Andy Griffith Show: Willy's Tales Part 1 (MF,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

It sat in a bubble with a monitor, it watched the figures on the screen. It
became very curious, It went to a pad and pushed a button, within seconds it
was gone.

It appeared on a street. It quickly changed it's form to a young teenager.
He walked down the steet crossing between corners. Over ran a skinny man in
a khaki uniform. He stood and watched him with his lips moving like a fish he
once seen. The man told him he was jaywalking.

The badge he seen said "deputy" with the name Fife. He watched him write on
a piece of paper.

"Name?" he asked.

"Willy," he said.

"Willy what?"

He looked and saw the name Ford. "Willy Ford."

The man tore off the paper and gave it to him. "Pay this by Friday."

Willy looked at him. "I have no money." He looked at him with his greenish
color eyes.

Barney grabed him and took him to the court house. Willy was surprised at the
human's strenght, but he didn't resist.

Soon in was in a cell. A taller man walked in with black hair. Barney
explained the situation. Willy then read the taller man's mind, which he
could do very well. That was how they communcated on his world. He read
Helen can sure suck a mean cock and her pussy is sure good too.

"I am Andy Taylor," he spoke with a twang, "Sheriff of Mayberry."

Willy greeted him, "Willy Ford. I am new in these parts."

Andy let him go. Barney threw a major fit.

"I'll be on patrol," he said.

Willy read his mind, too. 'Son Of A Bitch wont let me do my job.'

Willy walked around the town. He stood on the coner and a lanky man walked by
after he seen a young woman. He read his mind, 'Boy, I'd like to fuck Thelma

Willy followed the man to the gas station and heard the name Goober. Within
seconds a car drove up with a young woman at the wheel. Gobber came out.

"Wow," he said, "nice car, Themla Lou!"

"Thanks, my cousin let me borrow it. Can you check the oil and fill it with

Goober finished. "Ten dollars," he said.

Themla Lou said, "I forgot my purse," with a smile. "Can I pay another way?"
She winked at him and ran her tongue over her lips.

Goober's cock began to get hard. Looking around he ushered her inside the
station and closed the shades. Themla Lou dropped to her knees, she unzipped
his pants, pulled out his cock and put it in her mouth. Her tongue wrapped
around his cock. She sucked his cock head. Her tongue went into his piss
hole. Goober just about shot his wad. Back n forth went her head taking his
cock deep in her mouth. She then lick and sucked his hairy balls.

"Turn around," she said.

He did and she parted his ass cheeks. Her tongue probe his asshole while she
jacked his cock. She stopped and then laid on the desk and her panties were
off. She opened her pussy and juice was oozing out she rubbed her clit. "Fuck
me," she said.

Goober did just that. He put her legs on his shoulders and he fucked her
hard. Sweat was on his brow. "God, you'er tight! Barney must not be fucking
you right."

Gobber groaned as he shot his load into her. She stood up and kissed him and
left. She drove off.

Soon Willy was walking down the road. "Nice town," he said and walked on.

Next one: Willy Meets the Beaver


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