This story is pure fantasy and not intened for minors

Mayberry Tales Part 2 - Barney
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Andy was behind his desk talking to Ruth Jenkins while her husband was in
jail for making moon shine. He walked up to Ruben and said, "How would you
like somebody fucking your wife while you are in the pen?"

"Just look at Ruth," Andy said. "She has fine firm breasts," Andy was
holding them rubbing her nipples, "Just think of someone else doing this to

Andy unzipped Ruth`s dress it feel open. Andy took her bra off, pulling
on her nipples. They got real hard. Andy was sucking on her nipples, rubbing
her pussy, too. Ruth was soaking wet. Andy fingered her pussy while he took
her hand putting it on his big cock. Andy fucked Ruth in front of Ruben.

"Now," he said, "you wouldn`t want anybody to fuck her while you are

Ruben said, "No."

"Well, then you find you another job or else it's up to the big house."

Andy let Ruben go. Ruth dressed and left with Ruben.

* * *

Barney was on patrol. He pulled over a woman for speeding. Barney walked
up to the car gave her a look.

"You know how fast you was going," he said.

She said, "No."

"Well, let me tell you." He gave her a ticket.

The lady said, "My husband will kill me is their ANYTHING I can do?

Barney never turned down a piece of pussy or ass. "Pull over there,"
Barney said. He walked over to her car, he stood in front of her.

"Go on. Get started," he said.

She pulled out his big cock all nine inches. She put it in her mouth was
sucking deep running her tongue along his hard cock. It was rock hard

"Okay, take off your panties."

She did. Barney fucked her hard and fast. Barney came in her pussy.

"Okay, get moving," he says.

The lady drove off.

Barney arrived at his room at Miss Copper`s broading house to wash up.
Miss Copper called to Barney as he walked passed her room. He walked in. He
saw the woman of fifty. "Yes," he said.

She neeeded him to help her. He did. She looked at him. "Why Barney, who
have you been fucking this early and does Thelma Lou know?" for Barney did
smell of sex and of that woman`s pussy.

Barney looked at Miss Copper, "What business is it of yours whom I fuck
and when?"

Miss Copper said, "Oh well, if she were to find out..."

Barney knew if she did. "You wouldn`t tell would you?"

"Me? How could you think -- but if you did help me..."

"Help you what?" Barney said.

She walked up to him cupped his balls, and squeezed them. "I might need
some relief," she smiled.

His cock was getting hard. "Why you are getting hard right now," she said.

She pulled his cock out still covered in that woman's pussy juices. Miss
Copper knelt down took his cock in her mouth was sucking for all it was
worth. Loud slurping sounds filled the room.

"Oh you suck so good," Barney said

Then Miss Copper said, "Fuck me with it now!"

She raised her dress, pulled her panties off and opened her legs. Barney
saw her pussy open up. He soon was fucking Miss Copper

"Oh, come in my mouth!" she said.

He pulled out. Put his hot cock in her mouth. Shot his load down her
throat. She licked her lips

"Thank you, dear."

Barney looked at her. He knew he never pay rent again.

* * *

Andy was in the court house when Helen came in. Her dress fit her just

"Hello," he said and gave her a kiss.

She said, "Are we alone cause I'm so horny. I need your big cock in m

Andy locked the door, pulled the shades down on the window. "Now you was
saying," with a smile.

Helen unzipped her dress let it fall to the floor. She stood there in her
black bra and panties which were soon gone. She walked up to Andy, knelt down
and pulled out his giant cock. Sucking it she took it deep in her mouth.

Andy said, "That black guy taught you well."

Helen was a whore in her college days, but she told Andy and after she
seen his white monster cock of fourteen inches, which she was it's slave.

Soon Andy was fuckingg her hard atop his desk.

"Oh, yes! Give it to me!" Helen said

Barney came in the back way knowing if the door was locked. He saw Helen
getting fucked.

Andy said, "Give her your cock, Barn."

"Yes!" Helen said, "Let me suck you."

He walked up to her and pulled out his cock. Helen took it in her mouth.

Andy said, "Let me have your ass while Barney fucks your pussy."

Soon Helen was sandwiched between the two.

"Oh, god!" she said, "Fuck meeee!!!"

Andy was just about to cum in her ass and Barney in her pussy.

"No, Barney, in my mouth!"

Barney pulled out and put it in her mouth. Just as he was cumming she
kissed them both.

After she got dressed she said, "See you tonight," she told Andy.

* * *

Andy went home for lunch Barney was at the court house when Thelma Lou
came in. She locked the door and pulled the shades.

"Lets play prison," she kissed him. "Rape me," she said, "I brought other
clothes," she said.

Barney stood up walked to her, "Sure baby, you want Barn`s big cock?"

Thelma Lou said, "Yes, I do. In my ass, mouth and pussy."

Barney smacked her, tore her dress off her and called her his slut.

"Yes!" she said, "I'm your slut!"

He ripped her bra off and panties. He held her by the hair. His cock was
hard. "Suck it!" he said.

She did, hard and fast. He pulled out of her mouth, got behind her and put
it inher ass. He was fucking her hard

"Yess!" she said, "Oh my! Fuck meee!"

Barney did just that, too. Then fucked her pussy and came in her mouth.
She came from the back room dressed, kissed him and said, "I KNOW," with a
smile, "Your still my cock."

The End


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