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Beverly Hills 90210 - Peach Pit After Dark Part 1 (m+/fffff,ncon)
by Roger T Pipe ([email protected])

It had been a particularly good night at the Peach Pit After Dark Club.
Valerie Malone was more than pleased as she tossed the wad of cash into the
safe. A few more nights like this and the place might actually start turning
a profit. She smiled a broad smile as the safe slammed shut. The night's
take was especially satisfying since all of the snobby Beverly Hills girls
were there to see how well she was doing. Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Claire
Arnold, Andrea Zuckerman-Vasquez and even Brenda Walsh, fresh off the plane
from London, were on hand to see. Val had every reason to feel proud of

As the girls sat at the bar, Val pulled a handful of beers from the cooler
and passed them around. "Here's to good friends and prosperity forever."
She said, rasing her bottle. Only Donna hesitated before opening her beer
and joining the others in their toast.

Val was a bit upset when Brenda's stories of England began to dominate the
attention. It had been a hard road to acceptance for Val, and now this
snotty bitch was back and taking her spotlight. Well into her third beer,
Valerie began to wish painful torture and death on Brenda Walsh.

Donna was checking her watch, wondering when they would be leaving, when the
girls were startled by a loud crashing sound. Looking up, they saw that the
back door had been kicked in. One by one, a group of young gang members
filed out of the dark alley and into the club. In moments, two dozen or so
tough looking young men stood in the doorway to the club. They looked like
serious trouble and each of the girls gave a gasp of fright.

Val, who felt her territory violated, was the first to regain her composure.
She stood up and took a step towards them, assuming a stance much like
Batgirl might, her legs astride and her fists on her curvaceous hips. "What
the Hell do you think you're doing in my club?" She asked defiantly.

None of the men responded, but they continued to advance on the girls. Val
was determined not to back down. "If you don't get out right now, I am
calling the police." She said, her voice wavering slightly.

One of the youths took a step forward. The others looked to him as if he
were their leader. He was a tall, rough looking white male, in his mid
twenties with short black hair and ruthless look about him. "I don't think
you want to do that." He replied. The rest of his gang, all mixed races and
equally tough looking, moved in tightly around their leader.

Val still was in no mood to back down. "Donna." She said calmly. "Call

The leader simply raised his left hand slowly. Without a word, three of his
gang rushed to the phone, beating Donna to it. They tore it from the wall,
smashing it on the ground. "Kind of tough to call with no phone bitch." The
leader snarled.

Val felt her knees shaking with fear now. "Listen." She said, trying not to
whimper. "If you just leave now, we won't tell the cops. Just go now

"Nice place you have here." Replied the leader. "Be a damn shame to have to
mess it up."

"What do you want?" Cried a frightened Donna, drawing an angry stare from

"All we want," Growled the leader. "Is the money from tonight. You were
pretty busy here and there ought to be enough cash in the safe to make it
worth our while to just leave you alone."

Val stood silently, staring at him for a long while. "What are you doing?"
Mumbled Claire. "Give them the money and let's get this over with."

"Shut up." Spat Val. Tonight had been her best night in business. The
money was hers, she had earned it. No way she was just going to let these
punks take it away.

"You better listen to your pretty little friend there sweets." The leader
said, opening his jacket to reveal the butt of a handgun. "We know you've
got plenty of cash. Give it to us and we might just leave peacefully."

If there was one thing Val hated more than being bossed around, it was losing
money. She knew that giving them the money was the sane thing to do, but at
that moment, Val was not thinking rationally. Her head spun with fear and
anger as she felt herself turn towards the safe. Another five seconds and
the decision would have been made, but the leader broke first. Reaching out
quickly, he grabbed Brenda by the hair, pulling her close, holding his gun to
her head. "Maybe you'll change your mind now." He said. "Before I have to
blow your friend's brains all over your club."

Val actually had to fight back her desire to laugh out loud. Not five
minutes ago, she was wishing a torturous death on Brenda and now this thug
was using threats on her life as a threat to Val. Still, she was a bit
surprised at the tingle she felt at the sight of the Queen Bitch, Brenda
Walsh with a gun to her head. Her nipples tightened beneath her blouse. It
was the most perverse pleasure she had ever felt.

"Val?" Kelly's pleading, questioning voice brought Val out of her trance.
Unable to think straight, she responded with the first thing that came to her
mind. "Fuck you." Her words were once again confident.

Something snapped inside of the leader's head. He could not afford to blow
this. The money was too important. This stupid bitch was actually standing
up to him. This was not supposed to happen. He could kill any of them right
then and there, but she didn't seem to care. There was no way he was going
to murder anyone, but she couldn't have known that. Or was she able to see
through his bluff? At a standstill and with his men watching, Rocco made
another decision. He didn't want to kill anyone, but he had to get his hands
on that money. If death didn't scare this bitch, then he knew what would.
He had Brenda by the neck in a choke hold with one arm while keeping his gun
to her head with the other. Smiling at Val, he let one hand slip from
Brenda's shoulder and gave her left breast a squeeze. When she squealed and
tried to get loose, he jabbed the gun into her temple. "Don't you fucking
move." He said menacingly.

Everyone shuffled nervously as Rocco man handled Brenda through her blouse.
He smiled up at Val. "Maybe, we should have a little fun with a few of your
rich friends. Hell, I think we deserve a little prime Beverly Hills pussy."
He moved his hand up to Brenda's collar and ripped her blouse open, sending
buttons flying across the room and bringing a reaction from everyone in the

The girls all gasped in fear, Donna felt as if she might faint. The gang
members laughed lustily as Brenda's smallish, firm tits came into view.

"No bra?" Rocco questioned. "Planning on getting some later you rich slut?"
He teased. "Well, I think me and the boys here can accommodate you. In
fact, there might be just enough of you here for all of us to get some good
fucking and sucking."

Kelly acted first, bolting towards the door to try and get help. Three tough
looking young men blocked the door and grabbed her. Rocco smiled. He would
have to put a stop to this sort of foolishness right away. "Get that cunt
over here now." He shouted.

Rocco tossed Brenda aside, leaving her quivering in a pile on the floor, her
blouse torn open. Kelly was dragged over, most of the fight scared out of
her, to where Rocco stood. "Now, this is a fine rich slut." He raised his
gun to her face, then turned to Val. "We're gonna play a little game here.
I am going to give blondie here some orders. She'll to as I say, no matter
what I say, until you open the safe." Turning back to Kelly, he smiled. "If
you don't do everything I tell you to, your friend here will have one Hell of
a clean up job." He paused a moment then smiled again. "In fact, line up
all of these cunts over here."

In spite of some struggling, the girls were soon lined up before Rocco. All
five of them, Kelly, Brenda, Donna, Andrea and Claire stood before the
leader, with only Val left out. "Last chance." He said to Val. "Open it or
I'll start having some real fun with your cunt friends." Val straightened up
defiantly. "OK, let's begin." Rocco mumbled. "Tops off." None of the girls
made a move. Rocco cocked his gun. NOW!" Reluctantly, the girls began to
work their tops off. Kelly standing closest to Rocco, unbuttoned her sheer
blouse quickly in spite of her trembling fingers. Shrugging off the
expensive blouse, Kelly stood there in her pretty lace bra. There were some
approving mumbles about her average sized tits. Rocco smiled then nodded at
her. "That too." He said flatly.

Kelly shot a look at Val, knowing that some part of the brunette loved the
idea of Kelly having to be humiliated like this, but even she knew that Val
would stop this before it went too far. Not even a cold hearted bitch like
Val would let them all get raped. She removed her bra, showing everyone her
firm, B cup breasts. Kelly tried not to let the lustful comments of the men
bother her. She had been stared at before and just wanted to get this over

Since Brenda's blouse had been torn open, all she had to do was shrug her
shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were much like Kelly's.
A bit smaller perhaps with nipples that were a half shade darker and stood
out more against her pale skin.

Donna was next, but stood motionless until one of Rocco's thugs drew his own
gun and pointed it at her head. With a tear in her eye, Donna lowered the
straps of her tight, black mini dress. Even the other girls turned their
eyes towards their friend. Donna had virtually tripled the size of her
breasts over the summer and the question of their authenticity had been a
prime topic of Beverly Hills gossip. In truth, Donna had treated herself to
a very expensive boob job for her eighteenth birthday, but had not told any
of her friends. The discovery of her secret surgery was not even a concern
for Donna at his point, as her dress lowered, revealing her cosmetically
enhanced, perfect 36D breasts. The men lewdly catcalled and whistled.
Claire, Brenda and Kelly lowered their eyes, in part for their friend's
embarrassment, but also in part to look down at their own breasts in jealous

Andrea noticed the others' admiring looks at Donna's silicone breasts and
fought back a grin. As she pulled her T shirt over her head and unfastened
her bra, she thought, "At least mine are all natural." Indeed, they were.
Although her own impressive size could be directly attributed to her recent
pregnancy, Andrea's fairly small chest had ballooned to an astounding 38DD.
Her round, milk filled breasts jutted out proudly in spite of her
embarrassment at having so many strange, potentially dangerous men seeing
her as only two men had seen her previously.

Feeling more embarrassed than scared after seeing Donna and Andrea's
impressive chests, Claire slipped quickly out of her silk blouse. She wore
no bra, as she fully intended on getting good and fucked tonight. Seeing all
of the leering men around her, made her think that this was in inevitable
fact of life at this point.

As Val looked at her five friends, all topless before these men, she did not
feel the sense of fear and urgency that Rocco had been hoping for. In fact,
she was feeling the slightest tingle of sexual excitement knowing that the
immediate future of all of them rested on her shoulders. How many times had
they turned their backs on her? How many times had they looked at her with
contempt and disgust? Well, now it was their turn to feel alone and exposed.
Val found herself loving that feeling of control and power.

Rocco finally tore his eyes away from the lovely sight of nearly a dozen rich
bitch tits and said to Val. "Well, bitch, now that you see how serious I am,
are you ready to spare your friends any more embarrassment and give us the

Looking into the eyes of the other girls, Val could see their expressions,
ranging from pure contempt to sheer terror. Her motive now a combination of
her determination not to give up any of her money and a secret longing to see
the Beverly whores get what was coming to them, Val turned to Rocco and
grinned. "Read my lips scum bag. Fuck You!"

There was a shocked gasp from the gang members, who were used to getting
their way. The girls moaned in protest, not fully understanding Val's

"What are you doing Valerie?" Asked Donna desperately.

"She's getting back at us." Replied Kelly. "OK Val, I think you've made
your point. Now open the safe and let's get out of this."

"Kelly, this has nothing to do with any of that. I'm just not going to let
these assholes come in here and take my money." She replied.

"Shut up both of you." Rocco shouted, turning to Val with an expressions
beyond anger. "I'm not fucking with you anymore. Your friends here are
going to be stripped down to nothing in about thirty seconds if you don't

Val simply folded her arms defiantly. "You don't have the guts or the time
to do anything with them." She challenged.

Without a word, Rocco stepped to Kelly. Take the rest of it off now
blondie." He spat.

Glaring at Val, Kelly undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She wore
a high cut pair of bikini briefs, barely covering her pussy and showing off
her thin thighs. Down the line, Rocco went, ordering each girl to disrobe.
Brenda tugged down her tight jeans, Donna's dress was dropped, Andrea let her
loose skirt fall and Claire, removed her shorter than short mini. Now, all
five stood in just their shoes and panties. All except Claire, who never
wore any panties.

With a look, Rocco ordered one of his thugs to finish the stripping.
Brandishing a switch blade, the young man tugged the elastic band of Kelly's
G string and with a flick of his wrist, cut the fabric and pulled off the
small garment. She made no attempt to cover herself, standing still and
silent staring at Val. Brenda was next, her bikini cut Jockey's cut away,
exposing her clean shaven cunt to everyone. Next came Donna, whose thick,
dark bush was a stunning contrast to her bleached blonde hair.

Andrea summoned up all her pride and took down her own panties before the
hood could cut them from her. She blushed all over as she felt the eyes
checking her up and down, taking in her soft, round figure, still plump from
pregnancy. Not all of the hair had grown back yet. In fact, Andrea had
found that since her pussy had been shaved bare, Jessie, her husband, had
been much more open to giving her the tonguing she so dearly loved.

As the five frightened girls stood, clad in only their shoes, Rocco pulled up
a chair. "Sit." He said to Val. "I want you to have a good view of the

Taking her seat and eyeing the five most prominent females in her social
circle, Val came to a bit of reality. As much as she wanted to see this self
righteous pack of bitches get theirs, Val knew that if she just let it
happen, her life in Beverly Hills would be ruined. Thinking quickly, she
worked up a few tears. "Please, please don't hurt my friends. They haven't
done anything to deserve this."

Rocco smiled, visibly relieved, but there were plenty of disappointed groans
from his friends. "All right then, open the fucking safe and maybe we'll let
you all go."

Wiping away her tears, Val looked up at Rocco. "I-I-I can't." She
whimpered. "It's on a time lock and can't be opened until eight o'clock

Rocco looked at her curiously. It made sense. A place like this would want
all the cash locked away until a courier could get it. But something was
wrong. If there was a time lock, why hadn't she told him that from the
start? Why had she, all of a sudden, changed her tune? If she was bluffing,
then he was going to have to call it.

"Guess what blondie?" Rocco said, turning to Kelly. "I don't believe your
friend here. I think she thinks I'm too stupid to see through her shit."

"No." Said Val. "That's not it, honest. Please don't hurt them. Oh
please." Val broke down crying, her face buried in her hands.

Rocco hesitated only a moment before moving into his next phase. "OK boys,
since Miss fancy pants here won't cooperate, let's get down to some serious
business." He pointed to various gang members as he barked out orders. "Get
the two big titted sluts over here. Put the tiny one over there. Leave the
other two where they are."

Soon, the girls were arranged the way Rocco wanted them. He was going to put
on a show for Val that would scare her into opening the safe.

Donna and Andrea were standing close to Val as Rocco walked up to them.
"First of all." He said, addressing them as well as Val. "We are going to
have a nice big titty show." They all laughed as he pointed to Andrea and

Andrea hung her head, avoiding the leering eyes of the young men. Donna
tried to cover her silicone enhanced chest. Rocco reached out to take
Donna's hands away and the pretty blonde slapped him across the face. He
laughed back at her, raising his gun and pointing it at her. "Sweetie,
that's going to cost you later. Now be a good girl and let my friends see
those nice titties." Seeing no mercy in his eyes, Donna dropped her hands.
Both girls winced as Rocco reached his hands up and cupped a breast from
each. He chuckled to himself as he fondled the handfuls of flesh. "Not
bad." He said, smiling. Donna began to blush as Rocco's rough touch made
her nipple stiffen involuntarily. He laughed at her. "Nice tits slut, but
I prefer the real thing." Turning to his gang, he called out. "Anyone want
to come play with some plastic Barbie doll tits?" In a flash, one of the
gang members rushed to Rocco's side, taking his place and began to roughly
handle Donna's big breasts. Tears filled her eyes as the young thug took
pleasure in playing with her firm nipples.

Rocco meanwhile, turned all of his attention to Andrea and her naturally
pendulous breasts. "Those fake tits are OK, but I love the big sloppy real
ones like you've got." He took one in each hand and began to really squeeze
them hard. It was getting late and past time for Hanna's feeding, so it
didn't take too long for Andrea's engorged breasts to begin to leak milk.
She looked away in shame as Rocco started laughing aloud. "Well fellas,
looks like this one is a mama. Guess it's feeding time eh honey?" He said.
"Say mommy, mind if me and the boys have a taste?" Before she could respond,
Rocco bent his head down and flicked up the drop of milk from her right

"Please." Andrea begged, whispering. "Don't." She looked over at Val,
pleading with her eyes. Andrea was afraid for her safety, but also fearful
that Rocco would continue to suck milk from her breasts. She knew the effect
that always had on her.

Taking his cue from Rocco, the other man, Butch, a grungy white man in his
late twenties, bent his head and began to assault Donna's exposed nipples
with his mouth. She had thick, rubbery nipples that Butch took great joy in
chewing on. Donna bit her lip to fight back tears, but also to hide the
little gasps of pleasure she felt at having her sensitive nipples bitten.
Although Donna used her nipples extensively in her masturbatory pleasure, no
one else had ever played with them.

Meanwhile, Rocco was going to town on Andrea, milking her breasts with his
hands as he lapped up the sweet fluid as it shot out into his mouth. Ever
since she had begun lactating, Andrea had loved having Jessie suck her
swollen tits. It always hot her hot and ready to fuck. But, Jessie had
never sucked her with such harsh urgency. What Rocco was doing had Andrea's
pussy hotter than it had ever been in her life. She closed her eyes and
tried to stay in control as he drove her half crazy.


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