All characters are owned by Fox. No Infringement is meant. This is a mind
control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 7 - Brenda Cums For A Visit Part 2
by DW Lust

As they pull up to Brandon's place, Val notices that Donna's car is already
there. Brenda is still fucking herself with the vibrator as Val says "OK
Brenda, compose yourself. You are to forget everything that has happened
today. You are to act normal, until I tell you otherwise, understand."

"Yes master," replies Brenda as she reluctantly pulls the fuck stick out of
her sloppy hole and pulls down her skirt.

The girls walk into the house and Kelly and Donna rush to give Brenda a hug.
Brandon is next to give his sister a hug. Brenda is still dressed in a white
bodystocking, her hard nipples clearly visible through the thin nylon fabric.
Brenda is shocked by what her friends are wearing. Donna is dressed in a
black leather skirt, with black stockings and a tight fitting black sweater;
Kelly is dressed even smuttier as she is wearing a one piece skin tight,
sleeveless, black dress, with black nylons that were obviously being held up
by garters. In the background was another girl who was dressed in the
shortest mini skirt Brenda had ever seen. It was so low that the girls red
stay-up stockings were completely in view. The sight of her friends dressed
so sexy kind of turned her on. The girls talk for the next half an hour while
supper is being prepared.

Supper comes and goes without event, until Val decides it is time to have
some fun. Val sends Brandon to go get some more beer and then suggests to
Kelly to simply get up and take off her dress. Without a word, Kelly gets up
and with a little difficulty slides out of her dress. Brenda's mouth drops
as she stares at Kelly's beautiful body. Val sends a message for Kelly to
beg for Brenda to come and suck her cunt. Val sends another message to Brenda
that she will obey every command from Kelly, Donna and Claire.

Kelly looks at Brenda sheepishly and says "Brenda please come over here and
eat me out."

Brenda gets up slowly and walks over to Kelly. Brenda drops to her knees and
extends her tongue to Kelly's deliciously perfumed cunt. Kelly moans on touch
and begins grinding her pussy up and down Brenda's eager tongue. Val looks up
to see Donna and Claire both masturbating watching the lesbian action.

Val says "Donna, grab the butt plug from the bag there and use it on Brenda."

Donna takes her hand out of her box and goes to the table and grabs the
medium sized plug. She sticks it in her mouth and shallows it whole to
lubricate it. She goes behind Brenda and unzips Brenda's skirt. Brenda looks
behind to see her friend taking off her skirt. She smiles and goes back to
sucking on Kelly's slit. Donna slips her tongue into Brenda's rosebud while
sliding three fingers into Brenda's moist hole. Brenda moans, but the sound
is muffled by the fact that Brenda's head is buried deep between Kelly's
legs. Donna takes her three fingers and slides Brenda's pussy juice all over
Brenda's anal entrance. Donna then places the butt plug at Brenda's ass and
pushes slowly. To Donna's surprise, Brenda pushes her ass back onto the plug
and swallows it deep into her ass. Donna seeing Brenda enjoying the feeling
of the plug in her ass, takes it out.

Donna smiles and coyly says "Hey Brenda, beg me to fuck your ass."

Brenda quits sucking Kelly's cunt and turns to look at Donna and says with
pleasure "Please fuck my ass, Donna. Shove that butt plug deep inside my
bowels." Donna responds by shoving the toy all the way inside Brenda. Kelly
grabs Brenda's hair and pulls her face back to her cunt.

Val getting horny, slips off her dress, and calls over Claire and says "Eat
me bitch."

Claire, eager to please her mistress, dives into Val's pussy. Val decides she
wants more and demands "Brenda come and suck my left foot, Donna come and
suck my right, Kelly come and suck my tongue."

Within seconds, Brenda and Kelly were both sucking Val's stocking-clad feet.
Val sticks out her tongue and lets Kelly suck on it. Val is in orgasmic
heaven, having four lesbian, slave sluts pleasing her. Moments later Val says
"Brenda, Kelly, get up and sit on my feet, fuck yourself." Both girls, get up
and simply drop their pussies on their mistresses feet. Brenda moans as Val's
nylon toes slip into her pussy, Kelly screams with pleasure as she rubs her
clit up and down on Val's foot.

At this moment Brandon returns with beer in one hand. Val looks at Brandon
and sends a command to him that this scene turns him on and that he wants to
fuck his sister. Also, sneds a command tat he is the master of all the woman
here and they his eager, cock-sucking, cunt-licking, willing to please sluts.
Brandon starts to say something, but stops. After a few seconds of
contemplating the scene, he begins taking off his clothe. He walks over to
Kelly and grabs her head and says "Suck my cock, whore."

Kelly takes her ex-boyfriends cock into her mouth and swallows him whole.
Brandon watches as his sister fucks herself with his girlfriend's foot. He
realizes he really wants to fuck Brenda.

Val says to Brenda "Go and replace Kelly." Brenda quits fucking herself with
Val's foot and quickly takes her brother's cock in her mouth.

Claire grabs Kelly and a dildo and says "Slave, fuck me now." Kelly grabs the
dildo and starts fucking Claire with it.

Val grabs a large strap on and gives it to Donna and demands "Put this on and
fuck me with it." Donna straps on the huge plastic penis and quickly slides
into Val's cunt from behind. Val watches as Brandon takes his cock out of his
sister's mouth and throws his sister to the ground and in one push, shoves
his cock into his sister. Val moans as Donna fucks her hard and furious.
Claire and Kelly switch places as Claire is now fucking Kelly with the dildo.
Val, horny from watching her boyfriend fuck his own sister, demands "Fuck my
ass Donna." Donna is only to eager to oblige as she slides the toy out of one
hole and quickly inserts it in her mistresses ass. Val screams with pleasure
as she begins to fuck back on the huge stick. Brandon, sees his girlfriend
take it up the ass and decides he wants his sister to take his cock up the
ass as well. He repositions Brenda, so her ass is high in the air and he
mercilessly pounds his rod all the way into his sisters ass in one stroke.
Brenda screams in pain, but quickly the screams, turn to moans as she begins
to enjoy the anal fucking.

"Oh ya, Brandon, fuck your sister's ass, rape my ass with your massive cock.
Fuck me, fuck your slutty sister."

Brandon picks up the pace and seconds later shoots a load of love juice up
his sister's ass. Kelly rushes over and starts licking the semen out of
Brenda's ass, while Brenda begs "More, I need more brother, let me suck your
cock again, let me get you hard, don't you want to fuck your sister, use me
as your whore. Just please fuck me again."

Brandon slides his cock back in his sister's mouth as he takes a look around.
He sees his ex-girlfriend sucking his semen out of his sister's ass, his
current girlfriend getting fucked up the ass by Donna and Claire fucking
herself with a dildo. He smiles. After getting hard again he says "Sluts,
line up beside each other, on all fours with your slutty ass' eagerly waiting
your masters cock."

The slaves line up, eager for a cock. Brandon positions himself behind Donna
and drives his cock into her ass, after ten strokes he slides over to Kelly
and pokes her ass with ten strokes, next Claire, then Val and lastly Brenda.
Brandon continues this routine for 10 minutes until he realizes he is about
to come and shoots his loud deep into his sister's ass. The five girls
quickly position themselves in a daisy chain with Val sucking Kelly's box,
Kelly eating out Donna, Donna licking Claire, Claire retrieving Brandon's
came from Brenda's well fucked ass, and Brenda tonguing Val's pussy. Brandon
watches in complete pleasure as the five girls all orgasm almost

Val wants to be fucked, looks and sees Brandon is not ready for another
round. So she demands "Brenda, move here so you can fuck me with your foot.
Kelly, fuck Claire with your foot. Donna, suck on my clit while Brenda fucks
me with her nylon covered foot." The girls reposition themselves as told and
soon the sex is explosive again. Brenda has her entire foot up Val's gaping
twat. Val is screaming with pleasure from the pleasure of Brenda's stocking
clad foot penetrating her, while at the same time Donna is pleasuring her
clit with her well experienced tongue. Beside Val, Claire is bucking her ass
onto Kelly's foot. Moments later Val collapses from exhaustion and says
"Donna, go and suck my cunt juices off of Brenda's foot." Donna quits sucking
Val's clit and gets on her knees and starts licking Brenda's foot.

Brenda gets turned on by this and yells "Brother, get over here and fuck me,

Brandon's cock is still soft. Val sees this and says "Kelly, go suck
Brandon's cock." Kelly quits fucking Claire with her foot and eagerly takes
Brandon's cock into her mouth. Claire, slides inbetween Brenda's legs and
slides three fingers into her box. Val, walks over to Brandon and positions
herself so that both of her nylon covered feet are on his cock and starts
to masturbate him. Brandon moans as the friction from the nylon makes his
cock become hard almost immediately. In this position, Val's shaved cunt is
wide open and looking delicious. Kelly positions her head so she can suck
on Val's box. Brenda is screaming from the double pleasure from Donna and
Claire. Moments later, Brandon gets up and positions himself between his
sister's legs. This time he places his cock at the entrance of his sister's
pussy. Brandon rubs his cock up and down the entrance of Brenda's cunt,
teasing her.

Brenda tries to push herself onto her brother's cock, but Brandon moves away.
"Please brother, just fuck your slut, use me as your whore, plunge your huge
cock into any of my holes, please, I need it now."

Beside them, Donna and Claire have positioned themselves in a juicy 69, while
Val gets off the couch and drops her cunt onto Brenda's face. Brenda extends
her tongue to Val's hole as Brandon finally pushes his cock deep inside his
sister. Brenda's moans are muffled by Val's cunt. Val rubs her pussy up and
down on Brenda's face. Brandon continually teases Brenda by fucking her
slowly with one stroke and then taking his cock back out. Brenda is
desperately trying to pull Brandon into her as she continues eating from
Val's pussy. Donna screams from an orgasm, while Claire squeezes her legs
and pulls Donna deep into her pussy.

Brandon, horny as hell, starts to pound his sister hard. Val orgasms on
Brenda's face and moves off. Brandon sees his girlfriend's ass and decides
he wants something tighter. He pulls out of his sister's cunt and grabs Val
and in one motion shoves his cock into his girlfriend's ass. Val is taken
by surprise, but she smiles from the pleasure of a cock in her ass.

Brenda, disappointed and still horny, grabs Kelly by the hair and shoves her
head into her pussy. "Eat me tramp,": Brenda demands as Kelly starts eating
Brenda's box, while Brandon really starts to pound Val's ass with fierce
power. Claire orgasms on Donna's face and the two cuddle up on the floor and
crash with Claire's right hand on Donna's breast and Donna's left hand in her
own cunt.

Brandon, about to cam, pulls out of Val's ass and turns to face his sister.
Brandon jacks his cock hard and says "Here sister a welcome home present."
Breanda opens her mouth wide as she tries to catch as much of her brother's
cum as possible. Some hits Brenda's open mouth and she swallows it eagerly.
Brenda rubs her face and sucks the cum off her fingers. Moments later, Brenda
orgasms from Kelly's expertise cunt licking and collapses on the floor.
Kelly, continues licking Brenda's cunt as Brenda falls asleep.

Val, gets up and says Kelly "You may go to sleep."

"Thank you mistress," replies Kelly as she lays her head on Brenda's sloppy
cunt and uses it as a pillow.

"Brandon, did you enjoy yourself?" asks Val as she walks over to her

Brandon just smiles as he grabs Val by the hair and pushes her down to her
knees. Val opens her mouth and takes Brandon's shrinking cock into her mouth.


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