Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 7: The Caterpillar
(M/f, caterpillar, foot)
by Hamster

Alice followed the path that the Flower had given her until she arrived at
a massive mushroom forest. She had been walking for so long that she had
developed blisters on her poor swollen feet. She began a quick survey of
the area and saw a low toad stool with a gigantic fat Caterpillar sitting
upon it. As she made her way closer she could see that the caterpillar had
a giant bong and was quite busy smoking.

Alice approached the Caterpillar slowly, partly because she was cautious of
it and partly because she was limping thanks to all the suffering in her
feet. The caterpillar gazed at her through very blurry eyes and waited for
her to finally make her way to his toadstool.

"And who are you?" the Caterpillar asked.

He was plump and twice as long as Alice was tall. Alice looked at him and his
giant bong.

"I'm Alice," She replied.

"And what do you want?" He asked.

"To grow back to my right size." She replied.

"Why?" The Caterpillar asked.

"Because I'm tired of being this short." She said, more than a little

"Why?" It asked.

"Well because I want to!" She said.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"God dammed stoner Caterpillar." Alice swore. "Pot's fried your little

"What?" He asked.

"How. Do. I. Grow. Big." She demanded.


"Because if you don't tell me then I'm going to smash your bong, burn your
pot and then bitch-slap you." Alice said impatiently.

"Whoa. Look, I'll tell you anything that you want, But only if you do
something for me?" The Caterpillar said.

"What's that?" Alice asked.

"Could you umm let me play with your feet?" He asked.

"What?" She asked dumbfounded.

"I have a thing for feet." He replied.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." Alice said.

"I kind of want to lick them, fondle them et cetra." Said the Caterpillar.

Alice sighed. The bloated stoner-worm really did disgust her but she didn't
have a ton of options at this point. "Fine, but you better keep up your end
of the bargain or there is going to be trouble."

"SWEET!!! Sit here." The Caterpillar indicated a Mushroom that was growing
near his own.

Alice climbed atop a smaller toadstool, then climbed another to get atop of
the one indicated by the Caterpillar. Alice kicked off her shoes and then
pulled off her pantyhose. Her feet were all red, swollen, sweaty and

"Sorry but I?ve been walking around all day." Alice said.

"No, they are perfect." Said The Caterpiullar.

Sheesh, what a freak. Thought Alice. She extended a single dainty foot to the

"There you go." She said

The Caterpillar took her foot in his hands and admire it as if it were fine

"Whoa." He said appreciatively.

He took it in his hands and gave the sole a quick gentle lick. The foot was
hot and sweaty but that was to the Caterpillar?s liking. He began to lick
between each of the toes then he gave her toe a suck. The sensation was odd
to Alice who wrinkled her nose at the noises that the Caterpillar was making.
He began to rub her foot and his gentle caress did actually begin to feel
good. After several minutes of this he rolled over on his side and exposed
his hard cock.

"Rub it with your foot baby." The Caterpillar requested.

"Sheesh." Alice said.

She pressed her foot against his cock. She began to press against the penis
and then rub it. This was very awkward but it seemed to be getting the job
done. The Caterpillar began to moan and undgulate. He was sweating all over
his body as he got foot-fucked by the lovely Alice.

"OHHH YEAH, YEAH!!!" Cried the Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar grunted and his cock suddenly exploded. A massive geyser of
cum splashed all over her coating her face and hair. Alice wiped the sperm
away from her eyes and glowered at him.

"Asshole!" She said.

"Damm girl, that was awesome. If you want to get bigger eat a piece of that
mushroom." He said.

Alice was about to further abuse the Caterpillar verbally but she got a
better idea. She smiled evilly as she took a chunk of Mushroom and bit into
it. She began to grow and grow. The Caterpillar shrank as did the forest
around her, she soon cleared the tops of the mushrooms as she finally reached
her true height. She bent down and picked up the startled caterpillar. She
squeezed the thing between her fingers until she squished it.
_ _ _

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