Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 8: Cheshire Cat (Ff,oral)
by Hamster

Fully grown again, naked and once again on the trail of the white rabbit
Alice soon found herself absolutely lost in the strange woods of Wonderland.
Everywhere that she looked she saw a strange assortment of creatures. Like
ants with lion heads, birds with musical instruments for beaks, and miniature
dragons as long as her pinky that had gossamer wings.

"I've gone mad, this place is turning me into a nutter." Alice said with a

"That shouldn't bother you." Said a voice from out of nowhere. "The sane are
poorly equipped to deal with reality."

"Who said that?" Demanded Alice as she turned about and looked for the

"Just me." Replied the voice.

"Yeah and who exactly are you." Alice asked.

"I'm Chesire, the Cat." The voice said by way of introduction.

Alice felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned to see who it was and
was shocked to see a disembodied arm touching her shoulder. Suddenly a body
faded in. And then a head. Alice was face to face with a woman with an
attractive body as well as cat ears and a long cat-like tail. Her hair was
very long and white.

"Holy crap!" Alice exclaimed.

"Yes well I am sort of spectacular aren't I?" Said Cheshire as she tossed her
long hair back.

"I'm really lost, do you know where the white rabbit is?" Asked Alice.

"Of course I do." Replied the cat.

There was a long pause.

"Well can you tell me?" Alice demanded.

"Yes but I require something from you first." Said the Cat.

"OK, what?" asked Alice.

"You have something inside you that I need to get out." Said Cheshire as she
knelt in front of Alice and sniffed her belly.

"What are you talking about?" Demanded Alice.

"Don't worry, I can get it out." Said the Cheshire cat.

Suddenly Chesire's tongue shot forward. It was long, like two feet long.
Cheshire grabbed Alice's hips and whipped Alice's pussy with a vicious lash
of her long tongue.

"Holy shit!!!" Cried Alice.

She gasped as the tongue stabbed at her cunt. Alice was penetrated by the
long snake like tongue which burrowed deep into her and began to swirl and
dig around in her pussy.

"Oh god, oh god what the..." She felt like the tongue was searching for
something inside her.

There was a jolt and a jab and it felt like something deep within her was
being pulled. All of this was coupled with the pleasure that the shifting and
thrashing and exploring that the tongue was performing gave her. She felt
something hard and round being dragged out from within her it was like when
she gave birth to the plant except not as painful. The tongue pulled harder
and Alice squirmed and sweated and teared up. The thing inside her progressed
through her until she felt it being pulled out of her pussy. There was a very
loud popping sound and Alice looked to see that the Cheshire cat had pulled
an egg clean out of her cunt. Alice was shocked and surprised to see that
there had been an egg in her pussy. She wracked her brain and soon remembered
that she had been fucked by a dodo bird.

"That son of a bitch." Alice said.

"Huh?" Asked the Cheshire cat.

"The fucking dodo impregnated me, that's the second time I've given birth in
this crazy place, and I had them in the wrong order!!! I just want to get out
of here." She said.

"Well you did give me this egg..." Alice hadn't actually given her anything
but she did not feel like arguing. "...Head down that path and make a left at
the fork. At the purple house you will find someone who can give you answers
on how to get out of here, I must warn you though, he's quite mad."
_ _ _

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