Alice In Wonderland:
The Unfamily Version Part 4 - Walrus, Carpenter And Schoolgirls
by the Hamster

Thus begins the tale told by the Tweedle Twins...

Once there were two best friends, one was a Walrus, and the other a
carpenter. The pair shared similar interests. Namely S&M, bondage and younger
girls. The carpenter as a matter of fact was the most renowned craftsman of
bondage devices in the world. They also loved pot. And oysters.

They were walking along the beach one day and were feeling very down.

"So dude, I haven't gotten laid in like a long time." The Walrus said in his
thick California surfer accent.

"Yeah man, I got the same problem." The Carpenter said.

Suddenly they spotted a woman leading a long trail of teenaged girls in
school uniforms. They all wore blue pleated skirts, white blouses with blue
ties, knee-high white socks, and shiny black shoes.

"Dude, I so totally spot the solution to my problems." Said the Walrus.

"Yeah, but how do we get them away from their teacher?" the carpenter asked.

"Hmmmmmm like what about we totally do the movie producer scam, dude?" the
Walrus suggested.



The snuck ahead and hid behind a rock that the procession would have to pass
on the way to the school. The long stream of girls led by a single elderly
schoolteacher passed the lurking pair. The Walrus wanted to jump the teacher
then snatch as many girls as possible then go. But the Carpenter suggested a
more subtle approach. He had noticed that three girls were straggling very
far behind and a plan formulated in his head. Once the chain of teenaged
girls had almost completely passed by, the Walrus and Carpenter stepped from
behind the rock to stand in front of the three chatty stragglers.

"EEEP!!!" The three girls screamed. One was British and blonde with
pig-tails, one was Japanese with black hair in a pony-tail, the last was
a freckled red-haired American with her long red hair flowing free.

"Oh like sorry dudettes I like sooooo totally didn't mean to scare you." the
Walrus said.

"Oh its ok." said the redhead once they all regained their composure.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am the carpenter and this is my associate
Walrus." the Carpenter announced.

"For sure." added the Walrus.

The three schoolgirls giggled.

"My name is Amy, this Ami and Annie." the blonde introduced herself then her
Japanese and American friend.

"Ah nice to meet you. So where are you off to?"

"School." the three said at once then giggled.

"School like totally sucks." the Walrus said.

"Yes perhaps we can offer you a more interesting plan for the day, that is if
you are not opposed to ditching class." the Carpenter said.

"What did you have in mind?" Annie asked.

"We have our very own amusement park as it happens. Maybe you would like to
see it."

The three girls chatted amongst themselves for several minutes.

"Sure it sounds like fun." May agreed on her friend's behalf.

The Walrus and the Carpenter both smiled wickedly. "OK girls just follow us."

The Walrus and the Carpenter led them back in the opposite direction towards
their house.

"HEY!!! This isn't an amusement park. It's an old bar." Ami said.

Quickly the Walrus grabbed to girls and held a drug soaked cloth over their
mouths. The Carpenter did the same to the third. The girls realized that
they were in trouble and began to struggle but they quickly faded out into

"Lets hurry and get them inside." the Carpenter said as he dragged an
unconscious Amy into the bar/house.

Once inside Ami's head and wrists were put in stocks. Amy had her wrists and
ankles chained to the four corners of a wooden table, Annie's wrists were
hung from shackles attached to the ceiling. Annie was now hung from the
ceiling by her wrists with only her tippy-toes touching the ground. Everyone
in the room was completely naked.

"Dude this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gonna rock." the Walrus said.

"Yeah lets wake them up." the Carpenter suggested.

He drabbed a dipper and poured ice water over each of the girl's heads.

"EowWW!" Ami screamed.

"What's going on? Why are you doing this to us?" Annie demanded.

"Well we are going to play a little game. We are going to have a little S&M
fun that will be no fun for you. We are going to have this fun until you beg
to get fucked. Then if we feel like it we'll fuck you instead of continuing
with the sexual torture." the Carpenter explained.

"For sure." Added the Walrus.

"Lets start with the red-head." the Carpenter said.

"NO, NO please." Annie begged.

The Carpenter ignored her and simply went to find a whip. Annie screamed and
thrashed in her bonds as the whip lashed her delicate ass. The walrus went
and got his own whip and began to lash at her boobs. Poor Annie was in pure
hell as one whip slashed her boobs and the other her ass over and over. Just
when the pain was starting to become too intense the Walrus came around front
and halted the Walrus. It was only a temporary respite though. The Carpenter
chatted in the Walrus's ear. And then they both grinned and turned the
miserable crying redhead. They each lashed at her cunt and began taking turns
one then the other lashing away at her exposed and vulnerable pussy. She
howled and screamed insanely much to her tormenters' pleasure.


"Ahhh just what I was waiting for." The carpenter said.

The Walrus and the Carpenter played Paper/Scissors/Rock to determine who
would get to fuck the girl. Walrus: Paper, Carpenter: Rock.

"Ahh well. You win some, you lose some." said the Carpenter.

Walrus stepped around behind Annie and gripped her hips. His giant Walrus
cock was already hard and was freakishly large. Annie screamed as he thrust
up into her driving his huge penis right through her hymen and deep into her
cunt. Annie felt like she was being ripped in two by the gigantic walrus cock
and she was once again screaming herself hoarse.

The Carpenter meanwhile approached Ami. She was whimpering as he felt up her
smooth unblemished ass. Thanks to the stocks she could not see what the
Carpenter was doing which suited the Carpenter just fine. He approached her
from behind with a paddle. The wooden paddle had hole cut in it to make it
just a dash more sadistic. He began to savagely and ruthlessly paddle the
Japanese girl's ass like a berserk man. He was so into it that he was
paddling her several minutes after she had relented and began begging for a
fucking. He flung the paddle aside and spread the girl's ass cheeks. He began
anally raping her until he spewed his goo into her bowels.

The walrus had just finished up with poor Annie, so they both approached Amy
once they recovered from their respective orgasms.

"Wait, wait you can fuck me...I want to fuck you." She said.

"What?" The Walrus and Carpenter both said at once.

"I've never seen cocks as big and beautiful as yours, after watching you give
my friends the fuckings they so richly deserve all I want is to feel your
cocks inside me." She said. "Just untie me and I'll show you just how good I
really am." She said.

"Well since you're so eager I don't see why not." the carpenter said.

"For sure." agreed the Walrus.

The unshackled her and she got on all fours explaining that she would suck
off the Carpenter while the Walrus fucked her up the ass. Both eagerly
agreed. She opened her mouth and swallowed the whole length of the penis.
As the Walrus approached her from behind she kicked up and really drilled
his huge nuts with her heel while simultaneously biting off the Carpenter's
dick. Both collapsed to the floor instantly. Amy then ran around and unlocked
her friends. The three did not even bother to look for their cloths they just
_ _ _

"Well that was a crappy story" Alice said once the twins finished their

"Oh well we do have another one." Dum said.

"No thanks, I must be off." Alice said

"Wait...Wonderland law clearly states that storytellers must be paid in full.
Don't want to go breaking the law now do you?" Dee asked.

"Well I have no money." She said exasperated.

"We'll take alternate forms of payment." Dum said.

"Oh you will, will you? I'm pretty sure where this is going. Well in that
case I want you both to shag me at once, I'd prefer to get it over with as
soon as possible and no kissing. I find you both thoroughly repulsive, no
offense." Alice said.

"None taken." They both said at once with big stupid smiles on their faces.

Alice removed her dress and lay down on her side on the ground. Each of the
Tweedle twins approached her from either side. Dum would get her ass and Dee
was granted her pussy. Alice was now sandwiched between two sweaty, fat, ugly
cretins. She was soon caught between the two as the smothered her between
their fat bodies and fucked her in tandem. By far it was the most disgusting
and unpleasant sex she'd had since coming to this strange place. Both came
to orgasms quickly flooding her ass and count with their seed then falling
on their backs.

Alice got up and after throwing up she got dressed and went looking for
rabbit tracks.
_ _ _

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