Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 9 - Mad Hatter's Party
by Hamster

The party guests were the strangest assortment of people that Alice had
ever seen and she had already seen humanoid flowers, cat people, talking
dodo's and she'd lain an egg. Now she was on the path to the home of a mad
man. As she approached the Mad hatters home she began to here some fairly
poor singing coming from the place. There was very senseless lyrics about
unbirthdays, whatever the bloody hell that meant. Alice opened the gate to
the back yard which was were the drunken singing was coming from and was once
again treated to a sight of pure bizarreness. There was a humanoid wolf, a
girl in a red hooded cape, two teens dressed in green, and a girl dressed as
shepardess complete with hooked staff. At the head of the table was a man
dressed a bit like Willy Wonka, he had a ludicrous looking gigantic purple
hat. The lot of them were singing with all of the skill and musical ability
of rutting hippopotamus. Alice noticed that there was equipment everywhere
for the brewing of beer. On a drum in black letters were the words "Hatter's
Beer: It's Mad Good". Alice groaned as she walked into the yard. The
collection of individuals suddenly stopped their singing and stared.

"Hello there, um I was told that I can find the Mad Hatter here." said Alice.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked the Hatter.

"Alice." She replied.

"And just what the fuck would you be wanting?" He asked.

Alice frowned. He was going to be difficult, she could tell, they were always
difficult in this damn place!!! "I want to know how to get back home to

"Is that so? Well I'm in the middle of a party and I don't feel much like
stopping so I can give out directions buuuuuut maybe if you party with us
I'll feel like pointing out to you what you need to know." He said. He
patted his lap. "Sit on poppa's lap and have a beer."

Alice shrugged. The Hatter was creepy but she'd certainly done worse on her
trip through Wonderland. Alice made her way over to the Hatters seat and
then sat on his lap as requested. The wolf grabbed a pitcher and filled
everybody's mugs with beer. After that the Hatter felt that it was necessary
to make introductions.

"Well Alice the big hairy dude is BB Wolf, the girl in the red is miss Hood,
followed by the twins Hansel and Gretel and lastly you got Bo Peep." Said the
Mad Hatter.

"Hey." Said Alice.

"Well shall we proceed directly to the orgy?" Asked the Hatter.

"What?" Asked Alice.

"This is an orgy party baby. We're all gonna get naked and get some hot nasty
sex going." The Hatter informed her.

"Oh jeez it's a non-stop orgy in this weird ass world already the actual
declaration of an orgy commencement is just plain redundant." Alice said.
So far nobody in Wonderland would do anything unless Alice slept with them

The hatter scratched his neck and looked thoroughly confused. "Baby you just
used like three big words and I'm not totally familiar with them."

Alice rolled her eyes. "Oh just never mind."

The orgy seemed to already be on the way. The wolf had young miss hood bent
over the table, with a quick slash of his claws Hood's little red panties
were gone. Everyone was watching as he licked her pussy one time and then
and then rose up to mount her like an animal. The wolf began to push his
massive cock into her undersized pussy. It was slow going and obvious from
her cries and moans that it was both painful and satisfying for her.

"Oh yes fuck me hard wolfy! Fuck me hard!" Hood cried.

Everyone was watching in deep fascination as the giant wolf-cock pulled out
of her only to plunge into harder and harder. She was screaming at the top of
her lungs now and everyone was very excited. Hansel had pulled down the top
of his blonde twin sister Gretel's dress. He had one of her juicy tits in his
hand and was squeezing it as he watched Hood get power fucked.

"Oh yeah bro' fuck me hard!" Cried Gretel.

Bo Peep walked over to the Hatter and turned her back to him.

"Unzip me." She said.

The Hatter gladly unzipped her dress. She pulled it off and then sat on his
other lap as they watched the show. By now Gretel was totally naked. She lay
on the table face up while her brother fucked her at a pace that was only
surpassed by the wolf's. Bo kiss Hatter, Hatter then kissed Alice and then
Alice kissed Bo. Bo unzipped Hatter's trousers and retrieved his dick. She
knelt between his legs and wrapped her lips around his cock while at the same
time moving a hand to Alice's cunt so she could finger her while sucking

Soon the wolf as howling as he began to cum in young miss hood's tight little
pussy. The beast slumped atop her as he finished dumping his load. The twins
stopped long enough to get closer so that Gretel could lick the wolf cum from
Hood's pussy while an enthusiastic Hansel started to fuck his twin sister's
ass and let the wolf lick her pussy. Hatter was now fucking Alice's pussy
while Alice ate out Bo peep. After a few minutes the sounds of orgasms filled
the air.

Everyone was laying around in post orgasmic bliss when Hatter suddenly turned
to Alice who was laying next to him.

"So baby what was it that you wanted?"

Bo was laying on top of Alice asleep with one of Alice's nipples in her

"Well, you can tell me how to get to England." She said.

"Well baby for that you need to see the Queen, she controls the entry and
exit to Wonderland. Just a warning: She is the biggest, nastiest most
perverted freak in Wonderland." Said the Hatter.

This was a statement that Alice could hardly believe.
_ _ _

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