Andy Griffith Show: Sometimes It Comes Back
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Opie Taylor laid in bed tossing and turning. He woke in a sweat he held his
head. His wife Lucy woke and hugged him.

"Again?" she said.

"Yes," he wiped his forehead, got up and went to the bathroom.

He looked into the mirror, he stared into the mirror and his thoughts drifted
back, to that fateful day.

~ ~ ~
Opie was making his way back home from school, when he bumped into a man he
never seen before. His stare was one he would never forget.

"Sorry mister," he said and went onto the court house.

He tried the door. It was locked he had a smile on his face, for he knew
Barney had Thelma Lou in there. Opie went around the back, he had a spare
key made, he unlocked the door and went in. Being quite he could hear
Thelma Lou.

"OOOHHH Andy!!!"

Opie was shocked for his Pa was fucking her instead of his wife Helen Crumb.

"OH Andy what about Helen," Thelma Lou said, "You want me to call her?"

"I'm sure she would love to lick my cum out of your pussy."

Opie watched as his Pa fucked her since Barney was on patrol he thought he
would fuck his always horny girlfriend.

Opie watched as she took his cock down her throat. He knew his Pa had the
biggest cock in town and he had fucked plenty of women while their husbands
was locked in the jail.

Opie as jacking his cock. He looked saw his Pa.

"Come here Opie," Thelma Lou seen Opie with his cock out. It wasn't small
either. He would probably be just like his father.

"Say hello to Thelma Lou."

Opie did.

"Go on Thelma Lou suck my boy's cock."

She took Opie in her mouth, a few deep sucks he was shootng his load down her
throat. Andy groaned as he shot his load in her ass.

They heard the car pull up. Thelma Lou grabbed her panties put them on. Andy
unlocked the door to let Thelma Lou out. Barney ran in. He was shaking with

"Guess what?" he said.

"What?" Andy said.

Thelma Lou gave Barney a kiss as she left.

Barney said, "Hans Brooks had escaped."

"Who's he?" Opie asked

"The Raleigh Molester," Barney shook, "He's known for rapping young boys or

* * *

What they didn't know in a cabin at Meyer's Lake Hans had a young boy tied
to the bed. His hands shook as they went along the boy's body for it had
been so long. He took the boys shirt off looked at his pale skin. He kissed
the boys nipples. They became hard. The boy was gagged. He thrashed about.
He smacked the boy took his shoes and pants off. All he had on was his white
briefs. Hans worked them off, he licked his lips, and he tongued the boy's
body til he reached his cock.

Hans took it in his hand began to work it til it was hard. Hans enjoyed the
feeling of young boys. He licked the boys balls down to his asshole. He
worked his tongue into the boys ass. He had to get it ready for his big cock.
Hans put two fingers into his ass. The boy felt the pain. Hans worked them in
and out. Soon he had three in there. His cock was soon getting hard. He took
it out semi-hard, pulled the gag off and put his cock in the boy's mouth. He
held the boy's head he and pushed his cock into his mouth til it was hard.

"NNNOOO!!" the boy screamed as Hans held the boys legs up on his shoulders.

He pushed his cock into the boys ass. The boy screamed. Hans hit him. The boy
was knocked out. Hans contiuned his rape. He pumped two load into the boy's
ass before taking him out and dumping his dead body.

* * *

Andy sat talking to the prison where Hans was at. A woman came in frantic.

"I can't find him!" she screamed.

"Who?" Andy asked.

"My Ralph!" she said, "He was suppossed to be home hours ago!"

Barney came in. Andy told him to check the lake, "I'll get some fellas to
check around town."

Soon Barney found the body wrapped him in a blanket and drove to town
stopping twice to vomit. He called Andy from the doctor's office, it was
young Ralph.

Andy soon got a call from a neighbor, he seen a strange man around his house.
Then he heard a scream.

Andy took out his gun, loaded it, and made his way home. He got there, the
patrol car was there, but no Barney. He made his way into his home. Barney
was on the floor. Helen was naked along with Opie.

"GO ON! Suck him!" he told Helen, "Suck your son's cock!"

Helen cried and did as she was told.

Hans took Barney's pants off, his cock was already hard from the rape of
Helen and Opie. He took his cock out and put it up Barney's ass. Hans held
the gun on Helen and told her to fuck Opie. Opie laid on the floor while
Helen rode his cock. Helen was soon getting off. She kissed him and rode
til she had a orgasm.

Hans laughed as he held his back. He was about to come when a shot rang out.
Hans fell forward as blood ran out of his head. Andy walked in.

Helen said, "You seen it all?"

"Yes," he said, "I watched you fuck our son."

Hans was taken away. Barney and Thelma Lou moved away, and Andy and Helen
worked out their problems. Opie still fucked his Mom now and then.

~ ~ ~
A voice came from the bedroom. Opie walked out seen his mom in bed with his
wife. They wer both naked. Opie took off his robe his long cock hung like a

"Come fuck your Mom," Helen took hold of his cock.

'Sometimes it does come back,' he thought as Helen was sucking his cock.

The End


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