Beverly Hills 90210: Lessons (f/f)
by The Reverend

Kelly Taylor had a plan.

It was a bold plan, provocative, perhaps even a little dangerous. What had
started as a notion only a week ago had become an increasingly daring idea.
Another day of rumination, and the idea had become an objective. A fretful
night's sleep allowed her further consideration, and by the next morning the
objective had spurned a course of action.

Now that Kelly thought about it, she'd spent the better part of the past
seven days planning to get her best friend into bed.

The genesis of the plan had been a phone call from Donna the day after
graduation. Sobbing, sniffling, blubbering like a little girl, Donna had
related the particulars of her first sexual encounter the night before.

Kelly knew what an important step that had been for Donna to take. The frail
young twenty-two year old had clung to her virginity like a security blanket,
insisting that premarital intercourse was out of the question for religious,
moral and personal reasons. But increasing pressure from her boyfriend David,
society in general, and her own burgeoning sexuality had prompted her to
reevaluate that stance.

Finally, Donna had come to a decision. The old gang from West Beverly High
School was now graduation from College. They were adults. Life was changing,
and Donna decided that if life was changing all around her she needed to
change with it. That night after the big graduation party, Donna welcomed
David Silver into her bed.

But the experience was not everything she had hoped it would be.

Kelly smiled fondly as she recalled the conversation, thinking at the time
that no one's first experience was what they'd hoped it would be, at least
no one she knew. It was usually clumsy, awkward, with hands fumbling in the
darkness as they tried to figure out what went where. Maybe it was an
important learning experience, a necessary hurdle on the road to sexual

Still, Kelly couldn't help thinking that Donna had gotten a raw deal. It
wasn't like Donna was fourteen and still trying to figure out what her
clitoris was for. Despite the thriving fuck-happy society around her, Donna
had resisted temptation. Her decision to make love-as opposed to just having
sex, Kelly noted-had been made only after careful consideration. She had
weighed the pros and cons, sought advice from those she trusted most, then
reached a conclusion... it was time. It was a decision based on equal amounts
of logic, reason and sexual desire. It was very a mature decision. And by the
next morning she was already regretting it.

Kelly knew there were a number of reasons for that, but only one seared into
her brain like a branding iron-Donna had offered David the blossoming flower
that was her virginity and he'd trampled on it.

Just thinking about it churned Kelly's stomach. After waiting so long, Donna
deserved more than the patented David Silver stick-your-cock-in-it approach
to sex. It had been crude, self-serving, and offensive enough to make Donna
reconsider whether she would ever have sex again.

And so Kelly came to a decision of her own. She would not allow Donna to
recoil into the fetal position after one bad sexual experience. She'd taken
an important step, opening the door to a new and exciting world. Her first
glimpse into that world had revealed the worst it had to offer, but that was
only a sliver of what existed through that door. Kelly was determined to show
Donna what sex could be when done right.

Kelly casually glanced around her suite at the Beverly Palm Hotel, nodding
in approval as she took in the luxurious surroundings. The room had cost her
five hundred and fifty dollars... four hundred and fifty for the room, the
standard rate for one night, and another hundred slipped to the concierge
for giving her the room after insisting once on the phone and then again in
person that the hotel was booked solid for the next few weeks.

It was worth, Kelly decided. She wanted everything to be perfect... no, she
wanted it to be more than perfect. She wanted her liaison with Donna to be
surreal, like something plucked from a dream you never can remember but are
certain once existed. It was a fantasy, a fairy tale. Donna was a fair
maiden, a damsel in distress, and Kelly wanted-needed-to rescue you her from
the clutches of the evil villain called sexual repression.

A knock on the door coaxed Kelly out of her reverie. She fought down a surge
of apprehension, adjusted the bottle of Dom Perignon chilling in an ice
bucket nearby, fixed her hair, smacked her lips, and toyed with the pleats of
her new dress all in the space of a heartbeat. Once the door opened there was
no turning back. Even if Donna declined the offer, Kelly's intentions would
have been made public. Their friendship would be changed-perhaps

Stealing a breath, Kelly opened the door.

Donna was standing in the corridor looking gorgeous, as usual. Her once blond
hair was now reddish brown and her eyes twinkled even though it was obvious
that she'd spent the better part of the day crying.

"Donna," Kelly smiled. She welcomed the timid little creature into her hotel
suite with open arms. "I'm so glad you could make it."

Donna stepped inside. "Thanks for inviting me. I needed to get out of the
house." She looked around, whistling softly as the full splendor of the
suite finally sunk in. "Oh, Kelly ... this is incredible!"

"Well, Donna, sometimes you just have to treat yourself to the finer things
in life," Kelly said. "Champagne?"

Donna nodded. "Sure, why not?"

Kelly poured two glasses of champagne, keeping an eye on Donna as she
wandered around the hotel suite. "There's a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. It looks
very inviting."

"How long do you have the room?"

"Just for tonight," Kelly said. She handed Donna a glass of champagne. "Here
you go. And, if I may, I'd like to propose a toast. To... possibilities."

"To possibilities, " Donna smiled. "I like that."

They clinked glasses and sipped their champagne.

"Ooh," Donna gasped. "That's... lethal."

Kelly laughed. "It should be for two hundred dollars a bottle. Maybe we
should sit down." She gestured to the sofa and Donna accepted the invitation,
obviously unaware of what was approaching on the horizon.

"So," Kelly began. "How are you? You know, about... that. How are you,

Donna smiled sheepishly. "I'm better. I only break into tears every hour or
so, instead of the continuous sobbing."

"And David?"

Donna sighed. "David has been very understanding. He knows I just need some
time to sort things out. I can't say that he's happy about it, but I have to
do things my way... " Her voice trailed off as tears welled up in her eyes.
Her lip stiffened, an admirable gesture, but her attempts at scrounging up a
bit of resolve were futile. She began to cry softly, slumping her shoulders
in defeat.

"Donna," Kelly said lovingly. She took the trembling young woman into her
arms and held her, comforted by the way Donna relaxed in her embrace.

"I'm so confused," Donna sobbed. She pulled back, gazing deeply into her best
friend's reassuring eyes. "Kelly, it... it hurt so much. I wanted to enjoy
it, I did. Why couldn't I enjoy it? It was so important to him... to me... to
us. But all I remember is him on top of me, and then the pain started when
he... when he... "

"It's all right," Kelly assured her. "You don't have to say another word
about it."

"Oh, Kelly," Donna sighed. "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing I can't help you with," Kelly whispered. She'd wanted to give Donna
a chance to settle in and get comfortable before making her intentions clear.
A little more champagne, perhaps some room service. But Kelly knew she had to
take the opportunity when it presented itself... and it had.

Kelly placed a hand on Donna's face, stroking her cheek with the flat of
her thumb, feeling the wetness of her tears as she brushed them away. Donna
stared back at her with a mixture of surprise and terror. It pained Kelly to
see the frightened look in Donna's eyes, but she knew she had to continue.
Slowly, she leaned forward, seeking out Donna's lips and finding them with
her own. The kiss was gentle at first, almost devoid of passion. Kelly could
feel the tension, the resistance. But Donna didn't exactly pull away, either.
As the kiss deepened, Kelly summoned every ounce of feeling she could muster,
opening her mouth as if to consume Donna whole. It took a moment, but Donna
finally responded. Her body went lax and her mouth opened wide to accept the
new sensations. Kelly held onto her for a few moments longer before finally
breaking the kiss.

"Donna," Kelly said with a sureness in her voice that she didn't quite feel.
"I have to tell you something. I planned this. I planned this whole evening.
I want to make love to you, Donna. Please... don't be scared away. I'm not
trying to take advantage of you. Sex can be a beautiful, even spiritual,
experience. Let me show you, Donna. Before you make up your mind about sex
let me show you how wonderful it can be."

Kelly searched the other woman's eyes for a response, and to her surprise it
wasn't long in coming.

"I'd like that," Donna whispered. "I'd like that a lot."

Kelly took Donna by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Not knowing if she
could get Donna this far, Kelly had kept the preparations to a minimum. In
the end such things were superfluous, creating distractions not ambiance.
Only one thing mattered now, and the fewer distractions the better.

Kelly turned to face Donna, staring into her deep, dark eyes as if seeing her
for the first time. In a way she was. An old friend was becoming a new lover.
They were about to share something very special, and Kelly had to admit she
liked seeing Donna in this new light.

"I won't hurt you," Kelly whispered.

Donna nodded. "I know."

Kelly sought out Donna's lips, finding none of the resistance she had
encountered when she'd kissed her best friend for the first time. Instead,
she found a growing passion, an eagerness. Donna's willingness gave Kelly
new confidence in her chosen course of action. She slid her hands down
Donna's back, pulling her dress up past her hips so she could massage her
firm bottom.

Donna's quiet sigh of pleasure was barely able to escape her lips as Kelly
continued to kiss her best friend while allowing her hands to wandered
aimlessly over the less experienced body. She moved up her arms, around her
shoulders, making sure no part of Donna's body went unexplored.

Repeatedly, Kelly told herself that this was for Donna's benefit and not her
own. As long Donna learned the pleasures of sexual intercourse, Kelly would
be satisfied and consider the evening well spent. Yet she couldn't help being
turned on as she cupped Donna's breast in her hand and began to grope the
supple mounds of flesh through the thin fabric of her dress.

"Mmm," Donna moaned. "That feels really nice."

Encouraged thus far, Kelly continued massaging Donna's breasts while
exploring the other woman's mouth with her tongue. Having done nothing else
but kiss and grope, Donna had apparently learned to get the most from the
experience. Kelly found herself succumbing to the embrace as Donna's tongue
swirled around her own in a furious battle of wits. Oh, what Donna could do
with that tongue if she would only be patient!

Kelly took a measured step back, determined that Donna learn the joys of
making love. Not wanting her new lover to be intimidated, Kelly disrobed
first. She reached back and unfastened her dress, letting it fall to the
floor. Her bra was easily cast aside, then her panties. She stood before
Donna completely naked, feeling the searing heat from Donna's wide eyed
stare. Kelly felt a sudden twinge between her legs. It was like Donna was
fucking her with her eyes! Kelly realized that under the many layers of
repression lurked a sexual dynamo just waiting to be set free. Kelly feared
for David's life when that time came. Of course, if he survived... she'd be
jealous of him.

"You are so beautiful," Donna whispered.

"You've seen me naked before," Kelly said.

Donna shook her head. "Not like this."

"That's true," Kelly smiled. She watched as Donna got undressed, noticing
how she repeated everything she had just seen... slowly undoing her dress,
then removing her bra and panties. Kelly was likewise taken aback by the
sight of her best friend nude. As she'd just told Donna, they had seen each
other naked before. But Donna was right when she pointed out that this was
different. Seeing Donna as a sexual creature was new... and exhilarating.
She was a little thin, Kelly thought, but unbelievably sensuous. Her hips
were well curved, inviting. The patch of blond hair between her legs was
nearly transparent, but appeared to cover something delicious. Kelly decided
it was time to find out.

She gently lowered Donna onto the king size bed, waiting for Donna to scoot
into a more comfortable position before climbing on top of her. Kelly
straddled her on all fours, looking down to find Donna's gorgeous dark eyes
staring back at her without so much as a glint of apprehension. Kelly bent
down and kissed her, hungrily devouring the lips she had so enjoyed kissing
before. She could feel Donna's hands sliding down her back, quickly grabbing
her ass before coming to rest on her hips.

Kelly began the long journey down Donna's body, placing kiss after sloppy
kiss on her neck, on her shoulder, on her collarbone. There was no part of
Donna's body that didn't demand the attention her lips were doling out. Kelly
made her way down, sensing Donna's impatience as her lips inched closer and
closer to the other woman's breasts.

To her surprise, Donna's nipples weren't hard. We'll soon fix that, Kelly
though wickedly as her mouth quickly covered Donna's breast in one gulp.

"Ohhh..." Donna sighed.

Kelly began to massage Donna's breast with her lips, opening wide to get as
much of it into her mouth as possible. She began teasing the nipple with her
tongue, drawing small circles around the tip. From the way Donna squirmed
underneath it was obviously having an affect. Kelly pulled back, tugging on
the nipple with her lips. She let it go with a snap, letting her tongue play
with it until it stiffened under her loving care. She kept it up for long
while, moving from one to the other, making sure both glorious mounds got the
respect they deserved.

Eager for more exploration, Kelly continued to make her way down Donna's
body. She kissed her flat belly, tongued her navel, inching closer and closer
to the one part of her body that had caused Donna so much consternation.
Kelly knew if their situations were reversed, her pussy would be throbbing by
now in anticipation of what was about to happen. But with Donna, she didn't
know what to expect.

Kelly gently eased Donna's legs apart, kissing her inner thigh as she moved
closer and closer... She could smell the arousal and a whiff of anxiety, but
Kelly would soon assuage all her fears. She blew a puff of air against
Donna's pussy, smiling as Donna shivered with a delight she hadn't expected.

It was a trick Kelly had picked up a few years ago, and her reaction had been
much the same as Donna's. Kelly was glad to finally be able to share that bit
of knowledge. And there was a lot more where that came from.

Kelly propped herself up on her side and began stroking the length of Donna's
pussy with the tip of finger, not yet penetrating, just tender, delicate
strokes. Her cunt was much too tight to accept a finger inside just yet. This
was just a precursor, a necessary first step to pave the way for headier
things to come.

Donna moaned softly under Kelly's gentle ministrations.

"Do you like that?" Kelly asked.

"Oh, yes..." Donna sighed. "That feels so good..."

Kelly lowered her mouth to Donna's sex and began a thorough exploration of
the other girl's cunt, for the moment using only her tongue to find her way
through the barely tried recesses of her womanhood. She tasted sweet, fresh,
and Kelly quickly immersed herself in the zest of Donna's womanhood.

"Kelly..." Donna gasped.

Kelly heard her name but was too engrossed in her work to pay it much heed.
Her tongue-fucking was methodical, calculated. She let loose a fury inside
Donna's pussy, flicking her tongue wildly as she lapped up the juices that
were beginning to flow.

"Oh yeah..." Donna moaned.

By now Donna's pussy was dripping wet, and Kelly knew it was time to really
start the fire works. She casually inserted a finger into Donna's sex,
looking up to see the expression on the her best friend's face as another
woman's finger slipped insider her cunt for the first time. The look was one
of surprise and elation, extreme arousal. Seeing Donna's face light up like
that could have made Kelly come herself right then. But she could always take
care of her own needs later. Right now, she had only one objective.

Kelly began to finger fuck her new lover slowly, building a steady rhythm as
she worked her nimble digit in and out of Donna's pussy. Having sufficiently
tongued the tight opening in preparation, her finger slid in easily. She
thrust in and out, making circles with her finger as she did.

"Oh God," Donna whimpered.

The arousal dripped from Donna's voice as well as her cunt, and Kelly
couldn't get enough of either. She managed to work a second finger into her
opening, thrusting them in and out... pushing harder and deeper... faster and
faster. From the way Donna's pussy clenched around her fingers Kelly knew she
was close to orgasm... her first orgasm. Kelly quickened the pace, using her
thumb to massage Donna's swelled clit while jamming her fingers into her sex
as far as she dared.

"Kelly!" Donna shrieked, panic stricken. Her body began to tremble, shaking
like a leaf in a hurricane. She grabbed a handful of bed covers and held on
for dear life. "Oh, God... Kelly!!!!"

"Relax," Kelly told her. "Just let it happen. Just let it happen, baby." She
continued the ferocious finger fucking, bending down to tease the enlarged
nub of a clit with the tip of her tongue while driving her fingers deeper and
deeper into Donna's pussy as if she could reach in, grab hold of her orgasm,
and yank it out of her.

"Oh, God!" Donna cried. "Oh God oh God oh God..." She pounded her fists
against the bed, tossing her head from side to side as her body pitched a
massive fit, convulsing, writhing, jerking, flopping up and down on the bed
like a fish out of water.

"Yes!" Donna screamed. "Oh, dear God! Kelly ... yes!!!"

Kelly kept right on licking as wave after wave of Donna's orgasm gushed over
her face. If Donna had managed to come just once, Kelly would have patted
herself on the back and considered it a job well done. But apparently Donna's
body was making up for lost time; years of pent up energy came spilling out
of her body and Kelly eagerly drank it up.

It took a few minutes for Donna to stop shaking, a task made more difficult
by the fact that Kelly refused to take her mouth away from the other woman's
pussy. Eventually Kelly came up for air, looking up to see Donna's smiling
face. She was glowing ... absolutely radiant. Kelly felt her heart skip a

"Kelly," Donna gasped. "That was... I can't even describe it!"

Kelly smiled sheepishly. "I'm glad you liked it." It sounded idiotic, but
Donna was in such a state of rapture that she probably didn't even hear it
in the first place.

Donna moved over slightly, patting the warm spot where she had been resting.
"Come on... I want to do you now."

Kelly did nothing to conceal her shock. When she finally recovered, she shook
her head reproachfully. "Donna ... this night was for you, not me."

"Are you saying you don't want me to?" Donna asked.

Kelly frowned. She couldn't very well tell her best friend that, not when she
knew deep down inside that it wasn't true. From the moment she'd seen Donna
naked she'd wanted that face between her legs.

"Donna, I-"

Donna put a finger to Kelly's lips. "Isn't sex about mutual pleasure?"

"When all is right with the universe," Kelly laughed.

Donna nodded. "Then pleasuring you is a part of the experience. Now shut up
and let me go down on you already."

Before Kelly had time to be shocked a second time, Donna's lips were pressing
against hers. It was pointless to resist. Not that Kelly had any intention of
shunning the dark haired beauty that was already making her way down her body
with that hungry mouth of hers.

Kelly rolled her head back in ecstasy as Donna repeated everything that had
been done to her, first kissing then sucking Kelly's breasts, moving down to
tongue her navel before stopping at the edge of her sex to blow a gust of
cool air into Kelly's very hot cunt.

"Mmm," Kelly meowed. "You learn fast..."

"I had a good teacher, " Donna said. She immediately buried her face in
Kelly's pussy, her probing tongue French kissing the blond woman's clit.

"Oh God!" Kelly gasped. Donna did learn fast! Her tongue went wild inside
Kelly's very wet pussy, poking and prodding as she played with the newly
discovered toy. Kelly couldn't believe how good it felt having her best
friend's tongue inside her, and how quickly Donna took to doing it!

"That's it," Kelly rasped. "Lick me, Donna. Lick my pussy dry."

Donna did as she was told, attacking Kelly's sex with passion. Kelly raked
her fingers through Donna's hair, impressed but also intimidated by the
monster she had created. Donna was obviously a natural at eating pussy,
either by instinct or years of fantasizing about it. At the moment Kelly
didn't give a damn how Donna had acquired her skills. All that matter was
that they were focused solely on easing the nagging ache between her legs.

"Yes!" Kelly cried. "Oh yes! Donna... that's the best..."

Kelly could feel a stirring deep inside her, a slow rolling boil that was
percolating to the surface. Making love to Donna had her insides doing
cartwheels, and Donna's ministrations were more than enough to drag her the
rest of the way to orgasmic bliss. Kelly knew if she didn't come soon she
would burst. She reached down and fondled her own clit while Donna continued
to drive her tongue deep into her pulsating cunt.

Working in unison quickly brought Kelly to the brink. The fire that burned
in the pit of her stomach quickly spread, searing her flesh, filling her
with the most warm and wonderful feeling she had experienced in a long, long

"Oh, God... Donna!" Kelly screamed the name at the top of her lungs. Her
body twitched, her muscles tightened, the room exploded in a multitude of
colors. Kelly growled like a mad dog as she bucked against the volcanic
eruption spewing forth from her pussy. Wave after wave passed through her
loins, filling her head with light until she was spinning out of control.
Spinning... spinning...

Kelly collapsed in exhaustion, managing just enough energy to welcome Donna
into her arms. They clung to each other forever, sweat drenched bodies warm
from the passion they'd shared. The minutes passed by, one bleeding into
the next, and the two spent lovers cuddled each other, exchanging gentle
caresses, neither of them eager to break the connection.

"Kelly," Donna whispered. "What's going to happen after tonight?"

Kelly lovingly played with Donna's hair. "What do you want to happen?"

Donna considered that for a moment. "Right now, I could stay in your arms
forever. But I'm in love with David. And you're in love with Brandon...
aren't you?"

"Yes," Kelly nodded. "He can be impossible sometimes, but I still like being
with him."

"Oh," Donna said. She considered that for another moment. "But we can still
keep fucking each other, right?"

"Donna!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Well, we can, can't we?"

Kelly laughed. "Donna Martin, I should take you over my knee for using that
kind of language."

"I'm game," Donna giggled.

Before she knew it, Kelly found Donna's lips pressed against her own. She
soon lost herself in the embrace, her mind swimming in delight as Donna
moved up her neck to nibble her ear.

"Did I hear you mention a Jacuzzi earlier?" Donna asked innocently.

Kelly shook her head. It sounded like a good plan at the time.

The End


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