All My Children: Maggie's First Taste (FF,F-mast)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Maggie was sitting in the SOS she and Bianca had a small fight. Maggie
tried to tell Bianca, that she wasn't into girls, but Maggie was attracted
to her for some reason. Was it those dark eyes, that pierced her when she
looked at her. Or those lips that looked so luscious, and the way she
smiled. Bianca didn't look bad at all, she had frim looking breasts, and a
nice looking ass. All these things Maggie couldn't miss and she knew Bianca
loved her too, but more than a friendly way. Maggie just shook her head
trying to get Bianca out of her head.

Maggie went back to her room. She got undressed and walked into the bath
room. Maggie seen a pair of panties on the floor. They weren't hers. Maggie
knew they was Bianca's. Maggie picked them up she looked at them. Maggie
took a deep breath let it out slowly. Putting the panties to her nose,
Maggie enhaled deeply, she could smell Bianca's pussy scent. Maggie rubbed
the panties all over her face, she even put them in her mouth. Maggie was
tasting Bianca's pussy.

While fingering her own pussy, Maggie fell on the floor. Her legs open wide,
she was rubbing her own clit with Bianca's panties. As she came over and over
soaking the panties, Maggie was sucking on them. Calling out Bianca's name to
lick her pussy till she came again. Maggie laid on the bathroom floor with
Bianca's panties in her pussy.

Maggie showered and as she did she thought she never came like that thinking
about guys. So how would she to get into Bianca's pants, as she dried off and
went to bed.

* * *

Bianca was working at Enchantment, working on some paper work. Maggie walked
in and she noticed no one was around. And her pussy was very wet just
thinking about what she was about to do Maggie walked into the office, where
Bianca was working.

"What's up?" Bianca said looking at Maggie.

"Oh, just thought I'd drop by," Maggie said as she sat on the edge of the

"I'm sorry about the other day, I didn't mean to upset you."

"That's okay," Bianca said, "I understand how you feel, I'm okay with that."

Maggie went and locked the door to the office. Maggie took off her jean
jacket revealing her button shirt. Her breasts weren't the size of Bianca's,
but they werw frim. Maggie walked back to the desk.

"I'm curious. Did you kiss my sister?"

Bianca looked at Maggie, "Yes, a few times we kissed."

"I see..." Maggie said. "Do you think you could give me a kiss like you gave
my sister?"

"Why?" Bianca asked.

"I just want to feel what she felt."

Bianca looked at Maggie. "Just one," she said.


Bianca stood up, "Is the door locked?"

"Yes," Maggie said.

Bianca touched Maggie's face. Maggie felt an electric shock, that went
through her body. Bianca opened her mouth and her tongue found Maggie's.
They embraced holding each other. Maggie smiled.

Maggie unbuttoned her shirt, revealing he bare breasts. To Bianca her nipples
were so hard they hurt. Maggie put Bianca's hand on her breasts. Bianca
squeezed them, pulling on her nipples.

"OOOHH God!" Maggied moaned. She had just came and her panties were soaking

Bianca bent down and took a nipple in her mouth. Her tongue ran around
Maggie's nipples biting on them lightly and pulling with her teeth. Meanwhile
Bianca's hand was rubbing Maggie's pussy through her jeans.

Bianca knelt down and unbuttoned her jeans. Pulling them down Bianca saw
Maggie had on her panties. Bianca kissed her wet pussy opening her mouth
using her tongue all along the front of Maggie's pussy.

"YEESS!" Maggie moaned, "Please, lick my pussy."

"Oh, I will," Bianca said, "but first you will do mine."

Bianca pulled the panties up between her pussy lips. Bianca took her dress
off. She stood there in a black lace bra and panties. Bianca took her bra
off. Maggie looked at her large nipples and licked her lips as she watched
Bianca take her wet panties off.

"Come lick me," as she sat back in the chair.

Bianca opened her legs wide. Maggie knelt between them and began to lick her
wet pussy. Maggie had rented a few videos so she would know how to lick her
right. Maggie was sucking Bianca's clit, sending Bianca into heaven. Bianca
was bucking in her chair pushing her pussy into Maggie's hungry mouth.
Maggie's tongue made it's way into Bianca's pussy. "OOHH YESS! Fuck my pussy
with your tongue!"

Bianca grabbed Maggies head, pushing her tongue deeper into her wet pussy
until she came. Bianca trembled as Maggie worked her magic tongue. They soon
were in the sixty nine position licking each other's pussy and fingering
their asses, too. They laid on the floor kissing.

"So I guess you want to do it again?"

"Yes," Maggie said. She got up and dressed taking her panties with her.

"See you tonight."

"Sure," Bianca said with a smile as she laughed knowing that she had left
them there o n purpose.

The End???


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