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Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 4 - Kelly's Lesbian Orgy
by DW Lust

In other news, Brandon and Tracy broke up yesterday because Brandon decided
he still loved Kelly. And now, with Kelly single, he decided it was time for
a new start.

* * *

Kelly got up early and left the apartment so she would not be able to receive
any phone calls from Valerie. She also had no idea how to explain to Donna
what had happened last night. What bothered her most was the fact that she
really enjoyed being in charge of Donna. She loved the power to control. She
also knew that today was Brandon's birthday and that Valerie's next move just
may be at the party tonight, one that she did not plan to go to.

* * *

Donna wakes up and looks down to see a vibrator still shoved in her cunt.
'Holly shit' thinks Donna as she vaguely recalls the events of last night.
'Kelly fucked me, raped me and I let her. I did everything she asked me too.
Why?' thinks Donna as she cries to herself.

* * *

Valerie phones Kelly's place in the morning, but no one answers. 'Hmm, the
little sluts wore themselves out last night' Val thinks to herself. Tonight
is the night that the final humilation of Kelly becomes complete. At the
party, I would show the videos to everybody and completely show what kind
of whore Kelly really is. Brandon, being drunk, will be vulnerable and I
will take advantage of him. She did not want to use her power on Brandon,
much, because she wanted him to love her without being forced to. Valerie
grabbed her biggest vibrator and began fucking herself with it as she
thought about tonight. 'Ahhhh, revenge."

* * *

David and Steve were at the beach and talking. "Are you worried tonight about
the girls finding out." asked Steve.

"No, if Kelly was going to say anything she could have told Donna and Claire

"Ya, good point." replies Steve. "Have you got in Donna's pants yet."

"No, she will let me eat her out and she will suck my cock, but that is it."

"Shitty, best part about dating Claire is she is a she-devil in bed. A
fucking sex machine, she can't get enough."

"I wish." replied David as he wondered if he would ever get to fuck Donna.

* * *

Valerie drives to Kelly's place and knocks on the door. Claire answers it in
only a towel. "Hey Valerie, I just got out of the shower"

"Is Kelly or Donna home?"

"Donna is still in the sack and Kelly left before I even got up. Excuse me
while I go and get dressed."

'Hmmm, that bitch thinks she can get away from me. I will have to get her
back here, at the same time I think I may just have a piece of Claire.' Val
sends a message to Kelly, wherever she was, that she had to get home as soon
as possible. Val then walks up the stairs and sends a message to Claire,
'You are horny, you will do anything to please the next person you see, you
will be his/her slave.' Val opens the door to see Claire still naked just
beginning to slide a pair of panties on and says "Hey Claire, nice ass."

Claire turns to look at Val and tries to say what she feels right now, when
suddenly Claire feels a powerful attraction to Valerie. "Val, I need you now,
I am so horny, let me please you."

Val slides off her shorts and says "Crawl on your hands and knees and eat my
pussy." Claire, without a word, drops to her knees and quickly crawls to
Val's pussy. Just as Claire's tongue reaches to touch Val's pussy, Val moves
back and says "I am not sure you deserve to eat my pussy. Convince me

Claire watches as Val rubs her clit and Claire begs "Please Val let me eat
your pussy, let me suck your juices, I will make you feel so good, I love
eating cunt..."

"Really Claire, have you had any lesbian affairs before?"

"Sure, me and Tracy do it at the school pretty much every time we get the
chance. I also had to eat out a whole sorority group when I was trying to get
in for the initiation. Before that I had many encounters in high school since
I was on the cheerleaders team."

"When did you and Tracy begin fucking each other."

"I don't know, about six months ago," replies Claire, as she stares at Val
who is now finger fucking her pussy.

"How did it begin?"

"Well we were working late at the library one night and we started talking
about how we both had not had sex during the last couple weeks because of our
hectic lives. Tracy then asked if I wanted to go back to her place for a
drink and I said sure. After a few drinks, Tracy accidently spilled a drink
on me and I had to take off my blouse. While in the bathroom washing myself,
Tracy came in and began to help. She cleaned my whole chest and then began
sucking on my nipples. When I didn't turn away she simply said 'Get on the
sink and spread your legs', I did. She ate me to multiple orgasms and then
told me it was my turn. I returned the favour. We have been lovers ever
since." Claire licks her lips as she tares at Val's cunt that is now dripping
wet. "Please, let me taste your cunt."

"Come, eat my cunt slut."

Claire looks a little startled by the term slut, but eagerly dives into Val's
pussy. 'Hmmm, this slut does eat pussy good. Maybe I will have to let her
teach Kelly how to please a woman properly.' Val, who is close to an orgasm,
pushes Claire's head deep into her cunt and screams "Eat me whore, suck my

Claire responds to the instructions by picking up the pace of her cunt
lashing. Val orgasms on Claire's face and hears the door close. 'Hmmm, Kelly
is home.' She sends instructions for Kelly to come upstairs and go into
Claire's room. Seconds later Kelly opens the door to see Claire eating Val's
pussy. "Like what you see Kelly?"

Kelly is disappointed to see Valerie and realizes the worst is yet to come.
Trying to not alienate Val she replies "Ya, Claire looks good inbetween your

"Really. Why don't you replace her?"

'Shit, that backfired' thinks Kelly. "I would love to mistress Valerie" she
replies as she starts walking towards Val.

Val pulls Claire up from her cunt and says "Hey hon, do you got any toys for

Claire smiles and goes to the closet. Kelly replaces The vacant spot in front
of Val's cunt and begins licking. Val smiles as she looks at what Kelly is
wearing. A see-through black satin blouse, a matching black minny skirt and
black nylons. Considering it was 88 fahrenheit today, it was nice to see
Kelly was following orders placed deep in her subconscious. Claire returns
with a bunch of toys including a few dildos, a couple vibrators, a two ended
fuck stick, some lotion and some chinese balls.

Val, impressed by the collection, says "Wow, you are a slut arn't you? Grab
the chinese balls and start slipping them into Kelly's ass." Claire grabs the
balls and crawls up behind her friend. She quickly inserts the first ball and
Kelly moans with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Claire, gets excited by the
moan, and quickly inserts the remaining four balls into Kelly's anal hole.
"Now quickly, rip out all five balls Claire."

Claire follows the order and Kelly screams as the pain make shivers go
through her whole body. "Grab a dildo Claire and fuck her ass hard." Claire
grabs the biggest dildo she has and in one quick thrust shoves it up Kelly's
ass. Claire shows no mercy as she fucks Kelly's ass as fast as possible,
shoving in all 10 inches of the plastic fuck stick. Kelly's pain was slowly
being subdued by a great pleasure as Kelly has the best orgasm she has ever
had. Val, realizing that Kelly is really getting off on the ass-fucking,
tells Claire to take it out of her ass. To Val's amusement, Kelly moans and
gives an obvious look of disappointment when the plastic dildo leaves her
ass. "Come on Kelly you want that cock back in your ass don't you? Beg for
it. Tell me what you are!"

"Yes, please fuck my shithole with that cock, use me as the slut I am, I am
your whore, your slave, I will do anything for you, use me for the piece of
ass I am. PLEASE fuck me," begs Kelly. Val nods and Claire shoves the cock
back in Kelly's ass. Kelly sighs and says "Oh ya, fuck my ass Claire, fuck
me harder. Use my shithole like a piece of meat."

Val realizing that Claire still had not been pleased grabs the double ended
dildo and calls both her eager sluts over to the floor. Val throws the toy to
Kelly and says "You know what to do with it." Kelly quickly takes the dildo
and shoves it into her cunt, as does Claire. Val smiles looking at the scene.
Two gorgeous girls, fucking each other at the same time. Kelly and Claire
move so that their feet are put together and they begin to fuck rapidly.
Kelly's stocking rips as Claire fucks the cock so hard that she orgasms
instantly. Val smiling sends a message to Donna to come to Claire's room

Donna, who still had not left the bed, gets out of bed still dressed from
last night and walks aimlessly to Claire's room. She opens the door and
watches as her two friends fuck each other like wild animals. Val sends a
message to her that she is turned on by this and wants to join in. Donna
shocked, doesn't know what to say, but finds herself instead beginning to
rub her pantiless crotch.

'Hmmmm, that looks like fun.' Donna slowly walks towards the girls and in
one motion gets on her knees and begins to lick Claire's clit. Both the other
girls look at each other, smile, and continue to fuck each other.

Val sends a message that all three will be at Brandon's place at seven
o'clock for the party, gets dressed and walks out the door. Val also sends
messages to Donna and Claire that they will eventually pass out from
exhaustion and when they wake they will remember nothing of today until
they see the tape. Also, Val stressed to the girls that they would wear
their sluttiest outfit that they had to the party tonight, or even by one
if they had to. Donna craving the same fucking the two girls were getting,
grabs a dildo that is on the floor and rubs it up and down her clit. Claire
seeing that Donna needs some loving crawls towards Donna and replaces the
dildo with her tongue. Kelly continues fucking herself with the dildo and
watches Claire eat out her best friend. 'Why can't I stop this, I know I
should, but it feels so good. Let's face it, Val has turned me into a slut.'
With that realization, Kelly gets up, walks over to Donna and straddles
Donna's face and says "Here Donna have a piece of slut pie."

Donna smiles, grabs Kelly's ass and pulls it into her face and starts
licking. The three lesbians continue to please each other for another hour
using all the different toys, until both Donna and Claire passed out from
pleasure. Kelly then carries Donna back to her room, lays her back in bed
and before leaving gives one last lick to Donna's delicious pussy. Kelly
then goes back to Claire's room and puts away the toys and places Claire
back in bed. Kelly then thinks to herself, 'I need a new outfit for tonight,
I gotta look hot for my mistress.'


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