Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 1 - The White Rabbit (Mf,door)
by Hamster

Alice was enduring her daily tutoring but only barely. Her mind wandered as
her tutor droned on and on about some stale old boring historical facts. It
was the most mind-numbingly boring list of facts and dates ever forced into
her ears. Was there ever anything interesting that happened in all of
history? Alice yawned loudly as she played with a little black kitten.

"Alice are you listening?" Her tutor demanded.

"Hmmm? Oh yes, yes of course." Alice replied.

She was so bored she thought that she was going to scream, finally she
decided to ditch her teacher. She looked over and her tutor's nose was
buried in the history book, she was hardly paying attention to Alice at
all, her attention was so focused. Alice took advantage and quietly
tip-toed away towards the spring. She lay down in the flowers and gazed
at the clouds. She yawned as she thought about her romantic story books
filled with beautiful princess's and handsome princes. Her thoughts
suddenly turned to sex and as she thought of sex she explored her body.
As she lay there she gently rubbed her boob. Her free hand went under
her skirt and began to rub her pussy. She pulled down her panties and
began to push her fingers in and out. Alice began to moan and whimper
softly. She came to an orgasm and coated her fingers with her glistening
sex-cream. She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted the deliscious
cum. She was quite suddenly disturbed by a frantic voice.

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! No time to say hello,
goodbye. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

She looked over and saw a very startling site. A white rabbit wearing a
jacket and trousers and holding an umbrella and pocket watch. He was
running away from her at full pace.

"What in the world?" Alice wondered out loud. She knew that she should mind
her own business but the rabbit filled her with curiousity and she ran after
it. "Mr. Rabbit, oh Mr. Rabbit please slow down. Mr. Rabbit."

She followed the white Rabbit through tall grass and over hills and over tree
stumps and basically followed him until she was totally lost.

"Uh-oh, didn't think this through." She said.

The rabbit dove down a hole under a stump. Alice who was following as best
that she could dove in after him. Unfortunately she hadn't realized that the
hole was very, very deep.

Alice screamed as she began to fall farther and down the rabbit's hole.

Alice landed on her ass at the bottom with a loud SMACK! As she shook off the
pain in her bottom, she looked all around her and spotted the rabbit heading
towards a small door. He passed through it and was gone before she could get
his attention.

Alice stepped up to the door and turned the knob.

"OUCH" The door protested.

Alice now noticed that the door had eyes, a mouth and that the knob was
actually his nose.

"What the fuck?" She said.

"Hey watch your mouth young lady." The knob said. "And go easy on the nose."

"Oh, sorry. Can you please let me through so that I can find the white
rabbit?" She asked.

"No, no, no are you daft girl? Have you gone mental? I'm much too small for
you to pass through. No you are much too big to pass through." He said.

"Oh damn." Alice pouted.

The knob took a minute to ogle the teen. Alice was a very pretty girl, she
had Long blonde hair and a very nice set of tits. The door suddenly got and

"You ever get masturbated with a door knob?" The door asked.

"WHAT? Now wait one second you dodgy door. I don't know who you think you

"Look do you want to go through or not? Because if you do you better start
to strip kid." The door said.

Normally Alice would have been more than happy to tell the door to go fuck
himself but for reasons she didn't know herself she was desperate to find
that stupid white rabbit. The more she thought about it the more her
obsession seemed to make no sense at all and the more she wanted to find
the damn rodent.

"Oh poo, fine you perverted little door." Alice said with a pout.

She sighed and pulled her dress off of herself. She blushed furiously and
nervously clicked together the heels of her shiny black shoes. The Door's
tongue was hanging out and his eyes bugging. Her young but impressive boobs
were almost as sweet as her cunt with its patch of blonde hair.

"All right, let's get to it then." The door said hungrily.

Alice was fairly confused as to how this was so supposed to go. She
approached the door cautiously but once she was close enough the horny door
just told her to rub her pussy against the knob. The cold metal knob
immediately stimulated her hot pussy. She began to grind her cunt hard into
the cool, shiny, metal knob as the door moaned and cried passionately as
though the knob was his penis. As she thought about it, it probably was his
penis. Alice got over her initial outrage and was now really getting into it.
She was moaning loudly and massaging her bobs as the door knob-fucked her.

"OH YES, YES you wonderful, wonderful girl YES! And so delicious." The door
loved the smell of her pussy and her unnatural flow of warm juices as they
rolled down his knob and into his mouth.

Finally Alice came to an orgasm and slid off the knob and to the ground
against the door.

"Well that was very nice." The door said. "And might I add you are quite the

"Ok door, a deals a deal." Alice said.

"You are absolutely right young lady, here let me open up for you." The door

Suddenly the door opened inward, completely catching Alice of guard. When
she fell down on the other side she landed not on solid ground, but instead
in icy cold choppy water. She was coughing and spitting as she began to
tread water after falling in. Looking around she saw the white rabbit
paddling away in a boat.
_ _ _

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