All In The Family: Gloria Switch Hitting
by KHenne ([email protected])

Part 1

Archie Bunker was a simple man. He looked at his family as most precious
commodity. Archie though his daughter was the most beautiful girl around. She
had given him a few hardons unintentionally. Gloria had leaned over in front
of him one day her blouse was loose and he saw both her breasts uncovered.
When she stood up she realized he was there reading the paper. Archie had a
major hardon from the sight. Gloria might have been his daughter buy she was
also a women.

Gloria was 19 years old and helping her mother clean the house this Saturday
morning. She didnt have a boyfriend at the moment. That night she was having
a girlfriend sleep over. Archie and Edith were going out to dinner and a
movie with friends from the block. Gloria and her girlfriend Linda were doing
girl things in the house.

Linda told her, "I have invited some boys over." She was seeing a boy named
James, who was bringing a friend for Gloria.

When the boys arrived the introductions were made. James and Linda took off
about 5 minutes later to his apartment. Gloria and Mike were left alone she
asked him "Would you like to watch some television?"

He told her "No, I'm hungry could you make me a sandwich?"

He ate the sandwich quickly with a glass of milk. Gloria saw Mike as a hippy.
He had long hair and a beard. Mike saw Gloria as a hot girl with a shirley
temple haircut. She was driving Mike nuts.

They sat and watched television for a while. Mike was trying to kiss Gloria
but there was a foot difference in height.

Part 2

Gloria had kissed boys before. Mike was a different type of kisser. He took
his time working his tongue into her mouth. She was relucent about kissing
him with tongue. When she allowed it to happen things sped up quickly. They
both got turned on quickly and had to slow down. Gloria was a virgin and
Mike had recently lost his. They both got worked up and she knew what was
going to happen if she didn't stop it. She allowed him to massage her breast
as they made out hot and heavy. The kissing and touching turned on Gloria.
She broke it off with Mike and told him my parents will be home soon. She
got Mike through the door and was on the way up the stairs when Mike came
charging through the door for their second date.

They went into her room and stripped and got in to postion. Gloria was
sopping wet as Mike's fingers touched her. She told Mike "I'm a virgin. Be

He quickly switched postions and put her on top of him and told her, "I'll
be gentle."

As Mike's cock enetered her virgin pussy she looked into his eyes. They
showed a caring man. Mike's 8-inch cock was stretching out Gloria's pussy.
He pulled down on her hips and the pain lasted about 90 seconds. They stayed
in that postion for a few minutes he started going in and out. Gloria had
tears coming down down her face as she rode him. As they kissed Mike wiped
away the tears. They switched postions.

Mike got on top and rentered her. They fucked for about 10 minutes like that.
Gloria wrappped her legs tighter around Mike and told him, "I'm cumminggg."

Mike picked up speed and fucked her harder.

Gloria was saying, "Yes fuck me harder!"

He slammed her harder and they had an orgasmed together.

Part 3

They seperated and Mike got dressed quickly. Gloria threw on a robe and led
him out. She gave him her phone number to call her. She showered up and
changed the sheets that had blood and cum on it.

Archie and Edith got home about an hour later. He went to the bathroon and
Edith checked on Gloria.

The next few days Gloria seemed depressed. She was kicking herself for being
easy with him. When Mike called her that Wednesday she perked up. They dated
a few times before she brought Mike home to meet her parents. She knew she
was in for a hard time. She had told Mike that her father was the old
fashioned type.

When Mike was introduced to Archie he told him, "To crawl back under whatever
rock you came from." When he found out he was Polish he really let loose. He
told Mike, "To leave the house."

It took a lot of persistence to get Archie to reconsider. Edith told Archie,
"This will work out very well."

Mike moved in a short time later. He was clean cut with a cheesy mustache.
Gloria was very happy that Mike moved in. She started to get friendly with
her dad. Mike would go to sleep early some nights due to early classes.
Gloria came down in very short baby doll nighties. This drove Archie crazy
in more ways then one.

One Saturday night Mike was asleep and so was Edith. She came down in Mike's
fannels top. She asked her father if he wanted anything from the kitchen. He
told her, "Get me another beer."

She gave him his beer and sat on the couch reading. Archie was watching a
movie and sneaking peeks at Gloria. Gloria got up and walked over and sat on
her daddy's lap. She asked him if he really liked Mike and wanted to thank
him for letting him move in. Archie started to speak and hesitated. Gloria
wrapped her arms around her father's neck and slid down.

Archie had a hardon and didn't want Gloria to feel it. She told her father
she loved him and kissed him on the lips. This surprised him and he kissed
her back. The kiss became deeper and Gloria slipped her tongue into his
mouth. He kissed her back and started to rub her back. A hand came free and
she unbuttoned the next two buttons. She laid across her father's lap while
kissing her father.

Gloria knew her father had a hardon. Archie's hand accidently brushed across
Gloria's breast. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. Archie's hand
massaged and teased her nipples which responded. They stopped kissing and
touching about 15 minutes later.

Archie looked at his daughter differtly she was very hot he thought. He had
cum in his pants already. Archie knew something needed to happen quickly. He
drank his beer quickly. Gloria decided her father needed some loving. She
climbed off her father and sat on her heels. Archie looked down at her and
stood up. He knew he messed himself and was upset.

Gloria stood up and undid his pants and boxers. Archie sat on the edge of his
chair. She leaned in and took her father's cock in her mouth. Gloria had been
giving Mike blowjobs for the last 3 weeks since he moved in. She had gotten
real good at giving blowjobs. Gloria sucked her father quickly and slowed up.
She deep throated him once and gagged. She pulled back and contiuned.

Archie never felt anything so good before. Archie told her, "I'm cummingg!"
as her fired 4 loads into her mouth which she swallowed quickly.

He sat there spent for 5 minutes as Gloria fixed herself up. They stood up
together and she unbuttoned her top and told her father goodnight. She kissed
him deeply for about 2 minutes and told him they need a kiss goodnight.
Archie kissed and licked her erect nipples good night.

Part 4

The next morning Edith awoke early and made breakfast. She put on the coffee
and decided to make bacon and eggs. She put the bacon on and the smell went
thru the house. Edith went to Gloria's room and listening before knocking.

Gloria was moaning, "Yes, Mike fuck my ass!"

She listened for about 2 minutes and then knocked on the door and said,
"Breakfast in 10 minutes."

They came done about 35 minutes later and Gloria had a glow about her. Archie
looked at both of them and told Edith, "Breakfast was good." He sat in his
chair and watched television.

That night they had there weekly lovemaking session. She asked Archie to fuck
her in her ass. Archie fantastized it was Gloria and really slammed her.
Edith felt hornier than ever before. Archie blew 3 loads into his wife's ass
and it was a great feeling. He went into the bathroom washed up and returned.

Edith told him, "Fuck my pussy. I need to cum."

She was all over him afterward kissing him. It was some great sex they had in
a while.

The next day she slept late. Edith found she had a pep in her step she had
not had in a while. Gloria approached her mother and whispered to her, "You
had quiet a night last night." She told her mother, "You need more nights
like that. Daddy actually talked to to Mike today instead of yelling at him."

The night before the wedding Gloria had dinner with her parents. Michael was
spending the night with his uncle who raised him after his parents were
killed in a plane crash. Edith was doing odds and ends around the house. She
went to bed about 9PM.

Archie told her, "I'll be up in a few minutes."

Gloria went to her father about 15 minutes later and sat on his lap. They
kissed a little not talking to each other.

Archie told her, "You will always be my little girl. After tomorrow you will
be Mike's wife."

He started to tell about the wedding night. She got up and pulled him up and
told him, "I want you to show me."

They walked up the stairs quickly and into Gloria's room. They slowly
undressed each other and got into bed. Gloria kissed her father and told him,
"Please make me a women."

Archie wasn't sure if Gloria was a virgin he believed she was. They made out
hot and heavy as his fingers slid along her clit and hole she was sopping
wet. She begged him "Please fuck me daddy!"

As Archie entered her hole she gasps and holds on tight. She wrapped herself
around him tightly and matches him stroke for stroke. Gloria is whispering in
his ear, "Yes, daddy, fuck me!" She knew she is close to having an orgasm and
wants to have one with her daddy. They fuck hard for about 15 minutes and
exploded together. Gloria was moaning, "Yes, daddy, I love you."

The wedding went on without a problem. That night Archie practically raped
his wife. She was happy getting laid regularly.

Part 5

When they got back from the honeymoon things changed around the house. Mike
was going to school daily and she was working regulary. Mike and Gloria went
away for a weekend with friend. When that weekend finished they had new
memories to remember. Mike was determined to get his mother-in-law into bed.
He knew he would satisfy her completely.

A few weeks later he was off from school he helped Edith around the house and
went to the store for her. When Mike came back from the store Edith asked him
if he wanted some lunch. Mike told Edith, "I want you for lunch."

She turned around to him and he kissed her hard and deep. They made out for
about 20 minutes. They went upstairs into Edith's bedroom. They stripped
quickly and got into bed. Edith noticed Mike was bigger then Archie. Mike
kissed her and worked his way down her body. He ate her out to an intense
orgasm she was screaming, "Yes, I'm cumminggg!" She told Mike, "Fuck me now."

He entered her sopping pussy and she was being stretched out. He fucked her
for about 10 minutes and told her to put her legs on his shoulders. She did
it and felt a big difference. Mike slammed her for another 15 minutes she
matched him stroke for stroke. The orgasm she had was stronger then the one
before. He blew a large load into her.

They rested up and she made lunch for him. When lunch ended he pulled up her
housedress and fucked Edith in the ass. Edith never felt anything so good in
her life. He blew a big load into her as she masturbated herself to an
orgasm. They showered up together and talked afterward.

Edith told him, "I want to fuck you regulary if we can arrange it."

Mike told Edith about the weekend. "My friend and I did both Gloria and his
wife together and they both loved it. Gloria also had her first lesbian
experience with his wife."

Edith had a shocked look on her face.

The day Mike Graduated from college they had a party at the house. Edith got
a good buzz on and Gloria got horny from the booze. That night Edith and
Gloria had there first lesbian experience together. Edith was in heaven from
the orgasms Gloria gave her.

Archie walked into his bedroom and saw his wife and daughter kissing deeply.
He told Gloria, "Let your mother eat you out while I fuck her."

Part 6

Mike and Gloria had a fight and she walked out of the house. Edith ran after
Gloria to talk to her. They went over Gloria's friend house Linda's house.
Linda had some friends coming over for a sleepover. Linda told Gloria and
Edith to come in. Gloria was upset and did not. Linda was having company. She
calmed down and had a glass of wine with her and her mom. They finished the
first one quickly and had a second glass. It seemed to relax them all. Edith
finished her second glass quickly. Gloria hugged Linda for letting her stay
there. They had been friends since grammer school.

The girls looked at each other. Linda leaned in and kissed Gloria softly.
Gloria kissed her back and let her tongue slid into Linda's mouth. They broke
the kiss off about 3 minutes later. Linda pulled Gloria to the side and told
her, "Do you how long I've wanted to do that with you?"

They were both staring at each other when Edith asked if she could have more
wine. Linda poured the wine and Edith told Gloria, "I love you."

Gloria kissed her mother and skid her tongue into her mouth. They made out
for a few minutes and broke it off. Linda asked Edith, "Can i have a kiss,

They played tongue hockey for a few minutes before breaking it off. Linda's
friends arrived, Sue Ann and her sister Melissa. They had moved up from
Texas. Sue Ann was a blonde and Melissa had light brown hair. When they took
off their coats they were in there nighties. The girls were wearing boots Sue
Ann had on knee high leather boots with 4 inch heels. Melissa had cowboy
boots. Linda made the introductions and they ate pizza and drank wine.

Mike arrived anout 15 minutes later. He entered and went to Gloria and told
her he was very sorry. They kissed and hugged and Edith was giggling looking
at them.

Archie came over about 10 minutes later. He told Edith to come home now.
Archie was staring at the girls in revealing nighties. Sue Ann asked Archie,
"Why are you staring at us?"

Archie asked her, "Why are you dressed in nighties?"

She told him they were here for a sleepover. Archie asked them, "You're
parents let you go out like this?"

Sue ann told him, "We live down the block and besides we handle are father
properly." Archie looked confused by the answer she gave. Sue Ann told
Archie, "Whenever a problem arises we handle it one-way or the other."

Archies eyes got big and said, "You mean...."

Melissa smiled at Archie, "Yes, we keep him happy."

Part 7

Gloria and Linda excused themselves and went to the bathroom. Edith is passed
out in the chair. Sue Ann and Melissa look at each other and kiss deeply.
Mike and Archie are enjoying the sight. The girls break off the kiss after 10
minutes. Melissa looks at Mike and tells him, "I can take care of that if you

Mike looks at this beautiful 19 year old girl and tells her, "Thanks."

She helps him out of his jeans while kissing him deeply. Archie feels a hand
on his cock and its not his. He looks at Sue Ann and she asks him to make
love to her. Archie kisses this 21 yr old girl and starts to feel her up.

Mike enters Melissa tight pussy. She really loves his cock. Mike is slamming
Melissa's cunt hard and fast but she is matching him stroke for stroke. Thet
fuck for about 15 minutes and she whispers to him, "Fuck your little sister."

Mike lasts about 3 minutes more and drops his load into her. Melissa explodes
about 2 minutes later. When they recover Melissa tells him, "Thanks I needed

Archie is fucking Sue Ann nice and easy. She tightens up and tells him, "Fuck
me harder daddy."

Archie fucks her for about 15 minutes. She is matching his strokes. Sue Ann
tell Archie, "I'm cumming daddyyyy!"

They explode together in orgasm. Archie is wiped out from the fucking he just
got. Sue Ann is very impressed with Archie's abilities. She tells him, "You
are better then my dad."

Gloria's is moaning, "I'm cumming again!"

Linda cums about 2 minutes later. She is telling Gloria, "Eat my sopping wet
pussy." Gloria and Linda come back out about 30 minutes later.

Mike carries Edith the 6 blocks home. He helps Archie get mom into bed. They
look at each other and Mike tells Archie I'll understand if you and Gloria
Archie just nods his head and ask him if he's going to see Melissa again.
Mike tells him, "Maybe I can arrange a threesome."

Archie tells him, "Good night and don't keep me all night with the bed
hitting the wall."

Part 8

Mike and Gloria moved to Califorina about 3 months later. When they got to
Califorina Gloria found out she was pregant. Edith got a phone call from her
nephew Floyd. His wife had passed away and he could not care for his little
girl. Archie was not happy about this. He had finally gotten rid of Mike. He
would have preferred Gloria stay home with him.

Floyd showed up about 2 hours later. He asked if his little girl could stay
there until he got himself straightned out. The girl was 11 years and her
name was Stephanie. Edith was so happy to have her there. Archie reconsidered
after seeing how pretty she was. Stephanie had black hair and brown eyes and
a beautiful smile.

When Edith put her to bed she asked her, "Why doesn't Uncle Archie like me?"

Edith explained to he takes a while to warm up to people.

That weekend they took her shopping for clothes and shoes. They got Stephanie
into school and she seemed very happy. Stephanie got Archie to warm up to her
quickly. She would always give him a kiss goodnight.

The day of her 12th birthday she was given a beautiful gift from Archie.
When the party was over Archie was sitting in his chair watching a program.
Stephanie came over and sat in his lap and curled like Gloria used to. She
gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him she loved him. When they made love
that night Stephanie popped into his head. He screwed his wife with passion.

A few days later he got up and took Stephanie to school. Edith was still
sleeping, she had not felt well for the last 2 days. When he retuned he went
upstairs to check on Edith. He found her dead in the bed. He called 911 and
they pronounced her dead also. He called the doctor and told him about Edith.
The doctor rushed over to the house and the police asked if was going to sign
the death certificate. The doctor told Archie, "I told you this could happen
if she didn't get off her feet."

Archie asks him, "What are you talking about?"

The doctor realizes that Edith never told him about her condition. He told
Archie, "Your wife had phyblotis in her legs. The blood clot broke loose and
went to her brain."

He quickly got the funeral home to remove the body. When he called Califorina
to tell Gloia it was extremely hard. Gloria flew home with 18 month old Joey.
When Archie told Stephanie she collasped in his arms in hysterics.

The night after the funeral Archie and Gloria talked. Gloria told him that
she walked in and found Mike screwing one of his students in there bed. She
threw him out of the house. She told him, "I'll be back in 2 weeks I'm moving
back here with you."

Part 9

The first 3 weeks after Edith's death were a blur of activity. He and
Gloria cleaned out her closet and put Gloria's stuff in there. When they had
conversations it was anything but Edith. It still was to hard to them to talk
about it. Gloria was keeping the house and trying to find a job. Stephanie
took to Gloria quickly. She treated Gloria like a mom she helped take care
and watch Joey.

It was a Saturday night and Archie had been drinking throughout the day.
Gloria had gotten Joey to sleep and Stephanie had gone to bed. Gloria sat on
his lap and cuddled with her father. Archie kissed Gloria slowly working his
tongue into her mouth. Gloria accepted his tongue and broke off the kiss a
few minutes later. Archie reached over and massaged Gloria's breasts. She
puled his hand away and told him lets go upstairs.

They got into the bedroom and Archie was talking a little loud. Stephanie
awoke to Archie's voice and snuck into the hall. Gloria was topless on her
knees giving her dad a blowjob. Archie told her, "I'm cumminggg!"

She swallowed every drop and stood up. She helped her father strip down and
got into bed. Stephanie got to see Archie's cock which was about 6 inches
long. This made Stephanie's insides feel weird. Stephanie went back to sleep.

They made love for about 20 minutes and Gloria had an orgasm saying, "Yes,
daddy, I'm cummingg!"

Archie lost his hardon a few minutes later due to the booze.

A few days later Stephanie got out of school early and came home. She put her
books down and went looking for Gloria and Joey. She found Joey sleeping in
his room. Stephanie approached Archie's room cause she heard a noise. The
door was half open and there was Gloria on the bed masturbating. She was
rubbing her clit at a incredibly fast rate cause she was close to a orgasm.
She was moaning, "Yes, Stephanie, right there!"

She was holding a picture of Stephanie. The orgasm that struck her was very
intense. Gloria's back and ass were off the bed and it lasted a few minutes.

Stephanie tiptoed away she went to room and stripped down. As she lied on her
bed she tried to remember where Gloria's fingers were. Gloria walked into her
room wearing a bathrobe and was surprised by what she saw. Stephanie was on
her bed nude her legs spread rubbing her clit. She looked up and asked,
"Gloria, can teach me to touch myself like you just were doing."

Gloria taught Stephanie the proper hand postion. Gloria got up to leave and
Stephanie asked her to stay and help her. Gloria helped Stephanie have her
first orgasm. She was very turned on and held herself back from making love
to Stephanie.

A few days later Stephanie told Gloria, "I like this boy James at school.
Can you teach me how to kiss."

They checked on Joey and he was okay. Gloria showed Stephanie a few different
ways to kiss a boy. Stephanie liked the way Gloria kissed her. She asked
Gloria "Could we we do this again?"

Gloria told her, "Sure, but we have to keep this a secret."

Part 10

The next day Stephanie graduated from Junior High School. Archie was so
proud of her. They went to dinner that night with Gloria and Joey.

When they arrived home Gloria put Joey down to bed. She came downstairs and
found her father in his chair making out with Stephanie on his lap. Archie
broke off the kiss and told her, "I have to take a shower and go to bed."
He walked up the steps and went into the bathroom.

Stephanie said goodnight to Gloria and went upstairs and snuck into the
bathroom. Archie saw through the frosted shower door. She opened the door and
Stephanie was in the shower with him. Archie didn't say anything, just took
her into his arms and held her. They remained like that for a long time
holding each other, feeling each other's comfort and warmth.

Then Archie felt his desire for her swelling and pushing between her legs. He
felt her clutching him, pulling him closer, and was overtaken by a desire for
her that was so intense. Then they were caressing each other in the steaming
shower. Archie's mouth covering hers, his body pushing her back against the
wet tiles on the wall of the small shower. Suddenly she pulled herself up
wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing her legs up around his waist. She
clung to him.

He entered her slowly at first, then thrusting more deeply. As her moans of
pleasure washed over him, he felt changed and reborn. Archie didn't know how
long it lasted and then he hread her cry out out as he released inside her.
She kissed him hard on the mouth. Archie finally set her down and they
remained in a desparate embrace afraid to let go.

They went to his bedroom and lied down touching and kissing slowly. Archie
fingered and ate her to a orgasm. Stephanie spread her legs for Archie who
slowly entered her. She felt herself filled up slowly. He slid back in slowly
and pressed forwarded. She moaned into his mouth they kissed for about 2
minute. Stephanie opened her eyes and told Archie, "Fuck me good." She was
told Archie, "You feel so good in me."

Archie was impressed how good Stepanie was in bed. They fucked for about 15
minutes. Af ew minutes later she told Archie, "I'm cummingg again, Archie!"

They reached orgasm together.

When they recovered Stephanie tells him, "Thank you for making this special
for me."

A few minutes later Gloria knocked on the door and entered the room. She was
nude and went to Archie and kissed him deeply. She walked over and kissed
Stephanie the same way. Archie's eyes got wide and he asked Stephanie, "Are
you okay with that?"

Gloria told her father, "I've taught her everything she needs to know."

Gloria removed Archie's condom and poured it into Stepanie's mouth. They
kissed deeply for a few minutes sharing the cum. When the kiss broke off
Gloria asked Archie if he would fuck her while she ate out Stephanie.

When they awoke the next morning they had breakfast and talked about there
new sleeping arrangements.


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