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AI - Artifical Intelligence:
Celebrity Kids Collection Part 2 - A.I.'s David Swinton (mb,BDSM,scat)
by Luckin

Well, I don't think I properly introduced myself in my adventure with young
Anakin. My name is Luckin, I live in Melbourne, Australia, in an olden type
house in the middle of nowhere. I live alone. I'm 17, and I LOVE little
children, I mean I think they're the sexiest beings alive. My life was
pretty boring, until now...

I was still in shock, the fact that I could bring characters in a tv show or
movie alive still hadn't sunk in. Still, though, I couldn't wait to meet
little David from A.I.. I grabbed the dvd, and chucked it in. I skipped
straight to the part where he asks Monica to change him then paused. I didn't
want him to be imprinted when I had him here.

I held my breath, "Okay, here we go again".

Pointing the remote at David, I clicked the blue button. Quick as a flash, he
appeared right in front of me. White getup, holding a change of clothes.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I brought you here, to um, the past, I brought you to the past, welcome," I

"Thank you, but, why am I here, where is Monica? Where is Henry?" his eyes
were puzzled with curiousity.

"See David, they let me borrow you for tonight, I hope that's okay with you?"
I asked.

"Okay. Change me?" He smiled and held the clothes up to me.

"With pleasure," a sly grin spanned across my eager face. "Hands in the air."

He straightened his arms upwards and I started taking his shirt off. With the
shirt in my hand, I leaned over and smelled his bare chest, it smelt of the
sweet smell of a young boy. I stuck my tongue out and tasted his chest and
across his nipple, no taste, like a human. Perfect.

"Hahaha, that tickles! What are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh nothing, just checking." I told him. "Okay, lie on the bed with your feet
facing me".

He did just so. The android boy stared up at the ceiling, apparently studying
my roof. He then looked around to look at the rest of the room. "You have a
nice room," he said.

"Thanks, you have a nice body."

"Thank you."

I grabbed each shoe and placed them on the floor, "My name is Luckin, by the

"My name is David, it's nice to meet you Luckin," he replied.

"Okay David, lift your butt up." He lifted his butt as I removed his pants.
"Okay, as you were." There he was, Haley Joel Osment, David Swinton, on my
bed, in nothing but his underwear. "WOW, you are beautiful!" I stared at the
bulge in his undies and wondered, what's down there. I placed my hand on his
crotch and groped him from his soft undies. I felt a cock and a balls in a
sac. Perfect. In a space of a second I tore his undies off. The naked android
lied there naked, smiling, half wondering.

"Will you dress me now?" he asked.

"Well, David, I think you are dressed, why don't you just be like this, huh?"

He smiled and said, "Oh, okay!"

Then, and idea flashed into my head. "Wait here David, I'll go get a few
things. Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back." I went
through my closet and found some handcuffs, a dog collar and a leash. I
went back to him, he was already on his knees with his hands behind his
back. "Okay David, relax"

"Okay, Luckin!".

I put the dog collar around his neck and leashed him, then I cuffed his

"What are these for, Luckin?" he asked.

"Just wait, you'll find out soon." I put my hand around the back of his neck
and hoped this would work. "Okay. Now. Look at me? Ready? Cirrus. Socrates.
Particle. Decibel. Hurricane. Dolphin. Tulip... Sex Slave, Master Luckin, Sex

Slowly his smile turned into a frown, and his eyes became worried. "Oh please
Master, please no! I'm only a boy, please don't hurt me!".

I smiled, it worked! "Okay David, who am I?"

"You-you-you're my Master, I'm your slave. I must do anything and everything
you command of me" he replied.

"I knew they made you guys for more than just one reason!" I picked him up
and knelt him on the floor. I held him by the leash and ordered him to walk
around the room on his knees with his hands cuffed. "Okay, kiss my feet!"
Without hesitation he leaned down and kissed them. "Good boy, now kiss me
passionately," I ordered.

"Y-Yes sir..."

I grabbed him by the waist and kissed his mouth and put my tongue in his
mouth. He looked pretty uncomfortable, with the leash and cuffs and all, but
what else was an android boy sex slave supposed to do? It was hard-wired now.

"David, I want you to squat and take a dump on the floor, right now!" I

"Sir, but!"

"Who am I David?" I asked him.

"My Masterū", with that, he, with some difficulty, got into a squatting
position and strained his butt. I could see from his face he was having a
little trouble. He strained and finally got a small amount of poop out.
"Okay, David, now you're going to eat it!" I told him.

"Oh please Master, no! Please!".

I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and with the other, I scooped up
the boy's fake poo and fed it into his mouth. He with great disgust, ate it
all up. "Now, lick the rest of the floor!".

"Yes sir..." He replied. He leaned over and started the licking his own poo
from the floor. Before long, it was all gone. His ass crack was a little
dirty so I licked what was left. He let out a little "Oh" sound. It tasted
funny, but I enjoyed it a lot.

"David, I want you on the bed. Get on your knees, put your head down and your
ass up."

"Whatever his master commands," he replied. He got onto the bed, onto his
knees, put his head down and pointed his butt to me.

"Very good, now, you've been a very, very bad boy, haven't you?" I asked.

"Oh, please no, sir, I've been a good boy, I've been a good boy! Please don't
hurt me!".

"David! You've been a BAD boy, haven't you? You must be punished!"

He let out a loud cry then said, "Yes sir, I've been- *sob* a very bad boy,
punish me, please."

"Yes, David," I held my hand high up, and swung down. It came crashing on
both his small butt cheeks.

"AAAH!" He let out loud cries and tears ran down his face each time I smacked
his butt.

"Okay David, you won't be a bad boy anymore, will you? You will be a good sex
slave from now on, won't you?"

He sobbed some more then answered, "Y-Yes sir... I'll be a good sex slave for
you from now on!"

"Okay, now I'm going to fuck you up you nice, 11 year old butt and wank your
dick, then, you will cum when I cum, understood?"

"Ohhh, *sob*, I- yes sir"

"Okay, shut your eyes and beg for more while I screw you". I grabbed his left
hip and with the other hand his dick. Then I placed my penis on his rim. In
one quick shot, I shoved my dick all the way in.

"AAAHH!!! OWWWW!!" He yelped. His head shot up then sunk back down.

I started thrusting my dick in and out of his tight little butthole and
wanked his dick. "Oh yes David, good boy, GOOD BOY!"

"Yes, sir, give me more- OUCH, UGH, st-stick it it in more please AHHH!!"

I noticed a little blood from his butthole, but it was all fake anyway.

savagely fucked his butt as I wanked his hard, 3.5 inch cock and felt his

After about five minutes of blissful fucking I was about to orgasm.


"UGH AAAHHHAA UUHHH, SO AM I, MASTER" He said, crying, obviously looking like
he was having a pretty lousy time.

"UGH UHHH Ahhhhh!". I pulled out my dick and made him suck the crap and
excess and leftover cum off and out of my dick.

I pushed him onto his back, grabbed him by the ankles and took his entire
penis and balls into my mouth and started sucking, moving up and down. He
almost seemed to forget about the savage fucking he just received and
seemed to sort of like what I was doing to him, although he didn't want to.
Finally he started to dry orgasm all over again.

"Ohhh AAHHH MASTER AHH UGH!!". I lapped up the tiny amount of clear pre-cum
out of his dick and collapsed on top of him.

"Wasn't that great?!" I asked him.

He stared down on the bed, seeming to be in another world.

"WELL?!" I yelled.

He looked up at me scared, and gave a little nod.

"Gee, I guess you didn'tū but don't worry, you're not real, neither was
Anakin, you're all just manifestations of my imagination. I guess that's
why you bled and crapped from your ass, probably also why you came". His
eyes stayed on the mattress. "Well, time for you to go back, you won't
know any of this had ever happened, you won't be aware, you're not even
aware now, you're reactions are just what I'd expect them to be, see?"
I turned him over and squeezed his nuts, "AAAH!" He started sobbing again.
Well, adios! I pointed the remote at him and pressed the button and in a
flash, he was gone, his clothes were gone, as well as his blood that
stained my bed spread.

"Whoo, that was awesome!"


Part 3 Coming Soon! Ideas are welcome!


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