Andy Griffith Show: Lesson Learned (bF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Opie Taylor was actting up in class once again. Helen Crumb was the teacher.
She looked at Opie, "You will stay after school."

Opie sat in in desk. So after the final bell rang, Opie was still in the
class room with his pa's girlfriend.

She looked at him "Opie you have been actting up in class way too often. I
may have to tell your father."

Opie's eyes got wide, "Oh, no! You can't do that!" He knew to disappoint his

"Well what shall I do?" Helen asked.

"Anything but that" Opie said.

"Okay stand up" she told him she held a ruler in her hand. "Drop your pants."
she said Opie did as he was told. Helen pulled down his underwear, raised her
hand, "WHACK!"

Opie jumped and turned around.

Helen then seen his cock, she thought 'OOH MY, this young boy has a very
large cock at least for his age.' She knew Andy was big, for he had stretched
her pussy and her ass several time up on Myres Lake. But in front of her was
a young version of him. Helen took the ruler laid it against his cock. Five
inches soft.

She held it in her hand, she began to stroke it til it got hard, she once
again held the ruler eight inches but it was thick too. Helen soon found
herself on her knees, she was sucking that young cock. She had no trouble
taking all of it down her throat.

Opie just about fell over, but held on while his teacher sucked his cock.
Helen stood up un zipped her dress. Opie had seen her before, he watched her
undress many times.

She soon was naked. "Come Fuck Me" she said she laid on the floor, legs open
like some whore. Soon Opie was fuckng his teacher, mother to be.

"OOOHHH YEES" Helen moaned for his cock felt so good. 'Truly like father,'
she thought.

Opie was going faster til he felt a knot form. Helen knew he was about to
cum, she told him to stop. Opie pulled out his cock coverd in her pussy
juice. Helen took it in her mouth, sucking hard, jacking his cock til he
groaned and came in her mouth.

Helen was still in a daze walking down the street. She walked right into
Thelma Lou .

"You okay?" she asked.

"Oh yes," Helen said.

Thelma could tell when a woman just been fucked. "Helen" she asked "who
fucked you?" Helen held her close and told her, "OH YOU didn't!"

Helen just knodded and smile, "He has a eight inch cock hard."

"Opie!" Thelma Lou said.

"...and this round," Helen showed her.

Helen walked home.

Thelma Lou, stood there with a thought in her head too, "He is bigger than
Barney." Barney was skinny but his cock too was thin tho seven inches long.

She turned and bumped right into Opie. He stood with a smile on his face.
Gave her a hello, she asked him to help her with her things. They walked
into her house. She asked if he like something to drink. She held the glass
and acted like she tripped spilled it on Opie's crotch.

"OH iam sorry" she took a cloth began to dap his crotch.

She rubbed it til she felt it getting hard. She then unzipped his pants took
his cock in her mouth. It filled her mouth. It truly was thick. She took Opie
to her bedroom, pulled the shade down and took her clothes off. Her breast
were small but had big nipples, she once again had is cock in her mouth.

She was on all fours with Opie behind her, fucking her like she had never
been before. The phone rang she reached for it it was Barney, "OH hello

Opie just smiled he continued to fuck her, pushing hard. Thelma Lou hung up.
Reached between her legs held his balls squeezing them. Opie groaned shooting
a load deep into her pussy. He laid on her back sweating.

They went to the bathroom, where she washed Opie taking his cock in her mouth
once again til he came.

Opie left her house with a smile as Barney walked up to the door.

The End?


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