All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 7 (FF, petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Biana's Suite. The next morning. Bianca and Olivia
are eating breakfast at S.O.S.

Time: 9:21 AM

Sneaking peaks at Olivia in her black T, and blue jeans that she borrowed
from Bianca as she eats, Bianca can't help wonder why Olivia is in such a
bad mood this morning. 'I mean, last night we had fun. We finished the
movie, I changed the wrappings on her ribs and we went to bed. I don't get
it.' Bianca thinks as she watches Olivia sulk as she eats.

Finally, unable to take the silence Bianca tosses her fork down on her plate,
"What is it Olivia? Why are you being such a jerk?" Bianca demands.

Olivia seems to snap out of her funk at Bianca's words, "I haven't been a
jerk, Bianca! I'm just... not a morning person." she explains lamely.

Her eyebrows raised as her expression reflects her disbelief, "Oh really!
What do you call barely talking to me all day?! You all but ignored me all
morning!" Bianca says, a tinge of hurt audible in her voice.

Face completely emotionless, Olivia raises an eyebrow and replies saying each
word succulently, "I Got Jipped."

Face blank with amazement, her jaw dropping, before she could recover, Bianca
shakes her head as she tries to wrap her mind around this. "What do you mean
you got jipped?!" Bianca says completely confused.

Ignoring Bianca's question for a moment, Olivia takes long drink of her
orange juice before looking back over at Bianca. "I didn't get my goodnight
kiss." Olivia replies sullenly.

Eyes wide with shock, Bianca starts laughing so hard tears spring from her
eyes and she struggles to catch her breath. Regaining some modicum of control
she looks at Olivia's face and realizing she's serious breaks into a fresh
wave of laughter.

Crossing her arms in front of her, Olivia isn't laughing, not that she can't
see her point, but still. 'Bianca needs to know that I'm upset about this'
Olivia thinks biting back her own smile.

'I need to stop laughing or I'm going to break something.' Bianca thinks to
herself. Hiding her head in her arms till the laughter dies down to a few
giggles Bianca sneaks a peak at Olivia. 'Uh-Oh. She does not look happy.
Better not look at her directly till I'm sure I won't laugh' Bianca decides.

Taking a deep breath, Bianca raises her head up and looks at her roomie.
Giving a smirk of her own she scoots her chair over next to Olivia's. "Is
little Olivia feeling neglected?" Bianca says teasingly, lifting her hands
up to cup Olivia's face. She tilts Olivia's face up to meet her own as she
moves ever closer, her lips only just barely not touching Olivia's, "I guess
we'll have to do something about that" Bianca finishes huskily. Seeing the
desire in the other girls eyes. Bianca tilts her head to the side as she
gives Olivia time to pull away.

Smiling when she doesn't, Bianca carresses Olivia's lips in the softest kiss
Olivia has ever known. Moaning as she feels Bianca's tongue push past her
lips and teases her own for a moment before pulling away.

Moving away a little Bianca watches as Olivia catches her breath, "So... are
still feeling jipped Ms. Olivia?" Bianca says in the same teasing tone.

As Olivia regains control of her breathing, she stares over at Bianca with
an unreadable expression. Moving with a speed that Bianca never would have
believed in the smaller girl, Olivia lunges forward. Pinning Bianca to her
seat as she stares into dark brown eyes gone wide, "You are going to pay for
that one Ms. Montgomery." Olivia says, her face a hairs breathe away from
Bianca's. "Oh, will you pay.." she trails off in a whisper before going to
her own seat.

So completely focused is Bianca on Olivia that she jumps when the waitress
comes for the check, "Umm.. if you two are finished- with breakfast that is-"
the waiter finishes with a cough and holds out her hand to collect the bill.
Blushing deep red as she looks around Bianca see's that they've become the
main attraction of the entire club.

"Here you go," Bianca says hurriedly, as she hands the waitress a twenty. "Me
and my friend will be going now." Bianca says blushing as both she and Olivia
go to leave.

Outside the SOS Bianca turns suddenly to a smiling Olivia, "You are so dead!"
Bianca says shaking her head.

"Hey I'm not the one who gave a public floor show in there Bianca. So don't
blame it on me." Olivia replies, laughing as she sees Bianca blush again.

Staring sternly at her for a moment, Bianca slowly exales and says, "I know,
I know. It's just... I didn't want this all over the place. at least till-"
Bianca stops and looks every where but at Olivia.

Curious by nature, Olivia can't help but ask, "At least till- what Bianca?"

Bianca's blush travels down her neck as she avoids looking at the other girl,
"We should be getting back. You need to rest and I have errands to run."
Bianca says quickly, bypassing the other girl's question.

Seeing a change in subject coming, Olivia moves quickly to stop it. "Oh no
Bianca. I've had as much rest as I can stand, thank you. Your not getting out
of this. Now spill." Olivia says resolutely, crossing her arms.

Bianca raises her arms, downplaying for all she's worth, "Well there's this
party for Maria that Adam Chandler is throwing... sort of welcoming her back
or something." Bianca says shaking her head in confusion.

"And?" Olivia asks, immensely curious as to where this is going.

Taking a deep breath, "I was wondering if you would be my escort for the
evening." Bianca asks nervously.

'Yes,' Olivia shouts internaly as she hears Bianca's request. 'Hello Olivia,
welcome to your first date with Bianca! Better make a good impression.'
Olivia thinks gleefuly.

Tilting her head to the side Olivia decides to tease her a little. "Why
Bianca, did you just ask me out on a date?" Olivia asks teasingly.

"Yes I guess I did." Bianca says smiling, before growing somber, "Why does
that bother you?"

"No, I just wanted to be clear that it's a date. " Olivia replies smugly.
"Speaking of which, what time is said date" Olivia inquires.

"Six o'clock, at Adam Chandler's Mansion." Bianca answers.

"Well that should be enough time." Olivia says staring off.

"Time enough for what?" Bianca asks curiously, drawing Olivia's attention
back to her.

With a smile in her face Olivia answers Bianca, "Time enough for me to find
a bank here in town, and get some money out for a dress and shoes." Running
a hand through her hair Olivia continues on, "I have quite a few chores to
do today. God knows I can't keep muching off you."

Blinking in astonishment, Bianca begins to say suprised, "Okay, I have to get
a dress to. So I'll come with-"

"No-" Olivia says cutting Bianca off. "This is something I want to do on my

"Oh" Bianca says, looking down with a slightlly hurt. "Well I guess I can
meet you there, if you want." Bianca finishes not looking at Olivia as she
pulls out a piece of paper and writes down the address for the party.

Seeing the blantant look of hurt on Bianca's face causes something deep in
Olivia's heart to clench painfully. "You don't understand," Olivia says
quickly, "it's not that I don't want you with me- I do! It's just that I
want to suprise you that's all." Olivia says achingly, her heart in her

Moving quickly, Bianca pulls Olivia into a hug, "I'll meet you there, Okay?"
Bianca whispers into Olivia's ear.

Shuddering at the feel of Bianca's breath on her, Olivia can only nod.
Reluctantly removing herself from Bianca's embrace, Olivia takes a couple
steps away as she collects herself. "I can.. Yeah I'll meet you there."
Olivia says stumblingly. Then turns and walks away.

Watching her walk away, Bianca smiles to herself. 'Oh boy! This promises
to be one eventful evenning!' Bianca thinks as she hurries off to go find
herself a dress of her own... something suitable to impress Olivia.


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