes Olivia sighs loudly, and turns back to Erica.
"Okay lets see this proof." she says, her voice empty of emotion.

With a sneer Erica hands her the piece of paper. Looking at it, her face goes

.....11:45 Pine Valley Hospital

"So am I alright doc?" Olivia asks concerned.

Smiling at the pluck the girl sitting in front of him shows, Dr. Joe Martin
smiles gently, "Your fine young lady. Despite the fall that bruised your ribs
and the miscarriage you suffered shortly before that, your in remarkably good
health." he says compassionately.

Shivering at the mention of the miscarriage, Olivia shifts around in the
wheel chair, knocking over the cup of coffee she smuggled in, spilling it
on Dr. Joe Martin's leg and the top-right corner of her chart containing
her medical history. "Oh God! I'm soo sorry!" Olivia apologizes distressed.
Afraid she may have badly burned the doctor.

Smiling good naturedly, Dr. Martin lays the chart on the counter where the
coffee rested and checks his pant leg. "Well this will definetley stain." he
says mournfuly. Then looks up and smiles, the twinkle in his eyes saying it
doesn't matter. "I've had more coffee spilled and some thrown, at me, then
you could imagine." Moving behind the wheel chair he pushes it towards the
doorway, "Now let's get you back in your street clothes- and me into a
different pair of pants!" He says with a laugh, as they go through the
doorway to the changing rooms....

.....Seeing the coffee stain in the top right corner Olivia knows what
Erica has done. Hatred twists Olivia's face as she looks at Erica, malice
glittering in her eyes as Erica gloats.

"You thought you were so clever!" Erica says smiling widely. "I knew you
were trouble from the first moment I laid eyes on you! But now that's over.
You're never going to get near my daughter again, do you hear me?!" Erica
says triumphantly, missing the expression on Olivia's face.

Slowly, as Olivia stares at the paper in her hands, a smile appears on her
face. An awful, unholy look of glee that makes even Bianca and Chris take a
step back. As her gaze drifts to Erica, Olivia begins to laugh.

"What you did is called fraud and-" Erica stops talking as she hears
Olivia's laughter. Cold and filled with malice, Olivia's laughter cuts
through the room like a scythe. Blinking warily, Erica crosses her arms
across her chest. Hearing the menace in Olivia's laughter and something
else... madness perhaps, Erica decides to take the wind out of Olivia's
sails. Moving swiftly, Erica grabs the paper out of Olivia's unresisting
hands and shoves it at Bianca. "Look, you can see it signed at the top,
Livvie Locke." Erica says pointing at the signiture. Still seeing
confusion on Bianca's face she takes out the big guns, "Look right here
Bianca..." Erica says determined to end this, pointing down to Olivia's
recent medical history, "she had a miscarriage a week ago! The girls not
gay! She's been playing you-"

Face twisting again in hatred at the mention of her miscarriage, Olivia's
smile disappears, a feral light glowing in her eyes as she watches Erica.

"ERICA, STOP IT!!!" Chris shouts grabbing her arm, and cutting her off as a
sob breaks from inside Bianca.

Bianca turns to a seething Olivia , devestation written across her face. "Has
it all been a lie Olivia?" Bianca whispers, searching her face for some hope
that this is all a some terrible mistake. 'Don't let this be true!' Bianca
thinks over and over, as she waits for Olivia to say something, anything.

Yanking her arm out of Chris's grasp Erica says angrily, "Dammit Chris I
don't like this anymore than you do but she has to face the truth sometime."

Walking up to Olivia she smiles smugly, "Well Livvie, do you have anything
to say for yourself?"

Olivia just stands there staring at her, brown eyes like two embers blazing
with rage.

Moving to her daughter's side who is staring at Olivia, waiting for her to
explain herself. Erica puts her arms around Bianca and holds her close, "It's
going to be alright honey." Erica says leading a heartbroken Bianca to the
door, with Chris following behind. "I know that this hurts you but-"

"Wait." Olivia says softly, cutting Erica off.

Stopping as if pulled by a string Bianca turns around, a small spark of hope
alive in her eyes as she silently begs for the truth.

Walking slowly towards Bianca, Olivia nods her head to the unspoken plea,
"My birth name was Olivia Locke. My mother and... my friends called me
Livvie and when I had to go to the hospital a couple of months back, my
friends asked to see Livvie Locke." Olivia says with a faint smile. "Some
over achieving file clerk assumed that their had been a mistake in the
records and put down Livvie instead of Olivia." Reaching out with shaking
hands, Olivia takes the piece of paper out of Bianca's hands.

Lips pursing angrily, Erica stalks forward interposing her body between them.
"Well tell me Livvie, how do you explain the pregnancy huh? Did some file
clerk screw that up too?" Erica says tauntingly.

Looking at Erica with disgust Olivia says harshly, "Anything that I did
before I came to this God forsaken town is my business!"

Getting up from his chair, Jackson Montgomery signals to Chris who walks over
to Erica, as Jackson walks over to Olivia. "Maybe we should discuss this in
the other room-" Jack begins.

"No!" Olivia says sharply cutting him off. "We're getting this over with."
Scanning the tables she finds who she's looking for, "Dr. Martin, could you
come over here please?" Olivia calls out loudly. At the last table four seats
down from Maria, Dr. Joe Martin and Dr. Jake Martin both stand up. With a
slight smirk she calls out again, "The cute one!" Laughing, Dr. Joe Martin
gestures for Jake to sit as he walks over to Olivia and co.

"Is their something I can help you with young lady?" Dr. Joe Martin asks,
confusion showing on his face.

"Yes there is." Olivia says smiling like the Chesire Cat. Showing the piece
of paper to Joe she continues, "Do you remember when I spilled that coffee on

Staring at her in confusion he asks, "Yes... What does-"

"This is the chart you left in your office that I spilled the coffee on.
"Olivia says pointing at the stain. "Look at the paper and you'll see the
corner where the coffee hit it." she finishes with a triumphant look at
Erica. Moving on to Jack Olivia says with a sweet smile, "And I do believe
that stealing someone's medical chart is illegal... isn't it councilor?"

Coming out of her daze, Bianca understands what's happening just before Erica
does. 'Oh God.... please someone make her stay quiet.' Bianca thinks as she
watches the scene play out as if choreographed.

"Now wait just a minute!" Erica starts, as she sees where this is leading.

Chris reaches out quickly and grabs her by the shoulders, "I advise you to
zip it darling." he says in her ear. Out loud he asks, "Just what are you

Laughing lightly Olivia cocks an eyebrow at him and replies almost joyfully,
"I'm not implying anything... I'm saying it flat out! She stole my file
from Dr. Joe Martin's office while we were out. It isn't a copy because the
original had a stain in the corner where I spilled coffee on it. If you don't
believe me, ask Dr. Martin."

Quickly looking at Dr. Joe's face is all the confimination anyone needs as
they can see the answer in his eyes as he walks up to Erica. "Erica, did you
steal this girl's file?" he asks sternly.

Seeing that she's caught, Erica replies quickly. "I had to! If I didn't
she would have hurt Bianca! It's all in the file people. She supposedly
*miscarried* her baby a week before coming here. Doesn't that seem a
little odd to any of you?" she asks looking around the room. I mean come
on! She probably got rid of her baby when she heard about us."

Even Chris has trouble with that, looking at Olivia uncomfortably as Erica
continued her rant.

Then she convenietly shows up in Willow Lake, right when Bianca is there
to *save* her! Don't you see that this is nothing but a scam people!" she
finishes with a shout. Looking around there isn't many who will meet her
gaze. Turning she faces her daughter, "Bianca, you see don't you? I did it
to protect you. I love you." she says with unshed tears in her eyes.

Looking aghast at her mother, Bianca walks quickly over to Olivia and enfolds
her in a hug. "I'm sorry." she whispers over and over, tears spilling out
over her cheeks.

Feeling Bianca's warmth flow into her Olivia nuzzles into Bianca, enjoying
the closeness. "I like this." Olivia sighs. Basking in the sensation of being
in Bianca's arms for a few seconds, she gives a little groan of frustration
and pulls away.

"Hey, what is it?" Bianca asks worriedly. "I know that tonight wasn't what
anyone planned, but-"

Putting her fingers to Bianca's lips, Olivia seals off the rest of Bianca's
sentence as she turns to Jackson Montgomery. "She confessed. I have a room
full of witnesses. I want her arrested for theft and invasion of privacy."
Olivia says smugly.

Erica's jaw practicaly hits the floor with Olivia's demand. "You can't do
this!" she states unbelieving. Turning to Jack she shoots him a confident
look, "Jack tell her!" she says smiling.

Looking over at her he shakes his head, "I'm sorry Erica, there's nothing I
can do." Jack says regretfully. Taking out his cell phone he dials a number,
"Detective Frye," he says into the phone, "I need an warrant for the arrest
of Erica Kane."

'Arrested? No, no, no, noooooo.' Bianca thinks panicking. "Please don't do
this." Bianca whispers, desperately.

Incredulous, Olivia turns to Bianca. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't!"
Olivia says smiling maliciously.

Her hands resting at her sides, chocolate brown eyes calm, Bianca replies,
"Because I'm asking you to."

Feeling the rage inside screaming at her to destroy the bitch responsible for
her pain, and the desire for love and hope that Bianca has reawoke in Olivia
clash, she trembles. "Bianca don't ask me to do this. She took the most
agonizing event in my life and held it up and waved it for all to see... and
she did it proudly!" Olivia says harshly, pain sparking in her eyes. "I can't
let her get away with this!"

Eyes filled with compassion, Bianca steps closer to Olivia. "I can see how
much she hurt you. But if you do this, it isn't just her your going to
hurt... you'll hurt me too." Bianca says softly, gently, seeing the conflict
raging in the other girls eyes. "I'm not asking for her. I don't think that
what she did tonight was right, and I don't support it or her. I'm asking
because she's my mother." Bianca finishes in a whisper.

Turning to Jack her face twisted up in frustrated rage she says tightly,
"Call off the warrant."

His eyebrows lifting in suprise he replies, "Are you sure that's what you

"Yes, that's what I want," Olivia explodes, lashing out at Jack. She's about
to say more when she feels Bianca's hands go around her waist, holding her
from behind, cooling her fury for the moment. Closing her eyes for a moment
she slowly opens them, taking a deep breath, "I'm sorry Mr. Montgomery, none
of this is your fault. I have no right taking it out on you." Olivia
apologizes wearily.

Lifting his head in suprise once again, Jack nods his head impressed, "That's
quite alright Olivia," he replies, shooting a dark glance at Erica. "I know
who's responsible for this mess." he finishes aggravated.

Turning around into Bianca's arms she speaks in a tone that brooked no
arguement to both Bianca and Jack, "If she ever pulls anything like this
again, or anything at all on me and Bianca... I will send her to prison."

Staring up into Bianca's eyes to make certain that she knew she was seious,
Olivia waits till Bianca nods biting her lip pensively before snuggling fully
into Bianca's embrace and allowing the tears to fall.

Hesitantly, Opal aproaches Bianca and Olivia, "Hey, you two. I was leavin' to
pick up Petie from Kendall, do you girls need a lift back home or something?"
Opal asks, her heart aching for the poor thing in Bianca'a arms.

Looking up, eyes red from her tears, Olivia says quietly. "Get me out of here
Bianca. Please, get me out!"

Acceding to Olivia's wish, Bianca nods to Opal, "Could you get us out of
here Opal. She needs to rest." Bianca says, concerned for the girl shaking
slightly in her arms.

"Okay honey, we can go out the servant's entrance. It'll be faster." Opal
says to Bianca, a touch of worry in her voice as she gazes as Olivia.

As Opal leads the pair out to the servant's entrance, Erica faces off with
Jack alone. Chris having left to get the car. Placing her hand on her
forehead Ercia peers up at Jack dubiously, "I really don't want to hear it
Jack. I really don't!" she says scathingly.

"Well that's too bad Erica because your going to hear me or you'll probably
lose Bianca!" Jack says angrily.

Eyes wide, Erica listens in shock as Jack lays it out for her.

"If you had looked in on your daughter once during the party, you would have
seen that Bianca already cares very much for this girl. And that when you
hurt Olivia, you hurt your daughter as well." Jack states running a hand over
his face in agitation. "Bianca forgave you for what you did when she was with
Frankie... do you think she'll forgive you a second time?" Jack asks quietly,
then walks back to his table glaring at David along the way before Erica can

Giving Jack a last fleeting glance, Erica goes to leave. 'I know that this is
hurting Bianca, Jack.' Erica thinks regretfully, as she nears her car. 'But I
know that girl will hurt her more than I ever could.'

Watching Erica walk out David pulls out his cell phone. "Hello, this is
Doctor David Hayward and I need a copy of one of my patients transcripts."
David says confidently, waiting for a moment as the person on the other line
replies. David smiles suddenly, "My patients name is Olivia Locke, it may be
under Livvie Locke. There seems to be a mistake in the file, which is why I
need a more current version to check with mine. You can fax it to me at the
Pine Valley Inn. Thank you very much." David finishes and puts the phone
away, 'Well Olivia, it's time to find out where you've been for the last
sixteen years.'


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