Beverly Hills 90210 (MF,M+FF,FF,oral,anal,ncon)
by Anonymous

Brenda eased the Dodge into a slow turn and pulled up short before the gate.
The bright California sun brought out the reddish tint in her luscious brown
hair as she leaned out of the car and flicked the call button.

She sank back into the seat and gave the camera an impatient look as she
waited for the gate to open. Her long, painted fingernails drummed against
the steering wheel as she sighed in annoyance.

The gate whirred open and the tires dug in as she pushed the pedal down hard.
The gleaming car shot up the long driveway to the top of the hill, then
growled as she throttled down and curved around the fountain in front of the
Taylor's spanish style house.

She turned off the engine and hopped out, hauling a shoulder bag with her as
she sauntered across the expensive brick driveway and up to the large double

She didn't bother to knock, just turned the knob and went inside. It was
chilly inside, the air-conditioning working to peak efficiency.

"Kelly," she called.

She wandered into the living room and dropped her bag on one of the sofas,
then wandered back into the central hall and went down it to the solarium.
She passed through and out into the back yard, but still caught no sight of
the blonde.

She went back inside and wandered through the dining room and down the hall
to the family room. Still no Kelly. She paused by a large gilded mirror,
flicking at the bangs over her forehead, shaking her head a bit to make her
loose brown hair fall into position.

"And you call me vain," a soft, amused voice said.

"There you are. Where were you? I've been looking all over." Kelly came
forward and they hugged briefly, then turned and headed own the hall to the
main living room.

"I was upstairs. You bring your stuff?"

"Uh, huh."

"Thanks. I'm glad you could stay over. It always makes me nervous when mom
isn't here, especially on the servants' night off."

"I'm not surprised. You live in a warehouse, Kelly."

"Hardly that," Kelly smiled.

"Well, what have you got here, fifteen bedrooms? And just for you and your

"They came with the house. What are we supposed to do, throw them away?"

"Buy a smaller house."

"Mom loves the view of the valley."

"She likes to look down on everyone, you mean."

"Maybe," Kelly smiled.

They went into the living room, then across it to the french doors. Kelly
opened them and they wandered out onto the sculpted stone balcony. The valley
lay spread out below them.

"Poor people," Kelly smiled.

"Do you mean poor people as in, oh the poor things, or poor people as in,
oooh, people that are poor?"

"Don't be catty, Brenda," Kelly smiled.

"I can't help it. You rich girls are so shallow sometimes."

"Oh, us rich girls?"

"I'm not rich, just...well off. Now you, you're rich."


Kelly turned gracefully and seemed to drift back into the house, her slender
body moving with the elegance and smoothness of one long accustomed to wealth
and the upper classes.

Brenda watched her with some slight envy. She was, or her family were,
nouveau riche, and at heart and in her behaviour she was more middle class
than rich. As beautiful as she was she could not compare to the sculpted
aristocratic blonde girl that moved ahead of her.

The easygoing blonde was slender of body, with soft, silky, straight blonde
hair which tumbled across her shoulders. Her face was narrow and elfin, with
a tiny, petite nose, a small pouting mouth, perfect teeth, and deep, soft,
moist blue eyes.

Brenda, by contrast was a brunette, her hair in much the same style as her
friend's, though a little shorter. Her face was more rounded, her mouth
slightly larger, her nose less perfect. She was beautiful by any accounts,
but felt drab in comparison to Kelly.

Her body was much fuller than Kelly's. Her breasts were larger, rounder, her
waist not so slim, her hips wider, her behind was firm and round and tight,
but did not have the boyish slimness Kelly's did. Her legs, she decided, were
the only part of her body which, in the current fashions decreed by those in
the know, were better than Kelly's, thicker, fuller, better sculpted.

Kelly had the slim, willowy body of a model, along with the pouty, little
girl face. Brenda, by contrast was more voluptuous and womanly.

Still, the two were the best of friends, and despite their differing
upbringing, despite their differing opinions on many things, thought of each
other as sisters, and often called each other sis, as a joke.

The blonde and the brunette were among the most popular, sought after girls
at West Beverly Hills high school, or had been until they'd graduated. They
were part of the in group, lusted after and admired, envied and hated, by
most of the student body.

Brenda would be off to Minnesota State in the fall, to take up acting. Kelly
would find something else to occupy her time. She was too rich to ever need a
job, and didn't see the neccesity of knocking herself out at some boring old

Kelly simply never did anything that she didn't want to. Why should she?
She was spoiled rotten, and knew it. She'd always been given everything she
wanted, and always would be. She would, one day, marry a rich, handsome man,
and attend garden parties and charity luncheons as her mother had.

She was a bit flighty, and more than a little shallow. She'd never read a
newspaper, nor watched the news on TV. She knew nothing of politics or
economics or world events. She knew the president's name, but nothing more
than that.

She was content in her soft, luxurious world, a gentle flower in a well
protected greenhouse. Even though spoiled, she was kind-hearted, and if her
attitude towards the masses was more akin to Marie Antoinette than Sister
Theresa, it was more out of ignorance than any streak of cruelty.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked, turning and in a single liquid motion
sitting down on one of the sofas. Brenda flopped down on the sofa across from
her, pulling her legs up beneath her.

"I don't know. It's still light out. Want to catch some rays?"

Kelly's pretty little nose wrinkled. "I get burned to easily."

"It's that pale skin of yours," Brenda said. "Well, we could watch a movie."

"I thought we'd do that later."

"What do you want to do then?"

"Want to try on some clothes?"

Brenda smiled softly. Clothes were Kelly's passion.

"Why not?" she sighed.

They trotted upstairs, then went into Kelly's room. It was easily twice the
size of Brenda's room at home, with a huge canopied double bed, big screen
TV, stereo, antique furniture, a balcony overlooking the valley, a huge
walk-in closet, and a bathroom with makeup counter, sunken, whirlpool bath
and bidet.

Over the next couple of hours they tried on various outfits, mixing and
matching colors and fabrics. Most of Kelly's things were too tight on the
hips and chest for her, but that wasn't always bad.

They went into Kelly's mother's room then and tried on some more clothes.
Brenda was as amazed at the amount of expensive clothes her mother had as
she was at Kelly's huge wardrobe. Her own closet more closely reflected her
parent's middle class ways of thinking.

The sun sank and they went into the theatre and argued over what to watch.
Finally, they settled on Ghost. They changed into the matching silk pajamas
they had, Kelly's was black, Brenda's white, then Kelly went and made some
popcorn while Brenda set the video up.

The theatre had an eight foot wide screen and stereo sound. It did not,
however, have theatre seats. Instead it had more comfortable plush sofas.
The two girls curled up together with a huge box of buttered popcorn, large
ice filled cokes sitting on the coffee table before them.

Then they relaxed and watched the movie.

Neither heard anything amiss through the thick door, and if Kelly hadn't
decided she wanted more ice, the two might have been in blissful ignorance
of what was going on outside the theatre.

She eased herself to her feet and padded along the carpet in her bare feet,
then went to the door, opened it, and went down the hall and down the back
stairs to the kitchen. She put her glass under the automatic ice dispenser
and filled it up, then trotted back up the stairs.

As she was going down the hall though, she practically ran into a large man
who was just coming out of one of the empty bedrooms. It was hard to say
which of them was more surprised. Kelly's eyes went wide, and her jaw
dropped, then she dropped the glass and screamed.

He cursed and grabbed her, which only made her scream louder. His hand
clamped over her mouth then and he shoved her back against the wall.

"Shut yer fuckin' mouth!" he snarled.

"What are you screaming at?" Brenda called, coming out of the theatre. She
saw the man holding her friend and screamed herself,then turned and fled down
the front stairs.

"Shit! Hey, Al, Joe, Phil! Front stairs!" the guy yelled.

Brenda raced down the stairs and right into the arms of another large, nasty
looking man in a black t-shirt. She yelped and turned to run back but he
grabbed her by the hair. She screamed in fear and pain as he dragged her back

He grabbed one of her flailing arms and jerked it up behind her back, shoving
her face first into a nearby wall as the other guy came down the stairs with

"What the fuck? I thought you said the place was supposed to be empty," the
guy snapped.

"Sorry, Al. I didn't see them."

"You fuckup."

"What's going on?" A muscular black man came out of the office carrying a

"Derek missed these two."

"Whoah," the guy said, his eyes moving up and down the lush young women. "How
do you miss pussy like that?"

"They are something, ain't they?" Al said, looking at them admiringly.

"You better leave us alone," Kelly gulped.

"Or what?" Derek demanded, jerking her head back by the hair. She cried out
in pain and struggled weakly.

"Leave her alone!" Brenda cried.

"Fuck you," Derek sneered.

"So what do we do with them?" the black guy said.

"You don't know what to do with pussy like this, Joe?" Derek leered.

Joe sniggered in agreement.

"Guys, we're here to make money, not take some free pussy," Al said.

"Any reason we can't have both?" Joe asked.

"We got all night, man," Derek said.

"Please don't hurt us," Kelly whimpered.

"We don't want to hurt you, baby," Derek purred, licking at her ear. "We only
want to FUCK the living SHIT out of you!"

The others sniggered and laughed as the two girls quaked in terror.

Derek let go of Kelly's hair and her arm, instead pressing himself against
her, sliding his arms around her and cupping her breasts through the thin
silken pajama top. She trembled miserably, tears starting to trickle down
her face as his fingers dug into the soft full young breast meat and he
licked a long moist trail along the nape of her neck.

"Come on, guys," Derek said. "Business first, pleasure later."

"I never fucked nothing like this before," Derek sighed, mashing and
squeezing Kelly's breasts.

"What do we do with them then?" Joe said.

"Lock em up somewhere I guess," Al said.


"I don't fuckin' know."

"Maybe we could tie em up," Joe said. "I got some rope."

"Okay, do that. You and Derek take em' somewhere and make sure they stay
quiet while we finish. No, wait, I'll take the blonde. I bet she can open
the safes."

"Come on, man, we're just getting acquainted," Derek protested, his hands
still squeezing and kneading Kelly's high, firm breasts.

"Business first," Al said, grabbing the whimpering girl's arm and jerking her
away from him. "Take this other slut and tie her up somewhere, then get back
to work. We got a lot of shit to load before tomorrow."

"You de boss," Joe said.

Al shoved Brenda towards him and he grabbed her by the arm, marching her
across the hall to the side entrance, where he'd left the rope they'd brought
in case they'd had to climb up to one of the balconies and enter from there.

"Please don't hurt us," Brenda gulped fearfully.

"Just shut up and do what you're told and you'll be fine come morning," Joe

He stopped next to the door and let her go. She cringed back against the wall
as he scooped up some rope and unwound it, then pulled a sharp knife from a
belt sheath. He cut a length of rope and held it out.

"Put your hands out and cross your wrists," he ordered.

She timidly put her wrists out crossed and he carefully wound it around first
one, then the other, criss-crossing them expertly.

With a couple of feet left he pulled her back down the hall to the central
hallway, looking around impatiently for something to tie her to. Finally he
pushed her arms up high and ran the rope through one of the sculpted iron
mouldings that ran down the stairway under the bannister.

Partly to keep her from moving, and partly out of a desire for visual effect,
he tied them up so high she had to stand up very, very straight, almost on
her toes, to keep from hanging. He patted her face and grinned, then
sauntered away.

Brenda swallowed in fear, her heart pounding like a triphammer. She pulled
desperately at the rope binding her, pulling her head way back as she tried
to see the knots. She whimpered in fright as she pulled, knowing for a
certainty that these men were planning to rape her, to rape both of them
after they'd finished looting Kelly's house.

Which would rape her, she wondered, the big black guy? He was so huge! He
looked like a killer! The slimy guy who'd caught Kelly didn't seem much
better. Maybe it would be that Al guy in the black t-shirt. She struggled
helplessly, sniffling and whimpering as she tried to twist away. But she
couldn't move. She was bound too tightly, unable to pull her wrists out of
the tight rope.

* * *

Al led Kelly down another hallway as the girl began to weep. He glared at her
in annoyance.

"Quit fuckin' whining," he snapped. "I hate whining women."

"I...I'm so...soryyyyyy," Kelly wept.

He led her into the office and over to the picture set against the side wall.
He flung it back and shoved her towards the safe.

"Open it."

She gazed at him in fright, then turned to the safe and turned the dial. She
unlocked it and opened it.

"Good girl," he said.

He grabbed her arm and marched her out of the room and down the hall again,
then up the stairs to her parents bedroom. There they surprised a fourth man
who was carefully trying to work the tumblers of the safe behind her mother's

"Hey, Phil," he said.

"Who the fuck is this?" the man demanded. He was small and balding, with
thick glasses.

"This is desert. What's the combination, baby?" he demanded.

"I don't know," Kelly gulped.

"Don't give me that shit, girl. I want the combination!"

"I don't knooooow," she wailed. "My mother doesn't want me wearing her

"What you think, Phil? Should we believe her?"

Phil shrugged.

Al turned and shoved Kelly against the wall, gripping the front of her

"Are you lying to me?" he glared.

"Noooo!" she sobbed.

He tore the front of her pajamas open and she screamed and tried to cover her

"You tell me the combination right now, and I'll keep Derek away from you,"
he hissed. "You don't, and me and Phil will fuck you right now."

"I don't knoooow! I don't!" she sobbed, shaking in terror.

He turned and grinned at Phil, who was watching with considerable interest.
He turned back, glaring in pretended anger.

"I know you know the combination, slut. Tell me!"

"I don't know!"

"Tell me!"

"I don't knoooooowww!" she sobbed.

He figured she probably didn't. What she said made sense. On the other hand,
Phil was having trouble with this safe, so he wasn't about to let her off
easy. He turned her around and shoved her face first into the wall, then
jerked her pajama top back over her shoulders, stripping her to the waist.
He jerked the bottoms down, baring her ass, then pulled the sobbing, girl
backwards so she tripped and fell.

He jerked the bottoms off her ankles, then dragged her up by the hair.

"Phil, lemmie have the torch," he growled, shoving the blonde back across a

Phil picked up the portable acetylene torch and turned it on. He carefully
adjusted the flame to a sharp, white hot jet, then handed it to Al.

Kelly was kicking hysterically as he held her down across the table. "Grab
her leg," Al snapped.

Phil gripped her left leg, pinning it down and open as Al pinned her right
leg with his thigh and jammed held her back by the hair. He waved the
blowtorch in front of her face and she halted her sobbing, staring up at it
with wide, terrified eyes.

"Want us to burn that pretty face?" he asked.

"Please," she gasped. "No. Nooo."

He waved the torch back and forth, then pointed it at her right breast. He
kept it just far away so the heat was sharp and stinging, and eased it back
and forth over her breast, then down her belly.

He turned the jet sideways, away from her body, then let the nozzle ease
downwards so the heat began to crinkle up her pubic hair.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Stop! Oh, Please!" she gasped as the heat began to build up in
her crotch.

He passed the torch back and forth, and all three of them could smell burning
hair as her fleecy pubic hair curled up and vaporized.

"Please! Please!" she gasped, not daring to move as her groin began to

She shrieked as the torch got a little close to the skin.

"Sure you don't remember, baby?" Al grinned.

"Pleeasse! Oh, pleeeasssee"! she sobbed.

He waved the torch back and forth a final time, as the blonde began weeping
helplessly. Then he turned it off and moved back. Phil let go of her too and
the whimpering, sobbing girl gripped her pussy and moaned in pain.

She raised her head and stared at it in fear, but aside from the fact that
virtually all her pussy hair was gone, there didn't seem to be anything
terrible wrong. Her crotch was kind of red, like it was sunburned, and it
felt that way too, but she wasn't scarred or anything.

She felt a momentary relief, then as she raised her tear stained eyes, she
abruptly remembered that she was utterly naked in front of the two strange
men. She gulped fearfully and cupped her pussy with one hand as she tried
to cover her breasts with her arm.

"You got something to tie her with?" Al grunted.

"Got some tape."

"It'll do. Come here, you."

He handed her some tape and he motioned abruptly for Kelly to come forward.
She meekly slid off the table and shuffled forward, still cupping her pussy
and covering her breasts.

Al jerked her around and pulled her hands behind her back, then crossed her
wrists and wrapped the tape around them several times. He tore it off and
then gripped her hair and shoved her towards an open closet, then closed it
on her and wrapped a tie around the handles.

"Okay, back to work," Al said.

"I wouldn't mind tearing off a piece of that," Phil said, his jeans bulging.

"Later, after you break open that fuckin' safe."

Phil grunted and then turned back to the safe as Al wandered out of the room.

* * *

Brenda was terribly frightened. The way the men had talked and acted left
their intentions in little doubt. And even if they were just pretending, she
knew how that kind of man thought. She knew how attractive and desirable she
and Kelly were.

Now here she was helplessly bound, her arms high, as though to intentionally
make her more desirable, to push her breasts out even more firmly against the
thin silk pajama top she wore. She knew that, even if these men were not
criminals, the temptation to abuse her and Kelly, so helpless before them,
would be enormous.

And as lewd and frightening images played out in her mind, the worst of the
evil men came strolling down the hall towards her.

Derek was carrying a box full of cameras and lenses when he came down the
hall. He paused at the sight of Brenda standing up by the stairs, arms high,
chest out.

"Oooooeeee," he whistled. "Don't you look cute."

He eyed her pajama top where her large, round breasts pushed out firmly. "You
got some set of tits there, don't ya, kid?"

She stared at him warily, sniffling and blinking her eyes.

He set down the box on a nearby table and moved against her. He ran his eyes
up and down her body, then darted his hand behind her head, jerked her face
forward and mashed his lips down against hers.

His lips muffled her screams as his hand cupped and groped her full round
breast. His tongue shot into her mouth and he ground his pelvis in between
her kicking, jerking legs. He cupped her ass as his lips continued to crush
hers, his hands lifting her legs up and apart so he could dry hump her.

Tears trickled down her face as his tongue stabbed into her mouth, and her
body shook as she sobbed pitifully.

He backed up a little, a hand still behind her head, griping her soft hair.
She stared up at him, petrified.

"Let's see what you got, baby," he whispered.

His hand stroked her breasts, squeezing and groping them, as she was held
there helplessly.

"Please," she mewled. "Please don't!"

"Shut your mouth, whore."

He unbuttoned the top button, then teasingly, his fingers slid along her soft
flesh, then down to the next button. He undid that, his fingers sliding along
her breastbone as she sobbed in fear and misery. The next button popped, and
his fingers stroked the flesh below her breasts now. The next button popped
loose, and his fingers skimmed her belly.

The shirt remained closed because of her straight-backed stance, but when he
undid the final button it slid open a few inches, revealing the middle of her
torso from throat to lower belly. The curving sides of her breasts were
clearly displayed as well, and when Derek gripped the sides of the top and
pulled it wide open, Brenda sobbed harder in humiliation and fright.

"Man oh man oh man," he sighed, shaking his head as he looked down at her
super firm, fat round tit orbs.

"Now these are tits," he breathed. "Real half gallon jugs."

His hands cupped them reverently, lifting them slightly as though to weight
them. His fingers pressed in slowly, digging light furrows in the perfect
round tit-balls. He squeezed, and watched the soft flesh ooze out between
his fingers.

He mashed them together, then apart, crushing them in, up, down, together
again, laughing in delight, as though he were a child with a new toy.

He ignored the teenager's mortified sobs and soft, whimpering pleas, bending
and sliding his mouth over her right nipple and sucking fiercely. His teeth
gnawed at the surrounding flesh, biting and crushing it as he pulled tit meat
into his mouth and chewed on it hungrily.

His hands continued to squeeze and knead her tit bags as his mouth sucked and
chewed on her nipple. His tongue flickered back and forth across it as he
sighed happily. He shifted to her other nipple sucking that too, then pressed
his face between her big breasts and mashed them against it.

He was panting for breath when he straightened up and moved back a step. His
eyes slid up and down the soft, firm female body, noting the perfect contours
of her torso, the gentle indentations of her ribs, the smooth, concave belly,
the pretty little belly button.

He shook his head again, unable to believe his luck. He'd known she had a
body, but this. This was the best fucking whore he'd ever had in his life.
She could be a centerfold easily.

He gripped the elastic waistband of her bottoms and tugged them down over her
hips, down below her crotch, then let them slide to her ankles. Brenda sobbed
in misery, mortified as he stared at her nudity.

Yet her heaving chest only made her look more desirable to him, serving to
thrust out her perfect breasts again and again.

"What a fuckin' body," he groaned.

Yet he wanted that body utterly naked. He was like a man with a new sports
car who wanted no slightest smudge on its finish. He jerked her pants off
from her ankles, then gripped the top and took out a sharp switchblade. He
carefully cut down the arms and across the shoulders, until he could tear
it free.

He stood back and admired the view of the totally nude young woman, so
wonderfully displayed for him. He stepped forward and ran a hand up and
down her body, caressing her fine, soft skin, coasting up and over her
round breasts, then down between her quivering thighs.

He cupped her pussy tightly, which produced a new wave of shuddering sobs
from the girl.

"Oh, quit your bitching," he snapped. "You been fucked before. It ain't the
end of the fuckin' world."

It always annoyed him why a woman would let some guy they liked fuck her
brains out, but would howl in terror if some other guy wanted to tear off a
piece. What was the big fuckin' deal anyway? They acted like their pussies
would wear out if they fucked too many guys.

He gripped her body and turned her around, pressing her fat melons against
the wall as he admired the view from behind. He cupped her soft buttocks and
squeezed them, then slid a hand in between her thighs and squeezed her pussy

"Baby, you were built to be fucked," he sighed. "You ought to be gettin' it
a hundred times a day!"

He turned her around again and slid a hand through her hair, gripping it
tight and jerking her head back, directing her face up towards his.

"You're the criminal, baby, not me. It's a fuckin' crime not to use a fine
body like this for what it was designed for. You need it in the cunt, up the
ass, down the throat, in the tits, every fuckin' way! You need it all day and
all fuckin' night.

"You're a walking fuck machine!"

He crushed his lips against hers again, grinding his body into her as he
seized her ass cheeks and dry humped her again. He spread her legs wide and
ground himself into her soft body, grunting in delight as he felt her fat
breasts pushing into his chest.

He drew back and jerked his pants open, then let them slid to his ankles.
"Fuck this waitin' shit," he panted. "I want a taste of you now!"

"No! No! Please!," she gasped. "I have money! I'll give you my car!"

"I don't want your fuckin' money, bitch. I want your pussy!"

His cock was already hot and bulging. He gripped it in his fist, his face a
maniacal leer as he pressed it against her furry pussy. She stared down at it
in appalled horror, trying to cross her legs without letting all her weight
fall on her wrists.

It didn't matter, though, he jammed his knee between her thighs and forced
them open, then gripped her right thigh and jerked her leg up and back.

"Please!" she gasped. "Please! No! Don't! Oh, God!"

"Get ready, slut. I'm gonna pound your cunt good! I'm gonna pump so much
cream in you it'll blow out your fuckin' ears!"

He pressed his cock against her slit and rubbed it up and down several times.
Brenda began to sob once again, with even more force than before. He ignored
it, forcing his cockhead through her tight pussy lips, forcing them in and
back as his cock pushed into her.

He groaned as her pussy gripped his cockhead. He jerked her leg up higher,
then reached down and seized the other one, lifting both up and wide. His
hands slid down to her ankles as he held her legs, and lifted them high and
wide, smashing them back against the wall beside the whimpering, moaning

Her ass and pussy were totally exposed to him now, and his eyes were bright
with lust as he jammed his cock in hard, forcing several more inches into her
quivering body. He jerked back,then thrust forward, twisted his pecker from
side to side, then rammed forward again.

She was tight and dry, but his cock was like steel, and would not be denied.
Each time his cock rammed another couple of inches deeper she let out a
sobbing cry of misery, until she his groin was pressed against hers, and his
cock was totally buried in her soft, warm depths.

She sobbed miserably as he held her legs up and apart and ground his hips
into her upturned buttocks.

"Oh, man, you're so fuckin' tight!" he groaned, twisting his cock around
inside her belly.

He began pumping almost at once, short, sharp, rabid strokes that pummelled
her body, that made his cock piston inside her. As he worked her hole open he
began to use longer, deeper strokes, making use of the full length of his
long shaft to pound it to the trembling girl.

"There ya go, baby," he panted. "Now you're gettin' pumped proper!"

His hips were slapping against her ass cheeks as his cock pounded into the
tight cunt opening. He leaned forward, licking and sucking on the side of
her throat as he rammed his cock into her with wild, lust crazed abandon.
His strokes came faster and harder, until her body was smashing back against
the wall with enough force to crack the plaster.

He knew it would be a short fuck, though. He was just too excited by this
hot bitch, too aroused by the gorgeous, firm young woman's nubile body. He
hammered his hips forward, spiking his cock into her hot pussy so fast her
body jerked and bounced in wild response.

Brenda's eyes glazed over, and for a long moment she thought, and hoped, that
she would faint. Never had she been used so brutally, never had Brent fucked
her so hard or so fast, never had her guts been churned up and pounded down
like they were now.

Never had she been placed in such a humiliating, exposed position as she now
was, with her legs wide apart and her privates so utterly exposed to this
stranger's view. Her guts heaved and the thought she would throw up, but her
mind refused to accept that one final humilation.

She saw his big cock slicing back and forth between her poor, aching pussy
lips and was shocked at the speed of it, even though she could feel it's
frenzied pistoning movement inside her soft fuck channel. Surely, she
thought, it must be tearing up her guts inside.

Then he pulled back almost all the way, so only the tip of his cock remained
inside her, and then thrust in hard, brutally stabbing his cock into her to
the hilt. She cried out in pain, her head falling back against the wall.

Again he tore his cock back almost all the way, then thrust in furiously,
jerking her upwards and back, knocking her head back and drawing another
miserable cry of pain from the brutalized young girl.

He let her legs down, holding her ass cheeks, and thrust in again, mashing
his body against her, wanting to feel her pounding heart against him as he
threw a final series of brutal thrust up into her tender pussy, bouncing her
in her bonds as he came to a monumental cum.

He let out his own cry, a cry of pleasure and conquest, thrusting viciously
into her, mashing his groin into her exposed thighs as his cock blasted
huge white wads of steaming sperm up into her teenage belly. He felt each
individual spurt like an explosion, and groaned as he halted his pumping
and clutched her body to keep from falling.

"Ohh, babyyyy," he groaned, his fingers digging into her ass tightly. "What
a fuck."

* * *

He was still clutching her ass, crushing her against him, when Joe walked
into the hall carrying an armload of stereo equipment.

"Hey, man," he said, passing them by. "Al said not till we're done."

"Done?" Derek panted. "Man, I'm all done," he laughed.

He eased back, letting go of her ass so her legs fell back straight and her
feet touched the floor once more. Brenda moaned weakly and miserably, her
wrists aching, her pussy and thighs and ass aching, her arms and shoulders
aching, and her mind numbed and blasted by the terrible rape.

Derek leaned against the far wall regaining his breath as Joe set down his
burden and walked back.

"Man, how could I resist something like that?" he panted.

Joe gazed at the girl with new interest, shaking his head admiringly. "Nice,"
he said.

"Nice? She's fuckin' gorgeous!"

"Yeah, nice body."

"Feel those tits," Derek said.

Joe slid a big black hand under her left breast and squeezed it admiringly.
"Nice, all right," Joe said. "But she'll still be here when we're finished.
Let's get to work, man."

Derek sighed and gathered up his box, then carried it out to the growing pile
by the garage door.

* * *

Phil gave a short cry of victory as the safe opened. He grinned in
satisfaction as he reached in and pulled out two long boxes of jewelry, then
a thick wad of cash. He put them in the sack he'd brought for that purpose,
then sat down for a brief rest.

His eyes came to rest on the closet door. He'd caught himself staring at it
several times over the past hour, but now he began to think he was justified
in a little reward. He'd done his job, after all, and hadn't Al said business
before pleasure?

Business was done. Time for pleasure.

Phil had always been a bit of a nerdy guy, especially when he was younger.
He'd never gotten anywhere with girls during high school, especially girls
that looked like that. That gorgeous fucking blonde was the hottest piece
of ass he'd ever seen, and she was sitting there in the closet naked, hands
taped behind her.

He got up and went to the closet, then unwrapped the tie holding the handles
closed and opened the doors. The girl sat in the corner, her big blue eyes
staring up at him in fright.

"Hey, honey," he said, grinning. "Why don't you come out and visit."

"No! Leave me alone!" she whimpered as he bent and gripped her arm. He pulled
on it, but she resisted, and he was not a strong man. He glared and then
gripped her hair. Now she came when he pulled, crying out in pain as he drew
her out of the closet.

He pulled her into the center of the room and then pushed her against a
dresser, his eyes scanning up and down her slender body.

"You sure are a cute one," he sighed. "What's your name?"

"K...K...Kelllyyy," she whimpered.

"Kelly. You a virgin, Kelly?"

"N...noooo," she sniffled.

"Too bad. It don't surprise me, though."

He slid his hand down the side of her ribs, then up under her breast,
squeezing it in tight, sweaty fingers. She began to sob miserably and he let
go, pressing his finger against her lips. "Shhhhhhh," he said. "Be a good
little girl or I'll have to spank you."

She stared at him in fear, sniffing several times in an attempt to halt her

"If you're a good girl nobody will hurt you. You understand?" he asked.

"Y...yesss," she gulped.

"Good. You don't want anyone to hurt you, do you?"


"Then you'll be a good girl, right?"


"Say it then. Say, I'll be a good girl."

She stared at him in fear, then swallowed and repeated the words. "I'll...
I'll be a good girl," she gulped.

"That's good."

He cupped her breasts with both hands, then fingered her nipples, rubbing
them between his thumbs and forefingers, pinching them and pulling them. He
slid a hand down to her pussy and cupped it, squeezing repeatedly, then eased
a finger between her pussy lips and sawed it up and down.

She began to sniffle again, her chest shaking as she sobbed, and he halted
and placed his finger against her lips again.

"You're being a bad girl, Kelly," he warned. "I'm going to have to take my
belt to your pretty little ass if you don't stop."

"I...I...I'm so...sorry," she whimpered.

He gripped her hair and pulled her towards the bed, then sat down on the
edge, pulling her down onto her knees between his legs. He held her hair in
one hand as he opened his pants and pulled his cock out. It was already stiff
and hard.

"This is for you, Kelly," he grinned, pulling her head down. "You do a good

Kelly had sucked cocks before, of course, but the idea of doing so now was
revolting. She had no choice, however, and as he pulled her head down she
opened her mouth and slid her pouty lips over his fat cockhead. It was very
thick, and she wondered in passing why such a small, dorky guy had such a
big cock.

Her lips engulfed it and she slid them down several inches, working her
tongue against the underside of his head. His hands slid through her golden
hair as she began to bob her mouth up and down on his cock.

"That's it, baby. Suck that pecker," he sighed.

He bent forward and slid a hand under her breast, squeezing and mashing it,
working his fingers into the soft flesh as her mouth sucked on his fat

He pulled his hands back then and leaned back on them, watching with a wry
smile as the gorgeous blonde sucked his prick. Rich blonde bitch, he thought.
Bet this is a real come down for you. Probably a snotty whore too. Maybe
she'd be a little less snotty now.

He ran his hand over her head, caressing her golden hair as she bobbed up and
down on his cock. He watched her lips straining around his thick shaft, and
her puckered cheeks as she sucked. He felt her tongue swiping up and down his
cockhead, and smiled smugly.

He should come in the rich bitch's face, that would teach her. But no, he
wanted inside her. He wanted to fuck this gorgeous bitch.

He gripped her hair and pulled her head up, drawing a gasp of pain from the

"I want you to turn around now, and then bend over," he smiled.

Kelly's heart gave a lurch, but she obeyed, trembling in fear and
embarrassment as she bent over. He shoved her back and she fell forward
onto her shoulders, her wrists still tightly bound behind her back as she
struggled to keep from falling.

He eased down onto the floor behind her and pulled her legs wider, then
reached between them and cupped her nearly bald pussy mound.

"You ain't got much hair left here, do you?" he grinned. "Probably just as
well. I bet you wear those thong style bathing suits, right? So you can give
every boy on the beach a hard-on."

He rubbed his cock against her slit, then pressed it inside, forcing her
open. She let out a low moan, and then wept softly and quietly as his cock
drove slowly down into her trembling body.

He gripped her hips as he pressed forward hard, remorselessly burying his
cock in her tight belly.

"Ahhh," he sighed. "Now this is the life."

He ground his hips against her soft ass, his hands sliding up and down her
back as he twisted his cock around inside the blonde teen. Then he began to

* * *

Al and Joe finished loading the last of the stuff, then headed back into the
house. The found Derek already pawing the brunette, his hands roaming over
her breasts eagerly as the other two came up.

"Shit, you're a horny bastard," Al said.

"Yeah, you already fucked her once, man," Joe said.

"I want her again," Derek grinned.

"After me," Joe snorted.

"Where's the other slut?"

"Upstairs," Al said. "Go and get her and Phil, if he's finished cracking the
safe, and bring em' down."

"You got it."

Al reached above the girl and began to undo the ropes holding her up, while
Derek hurried upstairs, hoping to take the time to rip open the blonde girl
before the others could protest. To his disappointment he found her on her
knees, Phil pounding it to her from behind.

"Hey, man, I wanted her first," he protested.

"Too late," Phil grinned lazily.

"Al says to bring the blonde downstairs with the brunette."

"What brunette?"

"The other slut. You should see her, man. She's got a body that won't quit."

"This one isn't bad either," Phil laughed.

"Yeah, she's a real looker all right," Derek said, squatting in front of her
and jerking her face up by the hair.

Kelly knew even greater humilation now as the other man watched gleefully.
Unable to hide her face she closed her eyes as the man behind slapped his
hips into her buttocks and speared his cock into her soft slit hole. She
couldn't understand why this was happening to her, and, since nobody was
ever mean to her, had no idea how to cope with it. She was dazed and

A minute later two more men came into the room, pushing a naked Brenda before

"We wondered what was keeping you," Joe snorted.

"Yeah, well, Phil was busy," Derek laughed.

"So I see," Al said.

"I wanted that blonde bitch, man," Joe glowered. "Somethin' about fuckin' a
blonde. I don't get many blondes, ya know."

"You can have her when I'm done," Phil sighed, fucking his cock harder and
faster into Kelly's tight pussy.

"I don't like sloppy seconds," he snapped.

Brenda stared at her friend in horror, watching the miserable blonde's body
shake as the man behind fucked into her with brutal speed. She saw at once
that Kelly's wrists were bound behind her, and thought that that was horribly
cruel, given the helplessness of the sweet, naive girl.

"Well, man," Phil panted. "You got another virgin hole here. Probably never
been used." He pressed his finger against Kelly's wrinkled asshole and slowly
forced it inside. This brought sobbing from the mortified blonde girl, but
none of the men seemed to care.

"Hot bitch like this needs to get butt-fucked," Derek nodded.

"What about you, baby?" Al breathed, pulling Brenda's head back. "You ever
had one up the asshole?"

"No," she gulped in terror.

"Want one?"


He laughed and squeezed her breasts as he eyed her lush body.

He turned her around and forced her to her knees, then undid his pants and
pulled them down and off. He wore no underwear, and his cock sprang out
hungrily, pointed at the girl's appalled face.

"Suck this, baby," Al ordered, gripping her hair and pulling her face in
against his prick.

He pressed the knobby head against her mouth, and Brenda reluctantly opened
her lips and tasted his foul scent as it filled her mouth.

"Suck that, you whore," Al leered, holding her hair tightly.

He shoved his cock deeper into her mouth, almost choking her on it. She
fought it with her tongue, sucking frantically, rubbing her head up and down
against the head as he twisted his cock around inside her oral cavity.

He gripped her head in both hands, squeezing tightly, then began to fuck her
face, sliding his red and purple tube of flesh back and forth through her
puckered lips.

Brenda sucked as best she could, trying desperately to bring him off before
she choked on his thick man-meat. But he pulled his cock free suddenly and
lifted it away.

"Suck my balls," he panted, pressing her face into his groin. "Lick em,

She sucked them into her mouth and then licked them, disgusted and revolted,
but too frightened to do anything else.

He pulled her back and grinned down at her.

"Close your mouth slut, now pucker up like you're gonna kiss your boyfriend."

She did, and he pressed his cockhead against her lips. "Keep em' tight," he
grinned, pushing hard, slowly forcing his prick through her tight puckered
lips. He laughed in pleasure, then began fucking her face once again, mashing
her hair up behind her as he held her in both hands and humped faster.

Behind her Phil was pounding his cock into Kelly with furious energy. The
slim young blonde grunted repeatedly as he hammered his hips into her tight,
boyish ass and rutted his cock up her soft pussy tube. He came with a frantic
grinding stroke, burying his prick in her slit and groaning in pleasure.

"Nice," he sighed, patting her ass and easing his softening prick out of her.

"I still don't like sloppy seconds," Joe glowered.

"Hey, man," Al said. "I got an idea for you."

He pulled Brenda off his prick and dragged her over to the other girl.

"You, bitch, get on the bed," he ordered Kelly.

Derek gripped her arm and hauled her up, then shoved her back onto the bed.
She bounced once, then lay there helplessly on her arms.

Al led Brenda over and pushed her onto her knees on the edge of the bed, then
down onto all fours between Kelly's legs.

"Spread your legs, slut," he ordered.

Both girls automatically spread their thighs apart as the men gathered around

"Okay, honey," Al sniggered. "Joe wants to fuck this bitch, but he don't want
to ride his cock through a lot of slimy jism. So you're gonna clean out your
friend's pussy for him."

Brenda stared at Kelly's wet cunt slit for a moment, not understanding what
he meant. Then her eyes opened and she let out a cry of denial.

"Noo! I can't! I won't!"

"You can! You will!" Al growled.

"No!" She struggled to pull away, but Al gripped her hair and jerked her head
up, forcing her erect, then bent her head back until she screamed in pain.

"You better do what you're fuckin' told, slut, or you won't live to see

"Please," she sobbed. "Oh pleeassse do...dooon'tt make mmeeeeee!"

"Suck her pussy, whore," Derek howled in delight.

"Lick her clean, baby," Al ordered, forcing her head down again, jamming her
face into Kelly's splayed crotch.

Brenda closed her eyes and lips tightly, revolted and disgusted as she felt
the wetness against her face.

"Suck her slit, bitch," Joe snapped.

"Noooo," she moaned.

Al brought his hand up and then cracked it down on her bare butt. She howled
in pain, her ass burning like fire.

"Do it!"

Still she refused. Again he cracked his hand down, then again, then again,
turning her ass cheeks a flaming red, drawing agonized sobs from the

"Get out your belt, man," Joe grinned.

"Right." Derek took off his belt and handed it to Al, who doubled it and
whipped it down on Brenda's upturned ass. She shrieked in pain, then shrieked
again as it slashed down a second time.

"NOOO! I'll do it! I'll do it!!" she cried.

"You don't and I'll whip your tits next," Al promised.

Tears pouring down her face Brenda opened her eyes and stared at Kelly's
still moist slit. There was hardly any hair around it, and the cunt cleft was
terribly visible and exposed. She shuddered and shook as she stared at it,
unable to bring herself to push her tongue out.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" she screamed, as the belt cut across her ass again.

She bent and frantically shoved her tongue into Kelly's pussy. Kelly stared
at her in horror, but was too terrified to move as her friend slurped and
licked up and down her pussy slit. She stared at the men standing around
them like they were martians, unable to understand why anyone would be so
sick and evil.

Al bent over beside the brunette, pushing his face in close, pulling her hair
out of the way so he could watch. "Peel her cunt open," he growled. "Stick
your fingers in her pussy and open it wide."

Brenda's fingers shook as she pressed them against her friend's slit, then
eased them in between the folds of her pussy lips. She gently pulled them
apart, baring the gleaming pink flesh that lay inside.

"Wider, pull that cunt wide!" Al yelled into her ear.

She sobbed and jerked wider, making Kelly cry out in pain. He gripped the
back of her hair and tugged it painfully hard. "Lick it, slut. Lick that
pussy," he growled. "Shove your tongue inside and scoop out all that jism.
Let me see you drink it down."

Joe had stripped and moved around to the other side of the bed. He got in and
knelt over Kelly's head, then spread his knees, lowering his fat cock until
the head pressed against her mouth.

"Suck my cock, blondie," he growled, pushing it down further.

Kelly helplessly suckled on his big black cockhead as he squatted lower and
slid his hands over her breasts. His cock hardened quickly in her soft mouth,
especially as he watched Brenda suck and lick at her pink snatch.

"Lick her clitty, slut. Theeere it isssss," Al breathed. "Now lick it. Lick
it! There you go. Now shove your tongue way up her twat hole" He shoved her
face down into her pink snatch as she licked at Kelly's gash, mashing her
face in as he and the other guys sniggered in amusement.

Joe's cock was rock hard and he pumped it in and out of Kelly's mouth as he
watched the brunette suck out her juicy slit, then, tired of waiting, he
jerked his cock out and dragged her towards him, his huge arms bulging with
power as he easily twisted her around so her cunt was towards him, then
lifted her legs and jammed them back against her.

He shoved his thick black prick into her glistening cunt opening and thrust
hard, making Kelly cry out in pain as her soft, elastic pussy tunnel was
ploughed open and bloated out.

He sniggered and buried his cock inside the groaning girl, then began to
fuck down into her at once, hammering his heavy hips into her small round
buttocks, crushing her beneath him as he pounded his big cock up her twat.

Al eased back behind the kneeling brunette and spit on his hand, then wetted
down his cock again. He rubbed he head up and down against Brenda's slit,
causing the weary, dazed girl to brace herself for another rape. She was not

Al thrust his cock deep inside her and started pumping with long, fast
strokes, slapping his hips into her round ass cheeks. He fucked for a long
minute, then pulled out. He rubbed his cockhead against her slit again, then
pressed it against her anus.

"Wha...what are...Don't!" Brenda gasped.

"Shut your mouth, whore!" he growled, slapping her ass hard.

She whimpered in misery as he forced his cock into her asshole and jammed it
down inch by inch, watching the shaft slowly disappearing into her round,
straining anal opening.

"You rich bitches think you're so fucking special," he sneered. "See how
special you are now, you cheap slut!"

He grunted as he slammed his cock forward and buried it in her rectum. Brenda
was sobbing again, deep,k gut wrenching sobs that made her body shake. He
gripped her hips and pumped his cock as hard as her tight, sucking asshole
would permit, content that he would soon rip it wide open.

He slid his arms around her and crushed her against him, grinding his hips
into her soft ass meat as his cock twisted inside her guts. He bit down on
the side of her throat, then pulled her hair back and around, forcing her
face towards him.

"Like that, baby?" he whispered. "Like it up the ass? I bet you love it."

He shoved back and then gripped her wrists, pulling her arms straight back
along her sides and using them as handles, like she were a wheelbarrow. He
began to pound his cock up her ass with total abandon, using her arms to
jerk her back to meet each brutal thrust.

He grunted in pleasure as the bed bounced under Joe's furious fucking. Joe
was ramming his big hips straight down into the panting, moaning, sobbing
blonde, literally bouncing her on the mattress as he growled in savage

The sound of meat hammering meat filled the air as he rammed his prong into
her until it fountained with boiling come. He laughed triumphantly as his
seed flooded her cunt and womb, burying his tool inside her and then grinding
his hips into her white ass.

"There you go, white girl," he sniggered.

Brenda's head was flying up and down like it was on a spring as Al jerked her
back to meet his thrust, then rammed her forward with his hips. Her fat tits
wobbled back and forth below her as her eyes rolled in dazed confusion.

His cock was reaming out her buttery little asshole, having already
completely numbed her sphincter muscles. Her buttocks were red and burning
from the slapping and pounding of his hips against them.

Then his come spilled out, jetting up into her bowels as her asshole sucked
him clean. He cursed and rammed harder, faster, clenching his teeth in
ecstasy as he pumped her ass full of juice.

He let her go and she fell forward onto her face, groaning weakly. He backed
up and grinned at his friends.

"Not bad, guys, huh?"

"Yeah, but we still got all night," Derek leered.

They gazed at the weary, bruised, dazed teenagers, the blonde laying on her
back,clutching her pussy and whimpering, the brunette sprawled on her belly,
asshole still open, come drooling out as she panted for breath.

Phil came back into the room and handed around beers, then Derek reached over
and grabbed Kelly's arm, dragging her towards his side of the bed, where
Brenda lay. He let it drop, then he and Joe rolled Brenda around and put the
two together, tit to tit.

"Now that looks pretty," Derek grinned.

The two girls were still recovering from the brutal fucking, both panting for
breath, hair plastered against their faces, bodies red and bruised.

"Let's see a little lezzie show," Derek grinned.

Neither girl responded.

Derek and Phil grabbed them by their arms and hair and dragged them out of
the bed and onto the floor, then held the exhausted girls on their knees,
placing them face to face.

"Let's see some nice kissing to start," Derek said, pushing Kelly's face
towards Brenda's. He mashed their faces together, but the dull-eyed girls
didn't kiss.

"I know what makes that one cooperative," Phil said. He took out his pocket
lighter and flicked it, then leaned forward and slid the flame against
Kelly's right nipple. She screamed and struggled with new found energy as
he laughed and pulled the flame back.

"Poor baby," Derek snickered.

Phil bent Brenda's face and pressed it against Kelly's breast as Derek jerked
the blonde's head back. "Suck her poor little nipple for her," he hissed.
"Suck it, slut!"

"Lick it," Phil sneered.

Brenda weakly pushed her tongue out and licked across her friend's nipple,
then folded her lips around it and began to suck.

"That's iiiiit," Derek smiled. "Now squeeze them."

Phil lifted Brenda's hands up and pressed them against Kelly's breasts,
squeezing and rubbing them.

As the two yelled and slapped at them the two girls began kissing each other,
shoving their tongue's into each other's mouths, and groping and fondling
each other.

The four men laughed and taunted them in delight as they admired the lewd
lesbian show. Their cocks began to throb with renewed life as they watched
the two squeeze each other's tits and asses, suck each other's nipples, and
grind their pussies together.

The two were stunned, dazed, like battle shocked soldiers. They did as they
were told, eyes glazed, uncaring.

Brenda sucked and bit Kelly's nipples and breasts, then Kelly sucked and bit
hers. Kelly sucked off the brunette, then Brenda shoved her tongue into
Kelly's twat again. They moved into a sixty-nine, then shifted again and
scissored their legs, sliding their pussies right up against each other and
grinding them hard and fast.

Finally, side by side, they knelt on the floor as the four men fucked and
sodomized both of them a final time. Then the men tied them up...together...
naked...tits mashed against tits, and left them like that for some other
lucky guys to find.


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