Andy Griffith Show: Stranger In Town Part 1 (MF, hand)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Barney was in the squad car on Long Hollow Road, supposedly watching for
speeders. But instead he was jacking off to a magazine, which showed men
and women sucking an fucking, when a blue sports car came zooming by. He
put the mag down and turned on the lights sped away.

Soon he had the guy pulled over, Barney had a hard look on his face. "You
in a hurry?" he pulled out his ticket book and began to write.

"Please," the guy said in an accent. Then he noticed Barney had a wet spot
on his pants along his zipper.

Barney gave him the ticket. The guy took it and sped off again. This time
Barney took him in.

They arrived at the court house, Andy looked up. "What's this?"

"A speeder", Barney said.

"Please," the guy said, "I don't have much time!"

"Why?" Andy said.

The guy said, "I came all this way from Germany to save my grandfather's

"The Wilcox place?"

"Yes," the guy said, "So I was in a hurry."

"Well," Barney said, "lets go." and he rushed him over.

* * *

As they drove back, Barney found out his name was Chris Wilcox, engineer for
a german company.

"I'm going to be staying for a while," he said.

"Great," Barney said, "Maybe you'd like to join us tonight at the movies.
Get to know every one."

"Great," Chris said.

He dropped him off by his car.

"Around seven then?"

"Fine," Chris said.

* * *

Barney walked into the court house, seeing Helen and his girl Themla Lou.
Thelma Lou told Barney she couldn't make the movie tonight, but she would
make it up to him. She kissed him bye.

Andy, Helen, and Barney were walking down the street when Chris joined them.
He shook hands with them all and he walked into the theater. It was a packed
house. Barney was in his favorite chair when Chris asked to sit by him.

The movie started and soon a sexy scene came up on the screen. Chris noticred
Barney's hand between his legs rubbing his cock, which in turn got Chris hard
too. Barney felt a hand on his zipper and looked at Chris as he pulled it
down and pull out his cock. Barney's began to stroke it. Chris took Barney`s
hand and put it on his cock, which was already out. The two jacked each other
off all through the movie.

The movie was over and Andy invited Chris, to join them at the dinner. Chris
said he had to get up early to start the work on the house and left.

Andy took Helen home, and there in the living room she pulled the shades down
and stood in front of Andy. Helen was rubbing her nipples though her dress
til they were hard. She then turned around, raised her dress and shook her
ass at Andy like a whore would do. Helen saw Andy rubbing his cock, she loved
his big cock. Not many men had a cock like his.

She turned around and unzipped his pants and out came his large white python.
Almost fourteen inches long and three inches around. Helen picked it up with
her mouth and gave the head a suck. Soon she was sucking him hard, the noise
filled the house with her slurping. Helen licked his balls too, holding them
in her hand. Helen took Andy deep for she learnt from a pimp whom she whored
for while in college.

Helen sucked Andy til his cock was ready and she impaled herself on it. She
gasped for air as she lowered herself. As she went up and down. Andy had
Helen's nipples in his fingers, rolling and pulling on them. Andy was soon
fucking Helen.

"Oooohhhh yeess! Fuck me!"

Helen and Andy did just that. He put her hands around his balls. Helen
squeezed them til he came. Andy filled her pussy with his cum. It ran out
her pussy and down her leg.

To be continued


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