Beverly Hills 90210: The Girls Of Beverly Hills (M/f,ncon)
by Dark Paladin


It all began, oddly enough, in a time that did not yet exist. Steven, in
the year 2275, had broken out of a maximum security prison using several
high-tech inventions that won't be gone into, since this is not that kind
of a story. I will say that when he escaped, he knew that the transponder
they had planted deep in his skull would lead them right to him if he
didn't find either a way to get it out, or some place to hide where they
would never find him.

Luckily for him, he was an electronics and physics genius, a talent that had
gotten him out of many a scrape. While in prison, he had begun computations
in his mind for a new machine that would allow him to travel through time by
creating a wormhole that would open up where the earth was at the right when.

He quickly collected his necessary parts, built his machine and set it to
auto destroy after he had leaped through time. He quickly selected a time
that he knew he would be untraceable in, yet where he could use his talents
to the best of his abilities without being burned at the stake.

The decision didn't take long. He fired up the machine, entered the
wormhole, and arrived.

Time: Early 1995.
Place: Beverly Hills 90210.

Donna just couldn't wait. She hadn't seen her good friend Brenda Walsh for
so long. Ever since she had gone off to England to study acting. She had
gotten permission to use her parents cabin up in the woods for a vacation for
her and her friends.

Donna was an attractive young woman, though she could probably do her hair
better. She usually wore tight fitting clothes that hugged both of her
breasts. While she was still a virgin, she still liked the way that men
looked at her from time to time. `Look' was the operative word there. She
had decided long ago that she was going to keep her virginity. Well, until
she either got married or her mother told her it was all right, and probably
the latter even after she got married.

She glanced over at her friend, Kelly. Kelly was even better looking, with
more of a waif look to her. While she had just enough breasts to attract
attention, it was her pouting lips and face that got her most of her
attention. She had involved with many men in the past, including her latest
ex-boyfriend, Brandon. She had started feeling itchy the last few days for
a man to stick his cock in her, but couldn't seem to get Brandon back and
Dillon was unavailable.

In the back seat sat Valerie and Claire. Valerie was a walking sex machine,
with shoulder length brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She was well tanned,
and had a set of breasts that made men drool to suck. Her hobby was picking
up other women's boyfriends, enjoying the way that they overcame their
inhibitions until they were practically raping her. An odd reversal of
positions, since she always felt that she was raping them. Seducing a man
was easy, getting him to cheat on his girlfriend in the process, that was
more difficult.

Next to Valerie was Claire the newest addition to their little group. She
was a wild girl who liked big parties, big thrills, and big cocks. She was
the youngest of the group, her recently blonde highlighted brunette hair hung
about her as she laughed.

Donna pulled her car up to the cabin, noticing that Brenda's car was already
parked there. The front door opened, and Brenda stepped out. Brenda was
also a sex machine, with firm, ripe breasts even though she ordinarily didn't
wear a bra. Long, black hair that made her look, and often act, like a
bitch. She waved to the group of girls in the car, rushing forward and
hugging them as they stepped out of the car.

"Oh, it's so good to see you," Donna said, giving her friend a tight squeeze.
"I was beginning to think that you'd never come back to us!"

"What, and miss out on the excitement here? Besides, England's to damn cold
for me," Brenda said. "And I had to get away from those drama teachers."

And away from them always trying, and sometimes succeeding, to get into her

"I'm just glad that you're here," Kelly said, giving her friend a hug. She
looked up at the sky. "Now we've got a whole week away from the men-folk to
do whatever we want."

"I've got something already arranged," Valerie said. "Let's get dressed for
bed and we'll make popcorn and a movie."

"Feels like a slumber party already," Brenda said.

They rushed inside the house, laughing innocently.

From the upper floors, Steve watched the proceedings with great interest.

Once he saw the girls drive up, he knew that he had to have them. Before he
went to prison, he had himself genetically altered so that his testicles
would produce more than enough sperm than he needed. Allowing himself to
stay hard and fertile as long as he wanted to.

Being confined in jail, though, didn't give him more than a chance to do a
hand job. And then, only when he deactivated the holo sets long enough for
some privacy. Now, here, he had five sexy young girls at his disposal.
One of Steve's greatest strengths was the fact that he was so methodical.
He pulled off his backpack, looking over his assortment of gadgets and

Working quickly, he set up a field parameter, much like the ones used in his
prison. Once a field inhibitor was inserted underneath the skin, walking
outside of the parameter would cause the muscles to lock up, the target
unable to move. It was powered by circulation in the bloodstream, so the
harder the person worked against the field, the better it worked.

At the same time, Steve's other items were modified to perform some other,
more interesting, functions.

Another little item was a pain stick. It could be used at a distance, and
produced any number of pain sensation. From whipping style, to heat, to
needles, without actually causing physical damage. He saw that this might
come in handy as well.

And, finally, he pulled out a neural inhibitor. Once activated, this would
make whoever was in the beam fall unconscious until it was deactivated.

In the near darkness, Steve smiled. His future never looked so good.

"Here's the popcorn," Claire said as she walked into the living room.

Valerie had just inserted the video and started it running.

"I got `Dirty Dancing'," Valerie said. "I had to see those Patrick Swayze

As the video started, Steven crept down from his attic hiding place. It's
now or never, he thought to himself. All of the girls were in one spot,
thinking that they were alone.

He held out the neural inhibitor, then stepped out behind them.

"Good evening, ladies," he said.

Kelly cried out as she turned around. Then froze into place as she saw him
standing there, holding the strange ray like device.

"Who are you?" Donna asked, fear creeping into her chest.

"Just a visitor," he said simply, a smile on his face.

He pulled the trigger, and their world went black.

Once the girls were stunned asleep, Steven worked fast. He pulled out a hypo
and inserted the field inhibitor into each of the girls. He had already
turned on the field generator, so had no fear of the girls escaping while he

He picked up the girls one by one, and carried them into the rooms that they
had already selected for themselves that morning. He was amazingly strong
for his size, carrying each girl with ease. He began humming to himself as
he carried them about, carefully laying them in the bed. Then tuning their
particular signal so that they wouldn't be able to leave their perspective

He finally came to the last girl, Brenda. She was wearing a black silk
negligee that showed her white, creamy breasts to an advantage. He caressed
her unconscious form a moment, smiling to himself.

"The last shall be first," he muttered to himself, then took the sleeping
girl to her room.


Brenda awoke suddenly, as if coming out of a bad dream. She remembered
seeing the man appear behind them, holding the gun. Then this. She was in
her bed, above the covers. She looked around a moment, not remembering how
she got here. Perhaps this was all a bad dream.

Brenda rolled out of bed, her white thighs peeking out underneath her
negligee. She went to the door, then paused as she found herself unable to
take another step. She backed up, then headed forward again. She felt her
muscles contract, unwilling to touch the door.

"You can't get through it," a voice said behind her.

Brenda whirled around, seeing the man she had seen before. Somehow, he
didn't seem to fit the picture.

He was handsome, not cute, but handsome. He was barely taller than Brenda
was, though his posture was picture perfect. His green eyes glowed with a
dark intelligence that seemed focused on more than one thing at a time. He
was wearing only a pair of white boxers, his lean, muscular body relaxed as
he leaned against the wall. His hair was sandy brown, with blonde hairs
weaved into his, giving him a golden glow. He didn't seem violent, but did
look intense.

"What do you want with me?" Brenda asked, feeling a light fear over her.

"The answers in the question," the man said. "Just do what I say, and you'll
be fine. If not..." he shrugged his shoulders.

"What do you want me to do?" Brenda said, already guessing at what it would

"Take off your clothes." He said it so simply, it was astonishing, no `or
else', no threats, just an order.

Brenda crossed her arms and looked at him. She had handled guys bigger than
this before. She could handle this little man.

Steven sighed to himself. He had wanted to make this easy on her. But, oh
well. He pulled the pain stick from behind his back, the settings already
in place. He pointed it at her, and pushed the button.

Brenda felt a sudden lash land across her back. She arched forward in pain,
just as another snapped lower on her back. She whirled around, trying to get
away from the invisible whip that was slicing into her back, causing her to
cry out in pain. One of the lashes slashed into her breasts, causing her
breath to catch in a silent scream. Tears of pain began falling from her

Steven pushed the button again, and abruptly, the pain stopped. Brenda
collapsed to her knees, feeling for the welts that must be there, yet feeling

"Remove your clothes," he said again.

Brenda looked up at him, as if surprised that he was there. Once her clothes
were off, she knew what would be next.

"Noo," she moaned, humiliated. `This can't be happening to me. Not me, not

The lashes started up from nowhere, brining her cries into wails of pain.
She twisted about, trying in vain to avoid the lashes that were tearing into
her back, her breasts, her legs. The sharp pain making her cry out again and

After a full minute of this torture, it stopped again. Brenda sobbed against
the wall as the pain faded away. She looked at the stranger again, in fear
of him and his punishments.

"Take off your clothes," he said again.

This time, there was no waiting. Brenda reached up and began pulling off the
straps, her milky white breasts filling Steven's view. Her nipples appeared
next, the nubs already hardened from the chill air. Just as she started to
drop it past her breasts, Steven's voice came out again.

"Put it back on."

There was a moment hesitation, which earned her a few seconds of invisible
pain. She quickly pulled the straps back on.

"Take it off," Steve said.

No hesitation this time as Brenda pulled down her nightie, this time showing
her black panties. She pulled these down too, showing her well shaven
crotch. Her bald pussy was pulling at Steve. He allowed his erection to
rise within his boxers. The fabric being big enough to not show the obvious.

"Come here," he said.

Brenda walked fearfully towards him, trying to cover herself with her hands.
She stood before him, her breasts jutting out in front of her.

"Take off my shorts," he said.

For a moment, retaliation flooded her eyes. She went to grab his crotch, to
punish him and get away.

Without warning, his hand lashed out, backhanding her across the face.
Brenda was more shocked by the speed than by the power of the blow. Of
course, Steven couldn't very well tell her he had his speed and strength
genetically altered, as well.

"Take off my shorts," he said again.

Brenda felt no more resistance inside of her as she pulled down his shorts.
Her eyes began widening in shock as more and more hard cock appeared before
her. Until finally it all sprang out, pointing right at her now level head.

Steven was a large man to begin with, but he made life easier on himself.
His last change was an altered cock. Twelve inches long and about three
inches across. He smiled, seeing her surprise at such a monster in front of
her. His cock twitched, as if giving her an obscene greeting.

"Suck it," Steven said.

There could be no mistaking what he was talking about. Brenda glanced at it
fearfully, licking her lips. There was no way that she could take that cock.

She felt a lash of pain across her back from that invisible source. She
opened her mouth in pain, and felt her mouth filled with cock.

"Suck it," Steven said again.

Brenda began sucking in earnest now, careful to stay away from his balls
after another bolt of pain crossed her back when she started to touch them.
Steven was taking to chances.

Brenda's head was bobbing up and down on Steven's cock, her hair falling down
and tickling his legs. Every time she went down, Steven pushed a little more
of his cock into her mouth, feeling it go down deeper and deeper into her
through. Her saliva was coating it beautifully, making the way slick and

Brenda felt the large pole stretching her mouth as it forced itself deeper
and deeper into her. She had taken cock before, but nothing like this. She
wasn't sure how much longer she could take this.

Without warning, the cock started twitching in her hands.

`Oh, god, no,' Brenda thought.

A sudden gush of semen filled her mouth, the taste flooding her throat. She
glanced up at Steven, who looked at her warningly. She swallowed as fast as
it came, fearful of what would happen if she didn't. After a few minutes of
tasting the bittersweet fluid, it was all over.

Brenda did feel some relief. After that, he wouldn't want to fuck her. Then
he might leave. But as he pulled himself from her throat, she was shocked to
see that he was still rock hard, and still searching for action.

With a quick pull, Steven pulled Brenda to her feet. Her breasts pushed
against his chest, the soft flesh poking into him. His hard cock pressed
against her slit, as if seeking some sort of entrance.

Steven reached down and grabbed her cheeks, turning her until she was up
against the wall. She started to cry out, then stopped at Steven's glare.
His hard cock was rubbing up and down her slip, slowly. Then she felt the
worst thing happen.

She could feel her juices starting to flow. With all of the tension, and the
cocksucking, her body had started to react, preparing her for sex as so often
in the past. The hard cockhead began to get slick with juices as it ran up
and down her crotch, tingling her swelling clit.

His mouth was beginning to nuzzle at her neck, slowly, erotically as his
hands cupped her ass cheeks. To Brenda's shame, she could feel her hips
begin to move, trying to stimulate herself. She stopped herself, then felt
herself start again.

Steven's cock was now very slick as it rode Brenda's slit. He pulled her up,
spreading her legs. The tip of his cock brushed her hole, causing her to
gasp. He looked at her, both were surprised by her arousal.

Steven started pushing his cock into her. Brenda could feel herself start to
expand, her body trying to fit in the monster at her gates. The sensations
were flooding her pussy as the head began working itself in and out of her,
causing her clit to buzz incredibly. She started moving her hips in earnest
now, her face red with shame, but she couldn't stop, it just felt too good.

Every stroke brought another piece of Steven's cock inside of her. It was
almost halfway inside of her now, and there was still six inches to go.
Steven held her up with ease as she started bouncing on his pole. She
stopped fighting the sensations in her cunt. It was just too much. She
felt more of Steven slide inside of her, and she almost screamed from the
pleasure. He was doing it slowly, beginning to tease her with his length.
Her breathing became more erratic.

Brenda suddenly froze in shock.

"Oh, god, no, not like this. Not this way. I don't want to get pregnant,
please. OH GOD!"

Her body shook from the sudden orgasm that rippled through her. At the same
time, Steven allowed himself to go, his thick sperm flooding her unprotected

The feeling of the liquid splashing inside of her was just too much, and she
started climaxing again. Steven pushed all the way inside of her, the tip of
his cock bumping against her cervix as he filled her.

Brenda felt herself beginning to calm down.

`It had to be over now,' she thought. `No one could do that and stay hard.'

Yet, impossibly, he still was. Their combined juices was making his way even
slicker, and the entire length of his cock was sliding inside of her, causing
her hips to buck back and forth. She was groaning as his cock kept sliding
into her like some obscene piston. His mouth was sliding down her throat and
down to her breasts.

"Yeah," she moaned as he began sucking on her hard nipples. "Oh, god! Oh!

Brenda felt her body begin to shake to her third orgasm. Steven kept on
ramming her with his hard cock as he felt her press against him. He pulled
out of her suddenly, throwing her against the bed. He pulled up behind her
and started taking her from behind, her erotic screams music to his ears.

She was pressing into him as hard as she could, trying to get herself to
another orgasm. Steven felt his cock twitch again just as Brenda's head
snapped back, her long hair tickling his chest. She began shaking again,
her crotch massaging his cock like never before. With that, he released
himself inside of her again, filling her womb with his cock.

Brenda collapsed down onto the bed, exhausted. She was totally spent after
the experience. She heard the man behind her step away.

"Thank you, my dear," he said.

Brenda turned around, her cunt still buzzing from her orgasm.

"That was very enjoyable. Now, if you don't mind, I have to see how your
friends are doing."

He picked up his boxers shorts and pulled them up over his still hard monster
cock. He gave her a wave, and walked out the door.

Brenda got up and started walking to the door, feeling the same tension in
her muscles that prevented her from getting there. She went back to the bed,
her cunt open and wanting more of his cock.

She collapsed on the bed and started to cry.


After Steven left Brenda's room, he allowed his hardon to shrink and his
super active testes to produce more sperm for him. He raided the
refrigerator, eating the fruits and vegetables there. He had new plans for
the next girl, and he would need his strength.

Steven laid the pain stick in front of him, carefully examining the
electrical components. A few changes here and there in the programming,
and... ah, that was it. Steven looked at his new invention for a few
moments, whistling a happy tune.

Kelly had already discovered that she couldn't leave the room. Any time she
walked out of some invisible circle, she would find herself locked into place
until she moved the other direction.

Worst of all, she couldn't get a change of clothes, and was still stuck
wearing the high nightgown that she had on last night. The pink fabric just
covered her crotch, and her panties were missing. If she had to bend over,
her bald crotch would be shown off to the world. But so far, none seemed
interested that she was even there.

Kelly felt something begin to tingle. For a moment, she couldn't identify
its source. Then it came again, more forceful this time. A gentle prodding
in her crotch, making her hips move forward in brief pleasure.

`Must be all that time I've gone without any good cock,' she thought to
herself. `It's finally getting to me.'

The feeling came again. A wash of pure pleasure creeping over her cunt and
nipples. Kelly squirmed at the feeling, as if trying to rub her pussy into
the naked air.

`Well, since no one's here, I'm sure they won't mind if I make myself more

Kelly slipped off her nightie, feeling the sensations double. Her fingers
went to her cunt and the sensations abruptly stopped.

Kelly tried rubbing her clit, trying to bring back the feeling. It was like
rubbing cardboard. She groaned in frustration, and brought her hands away
from her clit.

Instantly the sensations returned. Kelly's hands darted to her pussy to try
and stimulate herself to orgasm. But again it left just as quickly as it

Kelly moved her hands away again, and the feelings returned. This time, she
kept her hands away, moving her waist into the sensations, humping the air.
She tried touching her nipples, but it had the same effect. So Kelly hung
onto the bedpost to keep herself from touching herself, but it was just so

The tingling sensations were making her gyrate her hips back and forth,
trying to drive that invisible cock into her. But the feelings were keeping
her just from orgasm. Just on the edge of what she wanted. From time to
time she would try to finger herself, only to cry out in torture when the
feelings left her. So she stayed that way, moaning in anguish from the near
cumming but never getting there.

Kelly was so involved with her dilemma that she never heard the door open and
shut gently behind her. She kept twisting and turning. Her breasts, her
cunt, anything she could to try and make herself cum from the unknown source.

A set of hands appeared from behind her, pinching her nipples. Somewhere in
the back of Kelly's brain there was a warning, as if this shouldn't be. But
to feel real flesh on hers.

"Ohhh!" She moaned.

Steven couldn't believe what he was seeing. His device was working better
than he had hoped. He had been monitoring her progress until she had learned
that self stimulation would get her nowhere. Now, it seemed as though she
had learned it well. Her fluids were running down her leg from her crotch
from her dance with desire. Now she was pushing into him, trying to get the
stimulation that she so desperately needed.

Steven turned her around, kissing her hard. She returned the kiss, still
gyrating from the sensations the device were giving her. She looked at him
for the first time, as if suddenly realizing that he was there.

"Wh. who are you?" She asked, even as she rubbed her crotch against his
giant penis.

Her hands clawing into his back as she tried to use him to stimulate her
swollen clit.

"I'm a man, you're a woman," Steven said. "You need to be fucked. What do
you need to know?"

Kelly couldn't take it any more. She looked down at his cock, surprised by
the enormous size of it. For a moment, she didn't want this. She hadn't
been taking the pill for some time now for her modeling career, and she was
ripe. Yet she couldn't wait any longer.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Steven asked her as she kept rubbing herself
against his cock.

"Uhnnn," Kelly groaned, already spreading her legs and trying to get the
giant fuck meat into her.

She gasped as it started piercing her, spreading her apart. She kept humping
it, hoping that she could get off on it before he did, and keep her from
getting pregnant.

She could feel it slide deeper and deeper into her, helping to both soothe
and increase the itching she felt. Yet, no matter how hard she pumped her
hips, how much her slickened hole bounced off this giant cock, she couldn't
quite get there. But she was so close.

"Oh I'm almost there," she moaned. "Just a little more, yes, a little more."

Kelly rolled over on top of her mysterious lover, the entire length of his
cock sliding up and down her slick hole. Her cunt buzzed with furious
pleasure, yet she couldn't get there. If she stopped now, she'd die. Then
she felt his cock twitch inside of her. She knew he was going to cum inside
of her, but she couldn't stop herself. She had to cum.

`Oh god, please let me cum.'

Steven exploded, filling her womb with his potent seed. She continued to
bounce up and down on top of him, her body unwilling to stop as he filled
her. He kept himself hard as she kept bouncing up and down his pole, so
close to what she wanted. She was screaming with the pleasure as he reached
up and began pinching her taunt, pink breasts, but still no orgasm came. She
felt him twitch again.

`Oh, god, please let it be this time, I need it so baaddd.'

Steven felt his semen swarm from his balls, again exploding inside of her
twisting cunt. She couldn't stop, though, not so close to what she needed.
She fell on top of him, rubbing her rock hard breasts against his chest while
his cock filled her love canal. He pulled her head to his, kissing her
hard. Her tongue attacked his, as if that would give her the orgasm she so
desperately wanted.

Steven pulled her off of him, turning her around. He used one hand to rub
her clit while he started to push his slickened cock between her ass cheeks.

"God, no, not there," Kelly cried out.

But she made no motion to move away as the giant cock began pushing past her
sphincter. She felt herself spread apart, feeling her ass buzz with the
sensations of his dick inside of her.

He started moving just the head back and forth, then began to push in deeper.
He reached both hands up and began rubbing her hard nipples as she pushed
back at him. She was rubbing her own clit as she felt him violate her ass,
the sensations rising again.

Steven looked down at his cock inside of her, and the thought brought him
over the edge. He pulled himself out of her ass and jammed it as hard as he
could into her hot pussy. He mentally flipped a switch, turning the device
to full power.

Kelly's naked body froze above him, her body suddenly shaking from the most
powerful orgasm ever. Her cunt muscles squeezed Steven's cock hard as she
shook on it, her face open in pleasure. Steven felt himself explode again,
her womb now filled to the brim with him. He allowed her to cum for almost
a full minute, then mentally switched it off.

He pulled himself out of her, hearing her moan from his hardness leaving her.
He kissed her gently on the lips, barely feeling her kiss back. She fell to
sleep almost instantly, her naked body laying on top of the covers.

Steven left the room, and began to plan his next encounter. With Claire,
Steven wasn't so sure how to proceed next. He wanted to give each of the
girls an individual experience, something to remember him by. He had used
the device on the last two girls in different functions. Perhaps it was time
for something new.

He thought about it for several minutes, until he decided that perhaps what
was needed here was something simple and primitive. Perhaps even primal.


Claire had been awake for some time now, checking the confines of her strange
prison. She was wearing a long baseball T-shirt that came down to her
thighs. Of course, her panties were missing, adding to her confusion. If
someone went to all of this trouble to make sure she couldn't get out, why
weren't they already here, raping her or worse? Unless they were working on
the other girls.

The thought made Claire shiver with pleasure. She had always had a fantasy
about being trapped in a building and raped by some handsome stranger. She
didn't catch much of a look at the person who appeared out of nowhere, but he
seemed nice looking enough.

`Claire you are one fucked up little girl,' she thought to herself. `You
could be killed, and your looking forward to getting raped by some stranger.
Sick, sick, sick.'

The door suddenly swung open and shut. Standing there, totally naked, was
the stranger, his hard muscles showing underneath his skin. His twelve inch
cock pointing out like a divining rod, pointing straight at her.

Claire felt a lump in her throat.

`Oh, my god, this is really happening,' she thought.

She looked him over, figuring that he had another thing coming if he thought
that this would be easy. This might be a fantasy, but she still had her
pride. No man had ever forced her, and it wouldn't be now. Even if she did
feel her pussy start to get wet in excitement.

With unparalleled speed, he came forward, knocking her onto the bed. She
fell backwards with a squeal of fright, not expecting the sudden rush from
him. He pulled on her shoulders, making him face her on her stomach. With
a quick movement, he had grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled,
exposing her naked ass.

Claire pulled away to get away from him, her arms becoming tangled in the
sleeves. She twisted about, her bottom half sliding about on the smooth
sheets. She felt her breasts fall free of her outfit, her hard nipples
rubbing against the smooth fabric.

`Good job, Claire,' she scolded herself. `You're only two minutes into it
and he's already got you going.'

She pulled back as hard as she could, freeing herself and leaving her
attacker holding her T-shirt. She ignored her own nudity, though she could
feel his eyes caressing her breasts, her smooth stomach, her bald crotch.

He moved around the bed, and she circled in the other direction. The
movement of her bare thighs rubbing together started to make her pussy
wetter. He moved in the other direction, and she moved the other way.

`That's good,' she thought confidently. `Keep him there.'

Without warning, he leaped into the air, clearing the king size bed without
a running jump. Claire was to surprised to react when he grabbed her naked
body, throwing her to the bed. She started to crawl away from him. He
grabbed her thighs and held on to her kicking legs, slowly pulling her back
to him.

Her breasts kept rubbing against the sheets, causing her to gasp as she tried
to get away. But for every inch she pulled away, he pulled her back two
inches. Each hand was on a firm, ripe thigh, his waist right between her
ass. He was close enough now to grab her narrow waist and pull her to him.
His giant cock bumped against her wet pussy, making her fight harder.

Claire was breathing heavily now. She was getting exhausted from her
exertion, and this guy was hardly breaking a sweat. Her breasts were still
being pressed into the smooth sheets, making her nipples tingle. And, on top
of that, she could feel that incredible cock against her wet slit, sliding
her back and forth on top of it. Her fantasy was becoming a reality.

Claire made another pull on the bed, then gasped as the head of the cock
touched her swollen clit. Her attacker seemed to realize this also, moving
his hips back and forth, his cockhead rubbing her clit with more pressure
and quicker tempo. She felt her hips move back and forth involuntarily,
feeling the pleasure build in her cunt.

She suddenly gasped in shock. Her birth control! She hadn't gotten her new
set of pills yet! Now she began struggling for real. Trying desperately to
get away from the cock that was doing this to her, even as she gasped with
pleasure when it scraped her swollen clit.

With a sudden movement he turned her over onto her back, staying wedged
between her legs. She tried to get some leverage, but he fell on top of her.
Pinning her down with his weight. He grabbed her legs and placed them on his
shoulders, preventing her from going anywhere.

Claire felt the tip of his cock enter her hole. She backed away from it,
trying to keep it away from her. But the giant cock came towards her
relentlessly, gently sliding at her hole. Just barely caressing the inside
of her.

Steven made a sudden pull, piercing her with his cock. The head slipped
inside her wet snatch, causing her to gasp.

"Damn it, get that," she gasped. "Ah! Ah! Thing. Ah! Ah! Godddd! Out of

Claire couldn't believe how good it felt. It was like her nastiest fantasy
come true, only better. This cock was real, and it was hard, and it was
making her gasp in pleasure.

Even worse, this guy knew how to use it. He pushed at just the right angle
to make her gasp on the inside, the long length rubbing her clit on the
outside. She felt herself give an involuntary push back, taking more of her
rapists dick into her.

"Please, don't," she gasped. "I. ohh! Fuck!"

"All right, then," he said. "I'll fuck you."

He began pumping in earnest now, slamming his cock into her. Claire cried
out in surprise and pleasure, arching her back into him. He reached around
and placed his hands on her pert tits, massaging the swollen flesh.

Claire was riding him hard, slamming her steamy pussy onto his thick cock.
She rubbed her back against his chest, crying out again and again.

"Tell me how much you like it," he said, his cock all the way inside of her.
"Tell me how much you want me to cum inside of your hot cunt. You need it
inside of you, I know you do."

"Nooo," Claire lied.

But it was true. She wanted to cum, and feel his hot fluids inside of her.
The very thought made her even hornier, feeling his hand on her breasts. His
lips on her neck, his other hand on her clit. His hard cock, oh, that cock

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Claire screamed as she felt the rush of cum hit the
inside of her.

She began cumming, shaking up and down on top of him. Her legs were spread
wide atop his strong thighs. Her body impaled on his cock.

He turned her to him, looking at her for a moment. She stayed there,
kneeling before him, his dick still hard and pointing at her. He leaned
forward, kissing her hard.

She resisted for a moment, then felt his fuck meat at her hole again. She
arched into it, needing more of it.

`God, I'm such a slut,' she thought.

She spread her legs wide to take in that beautiful thing, feeling him plunge
it deep into her.

"Oooooh," she moaned, feeling his hands on his waist as he set up a gentle

It was too good to be true. Her whole body seemed to center around his cock.
He was kissing her harder now, and she was kissing back, kissing her rapist
that made her tremble with desire. His fingers were pinching her nipples,
making her gasp again. Each time she gasped he would drive his cock a little
harder into her, until she was crying out in pleasure.

"Do it!" She cried out as she felt her body responding. "Rape me, use your
cock in me, oh god, fuck me. Ah! Ah! AAHH!" She cried out again as her
body began shaking.

His cock exploded inside of her, filling her, treating her like a woman.
She knew that she needed this. This wonderfulness, this fantasy. Her body
slowly stopped shaking, but not before she had pulled every drop of cum from
this man's body.

She felt to so tired. She felt him exit her body, caressing her breasts one
last time. Then he was gone.


Steven left Claire's room, his cock still throbbing from his latest
experience. Even he had his limits though, he still had a ways to go before
he met them. While he had the time, he thought that he'd check in on his
other guests.

Valerie had been in the wake of Kelly's ordeal, and had grown a little horny
from the device that Steven had used. Her pussy still throbbed beneath her
tight, white negligee that was almost transparent.

If one looked hard enough, one could see her well tanned breasts beneath the
fabric. For a few minutes she thought about getting herself off. But she
was too worried about that strange attacker finding her helpless, and she
would need all of her wits to escape.

She heard the door begin to open, and stepped back from it. She could see no
usable weapon in the room, and had no idea what to expect.

Steven stepped though the door, wearing a robe that he had brought with him
from the future. It was made of a synthetic material that would regulate his
temperature for optimum comfort. But on stepping into the room to check on
this girl, his temperature quickly jumped. Her breasts were just calling
to him, tugging at his cock that seemed to lengthen to get closer to this
picture of beauty.

"Why, hello there," he said to her, watching her back up a little from him.
"I hope that you've been made comfortable."

Her blue eyes widened in slight fear, even as she felt her nipples harden a
little from looking at him. Perhaps under different circumstances, he would
be sort of sexy. But here, like this.

Steve unwrapped the robe from around his body, allowing his sleek, hard
muscles coming into view. The tip of his cock appeared from under his robe,
peaking at her.

Valerie looked in shock as his foot long penis appeared, the tip already
oozing with pre-cum. Steven looked at her red, sexy lips, and he knew what
he wanted to do.

He crossed the room in less than a second, grabbing the front of her nightie.
He bunched up his fist and pulled hard on the fabric.

The pink materiel fell away, her brown, ripe breasts freed from their fabric
prison. Steven paused a moment, looking at the hardened nipples, the smooth
belly just beginning to appear under her cloths.

Valerie cried out in surprise, raising her hands to cover her breasts.

"Oh, god, please don't, NO!!" She screamed when Steven knocked her hands
down and made another grab, this time tearing her clothing the rest of the
way off.

Her crotch was well trimmed, with just the hint of hair along the top.

Steven gave her a hard push back, making her fall against the bed. He pulled
out the cloth tie around his robe. He grabbed her right hand, quickly tying
the cloth to one wrist. He could feel her naked thighs underneath his as
she struggled, weakly striking out at him with her hands. He pulled her arm
tight behind her, making her cry out again.

He pulled her other arm behind her, tying the two of them together tightly.
Valerie writhed on the bed, trying to find a way out of this. But there was

Steven reached down and pinched one of her nipples. To Valerie's surprise,
the strong hand felt good on her breasts, caressing, moving along her valley,
just touching and then going away. She felt herself becoming the slightest
bit wet. Of course, the side effects of Steven's using the device on Kelly
had already done that.

Steven grabbed her shoulders, turning her until she was on her knees on the
bed. He began pulling her head to his lap. Her struggles were useless
against his strength.

"Mm-mmn, mmmm," Valerie cried out, not wanting to open her mouth.

The heavy smell of cock was filling her nostrils, but she couldn't put that
thing in her mouth.

`God no,' she thought. "Please, not this.'

Steven reached down and slapped her hard on the buttocks. Valerie cried out
in pain and felt the giant penis slam hard into her mouth.

She started to bite down, then felt him twist her arms painfully until she
thought they would break. She tried to cry out her protest, only making
Steven more excited as her slick tongue ran itself over his glands. He
started fucking her mouth, moving further and further into her throat. He
let himself go, Valerie's warm, slick mouth feeling too wonderful to stop

Valerie felt the smooth pole stretching about her lips as she tried to jerk
her head away. His hands were like an iron vice, holding her perfectly in
place as he ran it further and further down her throat.

`This isn't the way,' Valerie was thinking to herself. `I'm the one whose
always in control, and this prick.'

"From the way you can take my dick without choking, I'd say that you've done
this before," Steven rasped as he plunged his cock further down her throat.

He couldn't believe how great she was. He could fuck all the way down her
throat without worry. Her tight throat muscles were squeezing his cock each
time she tried to cry out against his oral rape. Her mouth was too wide for
her to even think about biting him, though her teeth scrapped the end of his
powerful cock, the slight pain adding to the total pleasure. Her saliva kept
the way nice and slick, yet she was sooo tight.

The giant cock kept moving inside her mouth. In, out, the smooth flesh
squeezing against her. Valerie's blue eyes saw the end of his crotch, the
hairs tickling her nose, then felt it slid all the way back out. She was
unable to do anything about it, and could only watch her mouth get raped by
this stranger.

Steven withdrew his penis from her throat, watching a moment as she took deep
breaths. He started rubbing his cock along her cheeks, feeling the slickness
transfer to her plump cheeks. She tried to pull away again, feeling the soft
hardness caress her cheeks, her nose, softly touching her eyelashes. His
cock was so hard that is felt like a rubbery steel pole running along her
face, like a happy puppy that can't stop licking its master.

Steven went to put his cock back in Valerie's mouth. She held her mouth
closed, not willing to open it again. She shook her pretty head back and
forth, or at least tried to, with Steven's iron grip in the back of her head
preventing any movement. The solid smell of cock filled her nostrils, but
she wasn't going to perform for this pervert.

Steven was not a violent man. Yet, seeing this bitch in front of him, a
worthless whore that he knew had given head before, and from the way the she
moved, he could tell that she probably fucked anything that came her way as
well. And here she was, trying to keep from giving him what he wanted.

Steven's left hand tightened its grip on the back of her head, using his
genetically altered strength to hold her in position. Her eyes widened
slightly in pain, but she kept her mouth clenched. Steven's right hand
whipped around, clamping down on her nose.

Valerie knew that she was in trouble. She couldn't open her mouth to breath,
or else she'd get another dose of that giant cock. Her jaw was already sore
from stretching that far. She pulled back her lips a little, breathing
through her teeth.

With deadly speed, Steven took his hand from her nose and placed it along her
jaw, squeezing. Valerie was taken by surprise as her jaws were forced open
and his cock was again slammed into her mouth.

Now Steven pumped her in earnest.

"Thought you were pretty smart, didn't you, cunt?" He snarled, driving his
cock deep into her throat.

He could feel every ridge along the lining of her throat. Every vein that
claimed her mouth as his own fuck tool, to be used as he saw fit. Every time
she pulled away, he pushed another inch into her mouth, until his entire cock
was down her throat.

Valerie could feel the cock begin to expand. She knew what was going to
happen, but was powerless to stop it. Yet, suddenly, he pulled out. His
cock remained inches in front of her face, yet at least it wasn't in her

With his left hand, Steven held onto the back of her head. Her bright blue
eyes stared at his cock, wondering what he was going to do.

He tossed her back on the bed, straddling her waist. He began squeezing her
breasts, his roughened and expert fingers making her nipples hard. He placed
his dick between her round, soft mounds and began squeezing it between them,
her saliva had made his cock slick. He started fucking her breasts, his
fingers running along her nipples from time to time.

Valerie found herself staring at the giant head as it ran up between her
tits and back town again. Steven began humping faster, the head of his cock
hitting Valerie in the face. Valerie could feel her hips start to move from
his intensive tit fucking, even while she tried to pull away from the giant

Steven was using the entire length of his cock now to drive himself between
her firm globes. Valerie saw what he was doing and tried to pull away from

"No! I don't. wha. no, plea. ow! Stop! Oh shit! No don't!"

Her plump tit flesh was driving Steven to the edge. Steven kept jacking off,
feeling his balls contract suddenly. Valerie looked in horror as his penis
suddenly stopped right in front of her face, the hole at the end winking at
her like an evil eye.

His cum flooded up from his groin, shooting through his penis. Valerie felt
the first explosion his her square in the face for all of her struggles. She
twisted about, feeling it splatter along her cheeks. She opened her mouth to
protest, and a mouthful of the salty jism hit her. It was running along her
cheeks and nose, falling down her neck. She could feel the slick liquid all
over her face as she twisted, trying to get it off.

Steven started rubbing his cock on her face again, using his own cum to
slacken his massive cock. He grabbed a pillowcase and thought about wiping
his cum off of her, then changed his mind. He had the feeling that this cunt
needed to be taught a lesson in control.

Steven pulled on her legs, pulling her to him. He placed her legs on his
shoulders, his cock slick with his own cum.

"Are you ready for me, bitch?" He asked her as he used his steel arms to
pull her legs apart.

Valerie tried to pull away, her arms still tied behind her. Her pussy was
sticking high in the air, her ass sticking straight at him. Steven looked
down at her young, plump body. Too bad. If things were different, he might
have liked her.

He started pushing himself forward. His cock was heading for her upturned
rear as Valerie cried out in protest.


Steven pulled up on her legs, her plump rear now in his view. He pressed his
cock at her ass hole, darkness flooding his eyes. He started pumping into
her, despite her cried of pain.

"I think." Push! Push! "... its time you." Push! Push! "... learned what
an asshole is, BITCH!"

With each set of words, Steven pressed his powerful dick into her virgin
asshole, his lubrication parting her tight sphincter. Valerie could feel
her system start to burn from the intense pain. At the word bitch, Steven
pressed himself all the way inside.

Valerie opened up her mouth to scream, not of pain, but from having no
control over what was happening to her. She couldn't tease him to make him
stop. She couldn't threaten him. He would do what he wanted, and he was.
His thick fuck meat was pressing into her nether hole, the pole twisting her
insides. She had never taken anyone up there before, and the sensations of
pain and of being split in two were almost ready to tear her apart.

Steven kept up his pumping motions, pushing her ass up the bed every chance
he got. Kelly's sphincter was nothing compared to this, and she wasn't half
the fuck that this girl was. His hands were on her slim hips, while his lips
attacked her full, ripe breasts, licking, nibbling. Doing things that would
make most women cry in ecstasy, and only made this girl struggle to regain
some sense of control of what was happening.

"What's the matter, cunt," Steven growled at her. "Don't like my cock in
your sweet ass? I bet there would be plenty of guys that would love to have
you in this position. To feel your tight ass squeeze them each time they set
in to fuck you again and again. Wouldn't they you cunt!"

Steven started picking up the pace, her tight end gripping his cock as he
pulled out. He looked deep into her eyes, seeing the anger and fear there.
With that, he allowed himself to cum again, drenching her insides with him.

"Well, since you didn't like that too much, maybe we'll have to put this
somewhere where you're used to."

With a quick motion, flipped her over on the bed, pressing her head into the
mattress. Steven took some of his cum off of her face and placed it on his
cock, keeping it slick. He began rubbing his cum along her struggling cunt,
making her slick and full.

Valerie gasped when she felt his fingers running along her clit, making her
feel even wetter. He started rubbing her lips with his cock, spreading them
apart. She tried pulling forward, squeezing her legs together.


Steven paused for a moment.

"Do you really want to suck me off?" He asked her.

Valerie paused. Her ass still burned, and she knew that from the way that
this guy came, he would make her pregnant if he came inside of her.

"Yes, I'll suck on you."

"You don't sound very convincing, cunt. I think you want me to fuck you
between your smooth, brown legs. Don't you?"

Valerie took a deep breath, and launched into the Oscar performance of the

"Please, let me suck you off. I need to feel your big, smooth fuck pole
stretching inside of me. I need you to fuck my mouth, so I can taste you, oh
so good man juice. Please, fuck my mouth, I need it."

Steven, for a split second, actually thought about giving her what she asked
for. Then he looked at her tummy, and thought of his child growing inside
such a body, and the feel of his cock inside of her, spreading his juice into

"Sorry, kid," he said. "But I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go for the
cunt. For comparisons sake. Then, maybe I'll let you suck me off."

He began prying her legs apart again. Her resistance, a pitiful attempt
compared to his super strength.

"NO!" Valerie started screaming in sheer terror.

He was supposed to say all right, and then she would suck him off, and he
would go. Now, his hands were like clamps on her legs, spreading them apart,
showing her wet center. She could feel her cunt opening as he wedge himself
in between her legs. The worst part was that her body was going through all
the motions without her, her breasts becoming rock hard, though she was
unwilling in this.


"Sorry, bitch," Steven said, placing his cock right at her hole, looking into
her wide eyes. "Time for you to get reamed."

She felt the tip of Steven's huge cock begin to penetrate her, spreading her
apart. His cum began to mix with her own wetness, making the penetration
easier. Valerie tried to resist the huge invader that was pressing into her,
but found her body betraying her as her thighs would spread every time she
didn't control them. Her hips rocking back and forth. Her cunt sucking at
him, trying to pull him inside of her. His cock pressed onward relentlessly,
his hands coming forward to maul her taunt breasts.


She knew what was happening as she felt him pry her apart, her cunt
stretching to accommodate his huge girth. She would be permanently stretched
out. No man would ever want to have someone with such a loose cunt. Steven
kept moving in and out, unaware of her recollections. Her pussy was fine
enough for what he wanted.

His body was like a piston, working his pole into her with short, hard
thrusts. With each thrust he would press further into her, and her body
would expand to accommodate him. Her legs felt smooth against his as he
finally hit bottom, the entire length of his cock imbedded in her hot pussy.
He started pulling himself almost all the way out, them pressing himself back
inside again. He would bump against her cervix, her warm, wet walls pressing
on him, making his whole body hot. He pulled out, them slammed it back
inside, her body lurching backwards from the force of his thrust.

Then he would repeat the process, going faster and faster inside of her,
nuzzling her neck, her legs squeezing him as she tried to find some way to
get him out of her. He felt himself grow even more sensitive, and pressed
himself as far into her as she could, his cock right at the entrance to her

She screamed as she felt him expanding inside of him, knowing that there was
nothing that she could do. Steven kept still except for the shaking of his
body, feeling his cum squirt into her in titanic proportions.

The cum raced inside of her, splashing against her walls, flooding her with
the most pleasure and humiliation that she had ever felt. He exploded again,
pushing his sperm deeper into her, searching for her egg. Trying to implant
himself inside of her.

Valerie could feel every inch inside of her as she tried to deny what was

`I'm not ripe for another few days, I'll be all right,' she tried convincing
herself. `No, I'm not going to get pregnant, oh, god, not like this.'

For a moment she was certain that she was going to pass out. The she felt
him untie her hands. Her arms fell to her sides as she felt him pull out.
Feeling her cunt pull at him as he withdrew, adding to her bodies betrayal.

He pulled out of her, pointing his penis at her limp form. He quickly tossed
her back over, looking again at her brown, firm breasts. He started pulling
on his cum slicked cock , feeling the cum rise again. It spurted out of the
bulbous head like twine, slapping her in the face again, running into her
hair, into her breasts, falling into her stomach.

She was now covered in jism, feeling it penetrate her skin, as if trying to
move through her skin to her womb. Her whole body was numb from shock,
making no movement to wipe the cum off of herself.

Steven pulled her against him again, feeling their bodies sticking together.
He slammed his cock into her one last time, spraying her, filling her womb to
the brim. Valerie began trembling again, even as she knew that her body was
accepting this violation, that she was becoming pregnant from this. Her mind
finally collapsed at that thought, driving her into oblivion.

Steven fell on top of her, catching his breath. He pulled away from her on
wobbly legs and set out to find a shower.

Donna, the Last Defloweration

When Donna came out of her dreamless sleep, she found herself snugly in her
bed, still wearing the same pajamas that she had been wearing the night
before when the stranger suddenly appeared.

`I wonder what that was all about, anyway?' She thought to herself.

She started to rise-and found herself unable to. She looked down at herself.
She could see no physical barriers that would prevent her from moving, yet
here she lay, unable to move her ankles from the bed or her wrists.

She was laid out in spread eagle fashion, her small breasts pointing up to
the ceiling through her tight pajama top. The closest she could move her
legs was to move her thighs slightly further apart and together. She could
move her head about, and did so as she strained against her invisible chains
that held her down. She felt herself begin to tire, and lay back on the bed.

"What's going on here?" She cried.

In the other room, Steven watched in anticipation. He had adapted his field
so that it would render her practically immobile in specific areas. Now he
looked down at his again modified sensation device. He pressed the switch
and waited.

Donna felt a tingling sensation come over her, starting at her toes, making
her flesh break into pleasurable goose bumps. The feeling crawled up her
legs, causing them to spread apart involuntarily. It moved inside of her
thighs, tingling its way up to her cunt, where she whimpered at the sudden
pleasure it brought. Then it traveled up her smooth, flat stomach, reaching
her breasts which hardened in response to the feeling. She felt the hair on
her arms rise slightly as it traveled up her body until it finished at her
head, her hair feeling like it had just been massaged.

Donna didn't quiet understand what just happened. She squeezed her legs
together, enjoying the feeling that it gave her. Then she stopped herself.

`No,' she thought. `Mother wouldn't approve of me doing this. Only bad
girls are interested in feelings like that.'

She resisted the urge to do it again, trying to drive such dirty feelings
from her.

She heard the squeak of a hinge, and turned her head to the door. A man
wearing a thin, blue robe entered the room. He wasn't very tall, but his
body was well defined with trim, full muscles that didn't bulk him out. His
face wasn't cute, but handsome instead. With bright, friendly eyes and an
easy going smile about him.

Donna had never felt so terrified about someone in all of her life. She
began pulling at her bonds, ignoring how her body responded by hardening
her nipples even further and her sex feeling more oily the more that she

"Shhh," the man said soothingly. "I'm not here to hurt you. Don't be

Donna flinched as he reached out a hand to her, touching her cheek. Somehow,
the sensation of his smooth hand sliding along her face made her pussy throb
even harder. Of course, she couldn't understand that Steven had altered his
device so that all new physical sensations would be mirrored in her breasts
and cunt.

"Wha. what are you going to do to me?" Donna asked fearfully, her body
trembling in combination of fear and a growing desire as he took his hand
from her face. `I'm so bad,' she thought to herself as the feeling of
pleasure grew within her.

"I'm going to do something very special for you," he said.

He traced his hand along her arm, gently. Donna moaned as she felt her cunt
respond as if it had been touched, filling itself with blood and making her
lips puff out under her pajamas. Her hips moved upwards before she caught

"What's that?" Donna asked, already fearing the worst.

If her mother ever found out she was here, like this.

Steven reached his hand to her neck, continuing to stroke gently. Each time
he ran his hand down her white throat, she felt her pussy throb as if it was
being stroked. He was reaching his hand further and further down until it
rested on her pajamas top button.

"I'm going to take your virginity," Steven said, unbuttoning the first

He had checked her while she was asleep, and discovered her intact hymen.
The very notion had made his enhanced balls churn even harder for their

"I'm going to drive you crazy as I do it as well," he told her, unbuttoning
the second button.

Donna lay there like a deer in front of headlight. She wanted to struggle
and cry, but his hand on her flesh was making her breasts and cunt tingle
like never before.

"You. you can. ah! Can't," she said breathlessly. "I've never done it

By now, her pajama top was unbuttoned, her breasts barely covered by the thin
material. Steven ran his hand from her neck to her waist and back up again,
the feelings going straight to her sexual center.

"Yes I can, my dear," he said, placing both hands on her chest. "You are
going to become pregnant by me, and you will love every second of it."

He lowered his lips down to her neck, feeling her hips rise beneath him as if
he had placed them between her legs. He gently suckled the soft flesh, then
parted her pajamas, feeling her gasp as the fabric rasped along her tightened

"No, please, I. ohhhh! Not, mmm," Donna protested feebly as Steven moved his
warm mouth over her right nipple, blowing on it.

The feelings reverberated between the device and her breasts, increasing the
pleasure incredibly. The blood coursed into her breasts, making the nipples
full and pink.

Steven brought his tongue out, drawing her into his mouth, softly caressing
her with his lips and teeth. Donna could feel the sensations double,
reaching deep into her cunt, making her moistness flow out of her, feeling
the throbbing right on her clit. She moaned aloud, arching into the sky.
Without realizing it, her arms left the bed just long enough to slip her top
off, then returned to their position.

Steven moved to the other breast, the sensations making Donna scream out
loud, tossing her head back and forth. He began stroking the insides of her
thighs, feeling the downy softness there. His mouth kept moving across her
sweet flesh, bringing her higher and higher. He began moving his fingers up
her thighs, ignoring her virginal protests.

"No, please, ahh, my mother said we can't, oh, AAAA!"

Donna gave a cry of surprised sensation when his fingers reached her wet
center. Her hips started rutting up and down to the time on his fingers
between her lips, the soft pajama material growing even more soaked.

Without realizing it, his other hand was reaching about, pulling down her
pajamas until it was down to her thighs. He continued stroking her wet
mound, placing his hands right along her naked crotch.

Donna began breathing heavily, trying to get used to the sensations running
through her. Her blue eyes were wide with passion. Her breasts full and

Steven gave a short pull, and the panties were all the way off. He began
running his lips along her thighs, his hot breath tickling up to her bald
cunt lips. She could feel him coming closer to her sex, her legs parting
against her will, wanting to feel his tongue right there!

Steven ran his lips along the length of her vagina, savoring the sweetness
and in the pauses of breath that she made. He slid it right along her clit,
bringing her closer to some form of release from this endless torture. She
was heaving hard now, trying desperately to finish what this strange man had

Steven started working his way back up her body, caressing her navel. Then
paying homage to her breasts once more. She was writhing on the bed now, her
virgin desires coming to full tilt.

Donna suddenly noticed that this man above her was naked, his robe
mysteriously disappearing. She looked down, seeing his long, hard cock
coming closer and closer to her center as his lips continued to pleasure
her. It just barely touched her throbbing cunt, running along the wide,
fat furrow.

Donna arched into it, gasping with a need that she had never felt before, not
even when she had given David that hand job so long ago. Her thighs parted
before him, wanting this man's maleness to impale her through.

Yet, he moved past it, the underside of his monstrous spike scraping her
clit. He reached down and attacked her breasts again. Her nipples felt like
they were being covered in liquid fire as his mouth pulled on them, a warmth
spreading from them, across her body. She hardly noticed that he was turning
himself around while he did this, until his waist was right next to her head.

He began tracing his way back down her stomach with his lips, until his hot
breath was again tickling her hairs. The devices reverberation sent a new
wash of pleasure over her, rippling from her pussy like shockwaves across her

Steven began licking her maiden clit again, feeling her thrust her hips into
his face while lapping at her sweet nectar. He maneuvered his dick until it
was just above her gasping mouth, softly pushing it into her wet, full lips.
Donna started moving her head side to side, trying to avoid his hard prick
from entering her mouth.

"No, please, I've never done that before, please, I... ah, n... oompf!"

Steven stuck his tongue deep into Donna's crevice, finding her hymen with the
end of it. Donna lurched forward with the increase of stark lust, slamming
Steven's cock directly into her mouth.

The salty, musky flavor of his prick filled her mouth as his tongue flew
across her cunt, opening her petals with his softness while his hardness
invaded her throat. Donna found herself pushing her head into his waist,
taking his massive meat into her.

`Oh, god, but this tastes so good,' she thought to herself as her cunt gave
another spasm of pleasure.

She started sucking harder on the mammoth fuck tool, as if her efforts might
make this sensuous rapist give her the climax she was shooting for. Her hips
were moving like a wet, sloppy piston now as his tongue fled deeper and
deeper into her tight, virgin cunt. She felt his cock begin to expand inside
of her as she felt her muscles tighten.

Without warning, Steven pulled back, watching as her hips kept fucking into
the air from his sudden absence. He saw this blonde beauty cry out in
anguish, her arms kept down to the bed. Her nipples enlarged and dark pink,
sticking almost a half inch into the air. Steven smiled to himself, looking
at her engorged pussy lips, red with the blood coursing through them.

"No, why, don't stop," Donna pleaded, looking at him with fuck-me eyes.

Steven smiled wanly, enjoying her torment. He came back to her, suckling at
her breasts again, placing his huge tool right between her legs. He nuzzled
her neck gently, poking her between her wet, slick flesh.

"Here it comes, my dear," he said, pulling back and looking her in the eyes.

Donna's orbs widened in shock as she realized just what was about to happen
to her.

"And I don't think that your mother will approve of it."

Donna opened her mouth to protest, and found it filled with her rapists
mouth, attacking her tongue and lips just like his member was beginning
to, below. Her wetness lubricated the way for his monster cock to begin
spreading her apart, the tip of his dick resting inside of her.

Donna looked down at his hard penis at her gates, moving a millimeter at a
time, moving just in and out, hardly moving into her. The movements set up
ripples along Donna's already erect clit, magnified again and again as he
kept moving. Pushing just a little into her, a little more at a time.

Now half of his head inside of her, her wetness running down the length of
his long pole, now the head is inside, moving out until it was almost out,
then back inside of her. Donna didn't notice that the bonds that held her
legs down had disappeared, and that her legs had risen up of their own accord
and locked about Steven's buttocks, squeezing tightly, trying to pull him
harder into her.

She didn't notice her hands had come loose and were around her rapist,
clawing into his back as her hands pulled him into her, closer and closer
to her virgin barrier. She hardly noticed that she was kissing him back,
kissing him with a maiden's abandonment. All she knew now was the tightness
of herself around this man, the sensations that were racing up and down her
cunt as she brought him further and further into her.

She was humping her hips at him, feeling the slightest resistance from inside
of her, knowing she should stop this man but not wanting to. All she knew
was that she was being fucked, that her body was changing, becoming what it
had been born to do. Her clit buzzed in a fevered pitch from his cock, her
mouth felt like it was on fire from his tongue invading her.

Steven looked down at her, seeing her blue eyes looking back at him. He was
close to cumming now. This hot virgin underneath him setting his cock on
fire. He could feel her hymen just at the tip of his penis, ready to be
broken at the slightest motion.

Her legs twitched around him, and he suddenly plunged past it, hearing her
cry of passion, turning her from a girl into a woman, fulfilling the ancient
vow of mating that existed since forever. He sank in to the hilt, his entire
length buried in her hot wetness.

Donna's hips were rutting like a wild animal, trying to finish the mating
that her body needed. She needed his cum, she needed it inside of her womb
like a starving person needed food.

The two of them began moving into each other, Steven with the practiced art,
Donna as if she had done it forever, instinct taking over. His entire length
slid up into her, then back down while rubbing her clit with every movement.

Donna had never felt so full in her life, so needful of something. She was
getting closer and closer to that point where everything became pure pleasure
all over her body. Steven's cock began to twitch and expand, the cum boiling
in his balls.

Donna pulled at him as hard as she could, pulling him into a secret area that
no other man had touched in her. Her body began to shake with her intense
climax, just as his seed raced from inside of him, spraying the inside of her
body with hot bursts. Her womb collecting it hungrily as her whole body
spasmed in intensity, her lips locked around his, her back arched into the

Steven's cum seemed to go on forever, splashing inside of her, until it ran
out of her in a rush.

She spasmed again, her cunt muscles massaging every last drop of him into
her, until there was nothing left to give. Her body collapsed, leaving her
without any energy, or Steven either for that matter. He barely picked up
his robe and made it out of the room before collapsing into a heap, her
virgin blood still on his cock.


What happened afterwards is almost anti-climactic (excuse the pun). All of
the girls reported the incident to the police, of course. With no records on
file for Steven, and because his fingerprints changed every month thanks to
more genetic helping, they had no way to trace him.

Brenda and Kelli both got abortions. Brenda as soon as she got to England
and got the RU86 pill, Kelli after two episodes of heart wrenching thought.

Claire because she wasn't eighteen yet, carried the child when her father
didn't give permission for an abortion.

Donna dumped Ron, married David, had the child, which, luckily, didn't
inherit her stupidity, but instead was a lovely girl who later invented a
biological computer chip. And Donna had several more children after David
sold his first album and became a major star.

The biggest surprise of all, however, was Valerie. It seemed that being
dominated like that had done something to her. Had shown her what a bitch
she really was. She decided to keep the baby, a handsome boy, changed her
life, and became the perfect girl.

At the end of her lifetime, they named a national holiday after her for her
selfless deeds and worldwide civil rights help.

Well, that's everybody then. Oh, what happened to Steven? Well, it seems
that California didn't suit him too well. Earthquakes, crime, it was just
too much. So he decided to try his luck in New York City. Perhaps there,
he thought, he could do something different.

Perhaps even make some... FRIENDS.

The End


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