Note: This chapter is dedicated to Tyval.

Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 10 (Ff,BDSM,tent,magic)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The Queen of Heart's castle in Wonder Land was completely surrounded by a
hedge fence maze. In the far distance beyond the hedge maze Alice could see
the imposing features of her ridiculously tall, black castle. She made her
way past the gate and followed a simple path with a hedge wall on either
side. This path opened up into a large room with hedge walls. This room had
several hairdressers dying the hair of several young women. These women were
all handcuffed and had ball-gags in their mouths. They all wore skintight
latex outfits that completely covered their entire bodies, the legs ended in
high-heeled boots. These outfits had zippers in the back but also in the
crotch. Alice was surprised to see the white rabbit there. He was running
back and forth frantically.

"What's going on here?" Alice asked.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. The Queen sent me to buy a batch of slaves, but
she wanted redheads and these are all blondes." Said the rabbit.

"Why did you get blondes if she wanted redheads?" Asked Alice.

"I bought them on E-bay, I didn't realized they were wearing wigs. I had to
cut my vacation short and rush back to the castle and make sure their hair
gets all dyed before the queen has an apocalyptic fit." Said the Rabbit.

There was the sudden sound of trumpets and everyone turned to see the queen
and her entourage entered the room.

"I'm fucked." Said the Rabbit.

The queen was a very tall woman with an enormous set of tits. She was wearing
a tight black leather outfit that showed off her shoulders and cleavage. She
was riding a chariot that was being pulled by two women dressed as pony
girls. The girls had black leather outfits whose boots were molded to
resemble hooves and they wore anal plugs with horse-like tails sprouting from
them that matched their hair-colors, one was raven-haired and the other

"Why are these girls having their hair dyed?" The Queen asked serenely.

"Umm because they have blonde hair." The rabbit said nervously, sweating into
his fur.

"Oh I see. In that case may I ask a single simple question?" The Queen said.

"Y-yes your majesty." Stammered the Rabbit.

"Why would you purchase blonde slaves when I specifically requested
red-heads? Is it because I have failed to impress upon you that I AM NOT TO
BE FUCKED WITH?" The Queen demanded in complete outrage.

"P-please, please, don't hurt me. I'll never fuck up again I promise." The
rabbit pleaded as he dropped to his knees.

"Of course you won't, you useless piece of crap. Because tonight I am having
rabbit cock for dinner. OFF WITH HIS COCK!!!!" The queen cried.

"No, NO PLEASE." Begged the rabbit as several guards approached. One of them
was brandishing a butcher knife.

"Wait don't hurt him." Alice cried.

The Queen turned to her. She eyed Alice up and down and then gave her a warm

"Ah what a very lovely young lady. What might your name be miss?" Asked the

"Alice. Please don't castrate the rabbit your highness. That's an awfully
cruel thing to do to a rabbit. Haven't you heard the phrase 'Fucking like
Bunnies'? A rabbit with no penis, it's too sad to contemplate." Alice said.

"That is very true and very compassionate, you sweet young girl." the Queen
said. The rabbit breathed a sigh of relief. "There is only one problem."

"What's that?" Asked Alice.

"I HATE COMPASSION!" The Queen cried. Everyone flinched. "But I'll tell you
what we can play a little game. If you win the rabbit keeps his cock. But if
I win your juicy tits join his cock for dinner."

"Hey wait I'm not agree to that..." Alice protested.

"Excellent, it's settled then." Said the Queen.

"Hey wait a minute..." Alice started to protest.

"So what sort of contest should it be, let me see." The Queen tapped her
finger to her chin while ignoring Alice's continuous protests. "Really dear,
it's difficult to think wile you are hollering and carrying on like that...I
got it! We shall each whip a slave the first one to make her slave scream
will be the winner. And in order to give the slaves proper incentive, the
one that screams first has to spend a week in the stocks for the general
populations torturing pleasure. All right then let's go."

Alice was about to turn and leave but two guards with pointy spears jabbed at
her and got her herded in the direction that the queen wanted her going.

"I'm fucked." Said Alice.

She was escorted to a courtyard, along with the White Rabbit. Several
spectators were gathered and sat in colorful bleachers while two big-chested
teens were bound by their wrists, which were then tied over their head from
a frame on a stage. Alice and the queen were then allowed to each select a

"Here ye, here ye. I, your benevolent queen, declare this punishment contest
to begin." The Queen announced. She then jumped to a head start by lashing
her slave's tits. The poor girl bit her lower lip to keep from screaming.

Realizing that the Queen was not going to play fair Alice looked at her

"I'm really sorry, but there is a lot at stake here." Alice apologized.

"Just whip her damm tits off" Screamed the frightened and frustrated White

Alice did NOT get off to a very good start. She really didn't want to
whip the poor slave-girl to begin with, and she was in no way as adept at
torturing young women as the queen was. The queen was making her slave's
breasts bob and dance with every lash of her whip. The poor girl whimpered
pitifully while thrashing in her bonds. Alice on the other hand had only
hit her slave a couple times. She hadn't even been able to successfully hit
the girl in the tits each time. An errant blow struck the girl's pussy and
she gasped. A light went off in Alice's head. She began to target the girl's
pussy. She whipped it over and over only occasionally now hitting her thighs
or tummy finally it was more than the poor girl could take and she started
screaming as she came to a whip-induced orgasm. The Queen, who had been
criss-crossing her slave girl's giant hooters with lash marks, stopped her
furious flurry and stared at Alice in astonishment. Most of the gathered
crowd was silent. Everyone was expecting the queen to blow up in rage.

"Good show." The Queen said cheerfully. "So very few people can keep up with
me. I must say you are a very impressive young lady."

"Thank you your highness." Said Alice with a respectful curtsy.

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief and provided some polite, subdued

"Very well, a deals a deal. The bunny can keep his penis, I suppose." Said
the queen with a slight tone of disappointment.

The rabbit ran to Alice and grabbed her in a tight hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." It blubbered.

"Oh for the love of me. Stop it this instant you are a complete
embarrassment. Alice darling would you like to join me at the castle?" The
Queen asked.

"Yes your highness, thank you very much. I was hoping to ask you about
helping me return home." Said Alice.

"Really?" The Queen said with a single arched eyebrow. "I believe that we
can reach a suitable and mutually satisfying arrangement."

With that Alice joined the Queen on her girl-driven chariot so that they
could make their way to the castle. The White Rabbit followed on foot. Once
they arrived at the castle gates the three of them entered and the Queen had
them follow her up the stairs to her bedroom. The bedroom was fairly huge.
Her mattress was made of leather.

"You know rabbit, you weren't actually invited." Said the Queen. The rabbit
gulped. "But since you are already here you may as well stay."

The rabbit let out a long deep breath.

"Your highness, can you return me to my own world?" Asked Alice.

"Of course I can, it's a very simple thing for a Queen of Wonderland, but I
would have to ask for something in return. Don't want to, but the four queens
have rules that must be followed. We start giving favors away for nothing and
we have rampant chaos." The Queen explained.

"OK then, what do you want?" Asked Alice.

The Queen tapped her finger to her chin.

"Hmmm. Let me see, what would be reasonable. Ah yes, your scrumptious body
for the night." Said the queen.

"Oh is that all. Jeez your just like everyone else in this crazy dimension,
I feel like Wonderland's doorknob." Alice said.

"What was that dear?" The Queen asked.

"Sure, fine." Alice said.

"Excellent. All right then, OFF WITH YOUR CLOTHS!" The Queen decreed.

"OK then, no need to shout." Alice said.

She quickly stripped out of her clothing until she was nude. The queen
surveyed the teen's lovely curves.

"Yummy." Commented the Queen of Hearts. "Now follow me."

The queen took Alice to a large wooden table with straps on each corner.

"All righty there hop on up." Ordered the queen.

Alice sighed then got on top of the wooden torture table. The Queen strapped
her in securely by her wrists and ankles. She then brought out an odd looking
thing that resembled a rubber octopus. The 'octopus's' tentacles extended
from what looked like a rubber bladder and each of them ended in a dildo.
Alice could see little buds along the dildo. A single dildo, not attached to
a tentacle, extended from the things center like a snout. This snout had ten
times the number of buds as the others.

"What the hell is that?" Asked Alice.

"My magical dildopus." Said the Queen of hearts as she began to undress.
"The bladder is filled with cum. When I insert the snout in my pussy, I can
control the tentacles and feel through them as if they were part of my body."

With that bit of information shared, she attached the thing to herself by
inserting the snout in her snatch. Immediately a single tentacle wrapped
itself around her body to hold itself in place. As if alive, the other
tentacles flailed about menacingly.

"Bloody hell!" Alice exclaimed.

The Queen of hearts climbed up on the table and crawled over to Alice's
breasts. She kissed and sucked on them for a few minutes before a tentacle
flew towards Alice's pussy and plunged in hard. As Alice gasped loudly, a
second tentacle flew into her ass. Another tentacle slid between her tits,
while a fourth wrapped itself around those boobs and tightened them around
the previous tentacle dildo. Another dildo flew into her gasping mouth. The
queen decided to fuck her own ass with one tentacle, and to use the final
tentacle to play with her tits. Alice was writhing in her bonds but she was
sucking the tentacle-dildo in her mouth. The queen could feel everything
the sensation of each dildo filled her body and flooded her mind with
pleasure. Alice herself had never been fucked so hard before. The
tentacle-dildo fucking her pussy thrashed inside of her wildly. Her eyes
were wide as she got fucked harder and harder. The queen continued to build
momentum as the pleasure welled inside of her. Finally she couldn't take it
anymore. The tentacle that was pumping her own ass pulled out and pointed
itself at Alice's face. The Queen cried out as each and every one of her
tentacles blasted the cum in her bladder at or in Alice's body.

The bladder, now sagging and empty was pulled out along with all of the now
limp tentacles. She tossed it to the white rabbit that had been watching
everything while stroking off.

"Go have that re-filled." She ordered. The rabbit took it and left. She went
over to Alice and began licking the cum from the girl's face and orifices.

Alice, was completely exhausted. She began drifting off as the Queen gently
lapped at her pussy.

* * *

Alice awoke laying on her lawn with her fingers in her pussy and her kitten
kissing her nose.

Her tutor was standing over her. "Honestly Alice, how are you supposed to
learn anything if you keep sneaking off to masturbate."


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