Subject: Story: 90210 - VALERIE'S FOOTBOY pt. 1 (F/m foot fetish femdom)
From: Steve
Date: Mon, Mar 2, 1998 02:28 EST
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Note: This is a story I have just recently started writing. It's
pretty sloppy, but I like it anyway. I'm not placing any restrictions
on this story. Anyone is free to redistribute it in any form they
like. That's why I wrote (am writing) it. Enjoy.

This is part one of a continuing series.

90210 - Valerie's Footboy

At the Peach Pit After Dark club now owned again by Valerie Malone, I was her new bartender.
She hired me just 10 days prior and things were loosening up between us. In the beginning,
Valerie was just a total bitch to me. Any normal guy would have quit for sure but I didn't.
I've always had a thing for strong-willed women and she definitely filled the bill. Also, she
was paying a competitive salary and I really needed the money pretty bad.
I was cleaning up around the bar when Valerie approached. It was past closing time and I was
"Todd, I need you to come in early tommorrow and fix the light in my office."

"I'll just do it right now if you want me to." I was beat but I didn't want to drive 10 miles
to fix something I could take care of now.

As Valerie was writing something down on her notepad she said matter of factly, "No, I'm
gonna lock up now. I want you to come in and fix it tommorrow. Here's the key, now can I
trust you Todd?"

"Yes Ma'am, Miss Malone. I'll take care of everything."

"Good." She looked at me with a hint of a smile and said, "You know, I think I'm beginning
to like you Todd. At first I thought you were gonna be some asshole. To tell you the truth,
I had only planned to keep you on for two weeks until I found somebody else. But you're good
with the customers and you know who's boss. I like that. Keep it up and we won't have any

"Thank you, Miss Malone. I am glad you like me...umm, I mean that you like my work." I was
a little nervous. I have always had a hard time talking one on one with attractive women.
They just intimidate me.

"Actually, it's more you attitude that I like." Valerie turned around and walked towards the
door. "Come on. Let's go."

On the drive home I couldn't stop thinking about her. Even though she had been somewhat
condescending towards me, I felt really happy. It was really the nicest Valerie had ever
treated me. Ok, I admit it. I've got a crush on her. And now that I know I'll be around
for a while I am psyched! Would Valerie ever consider dating a guy like me that doesn't
have much money and isn't a gorgeous hunk? Probably not. Ok, definitely not. But I just
wanted to be friends with her really, at least being her friend would make me happy.
It was 10:15 the next morning and I had just unlocked the door of the Valerie's club. When
I got inside it felt sorta weird to be all alone here for the first time. I walked around,
looking at the interior as if for the first time. Well, I had better get going on that light,
Valerie might come in soon and she told me to have it fixed this MORNING. The last thing I
want to do is piss her off now that she's starting to be friendlier.
I went upstairs and entered her office. Ahhh, I could smell her perfume. I guess I really
do have a crush on her. I looked around the office. This was only the third time I had ever
been in here. The desk was relatively organized and the office itself was generally clean. I
was surprised, since she didn't have me clean up here I figured it would be a mess. Valerie
didn't strike me as a woman that cleans very much. She's definitely a modern woman, the kind
that wants to shake the June Cleaver image.
Suddenly I stopped. And stared. Stared under the desk. It was her sneakers. It was
VALERIE MALONE's sneakers. My heart beat was picking up. I was frozen. I didn't know what
to do. You see, I have an insatiable foot fetish. I suppose it complements my attraction to
strong women nicely. I've always fantasized about being made to kiss a woman's feet and serve
her every desire. I haven't ever had the opportunity or as much as told a woman about this
but it was a strong desire nonetheless. I guess I didn't expect to see my fantasies fulfilled
so I just contented myself to enjoying my imagination.
I sat down on the floor behind the desk and picked up one of her sneakers. They were
well-worn but not ratty. Probably got a few more laps left in 'em. My hands were lightly
shaking and I was getting excited. I could feel my erection starting to strain against the
inside of my pants. I held the sneaker with the toe pointed towards me and kissed it. I
kissed it again. Now I was really hard. I lowered my face and stuck my nose inside. My heart
was beating fast. I took a whiff. My mouth actually watered. It was the smell of Valerie's
foot. God, I was in heaven. I took a long sniff. I had to take my pants down. I had to
masterbate. I had forgotten where I was. All I knew was that I had Valerie Malone's sneakers
and I might not ever get this chance again. I switched shoes. The other one smelled just as
fragrant. I held the shoe over my face with one hand and played with my cock with my other.
I came long and hard. All over the floor and some on one sneaker. God, that was intense.
A SLAM! The sound of a door being shut. Oh, shit! She's here! I panicked. I didn't
know what to do. I hadn't even fixed the light yet! I pulled up my pants and ran to the light.
The ladder! Thank God she had already gotten the ladder out. I pulled it over to the middle
of the room. I grabbed my screwdriver and climbed up two steps. When Val popped in, I
had unscrewed one screw...


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