All My Children: Kendall And Greenlee's Pleasure And Revenge Part 1
by Sub Icepick (FFF,inc,F-dom,bond,ncon)

Erica Kane always was a woman of control. She always had a sense that she
dictated her own future, her own destiny. Being a CEO, a manipulating factor
in the worlds fashion markets, she thought this classy living would continue.
If she made enemies she could have them fired, or arrested or disowned. Erica
was respected for all her great social value, all except one person. A woman
of pure hatred, pure anger for her, Erica knew this woman hated her but she
was about to know how her anger had transformed. A stewing rage that knew the
person very well and her perfect family that in truth was made dysfunctional
by her sisters lifestyle, a lifestyle that disgusted the matriarch.

One night working late in her office, getting some reports done for the board
meeting tomorrow morning. Erica was dressed in a pair of red slacks with red
high heels, a white blouse with a red dress coat over it. She was working
feverously with a lot of multi-tasking, from her computer, to her papers, and
then writing again. She was searching in vain for the Bryant Report that was
on her desk a few hours ago. She heard a sound and she looked up and there
was Kendall with the report in her hand, "Looking for this mother?"

Kendall wearing a pair of blue jeans and a green blouse. Erica dually shocked
both at her nerve to come here and that she had the report she had been
seeking all this time. Erica looking surprised but sort of angry, "Uhm, what
are you doing with the Bryant Report, and what are you doing in my office?!"

Kendall smiled, "Oh, I was sharing your trade secrets with the competition."

Erica appalled, "You did what?"

Kendall retorts, "I gave this report for a friend at Revlon to see."

Erica stands up and points her finger, "You took that report to Revlon? How
DARE you?!" She knows that it dipped into the hands of her enemy, Greenlee.
Erica says with anger, "You won't get away with this! I promise you that,

Kendall steps forward and says, "I think you have made enough promises and
threats where I'm concerned, mother!"

Erica replies with classy arrogance, "I have always treated you just like a
misfit rape baby, yes, you are right. Yet you have done nothing to sway me
but devious planning, scheming on my part and my daughters."

Kendall perks up emotionally, "Oh, lets talk about your other daughter. The
one that ruined you, that made you aligned with pussy eating. How can your
daughter be the good one if she is eating the fish sandwich each night?"

Ericas faces looks like she hit a chord on what she truly has believed about
her lifestyle. Erica says with a level of fake acceptance, "I respect my
daughter no matter what she-"

Kendall says harshly, "Save it, mother, you can feed the newspapers with
that garbage, but it doesn't work on me. I know you hate your muff-diving
daughter. I am tired of your pretending."

Then Greenlee walks in saying, "I think so too, Kendall. Now its our turn to
make the pro-active strike against her." Greenlee walks over to Erica's desk
in a tan skirt and a pair of stiletto heels with a novelty black tie over a
white shirt saying, "Well I'm back in your office, what are you going to do

Erica reaches for her phone to ring for security. Greenlee pins her hand
hard against the plastic phone. Kendall tells her mother with a weird smirk,
"Maybe I'm not completely unlike Bianca." Kendall begins to kiss Greenlee
open mouth, tongues swirling in front of Erica's horrified face.

After their lipstick was smeared on each others faces, they both looked at
the obvious repulsion of lesbianism on Erica's face. As Kendall approaches
she gets slapped across the face by her mother, "Oh yeah, mother, pain is
all you have given me. Time for my pleasure and revenge."

Erica becomes wide-eyed and utterly defenseless to both her attackers.
Kendall rips Erica blouse open and pulling it forcefully behind her back,
pinning her arms behind her back. Greenlee squeezing Erica's ass while
still in her red slacks, Kendall tears Erica's black bra and reveals her
implants, "Wow mother, mine are small but real and yours are really big
but really fake!"

Laughing as she powerfully smacks them side to side painfully like punching
bags. Slinging side to side whilst Kendall flicks her mother's nipples hard
with her fingers. Making them red, hard and sore. Greenlee rolling Erica's
slacks down her smooth hot legs to the floor. Smacking Erica's exposed ass
hard making Erica scream. Kendall moves Erica and props her arms across the
back of the chair and ties them up. Greenlee spreads Erica's legs and removes
her panties Kendall sits down in the chair facing her mothers cunt. So Erica
can look down and see her daughters face, Kendall smiles, "Oh mom, are you
going to be as repulsed as you were earlier, when this face is buried in your

Kendall then pushes her face into her mothers cunt, while Greenlee spreads
Ericas ass cheeks and begins to tongue-fuck her asshole. Swirling it around
and scratching her ass with her long fingernails, making it all red with deep
soaring lines. Greenlee removing one of her stiletto heels and pushes it into
her asshole. Working it into her ass hard and fast. Greenlee says with
excitement, "Feel this Proda heel up your ass, nothing but the best for you,

The arousal of physical stimulation across her classy clit makes her very
wet. Kendall's eyes meet Erica's as she is being tongue fucked by her
daughter and Greenlee deep in her ass. Just as Erica is about to cum she
moans for Bianca's help. Kendall grunts with a smile, "If Bianca was here
she could partake on your hot bushy cunt, or hell, on mine! Would you like
to see your precious angel eat my pussy? Think about it your muff-diving
offspring swallowing your misbegotten daughter's pussy juices."

Before her mother's cunt came she stopped licking and untied her arms and
legs and sat her down in the chair. Tying her back up with her legs spread
and her arms tight around the arms of the chair sitting on the heel still
penetrating her ass. Kendall takes off her pants and her shirt, wearing no
panties for this occasion. She spreads her legs and mounts her mother's
body in the chair; Erica is facing her daughter's light brown wet bush.
Greenlee is standing behind the chair looking at Kendall's small erect red
nipples. Kendall says to Erica, "Do you want to eat my pussy, your illicit

Erica says with repugnance, "You are disgusting, Kendall I will never do
this. I am the CEO of the biggest fashion company in the world, you will pay
for this! You never change; you are still just a trashy rape baby! Now let
me go!"

Kendall replies with cunning rage, "No mother, time for you to feel what your
other daughter needs across her lips."

Greenlee then pushes Erica's classy face into her daughter's wet pussy while
Kendall is saying, "Eat my pussy mom! Eat what your other daughter desires!"

Greenlee replies, "Yeah, you snobby bitch, eat her pussy good!"

While Kendall tongue kisses Greenlee as she pushes Erica's face deeper
smothering her with hot pussy. Kendall's wet pussy juices and lips smear
Erica's lipstick all over her face. Greenlee removes her white shirt and
white bra. Kendall partakes of Greenlee's very small breasts, licking and
sucking. Yet Erica manages to scream for Chris.

Kendall smiles and says, "Oh how noble you need your boyfriend, Chris. I
think you just need a dick inside of you, mommy dearest!"

Greenlee takes off her tan skirt all while her pussy is dripping wet.
Kendall's pussy explodes with cum and splashes all across her mommy dearest
classy face. Kendall and Greenlee change arrangements and positions, Greenlee
is now bent over and Kendall is pushing Erica's face into her ass. By now
Kendall is just laughing hysterically with revenge and pleasure, pulling her
mother's hair up and down back and forth into Greenlee's ass. Kneeling down
Kendall begins to lick her mother's ears kissing the side of her face with

Greenlee smiles, "Oh yeah, Erica eat your ex-employees ass, bitch! You like
that heel piercing your ass I left for you?"

Kendall making her mother's head nodding like a submissive slut. Kendall
hands her one of Erica's heels and Greenlee cums all over down her legs, but
she catches a lot of it in Erica's classy pumps. Greenlee stands up with the
heel and puts her finger into the pool of cum; Kendall pulls her mothers lip
forward and tips her head back. Greenlee feeds her a finger load and when it
drips into her mouth, Kendall moves her mothers lip back forcing it to stay
in her degraded gullet.

After a couple finger loads, Greenlee pushes the heel into her mouth, but
Erica would not open her mouth. Kendall slapping her mother's face and
yelling at her, "If you do not open your mouth, then we will begin torturing
your tits, mother!"

She complies and opens her mouth, wrapping her lips around the heel pushing
it in and out of her mouth. Greenlee smiles defiantly, "Suck the heel like a
bitch, Erica! I bet this makes you miss Chris even more!"

Kendall and Greenlee untie Erica this time she tries to get away, but
Greenlee's reflexes catch her by the arm, then Kendall says dominating her,
"Did you forget you classy fuckin bitch, we own you and your body." Smacking
her mother again across her already red face, pulling her hair and saying,
"You need another lesson, this one you won't forget!" Kendall spits on her
face and laughs, "You goddamn bitch, you think you have a will of your own."

Greenlee ties her hands behind her back and Kendall and her suck on Erica's
sore nipples, Kendall on the right and Greenlee on the left. Kendall says
joking, "Finally mother I get to suck on the tits you never let me get
before, because you disowned me. Funny now I own your body and its functions.
I bet that drives you insane."

Erica disoriented with pleasure and pain only moans, "Kendall, please."

Sucking on them until they are red, sore and swollen all while they are
pushing two of their fingers inside her pulsating pussy. Four fingers stretch
her pussy walls until they think Erica is ready to cum. Kendall then pushes
her own nipples into her mothers mouth just to tease her a little. She
reluctantly begins to suck but tries to bite on them too.

Greenlee sees how hard Kendalls nipples are, she begins to suck on them too.
Kendall lies down in front of Erica and locks legs with Greenlee's until
their pussies rub together until they cum against one another. Greenlee licks
Kendall's cum on her pussy lips and clit and then spits it on Ericas breasts,
then Kendall licks Greenlee's cunt clean and spits it in Ericas eyes,
blinding her. Kendall smiles, "Take that pussy juice, mother, did you like
Greenlee's cunt oil? Its too bad Bianca and her bitch weren't here she would
have loved to have seen this. If she had seen this, her and her bi-bitch
would have been here eating you too, mother. If only Bianca was here. Maybe
she will get to see one day."

Winking at Greenlee, Greenlee snaps a polaroid of Erica tied up with cum all
over her body. Kendall grins devilish whispering in her mothers ear, "Do you
respect your other daughter's lifestyle anymore? Does it still sicken you or
does it now turn you on a little?"

They leave the office laughing and kissing. Greenlee takes the photo and
using a computer program she superimposes Bianca's face over Erica's and
sends it to The National Enquirer. The Pleasure and Revenge has just

The Lesbian Reign Of Terror Will Continue


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