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Genre: Animation

Note: Dorothy and Alice are both 12, Wendy is 13

While this story doesn't happen in the same universes it was inspired by both the comic Cheshire Crossing and even more so by the brilliant Lost Girls by Alan Moore.

Codes: Mfgg, fgg,anal, cons, drug, oral, orgy, reluc

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Alice In Wonderland/Alladin/Peter Pan/Wizard of Oz: Another Game Of Chaos: Down The Rabbit Hole, Over the Rainbow and Straight On 'Til Morning
by Tricksterson

A young girl, tripping and falling, a long dark fall down a deep hole, confusing and exciting at the same time.

Another girl, caught in a whirwind, both mental and physical.

A third girl, lost among the stars

Where will they all wind up?

Why wherever I wish, for I am Chaos and all the realities are mine to bend as I please.

Let's watch.

* * *

Alice fell and fell, her skirt ballooning out, showing, if there had been anyone to watch, her coltish legs to a scandalous degree. Right now her worry wasn't about exposure but what would happen when she landed.

As it turned out she landed on top of a tree, slid down the branches and fell from a much lesser height. As she did, once again, her dress belled out showing off her legs and knickers if anyone had been watching.

When she landed she was confused for a moment and looked around. She was in a glade and in the center of the glade was a tree. An apple tree to be specific and when she got up, rubbing her sore bum, she saw that words were written into the fruit. "Eat Me".

* * *

While dear Alice ponders her discovery and rubs her pert little ass let's look in on another young girl in a dilemma shall we?

* * *

As her house spun around, caught in the vortex of a Kansas tornado, young Dorothy clung desperately to the couch she was on, too scared to noticed that while the couch spun around like a top, it never left the center of the room or that none of the other furniture or bric-brac flying around even came close to hitting her.

When the house settled down with a surprisingly gentle thump the young brunette got up on trembling legs and opened the door.

Outside was a wood and through the wood was what at first seemed like a yellow road but after she looked closer Dorothy saw that it was a path covered in yellow flowers. Not knowing what else to do she stepped down and started walking along it, kicking up clouds of pollen with every step.

* * *

And now to our third lovely little girl lost.

* * *

"Peter? John? Michael? Tinkerbell?," Wendy Darling called out into the fog in which she got lost. Tinkerbell had been with her but then disappeared after scolding her. She didn't know what the fairy had said but she could tell a scolding when she heard one from the tone.

Wait! There was a light! Was it Tinkerbell? It was moving downward. She followed, hoping that she had reached Neverland at last.

When she came closer to the ground she didn't see Peter or her brothers. What she saw was a young blond girl in a clearing that had some kind of tree in the center. Then she realized something. Peter hadn't taught her how to land.

* * *

Alice was reaching for one of the strange apples when something large swooped down over her head and crashed into the branches above...and then down onto her.

"Well," she said, "and what a bother this is. People ought not to go crashing about onto other people and making a mess."

Well, I'm sorry," said a girl's voice from on top of her. "But I'm new to this." They then untangled from each other. If the feel of their soft, smooth skins brushing against each other aroused any feelings in them they were Victorian enough to ignore them.

"Well," said Alice, "I'm just not used to being dropped in on without an introduction."

Wendy couldn't tell if that was intentionally a joke or not but smiled anyway and said, as she stood up, "Then I will introduce myself. I am Wendy Darling, of London." She reached down and helped the blond girl stand up, bringing them close together.

"My name is Alice, Alice Liddell of Christ Church in Oxford. I mean to say my father teaches at Christ Church." Standing this close to Wendy and smelling the sweet, clean girlness of her brought on feelings again. Feelings and memories of...things that she and her dear friend Mr. Dodgson had done. Things that she didn't really understand but that had felt oh so nice.

Before either girl could say or do anything more they heard footsteps coming up behind them. Both turned to see a girl clad in blue gingham coming up a footpath. She was about their age with brunette hair in pigtails and her dress looked rather...rural. She was also swaying and staggering, almost as if she had been drinking.

Dorothy had of course never had a drink in her young life, nor was it likely she would any time in the near future as her Auntie Em was a strict follower of the Temperance Society and so, by necessity, was her uncle although she knew he kept a jug of corn liquor hidden in the barn from which she'd once caught him taking a swig. But the golden pollen she had kicked up on the pathway had gotten into her system and made her feel...odd. Everything had a soft edge to it and there was a warm glow throughout her young body.

As she came out of the woods she saw two other girls her own age, a blond girl in a blue dress with a white apron. The dress was short enough to show her petticoats. The other girl, who might have been a bit older and had auburn hair, was wearing a nightgown.

As she came closer to them she became more confused because her mind, without her intention seemed to focus on certain parts of them, their hair, which seemed to be silkier and shinier than any hair had a right to be, Alice's slender, coltish legs, the hint of breasts and a figure that was just starting to develop underneath Wendy's nightgown.

When she came up close enough to speak, what she intended to say was "Hello, my name is Dorothy." What came out, as she stared at the blond girl was "You have beautiful eyes," which provoked a blush.

"Yess, she does," came a voice from the tree. "You all have many prretty thingss about you." The three girls looked up to see a set of teeth floating in the middle of the air above a branch that gradually became surrounded by a large cat with pink and purple stripes.

"What are you?," asked Dorothy.

"It's a Cheshire cat," answered Alice. "Although I've never seen one that color. Or one that grinned."

"Yesss," said the cat, "I am quite unique. But don't mind me, I believe intrrroductions were in orderr"

With that being called to their attention Alice and Wendy, both being quite polite young ladies, introduced themselves to the newcomer who, also being well mannered, for an American at least, told them her name and place of origin.

When this was done they looked back up at where the Cheshire had been but all the saw was a pair of eyes and a grin.

"Oh! Windfalls!," Dorothy said. The two English girls looked at each other and shrugged, not recognizing the term but it soon became evident when she picked up an apple that had fallen to the ground and bit into it.

"I am feeling peckish," Alice said and also picked one up. "Besides how can one not eat a fruit that invites you to eat it. It would be rude."

Wendy, more cautious than the other two, thought that any thing that wanted you to eat it was likely to be a trap but said nothing.

After Alice and Dorothy had each eaten an apple she asked, "How do you feel?"

"Curious," answered Dorothy in a distracted, dreamy voice.

"And curiouser," added Alice.

"Itchy," the girl from Kansas said

"And warm,' continued the young blond

"But nice," they concluded simultaneously. Wendy noticed during this that both girls had drawn closer to each other and to her as well. It made her slightly nervous but also...something else, a feeling she couldn't quite define and wasn't sure she wanted to.

Still, she was shocked when she saw Alice lean over and kiss Dorothy on the lips and even more so when the young brunette's arms went around the blond girl's neck and pull her head deeper into the kiss.

"What are you doing?," she asked in a voice that was equal parts shock, horror and excitement.

"Don't know," Dorothy answered, raising her face from her new friends. "but it sure feels good. Want to give it a try?" While she spoke her hands had untied the back oof Alice's apron, which fell to the ground and were working now on the buttons of her dress.

Wendy was seriously conflicted. That this sort of thing was wrong had been taught to her. But her body was stirring. It had already been stirred by Peter and the almost kiss they'd had and what she was seeing brought back those feelings even more strongly.

"Maybe?," she said weakly. This was enough for the other two girls to open their arms to her. Still hesitant she stepped into their embrace. Both of the other girls kissed the sides of her neck and she gave a small moan as her nipples hardened and her crotch grew warm and moist. Alice offered her an apple and she took a bite.

With that first bit her mind was flooded with images and information she'd never known existed. The images, along with the closeness of her new friends stirred feelings she also had never known existed. She turned her head and kissed Alice on the mouth, letting the younger girl's tongue in. At the same time she felt the American girls hands groping at her budding breasts through her nightgown and gave a startled, but not unhappy, gasp.

All three stopped their kissing and groping for a minute, stepped away and looked at each other, faces flushed and limbs trembling with both excitement and nervousness. Dorothy was the first to say what all of them were thinking.

"I need to get out of these clothes!" She looked at Alice with longing. "Do you want to help me."

"Ever so much," Alice replied then started unbuttoning the other girls dress while Dorothy pulled the blond girl's dress down to her waist from where it fell to the ground on it's own. Then Alice felt a pressure against her back and two slender arms around her waist and rubbing her nipples. She looked behind to see Wendy and leaned back to kiss her.

After their tongues had mingled for a bit Wendy pulled back and Aice thought her new friend had had another attack of the shys. But no, after stepping back a little the auburn haired nymphet bent forward and started pulling off her nightgown. Both Alice and Dorothy watched entranced as her nakedness was revealed.

Slightly further along the road to womanhood than the other two her hips had begun to swell and she had not-quite-breasts forming on her chest while there was a fuzz growing between her legs.

"You're so...," Dorothy began.

"Beautiful," Alice finished. Both girls, now topless, looked at each other, smiled, and Dorothy removed her skirt while Alice wriggled out of her bloomers. Now naked except for stockings in Alice's case and socks in Dorothy's they moved in on the older girl, each taking a tiny tit in her mouth and sucking.

"Mmmm!," Wendy moaned, pressing their hot mouths to her chest. "That's so nice." Her hands stroked down their backs to their tight little asses and groped them, provoking the little sluts to utter their own moans and grunts then her hands moved around to the front and inserted a finger into each of their tight, bare little slits.

Both of the other girls stiffened and arched their back then let out a long low moan.

"Yesss, Alice hissed, then sank to her knees. Her hands caressed the legs and asses of both her partners but her mouth was drawn to Wendy's thighs. She started just above the other girls knees, which grew suddenly weak, and licked her way upward. Before she'd even reached Wendy's moist and creamy center Alice lost contact as Wendy collapsed down onto the grass, dragging Dorothy down with her.

Wendy broke her liplock with the American girl long enough to gasp, "Ohhh...more...pleeease!" Anything more she might have said was prevented by Dorothy as she slid her minxy little body up the other girls and planted her bare crotch on her face. However she soon let loose her own long, drawn out moan of pleasure as the other English girls tongue pushed between her labia.

Watching from behind the tree with a grin was Chaos, transformed into his catman form. it was an acrobats or gymnasts body, covered with a blue grey fuzz that didn't quite merit the term fur, the face more cat than human with small fangs peeking out from the thin lips and pointed, tufted ears. The only clothing was a length of white cloth around the waist and hanging between his legs and an Egyptian style headdress.

He strolled over to the writhing mass of prepubescent pulchritude, bent down and licked his long tongue down Alice's back. She looked up startled and gave a small shriek causing the others to look up and freeze where they were.

"Oh, don't stop on my account."

Alice said in a voice husky from arousal," You sound like..."

"I am. Or rather he is me and we are all together. Goo goo gajoob."

Wendy shook her head to clear it and said, "And you are here because...""

"To up the game. Which I started." With that he undid the wrapping around his waist and let it fall revealing a long, thick male member.

"Oooh," said the three girls collectively. Alice was the first to reach out and stroke it. Wendy and Dorothy meanwhile switched to a sixty-nine while Alice put her mouth on Chaos' prodigious cock.

After a few seconds she raised her head and asked, "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh, very well indeed," he said switching to a British accent himself then taking the young blond's head between his hand and putting her mouth back on him while one small hand started massaging his ballsack.

Meanwhile Wendy and Dorothy were somewhat clumsily but very enthusiastically exploring first each others thighs then each others labia with their lips and tongues their fingers entangled in each others hair. Slowly they built up to a mutual climax, their sleek young bodies bucking and heaving in orgasm.

As they were recovering, Wendy, who had wound up on top felt the weight of Alice's head and the soft feel of her blond hair on her back. She looked up to see that the other girl and Chaos were using her and Dorothy as a pillow. Their hands were clapsed together and he was entering her.

"How does it feel?," she asked, but the only reply was a series of grunts and moans in to one of rhythm with Chaos' pumping into her friend.the Chaos duplicates

"You can find out soon enough, " said a voice to one side of her and Dorothy. She looked up and saw an cat-man identical to the one fucking Alice.

"If you want to," said a third cat=man on the other side.

"Ow!" and "Oof!" Said Alice and Dorothy respectively as Wendy got to her hands and knees and scrambled over to one of the Chaos duplicates where she immediately grabbed his cock and started stroking it while sucking on one of his testicles. The American girl got up more gingerly then turned around and waggled her ass at the remaining cat-man who stepped forward grinning, put his hands on her slender hips and entered her doggie style.

Meanwhile Alice and the first Chaos were rapidly approaching mutual climax, her legs wrapped tightly around him.

"Oh! Oh! OH!," the barely pubescent blond cried out. "Yesss! It feels sooo gooood!"

She came and then "her" Chaos vanished so she got up and crawled to a vantage point where she could watch her friends get fucked.

Chaos 2 pried Wendy's mouth off his parts and kneeled in front of her.

"Put your arms and legs around me," he purred. As she did so he grabbed her tight little ass and pulled her toward him, entering her and lifting her legs so that her heels rested on his shoulders.

"Unh!," she said. As with Alice there was no pain because her barrier melted away at the touch of his member.

"Oh. Oh. OH!." she exclaimed as, still ramming into her he picked her up by her hands and brought her to the tree against which he continued to fuck her. Her legs slid off his shoulders and wrapped around his buttocks while her arms came up twined around his back and her fingers clawed into it, trying to pull the goodness of his cock into her.

"Yes! Oh yes! SO gooood!"

Meanwhile Chaos 3 was taking Dorothy doggie style when he decided two holes were better than on. A second penis grew from the base of the first and lengthened until it entered her ass.

Dorothy, who had her eyes closed and was biting her lip in ecstasy, opened them wide and uttered a startled "OH!" at the unexpected intrusion. It hurt slightly at first but soon the pain merged with the pleasure and she was clawing at the grass and screaming in appreciation in appreciation .


Soon both girls were sprawled, Dorothy face first, her pert rump still poked into the air, on the landscape. Alice, who had masturbated herself to another climax while watching them, got up and sat between them stroking her lovers bodies fondly. Looking about the dual Chaoses had disappeared, to be replaced by the grinning Cheshire Cat.

"Well," he asked, certain of the answers, "did you like?"


"Oh so much!"

"Better than anything!"

'And would you like to come with me to a place far better than anywhere you were going?" He looked at Wendy who looked like she was going to speak up. "Yes, even better than Neverland because you won't grow old in my palace, unless you want to, and nobody fucks in Neverland."

"Oh then", the young Englishwoman said. "Absolutely." The other two said yes just as quickly.

And then they were there.

The End


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