All My Children: Michael's Nightmare Part 1 (MF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Michael Cambias sat in the Pine Valley court room next to his father's
appointed lawyer. He sat with confidence knowing District Attorney Jackson
Montgumery didn't have a good case against him. Even with Adam Chandler's
help it wouldn't be enough.

As the trial went on, Kendall, Mia, sat waiting for the end. Erica sat and
watch as Jack did his best. They just got married, and that was a great thing
for her and him. The only person not at the trial was Bianca, she was in her
mother's penthouse for she knew what the out come would be. She held the
phone and wet her dry lips. She heard it ring and ring.

"Hello David," she said, "I need to see you."

"ARE YOU OKAY!?" Davd asked, with a concerned voice. David had just gotten
back with Anna, but she was at the trial too.

David arrived at the penthouse, Bianca let him in.

"You okay?" he looked into her eyes and checked her pulse.

"I'M Fine," she said, "David, I know Michael is going to go free."

David tried to calm her, "Yes," he said, "SO what can I do for you?"

"I want to make Michael pay for what he has done to my mother and everyone

"Bianca," David asked, "He raped you!"

Bianca just looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, and he ruined everything for me," leaning forward, "but David, no one
must know please keep it a secret."

"Let's go to the trial," David said, Confront him."

"No! I want him to pay my way. That's why I need you. I need some of your
sex drug."

"Oh No!" he said, "Bianca please don't."

"David, I'll give and do anything right now," she unbutton her blouse.

David watched as her firm breasts appeared in a purple satin bra. Bianca
rubbed her hands over her breasts, til her nipples got hard. David felt his
own cock getting hard.

"Go on, touch me," she took his hands put on her breasts. "You can have me,"
in exchange for the drug.

Bianca un zipped his pants found his hard cock and began to stroke it. David
moaned as she touched his cock head. He was squeezing her breasts. He was
kissing between her breasts. His pants were down and Bianca was on her knees.
She held his cock in her hand, stuck her tongue out and touched his swolloen
cock head. She ran it over his cock head and stuck her tongue into his piss
hole licking his precum.

"Where?" did you learn that David gasped.

"I watched my Mother," she took him in her mouth.

David knew Erica could suck, too. Bianca lips was tight around David's cock.
Her other hand was taking off her pants and panties. She soon was fingering
her own pussy.

"Let me do that," he said.

"I guess we got a deal then?"

"Yes," he said.

Bianca laid back opened her legs, "It's all yours!"

David was kissing the inside of her legs, he could smell her pussy.

Bianca put her finger on her clit, "KISS IT!"

David did just that, began to lick and suck on it.

Bianca jerked raised her ass up to "OOOOHHHH! Please..." she moaned.

David feasted on her pussy til Bianca came again, again.

"Now I'll fuck you,"

He rubbed his cock along her pussy. He slowly pushed in. She was tight. David
thought for she had never been with a man til Michael raped her. David fucked

"Yes, fuck me!" she moaned.

Bianca raised her pussy up to meet his thrust. David was doing his best, but
Bianca's pussy was squeezing the life out of him. He soon gave into her, and
came like he never had before. They laid there on the carpeted floor all

"If I can I will give you what you want so badly," she said. "A baby for you
and Anna," she smiled, "but first you must help me."

"Okay," he said.

He kissed her deeply and they fucked some more.

to be continued


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