Beverly Hills 90210: Girls Night In (f/f)
by The Reverend

Claire Arnold pranced around her kitchen wearing her favorite nightie, the
sheer blue fabric barely concealing her shapely twenty-one year old body. The
inviting aroma of freshly popped corn wafted through the house, and as Claire
dumped a bag of microwaved popcorn into a bowl she sang along with the latest
hit playing on the radio. "I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my

Kelly came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of men's pajamas, looking sexy
and irresistible. She spun around like a runway model, showing off how well
even men's pajamas hung from her curvaceous frame. "What do you think?"

Claire smiled. She couldn't imagine Kelly Taylor ever being self-conscious
about her body... or clueless about what to do with it. Kelly was strong,
self assured, sexy without being pretentious about it. She was everything
Claire wanted to be.

"I think you'd look good in anything," Claire said.

Kelly blushed slightly. "Have we got everything?"

"I think so," Claire said.

"Popcorn?" Kelly asked.




"White wine?"

Claire smiled. "Chilled and ready to pour."

Kelly laughed. "White wine and chocolate. We definitely should seek
professional help."

"Definitely," Claire giggled.

Claire grabbed two wine glasses. Kelly opened the Chardonnay and poured,
and before long the bottle was half empty, the chocolate was almost gone,
and the two of them were sitting on the sofa in their pajamas, giggling like
schoolgirls as they traded secrets about themselves and their significant

"How did you ever get Brandon to do that?" Claire exclaimed.

Kelly laughed. "It wasn't easy. When it comes to sex he's very old fashioned.
Sometimes I think we're the only couple in the world who still use the
missionary position."

"You're not," Claire assured her. "So... how was it?"

"It hurt a little at first," Kelly said. "But it got better. A lot better.
With a little practice it would feel great, but I don't think Brandon is too
eager to try it again."

"At least you got him to try something different," Claire said. "Steve means
well, but he's usually done before I even know we've started." She took
another sip of wine. "But then I guess you know all about that, huh?"

Kelly managed a timid smile. Her relationship with Steve was ancient history,
but it was still a sore spot between her and Claire... and only because Steve
had so mishandled the matter. Fortunately, she and Claire were able to come
to an understanding over the subject without completely ruining their
friendship. In the end, it may have even strengthened the bond between them.

"You know what they say," Kelly replied. "You can't teach an old dog new

Claire laughed. "I'd be happy if Steve knew one trick."

"It can't be as bad as all that," Kelly said.

"No?" Claire asked. "The only way I can even come close to an orgasm is by
fingering myself."

Kelly looked over at Claire, a wicked smile tugging at the corners of her
mouth. "Show me."

Claire nearly fell off the sofa. She stared at her friend and roommate for a
long time, searching for any sign that her words had been a joke. But Kelly
was the picture of seriousness, and Claire had to admit that she found the
idea of masturbating in front of her friend extremely arousing.

Actually, there were a lot of things about Kelly Taylor that Claire found
arousing. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't have admitted that, but
then the circumstances were far from normal. Her best friend had just asked
her to fuck herself while she sat there and watched. Maybe it was the wine...
or the chocolate, but having fantasized about Kelly off and on since they'd
moved into the beach house, Claire wasn't about to squander the opportunity
of a lifetime.

Without saying another word, Claire lifted her ass up just enough to slide
her panties off. A rush of air graced her inner thigh, soft as a whisper
against her delicate skin. She could already feel the wetness between her
legs dampening her pubic hair. It had been a long time since she'd toyed with
herself, and this time she had an audience.

Lifting her nightgown just past her hips, Claire leaned back on the sofa and
spread her legs wide to give Kelly a clear view of her pussy. Then she began
rubbing herself, starting with slow, gentle strokes using the pad of her
index finger.

Claire rolled her head back, already succumbing to her own touch. Many nights
she'd done this and thought about Kelly, and now Kelly was there... watching
her. Just knowing that Kelly's eyes were upon her had Clare's juices flowing
like they never had before.

She continued to stroke herself as slid her free hand under her nightgown,
feeling for the curve of her breast. Like most girls, her breast size had
been a great source of insecurity as a child. She was considered a late
bloomer in that department, but now she boasted an ample chest... and the
feel of her hands on her own breasts sent waves of pleasure through her body.
She cupped one breast in her hand, gently massaging it as she rolled her
erect nipple between her thumb and index finger.

"Hmmm," Claire moaned. She risked a glance at Kelly and saw the flustered
look in the other woman's face. Kelly was obviously enjoying the show, and
Claire was more than eager to roll out a command performance.

Claire thrust a finger up her pussy and gasped at how easily it penetrated
her wetness. Kelly must have excited her more than she thought! She worked
her finger in and out of her dripping wet sex, slowly increasing the rhythm
as she added a second finger to the proceedings. Claire could feel the climax
building so she quickened her pace, using her thumb to tease her enlarged

"Oh... yeah," Claire murmured, really getting into it now. She jammed a third
finger inside herself, increasing the attention her thumb was giving her
clit. The combination of her fingers in her pussy and her thumb against her
clit had her mind reeling. She squealed with delight, feeling the pressure
mounting against her pelvis.

With every jab and thrust, Claire felt the tidal wave swelling up inside her.
She chewed on her lower lip, whimpering like a puppy as her body reacted to
the vicious finger fucking her pussy was receiving... and by her own hand at

Claire knew she was on the verge of coming. Her muscles tightened in
anticipation. Claire quickened her efforts to a feverish pace, needing
desperately to feel the release... and needing for Kelly to bear witness to
it. She thrust her fingers as deep inside her cunt as she could, crying out
as the first wave of orgasm spilled over her hand.

"Yes!" Claire gasped. "Oh, yes!" She repeated the words over and over as she
continued to ride the wave of orgasm that her own fingers had produced. Her
heart pounded against her chest and her mind was numb from the electrical
charge that had just surged through her body.

Claire looked to Kelly and tried to speak, but all she could manage was a
placated smile.

Kelly returned the smile, taking Clare's hand and raising it to her lips.
With quiet determination, and without taking her eyes off of Claire, Kelly
began licking the cum off her roommate's hand, sucking one finger at a time
to ensure she got every last drop of girl juice from Clare's nimble digits.

"I like the way you taste," Kelly said.

Claire smiled hungrily. "There's plenty more where that came from."

Kelly was more than happy to accept the invitation. She dropped to the floor,
kneeling in front of Claire so that she was staring right into the other
woman's crotch. She could smell the arousal emanating from Clare's pussy, and
having sampled a taste of the her roommate's juices Kelly was eager for more.
She buried her face between Clare's legs, going to work immediately. She
licked and licked, her agile tongue flicking inside Clare's inflamed cunt
like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh God!" Claire gasped. She raked her fingers through Kelly's hair, holding
on for dearlife as her beautiful blond roommate probed her hypersensitive
pussy with her slithering tongue.

Egged on by Clare's moaning, Kelly went crazy... unleashing a furious tongue
fucking the likes of which Claire had never known. She sucked on her clit,
rolling it around in her mouth. Claire bucked against her and Kelly continued
her ministrations, licking and nibbling and anything else that she could
think of to drive Claire into a frenzy.

"Yes!" Claire screamed. "Yes! Yes!!!! Oh, God. Kelly... I'm going to cum all
over your face!" She screamed and hollered, kicking her feet into the air as
she was enveloped by the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

Kelly rode out the storm, determined to drive her roommate into a state of
nirvana that she would always remember. Even as Clare's body convulsed above
her Kelly continued licking her roommate's pussy, her expert tongue pushing
hard against the other woman's clit.

"Kelly!" Claire whimpered, her voice begging for an end to the wonderful
madness that had her pussy throbbing.

With one last jab of her tongue, Kelly decided that her friend had endured
enough for now. She pulled away, girl cum dribbling from her chin. Claire
wiped it away with her finger and smeared it across Kelly's lips.

Claire welcomed Kelly back onto the sofa, seeking out the mouth that had
worked her over so well and covering it with her own. The kiss deepened, the
raging passion the two women shared manifesting itself in a vicious duel of
the tongues.

Claire then began to unbutton Kelly's pajama top, eager to explore the
delight's within. Her hands fumbled with the task, but she was determined not
to let any obstacle stand between her mouth and the luscious breasts that she
knew were hidden underneath.

Finally, in her desperation, Claire ripped open Kelly's pajama top to expose
her roommate's supple breasts. Even though she had seen Kelly naked before,
the sight of her now stirred something deep within her. The hunger Claire
felt was all consuming, and she gave in to it without any hesitation. She
leaned down and took one of Kelly's breasts into mouth, slobbering all over
it with huge, open mouth kisses

"Ohh..." Kelly moaned. "That feels so good."

Claire eased her tongue across Kelly's very erect nipple, all the while her
hand massaging the generous clump of flesh that was Kelly's right breast.
The feel of her was new and exciting, and Claire lost herself in the new
sensations that washed over her.

While her mouth and hand paid close attention to Kelly's breast, Claire let
her free hand fall into her roommate's lap. To her insatiable delight, Claire
found that Kelly was soaked through her pajama bottoms. Claire roughly shoved
her hand down the front of Kelly's pants, running her fingers through the
damp patch of pubic hair that she found inside.

"Oh God, Claire," Kelly gasped. "If you don't eat me soon I'm going to

Claire certainly didn't need any encouragement; licking Kelly's pussy was at
the top of her agenda. But if she had needed any kind of motivation, Kelly's
pleas certainly would have done the trick.

She quickly helped Kelly out of her pajama bottoms. Kelly's normally blond
pubic hair was matted and dark from the juices dripping from her pussy.
Claire gingerly slipped a finger between the swollen red lips of Kelly's
womanhood and was rewarded by a sharp intake of air from her roommate turned

"Oh yeah," Kelly growled. "Touch it again."

Claire did what she was told, inserting two fingers this time. Kelly leaned
back, laying down flat on the sofa. Claire continued to finger fuck her,
driving her first two fingers into Kelly's sex, removing them, then thrusting
them in even further. She kept it up until she had Kelly squirming on the
sofa. Then inspiration struck her. Claire reached for the bottle of
Chardonnay and poured a generous amount of wine into Kelly's already dripping
went cunt.

Kelly yelped with a mixture of surprise and ecstasy. The sensation of the
cold wine splashing against her hot pussy was enough to drive her to an
orgasm right then, but then Claire went to work, lapping up the wine like a
kitten lapping up a bowl of milk. Kelly knew from the way Claire went down
on her that she was going to come like she never had before.

"Oh, God... Claire," Kelly rasped. "Oh, yes. That's the best."

Claire lost herself in the musky sweetness that oozed from between her
roommate's legs. The taste of the wine mixed with Kelly's juices was
incredible, and Claire sucked up every last drop.

"Claire!" Kelly howled.

Hearing Kelly scream her name was more than Claire could take. She pushed
her face deep into Kelly's pussy, determined to lick her new lover dry. Her
tongue darted back and forth, poking and prodding anything that generated
any kind of noise from Kelly's throat. What her tongue missed her fingers
discovered. Getting Kelly off was Clare's only purpose, and she set about
accomplishing it with every ounce of energy she had. She drove her tongue
deeper and deeper until she hit a spot that sent Kelly's body into shaking

"Oh God!" Kelly screamed. "Yes! Oh, dear God, yes! That's the spot, Claire.
That's it. Yes!!!!"

Having found Kelly's most vulnerable spot, Claire attacked it with a
vengeance. Kelly kicked and screamed above her, shouting her name at the top
of her lungs as her body twitched and convulsed. Claire refused to let up.
Kelly's hips rose spasmodically off the sofa as her pussy let loose a tidal
wave of cum. Claire lapped it up eagerly, reaching down to fondled her own
clit as she continued to tongue Kelly's pussy without mercy. Soon they were
both yelling and screaming and laughing and crying and then, finally,
collapsing into each other's arms.

"Oh Claire," Kelly sighed. "That was ... amazing. I'm exhausted!"

"Maybe we should go to bed," Claire giggled.

Kelly laughed. "Absolutely ... but let's try and actually get some rest
first, okay? I get the feeling we're going to need it."

Claire nodded her agreement. She sought out Kelly's lips and was rewarded by
a deep, passionate kiss from her old friend turned new lover. "God, I'm so
glad we decided to stay in tonight," Claire said.


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