All My Children: Liza Goes Insane Part 1 (ff,inc,anal,ncon,viol)
by Jim Summers ([email protected])

Liza had only recently recovered from a brain tumor and for the past few
months the pressures of trying to readjust to normal life was just too much
for. She was constantly worrying about the possibility that her sister Mia
was sleeping with her husband Adam. One day Liza just snapped, her mind was
jumbled, things no longer made sense, she no longer knew who she was or what
she wanted. She was starting terrible arguments with Adam and he asked her
to go see a Psychiatrist, she told him that she was not crazy and that he
should just get out of the house for a while because she wasn't in the mood
to see him.

The next day Liza called her sister Mia on the telephone and told her to come
over to the Chandler residence because Liza wanted to see her. Mia arrived
wearing a black skirt, black stockings, high heels, and a white blouse. Liza
told Mia to take a seat on the sofa.

Liza began her rambling statements, "Mia, I have called to see you for I know
what you are doing, you have used your body to entice my husband, you are
young and using Adam to get the things you have never had in life...I know
you and your type, you young beautiful women and your schemes will not fool

Mia responded, "Liza, I don't know what you are talking about, I'm seeing
Jake, I have no interest in Adam, I may have thought about Adam in that way
for a while but not need to trust me, I am a new person now,
can't we put the past behind us and start afresh and become trusting sisters

Liza screams loudly, "I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU!!!"

Suddenly Liza picks up a champagne bottle on the table and smashes it over
Mia's head.

Mia's body slides off the sofa and into the floor. She is completely knocked
out. Liza puts the broken champagne bottle down and walks over to look at
Mia's wound. Mia is bleeding from the top of her head. Liza grabs a towel and
presses it to Mia's head to try to stop the bleeding. This works a little but
very slowly. Liza checks Mia's pulse on her arm, Liza thinks, "Good, she is
still alive." Mia is still completely unconscious.

Liza grabs some rope and starts tying Mia up. First, she puts her arms behind
her back and then ties her arms up, and then she wraps the rope behind her
knees and ties them up, also she puts one section of rope around her stomach.
About 4 hours pass. Mia is laying on the carpet and slowly she starts to
revive. Mia's vision is very blurry but she can still see a little. The first
thing she sees is Liza's face standing over her.

Mia says slowly and in a very weakened voice, "Ow....Liza....why did you do
this to me?"

Liza stands stone-faced and says, "I am going to teach you a lesson about
what happens to women who steal husbands."

Mia tries to explain, "But I didn't....Ow, my head hurts...what? My hands,
legs, you..tied me..up?"

Liza responds very arrogantly and self-assured, "Yes I tied you up, this way
you won't be out screwing Adam. I can keep my eyes on you."

Mia says, "Oww, Liza my head...hurts.....please....I, take me to"

Liza smiles smugly and says, "Hospital? No way, if I were to do that you
would tell them what happened and I would be carted off to
will not happen to me."

Mia says, " can help you...I won't tell
police....just get me to hospital and....Jake."

Liza gets angry and says, "Oh yes, Jake! The other man you are screwing on
the side!! Well I've had enough of your games little sister."

Suddenly Liza begins unbuttoning Mia's blouse...

Mia's eyes open up wide in confusion and she says, "What are you...doing?"

Liza responds, "I want to see what it is that makes men including my husband
want to fuck it your big tits?"

Liza continues unbuttoning Mia's blouse and finally removes it and slowly
reaches behind Mia's back and unhooks her bra and takes it off.

Mia says, "Oh my God....Liza...stop!"

Liza stares at Mia's C Cup breasts and says, "Now these aren't bad, maybe
this is why they all fuck you."

Liza begins grabbing Mia's breasts, squeezing them hard. Liza's facial
expression is very bizarre as she looks mentally lost in the sensation of
handling the breasts."

Mia's face is even more confused and shocked by Liza's insanity.

Mia says, "Liza, why are you doing this? I'm your sister!!!!"

Liza is still squeezing the breasts and is now using her fingers to force the
nipples to become erect. She pulls on both nipples and they become completely
hard, Mia is unable to prevent this forced physical reaction because Mia is
already in a weakened condition so her body's behavior is impossible to

Liza continues speaking, "Well, those are nice, now let's see the rest of
Adam's Treasure."

Liza unzips Mia's skirt and pulls it down over her thighs and off of her
legs. Mia had already lost her high heels earlier when she fell to the floor
after being hit with the champagne bottle. Mia is wearing thigh-high black
stockings and black panties.

Liza says, "My, my, my, thigh-high stockings..Adam either has himself a
Victoria's Secret model or a whore? Which one are you? Oh gee what a silly
question, as if I don't already know?"

Mia is getting even more upset, "Stop this Liza! You are degrading me! Untie
me and quit undressing me and touching me."

Liza smiles and says, Oh, honey, this is going to get a whole lot worse
before it gets better for you."

Liza removes Mia's panties and looks at Mia's bush. Mia's pussy is shaved

Liza laughs strangely and says, "Oh I bet you shaved your pussy all for Adam,
he must like it hairless like a little girl, now I know that I should keep
Adam away from Colby, he is prone to pedophilia apparently."

Mia says, "Liza, God what are you doing? Please stop this! Get me to the
hospital and stop abusing me!!!!"

Liza rolls Mia over onto her stomach and looks at Mia's firm young ass. Liza
runs her red fingernails across it slowly.

Liza asks, "Does Adam fuck you in your ass? I bet he does. I would never
allow Adam to do that to me so I'm sure he gets it from you or his other
whores. I have known for years that he was unfaithful to me but I tried to
hold this marriage together."

After that remark, Liza inserts a finger up Mia's anus. Mia grimaces at this
violation. Liza begins finger-fucking Mia's anus by moving her finger deeper
and then back up repeatedly.

Liza chuckles at the strange situation and says, "You know I just realized
how much power I have over your body right now and I'm actually getting wet
over this. How strange."

Mia responds and says,"Liza!! You are mentally ill, you are Psychotic! You
need serious psychological help, if you just let me go I can get some help
for you, Jake would be more than willing to help me find you the right mental
health professionals to get you the treatment you need."

Liza's face turns very arrogant again and she says, "Mia, that's where you
are wrong, I don't need any help, I feel just fine and finally I'm getting
things to go my way and I'm not being forced to sacrifice for Adam or you
or anyone else. This time I'm in control."

Liza finally stops fingering Mia's anus and she removes her hands from Mia's
butt entirely. Liza turns Mia back around and looks face to face at Mia and
Mia is trying to make a face of weakness so that maybe Liza will finally feel
some positive emotion for her and will snap out of this, but instead Liza
leans her face in and kisses Mia on the lips. She likes it so much she kisses
her again and this time for a much longer time. Liza starts licking Mia's
lips and you can see the look of disgust on Mia's face as she closes her eyes
and grunts at this horrible display of incest. Liza moves her mouth down and
starts licking and sucking on Mia's neck and then slowly she moves her way
down to Mia's breasts and Liza puts her mouth on the left breast. Liza begins
sucking Mia's nipple and flicking it with her tongue. Slowly Mia's nipple
goes in and out of Liza's mouth.

Suddenly the door is opened, Liza had forgotten to re-lock the door when Mia
came over. It's Haley....Haley looks at Liza sitting in the floor and sees
Mia nude.......

Haley angrily asks, "What the Hell is going on? Oh my God, you two are
sisters!! Jesus Christ, are you having sex?"

Liza stands up and says, "I can explain I was only..."

Haley, "Oh, I see, Mia is tied up, Mia is this your idea? I knew you were
trouble but I never thought you would were this sick!"

Mia is glad that Haley is here and hopes that Haley will now stop Liza's

Mia says in relief, "Oh, I'm so glad you showed up Haley, this wasn't my
idea, Liza has cracked up, she's insane, we have to get her help."

Suddenly Liza reaches under the sofa and pulls out a gun and now wants to
regain control of the situation.

Liza says, "Alright, Freeze Haley! Don't make a move or I'll shoot!"

Haley sees the gun and finally realizes that Mia is right, Liza is insane and
has caused all of this.

Haley says, "Now there's no need for the gun, just tell me what you want me
to do, Liza."



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