Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 2 - Captain Dodo (f-best)
by Hamster

Alice, from her perspective was screwed. The door had enough common courtesy
to through her cloths out after her but that was the end of any good luck she
had. Now she was naked with wet cloths in hand and treading water in the
middle of the ocean. Off in the distance was the white rabbit in his rowboat
paddling away. Alice began to weep.

"White Rabbit! WHITE RABBIT!!! Oh white rabbit please come back." She
screamed between sobs.

Suddenly she heard some impossibly bad singing coming from behind her.

"Sailing, sailing over the bounding sea."

Alice turned around to see a Dodo bird. The Dodo was standing atop a Toucan's
feet that were floating upside down on the waves; a parrot was pushing them
along. The three birds formed some sort of strange boat. It was the strangest
sight she'd ever seen.

"Am I high?" she asked herself reasonably. Then she remembered that she'd
already seen a talking bunny and a horny animated door.

"Mr. Dodo, Mr. Dodo over here!"

"What I say here that's Captain Dodo and what are you doing out here all
alone without a boat? And naked! The water is freezing. Are you daft? Have
you gone all mental?" Captain Dodo asked.

"I say captain we better steer clear of her she might be stark raving mad."
The parrot interjected.

"Please captain. I'm stuck out here. I don't want to drown." Alice pleaded.

"Well it's the duty of any honorable captain to help out a sailor cast over
board. Here you go hop right up on the captains lap." The captain said.

Once on his lap Alice could feel his raging hard on through his feathers, but
she didn't care because at least she was getting out of a nasty predicament.

"Thank you." She said.

"Don't worry about that now, you can thank me properly once we get to shore."
The captain said.

The parrot-powered toucan-boat sailed over waves and calm waters as the
captain bellowed senseless orders like 'trim the sail' and 'thar she blows'.
The other birds sensibly ignored him. In between orders the dodo explained
that they weren't allowed to have ships in the Queen of Hearts Royal navy
because of royal cutbacks. Once Alice started to think she couldn't take
another minute of the boring old windbag's senseless rambling. Land was
spotted and the Toucan boat made it's way to shore.

"All right then crew. You know your duties go and gather some fire wood while
I de-brief this young lady." Captain Dodo ordered.

"Aye, aye captain." The other birds said with salutes.

"Well young lady, you went and got yourself stuck in a jam and I the brave
and noble Captain Dodo got you out of it. I say you owe me." The Dodo said.

"Well I suppose that's fair but what do you want? I have nothing to give
you." Alice said.

"Not so lass you have that sweet little body of yours." The Dodo said.

"What! But you're a bird and I'm a human." Alice protested.

"So? You'll go shag a doorknob but not a Sea Captain in the Queen of Hearts
Royal Navy? Your standards are wonky girl." The captain said.

"Wait a minute how did you know about the door?" Alice demanded.

"Well the door brags." The dodo explained. "A real blowhard won't shut up
really, no matter how much you beg."

"But when did you talk to him it doesn't make sense..." Alice protested.

"Well none of that's important now girl." The captain explained. "What is
important is that I'm collecting my booty or I'm tossing you back in the

"Oh hell, fine." Alice said as she dropped the soggy clothing she was about
to try to put back on.

The bird smacked his hands/wings together and licked his beak. Captain Dodo
slowly approached and knelt in front of Alice. Captain Dodo ran a finger over
then into Alice's little hole. The girl's feathery soft sigh of pleasure made
Captain Dodo even more excited than before. Using two fingers now, Captain
Dodo pistoned in and out of the girl's cunt at a wicked pace.

"Ooo yes, oh I like that it f-feels so good." Alice moaned as she swayed back
and forth. She had her hands on Captain Dodo's shoulders to steady herself.

Alice's body gave soft shudder and Captain Dodo was rewarded with some fresh,
warm girl-cum. Captain Dodo brought the sweet girl-cum to her lips and sucked
her fingers clean as Alice gave a few quick gasps, recovering from her

"That...was...really...mmm...good. Hey how does that taste?" Alice asked

Captain Dodo gave her a crooked smile. He thrust his feather-covered fingers
back into Alice, who gave a delighted little squeal, swirled them around and
withdrew them. His fingers where now coated in glistening cum. She held them
up to Alice's face. Alice gave them a tentative lick. Finding the salty-sweet
taste to her liking she opened her mouth and sucked Captain Dodo's fingers.

"Mmm that tastes really good." Alice said.

"Yeah, you have a nice flavor. Now on your knees girl." Captain Dodo
commanded Alice nodded.

She got on her knees in front of Captain Dodo. Alice unzipped the dodo's
pants and reached in to find the already stiffened cock. The cock stood
straight out and Alice's tongue slid gently over it eliciting an excited
quacking sort of sound from the dodo. She opened her mouth and began
sucking the duck penis as hard as she could. Captain Dodo grabbed the
back of Alice's head and shoved it towards him as he thrust his cock
forward to fuck the pretty blonde's face. Alice gagged a bit then
recovered as Captain Dodo thrust in and out at a desperate pace. Captain
Dodo was hollering louder and louder as he came closer to orgasm.
Suddenly he shoved her away so she landed on her butt.

"Hey just what the bloody hell do..." Alice began to protest.


Alice complied and the dodo grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her
cunt and almost immediately began filling her pussy with bird cum.

"OHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH." The bird cried as he finished cumming
with a couple sputters.

After awhile a satisfied Dodo and embarrassed Alice both stood.

"Well that was fine lass. But it's time for you to go. You don't have to go
home but you can't stay here." The captain said.

"Why you no class little fuck..." She stopped before beginning her tirade
when she spotted some large bunny tracks. "Fine I'll go. But you sir are a

"That's it move along. Can't afford permanent romantic entanglements, you
know. After all the sea is my mistress." The dodo called after her.

"Oh you are so full of shit!" She shot back.
_ _ _

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