8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Part 2 - Sister Sex (ff,inc)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Sisters sharing a bedroom since they were little, Kerry Hennesy, 15 years
old and beautiful full red hair and short, petite body and Bridget Hennesy,
16 year old, and just freshly fucked by her dad, Paul Hennesy. It had been
a week since Bridget and her dad fucked in the shower. She was hornier than
ever and LOVED how hard she came when Paul, her daddy, fucked her with his
tongue. The way he pushed it deep inside her pussy and then licked and
sucked on her little clit, drove her mad with frustration and wanted to feel
it all again. Bridget loved guys, she had been boy-crazy since she was just
10, but she also loved sharing a bedroom with her kid sister, Kerry. Although
they fought like cats at times, they also shared so much together at night
as they talked themselves to sleep.

Bridget desperately wanted to feel a hot tongue fucking her little pussy
again and she just didn't like the boys at school right now. She started
imagining what her younger sister would feel like, and if her sister Kerry
had ever experienced the oral orgasm before. Numerous times they had both
caught one another playing with themself, but never imagined helping one
another that way. Well, after her mind-bending orgasm that she got from
her daddy's tongue, Bridget knew that she wanted it again. Bridget began
thinking about Kerry, how her little teen pussy would taste as she pushed
her tongue deep inside her sister's 15 year old slit. Bridget's little
cunt started to drip with wetness just thinking about what her sister would
feel like, how she would get her first taste of pussy. She remembered
kissing her dad right after he had tongue fucked her and she loved the
taste of her own juices as her dad, Paul, kissed her lips. Her eyes closed
as she dreamed... Bridget decided that she would see if Kerry would say
yes to her.

Kerry was due home at any moment from her soccer practice. In just a few
minutes, Bridget heard Kerry come in the back door. "Anyone home?" Kerry
called out.

"Yes sis.. I'm upstairs," Bridget responded.

"Bridget, you upstairs?" Kerry asked.

"Yep, come on up, I want to see if you want to do something together,"
Bridget confidently asked.

Bridget gently slipped her fingers down under her panties and fingered her
pussy. She loved the feel, loved how wet she got and always enjoyed the
orgasms that her fingers gave her. BUT, she never came like she came on
her daddy's tongue. Bridget wanted to show her sister how it felt too. As
Kerry walked into their bedroom, she saw Bridget in bed, legs spred wide,
and her fingers fucking away at her pussy, panties pulled to the side.
Kerry quickly covered her eyes and apologized quickly "Oh sis, I am sorry."

Bridget didn't stop a stroke and replied, "ummm, it's okay sis, we all know
we do this when alone, but I wanted to see if you want to do something else
for the first time," Bridget asked Kerry. Kerry was a bit startled and
shocked but she also was curious of what her big sis had in mind. "Kerry,
will you help me cum? I need to cum, but I need you to help me," Bridget

Kerry was nervous and very confused, although becoming aroused too. Many
nights, she heard her sister playing under the blankets and wanted see how
she did it. Kerry had her own way, never pushing her finger inside, only
rubbing her "button" until she orgasmed. Kerry was fascinated by her
sister's trim sexy body, her nearly bare pussy, covered with the faintest
of blonde hair, almost bald. Kerry had already larger tits than her older
sister's and also a full bush of red pubic hair covering her pussy. Her
labia were full though and very sexy. Bridget wanted to chew on her
sister's cunt lips so bad.

Bridget opened her legs and pulled them up, exposing her dripping cunt lips
to her little sis. Kerry nervously moved to Bridget's bed and slipped
between her legs. She didn't really know how to use her tongue or her lips
to make her big sis orgasm, but knew how to touch her with her fingers. She
moved her hand to replace Bridget's fingers and gently slipped her finger
inside. "Oh my god, oh god YES sissy, finger me!!" Bridget moaned as she
looks down right into Kerry's eyes.

Kerry studies Bridget's pussy lips fully open and exposed, sees no hair at
all covering her babysoft pussy. Her pussy is as perfect as her young
titties. Kerry gets on her knees between Bridget's spred legs and dives
in with kisses along her thighs. "mmmmm" is all she says as Bridget pleads
"oh sweet sissy, please... please taste me, taste my little pussy, kiss it
please... please..."

Kerry slowly brings her kisses to her older sister's pussy lips. "I don't
know now Bridget... I don't know how to do this," Kerry apologizes but wants
to know.

Bridget realizes that Kerry honestly doesn't know what to do next and pauses.
"Can I show you what to do? How to eat my pussy?" Bridget asks.

"I think it would be okay, I am dripping wet and want to make you cum, but
please show me how," Kerry explains.

With that, Bridget instructs her little sis to lie down on her back. Bridget
moved down between Kerry's spread legs and kisses her sister's inner thighs.
"Just lie back and enjoy, someone very special did this to me a week ago and
I will never forget it," Bridget explained. "I want you to do this to me so
pay attention," she damanded.

As her kisses moved down to Kerry's virgin pussy, covered with soft red
velvet pubic hair, Bridget trailed her long hot tongue down her thighs and
over her pussy. Licking from the bottom of Kerry's fresh fat pussy lips and
slowly to the top, gently passing over her covered clit. "OOOHHHH sissy,
ooohhhhh god," Kerry slowly moaned.

Instantly feeling something that she had never imagined, never felt before,
a wet, strong, and long tongue. Bridget remembered how her dad licked her
last week and wanted to make sure that her kid sister knew how it felt.
Bridget held her sisters little pussy lips open and began licking gently
and as she passed her tongue over her hole, she pushed her tongue inside.
"MMMmmmmm, sis, you taste delicious," Bridget paused.

"Oh god Bridg...I feel your tongue so good, it's huge, pppplllleeeaaasssssse
please fuck me with it," Kerry begged.

Bridget held her sister down in the bed, her blue eyes looking straight into
her sister's eyes and she started fucking her with her tongue... pushing deep
inside and then licking the length of her cunt from bottom to top. Kerry's
clit started hardening and poking out of it's protective hood as Bridget
stopped briefly to suck it. She sucked it like a tiny little cock. This
brought Kerry off. "oh god... OHHHHHH GOD!!! I'm cumming sissy... I'm
cumming... please... please make me cum," Kerry screamed.

Bridget knew exactly how to make her little sister cum... she was taught by
her daddy. Bridget fucked her more with her tongue and then right as Kerry
exploded... she took her clit into her lips... pressed her tongue firmly
against her clit... and just held it... not stroking it, not fucking... just
pressing it in her mouth with her tongue. Kerry screamed out and grabbed her
sister's head... gripped her blonde hair and her body exploded off the bed...
freezing as spasms like she had NEVER experienced before... washed over her

It took a couple of minutes to calm down as the pulsing orgasm passed through
and subsided finally. Bridget's face was dripping with her kid sister's cum
as she rose and moved over her sister's naked body, straddling her head with
her pussy just over her sissy's face. "Kerry honey, I want you to eat my
pussy like I did yours. I want you to make me cum all over your face."

Kerry looked straight up and say her sister's bare pussy lips open as she
lowered her cunt to her face. Kerry whiffed in her sweet fresh smell. "Mmmm,
Bridget, you smell so fresh and wet, want me to taste?" Kerry gently asked.

Bridget screamed, "YES, please taste me, don't tease me anymore sissy, eat
me... fuck my with your tongue... suck my pussy!"

Bridget lowered her little bare pussy lips over Kerry's tongue. Kerry,
like Bridget had just done to her, took a long slow lick all the way from
the bottom of her cunt up over the hood covering her hardening clit. "Oh
god Kerry, oh god please please," was all Bridget could say as her little
sister started pushing her long thick tongue into her big sister's little
hole. Her pussy squeezed her tongue as she pushed in as deep as she could

"Oh Bridge, your pussy is delicious, sweet, hot, wet and tight."

"Is that like my pussy tastes?" Kerry asked.

"Yes sis.. yes just like yours, you like," Bridget responded between gasps.

"Oh yes, ohhh yes... I like it alot."

Kerry started fucking her big sis with her tongue, using it as a cock to fuck
her with... pausing only at times to suck her clit as it began hardening and
coming out of it's hood. Bridget couldn't hold back as she froze and yelped
when Kerry sucked her clit. Bridget's pussy was flowing now and her juices
ran down over her little sister's face.

"OH GODDDDDD!" was all Bridget could scream as Kerry went back to tongue
fucking her pussy.

"Cum for me.. cum for me Bridget... please cum on my tongue," Kerry begged
as she pushed her tongue in deep as her nose bumped against her clit...

"I'm cumming... oh god I'm cumming...I'm ccccuummmmminggg," Bridget screamed
out as she came all over Kerry's face.. her pulsing pussy squeezing her
tongue as she kept it buried deep inside her little hole.

As Bridget's oral orgasm slowly subsided, she fell to her bed next to her
little sister.

"OOOhhhhh sis.. god sis.. I haven't came like that EVER.. I love fingering
my pussy, but NEVER felt an orgasm like that ever... Who taught you how to do
that Bridg?" Kerry asked.

"Oh can't tell you yet.. but maybe someday soon. Maybe." Bridget answered.
Bridget's had completely surrendered to her dad and loved it all. And now,
with her sister Kerry, this bedroom will never be the same.

"I love you sissy," Kerry cried to her older sister.

The End


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