Andy Griffith Show: Stranger In Town Part 2 (MF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Andy and Helen were fucking thier brains out, Barney walked to his room
at the broading house. He entered the room to find Thelma Lou laying on his
bed in her black bra and panties. She knelt on the bed, her bra barely held
her tits. She undid his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Thelma Lou
was licking his cock head like a sucker.

"OOOHHH god!" he groaned as she took him deep in her mouth.

Thelma ran her tongue down to his balls. As she was sucking his balls, Thelma
was fingering her pussy. She pulled out her finger and put it in Barney's
mouth. "Please fuck me," she begged.

She laid back on the bed and ripped her painties off. "Come give me your big
cock." Thelma opened her pussy up for Barney. Her juices ran out of her pussy
Thelma rubbing her clit til she almost came.

Barney was naked and his cock was so hard it hurt. Barney laid between her
opened legs and plunged his cock into her pussy til it was covered in her
juices. He then pulled out and made her suck her own juices off his cock.

Barney fucked Thelma Lou like a mad man, for the thoughts were of Chris
sucking his cock. Barney let out a groan as he came inside her pussy. Thelma
Lou's pussy was full of his cum.

"Now for a special treat," she said.

She knelt putting her pussy against his face and opened her pussy up. Barney
opened his mouth and drank his own cum and her juices right out of Thelma
Lou's pussy. While Thelma Lou sucked his cock hard again.

"Now you can fuck my ass," she said with a smile.

to be continued


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